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The 15 Best Dust Free Cat Litter

The majority of cat litter products contain dust. It's still possible for cats to track dust into your house regardless of the products you purchase, but the litters BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss in this article are the best dust free cat litter to use to keep tracking to a minimum.

Each product's most significant characteristics have been emphasized. Each product will be discussed in further depth later in the text.

Now we'll introduce you to some of the best cat litter products on the market, which are not only safe for your cats and of high quality but also produce less dust for you.


Natural Wood okocat Cat Litter



There is a reason why Okocat litter is regarded as one of the best available. Even though it is pricey, it clumps really effectively and leaves behind little to no dust.

It is also a potent odor blocker, keeping scents at bay for up to a week in multiple-cat homes.

This litter is so absorbent that it can absorb up to five times its weight in cat waste, so you should have no issue leaving it for up to a week without creating a large mess.

Your cat may track part of the litter outside the litter box, and cats like playing with the clumps, which they may consume or get trapped in their fur.


  • Effortlessly combats smells for seven days
  • Evenly clumps and absorbs much better
  • Naturally derived, hence biodegradable


  • No dust, but still messy occasionally
  • A pretty costly alternative


New Information Recycled Paper Authentic Pellet Litter



Some natural cat litters continue to produce a cloud of dust, but recycled paper litter is often dust-free. Fresh News is available in both pelleted and softer crumbled forms. This formulation is appropriate for kittens and cats with sensitive paws.

This trash is odorless and comprised completely of biodegradable materials. The litter is infused with baking soda to help neutralize smells, however non-clumping litter often performs less well than clumping litters in this regard.

This litter is completely dust-free, and the pellet form is extremely low-tracking due to its greater granule size. The crumbled variety may adhere to your cat’s paws more because it is lighter and more likely to trail.


  • Odourless formulation
  • Virtually clear of dust
  • Made entirely from recycled paper


  • Not a formula for clumping
  • Possesses perhaps limited odor-controlling capabilities


Multi-Cat Natural Clumping Wheat Scoop Cat Litter



This sWheat Scoop clumps fairly rapidly, so if you wish to dispose of it as it is used, you may do so without having to empty the entire litter box.

The 100% biodegradable litter is safe for your cats and the environment. It is also powerful enough for multiple-cat households. If you have a sensitive cat that dislikes strong odors, this litter is great for them because it includes no perfumes or dyes.

It may not eliminate odors as efficiently as other kinds of cat litter, but it still performs enough.


  • Quick clumping for simple disposal
  • Environmentally protected
  • No strong odors


  • A bit costly
  • Not the most efficient odor eliminator


Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Odorless Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter



Cat’s Pride is an excellent option for cats with allergies and other sensitivity concerns. It is created with hypoallergenic components that prevent your cat from developing an allergic response.

It is also competitively priced and represents one of the greatest deals in cat litter.

You will have to clean up very little dust, but it will be dustier than some of the other options on our list, so you should be aware of this beforehand.


  • One of the least expensive alternatives
  • Clumping to facilitate cleanup and odor control
  • Outlasts the majority of alternative cat litter choices


  • Not as dust-free as other products on this list


Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumps and Seals



Considered by many to be the most cost-effective and best-value cat litter on the market, this Arm & Hammer product is excellent for preventing dust tracking.

It also seals in smells and destroys a significant amount of odor-causing bacteria, making it one of the most efficient odor eliminators available.


  • Great odor eliminator
  • Excellent at collecting and removing dust
  • Affordable


  • Strong fragrance may be unpleasant


Original Cat Litter by Feline Pine



This very effective kitty litter eliminates smells upon touch. In addition, it clumps instantly and prevents the spread of smells and oversaturation of the litter. This makes litter box cleaning simple and the litter box area relatively dust-free.

A minority of cats dislike the odor of the pellets in Feline Pine‘s cat litter, but the vast majority should not mind. You may wish to conduct a pricing comparison before deciding which litter to use, as it is somewhat costly compared to other litters on our list.


  • Rapidly eliminates malodors
  • Create trash clumps for simple cleanup
  • Very little dust is present


  • Costs a great deal for its size
  • Odors may be offensive to humans and cats


Boxiecat Premium Extra Strength Clumping Clay Cat Litter



Boxiecat is one of the most mild cat litters since it includes no scents that might irritate cats’ delicate noses. This litter has no scents or colors, yet it effectively eliminates smells.

The price is reasonable for the amount of litter you receive, and when your cats use the litter box, there should be nearly no dust. On the negative side, it may not always create clumps, which can be annoying for some cat owners.


  • Virtually little dust for you to clean up or for your animals to track in
  • Effective with numerous cats
  • Effective odor control
  • No smell to tolerate


  • Not always clumps as it should


Naturally Delicate Cat Litter



Utilizing dust-free cat litter is an effective method for mitigating some health hazards linked with litter dust. This is why Naturally Fresh‘s cat litter is an excellent alternative.

It generates extremely little dust because to its rapid and efficient clumping. This prevents your cats from tracking dust around the home, but the clumps might attach to their hair and disseminate the litter to undesirable areas.

Even if you have numerous cats in your home, you may use the same tray of litter for up to a week with this specific litter. After that, you will have to replace it.


  • 100% natural and harmless for cats
  • Clumps extremely nicely
  • There is often no dust to speak of


  • Pellets can adhere to fur and become sticky and dirty


Jonny Cat Multi-Cat Complete Clay Litter Bag



If you’re looking to save money on kitty litter, Jonny Cat is your best option. It is the least expensive choice on this list, but it is also inconsistent.

This means that sometimes it will clump properly and sometimes it won’t, and if your cat has a habit of dragging dust around the home, this cat litter may exacerbate the problem.

If it works, it performs an excellent job of keeping dust and smells out of your home, but you will have to pay extra for a higher-quality product.


  • Very low-priced
  • Designed to decrease anxiety
  • Excellent clumping


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Not always clumps as it should


Fresh Step Unclumping Scented Clay Cat Litter



You should be aware that this is scented cat litter, which may not appeal to your cat if its nose is very sensitive. However, most cats will be comfortable with it, and the smell is effective in eliminating or masking cat odors.

If your cat’s litter has smelled terribly in the past, you may want something as powerful as this, but you should be cautious of its probable fragrance. This is not for everybody.

There is a lot of garbage for the money, so the value is fairly good. Plus, Fresh Step has developed a litter whose aroma is activated only when it is used, so you won’t have to deal with it constantly and your cat may not be troubled by it.

This solution effectively controls smells and clumps well, making it simple to clean up after your cat.


  • Great value
  • Superb at getting rid of smells
  • Fragrance is only activated when litter is used


  • Perhaps too aromatic for you or your kitties

What Should You Consider Prior to Purchasing Dust Free at Litter?

Do not assume that simply selecting one of the items listed below will solve all of your kitty litter issues. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you prepare to purchase kitty litter:

  • The majority of dust-free litter is clumping – According to PetHealthNetwork.com and other reputable cat care resources, clumping litter is the best type of litter, and this is true for the majority of dust-free litter. This type of litter is simple to sweep up, and it is also simple to dispose of.
  • Avert your eyes from muddy litter – Litter that does not produce dust may move in the other direction and become muddy if it becomes too wet. You may avoid this by purchasing high-quality litter and routinely replacing it.
  • Know your cat’s preferences – Even if you’re pleased with the litter you’ve chosen, your cat may not like it, and you should be prepared to switch to something else. Start with a tiny bag of any new litter to see how your cat reacts to it. Thus, you will squander less money.
  • Beware of cat allergies and sensitivities – There are more factors to consider when purchasing cat litter besides the amount of dust it produces. You must also consider whether or not it generates an allergic reaction in your cat and whether or not it has an overpowering odor.


Now that you’ve reviewed our recommendations, we hope you’ll discover something that fits your needs. You may need to test a number of them before you discover one that meets the demands and sensitivities of your cat, but one of these should be the optimal choice.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank consumers for visiting and reading about the best dust free cat litter on our website. We hope that you have picked a dust-free litter that is suitable for your cat.

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