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5 Best Ear Mite Treatments For Cats

Ear mites are extremely contagious surface mites found on a wide variety of animals, including cats.

The presence of ear mites is not restricted to the ear and can be located on any part of the skin.

Although mites are virtually invisible to the naked eye, if your feline's ear scratching does not cease, mites could be the cause.

The severity of ear mite infections makes it crucial to seek treatment promptly and not delay.

Upon discovering the presence of mites, your vet will recommend a course of treatment for your cat.

With so many therapies available, it can be challenging to distinguish between them and understand their unique benefits.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the best ear mite treatments for cats available so you can read the reviews and select the finest ear mite medicine for your cat.

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Adams Ear Mite Medication: Best Overall

Adams Ear Mite Treatment For Dogs and Cats Over 12 Weeks

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Adams Medication for Ear Mites is a highly efficient and user-friendly option for treating ear mite infections in cats.

The medication consists of doses that are placed directly into the cat’s ears daily for 7 to 10 days, and can be repeated if necessary after two weeks.

This medication contains aloe and lanolin, which serve to relieve irritated skin and alleviate redness, crustiness, and other symptoms related to ear mite infections.

It is harmless for cats older than 12 weeks and has been shown to eradicate mites on contact. Proper use of an applicator tube for administering medication to a cat’s ears is uncomplicated, but mishandling can lead to untidiness.

The residue from liquid medication on your cat’s fur can make removal a challenge. Adams, a trusted brand in the pet industry since 1975, protects pets, residences, and yards from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes with a triple line of defense.

If you have any queries or concerns about administering Adams Medication for Ear Mites to your cat, the company’s customer service staff is available to help.


Extremely effective and user-friendly

Contains aloe and lanolin for symptom alleviation.

Safe for animals older than 12 weeks

Demonstrated to kill insects on contact

Reputable trademark within the pet industry

Triple barrier protection against fleas, parasites, and mosquitoes.

Available customer service for concerns


Seven to ten days of daily administration can be time-consuming.

Mishandling an applicator tube can cause untidiness and make it difficult to remove residue from fiber.

Hartz Cat Ear Mite Treatment – Best Value

Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for Cats-3 Pack Package May Vary

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Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for Cats is a cost-effective and reasonably priced treatment for ear mite infections in feline companions.

For the convenience of cat lovers everywhere, this set comes with three vials of medicine, each holding around 100 pills. This treatment kills ear mites on touch and contains aloe to soothe itching ears.

Massage the droplets into the auditory canal to administer the medication, following the recommended dosage that corresponds to the cat’s weight for optimal results.

Using a cotton ball or gentle cloth to dry the ear can help prevent leakage. Due to the use of small tubes, achieving precision in dosing may prove to be challenging.

Replacing the cap is an effective way to store any leftover amount of a tube when only a portion is needed for treatment, storage, or future use.

Effective treatment of ear mites with Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for Cats necessitates a seven to ten day course of administration, with a subsequent dosage required after two weeks, consistent with other treatment options for this condition.

This product is appropriate for cats of all ages. The tube’s small size may necessitate cat owners to procure multiple packages of medication to ensure that they have enough medication to treat their cat’s ear mite infection effectively.

However, this product’s affordability makes it an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

Overall, Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for Cats is a practical and affordable solution for curing ear mite infections in feline friends, although the tiny tube size requires extra caution.


Economical and moderately priced

Each of the three vials contains approximately 100 tablets.

Touch-kills ear parasites and contains aloe to calm itchy ears.

Appropriate for all ages of cats


Due to the small size of the tubing, it may be difficult to achieve precise dosing.

Owners of cats may need to purchase multiple treatments to be effective.

Extra caution is required due to the diminutive size of the tube.

Cat Sentry HC EARMITE Free

Sentry Hc Earmitefree Ear Miticide For Cats, 1 Oz

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The liquid formulation of Sentry HC EARMITE Free for Cats is an effective method for eliminating ear mites and parasites in cats.

This item is suitable for cats older than 12 weeks and is available in a convenient drop form. The water-based solution leaves no oily residue on your cat’s ears following application.

The solution contains aloe vera, which relieves itchiness and irritation caused by mites immediately. Simply administer five doses twice daily into each ear until the parasites are eliminated.

To prevent your cat from ingesting the liquid, it is essential to make sure that it is completely dry before allowing it to groom itself. This inexpensive therapy is appropriate only for cats and is a wonderful alternative to costly veterinary treatments.

Consistent daily usage ensures that a bottle of this medication will last for a month. Complete eradication of ear mites may require multiple treatments, as this product does not kill ear mite embryos.

In the unlikely event that this product comes into contact with human skin, it is essential to cleanse the affected area thoroughly with detergent and water.

Sentry HC EARMITE Free for Cats is an odorless, allergen-free product that is suitable for all life stages of cats.

Sentry HC EARMITE Free for Cats liquid is a highly recommended product for cat owners attempting to eradicate ear mites and parasites from their pets.

It is simple to use, provides instantaneous relief, and is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to conventional veterinary treatments.


Alternative to costly veterinary remedies that are less expensive

Suitable and secure for all stages of cat development

Odorless and allergen-free

Offers immediate relief from ear parasites

Simple to use


May require multiple treatments to eradicate ear parasites completely.

Some cats may be difficult to administer liquid medication.

Contact with human epidermis necessitates meticulous cleaning

PetArmor Ear Mite Treatment

PetArmor Ear Mite and Tick Treatment for Cats, 3 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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When used as directed, five drops of the liquid PetArmor Ear Mite Medication in each ear twice a day can effectively eradicate ear mites and ticks from your cat’s ears.

The aloe in this treatment helps soothe irritated skin in the ears caused by mite bites, and it may be used on cats as young as 12 weeks old. The success of this treatment in eliminating ear mites hinges on the degree of infestation, as it does not have an impact on ear mite eggs.

Frequent application of the solution is essential for the complete eradication of all mites after hatching. PetArmor Medication has been found to reduce scratching and stop painful head shaking in felines.

A box with dimensions of 1.25 inches in length, 2.38 inches in width, and 5.88 inches in height holds allergen-free, American-made product with a volume of 3 fluid ounces.

If you own a cat and are looking for a simple and effective solution to the problem of ear mites and ticks, this is the product for you.


The PetArmor Ear Mite Medication can eliminate ear mites and parasites from the canals of your cat.

This treatment contains aloe to relieve irritated ear skin caused by mite attacks.

It can be administered to kittens as young as 12 weeks old.

It reduces scratching and eliminates cats’ uncomfortable head movement.

The item is allergen-free and made in the United States.


This medication kills ear mites proportionally to infestation and does not affect embryos.

Repeated solution administrations must kill mites once they hatch.

Advanced Ear Cleaner Strawfield Pets

Strawfield Pets Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

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Strawfield Pets Advanced Ear Cleaner is an aloe-enriched antifungal ear cleanser that is highly effective and safe for both cats and canines.

It comes in an 8 oz bottle with a scent of apple and kiwi that left behind a refreshing aroma. This product is ideal for cleansing the auditory canal, removing debris, and loosening and removing earwax.

Additionally, it is an effective treatment for ear mite infections and other ear infections. This anti-microbial and anti-bacterial solution also has a pleasant aroma.

The most effective way to clean your pet’s ears is by administering an ear cleanser two to three times per day with a firm squeeze into the ear canal, a gentle massage, and the removal of any excess liquid with a cotton ball. Because it contains aloe vera and is alcohol-free, it is soothing on sensitive companion ears.

This ear cleaner helps reduce irritated ears, scaling, irritation, and inflammation in addition to treating infections and parasites. It is recommended to use this ear cleaner once per week to maintain your pet’s ears clean and healthy.

Strawfield Pets Advanced Ear Cleaner is produced entirely in the United States in a facility that is federally regulated and inspected, assuring the highest quality standards for pet grooming supplies.


Aloe-enriched and alcohol-free, it is kind to delicate ears.

Efficient for removing detritus and earwax as well as treating ear infections and parasites.

Pleasant scent of apples and kiwis

Produced in a U.S. facility that is federally regulated and inspected.

Weekly use is suggested to maintain aural health.


No significant disadvantages are mentioned in the description.

Buyer's Manual

How can you ensure that the ear mite treatment you choose is both effective and affordable for your cat?

Correct dose, simplicity of administration, soothing ingredients, and cost can all help you make a decision.

Accurate Dosage

The selection of an appropriate ear mite treatment is based on the animal’s weight and age, above all else.

It is essential to verify the appropriate weight/age range when selecting ear mite treatment since the treatment for a small kitten will differ from that for a huge adult cat.

Ease of Implementation

Topical liquids are the go-to treatment for ear mites. The use of plastic applicator devices simplifies the process of administering medication into your cat’s ear canals.

This is especially essential for anxious cats who detest having objects placed in their ears!

Soothing Components

Anti-inflammatory and anti-itching ingredients such as lanolin and aloe provide comforting respite to your cat during treatment.

When it comes to treating ear mites in cats, it is important to prioritize their safety and wellbeing by avoiding products that contain harmful ingredients like pyrethrins.


The variability in pricing for aural mite treatment highlights the importance of researching and comparing options before making a decision.

While over-the-counter remedies for aural mites are generally more affordable than prescription treatments, it is important to recognize that some products can be relatively expensive, with prices at the upper end of the range reaching up to $70.

We chose variously priced remedies for this review to accommodate all budgets.

Environmental Safety

When choosing an ear mite treatment for your cat, it is essential to consider the potential environmental impact.

When choosing an ear mite treatment for your feline companion, it is crucial to prioritize products made with natural and biodegradable ingredients.

The appropriate disposal of used ear mite treatment materials is crucial in preventing contamination, and involves sealing them in a refuse bag.

By selecting an eco-friendly ear mite treatment, you can keep your cat safe and do your part to preserve the environment.


1. What is the most effective treatment for ear mites in cats?

Ivermectin is among the most effective treatments available. The use of droplets placed in the ear multiple times a day for roughly a month is a proven method for eliminating ear mites.

In most cases, subsequent treatment for mites and ongoing maintenance of a cat’s ears can be performed at home, provided the owner follows the veterinarian’s instructions.

2. What over-the-counter medicine is good for ear mites in cats?

Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment and Otomite are topical medications that can be easily administered to your pet’s ear to eliminate ear mites, without the need for a prescription.

Treating ear mites provides your companion with significant respite from the irritation caused by the eight-legged mites that crawl and reproduce in their ears.

3. Is there a one time ear mite treatment for cats?

Your veterinarian can provide you with products that typically eliminate ear parasites after a single dose. Revolution is the most popular of these products, and the one we recommend at RAH.

4. Why won’t my cats ear mites go away?

The treatment-resistant nature of ear parasites in certain animals is a cause for alarm.

Accumulation of dead skin, earwax, ear mite waste, and detritus from secondary infections in the ear canal is a well-established factor in ear issues.

5. Will ear mites go away on their own cat?

It is crucial to manage ear mites in cats, as they do not go away without intervention. Prompt treatment of ear mites in cats is essential to prevent chronic ear infections.


Adams Medication for Ear Mites is our top pick for ear mite treatment in cats. It contains aloe and lanolin, which soothe the ears and kill ear mites quickly.

Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for Cats is our best value option. The tubes are small yet inexpensive, and the treatment contains calming aloe.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews will assist you in selecting the best ear mite treatments for cats.

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