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The 10 Best Duck Waterers

Water is an essential source of hydration for all animals, including ducks. The average adult duck consumes around 1 liter of water each day, and ensuring that your ducks remain hydrated can be challenging.

As much as ducks like playing in water, its cleanliness requires careful consideration. Fortunately, duck waterers provide clean and fresh drinking water throughout the day.

If your ducks dip their beaks in the water to clear their sinuses, you'll want to refresh the water supply with clean water. However, how do you do this task?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will examine our top selections for the best duck waterers to assist you in keeping your ducks' water clean and clear. Before making a purchase, we will analyze each option so that you may make the most informed choice.


K&H Heated Thermo-Poultry Waterer – Superior All-Around



  • Measurements: 16 x 16 x 15 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight of Product: 6 pounds

The Heated Thermo-Poultry Waterer from K&H Pet Products contains 2.5 gallons of clean water for your ducks or hens. This electric waterer’s 60-watt heater protects the water from freezing in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

The design discourages roosting, which can cause excrement to pollute the water. This watering can has a carry handle, a spill-proof cover, and a filter ring that can be removed for easy cleaning.

To clean, the filter tray is removed and softly tapped to remove waste and debris, avoiding the need for draining.

This item is BPA-free and has a smooth flow. This device is quite expensive, however note that no assembly is necessary before to usage. This item weighs six pounds and will not topple over.

This product’s water has been seen to freeze at around 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and it may leak. However, many customers have reported no problems. We believe that this product is the greatest overall duck waterer due to its unique characteristics.


  • A 60-watt heater is included to prevent water from freezing
  • Produced from BPA-free plastic
  • Leak-proof cap
  • No assembly necessary
  • Design prevents roosting


  • Ice may form at extremely low temperatures
  • It may leak


Poultry Feeder & Waterer by Lixit – Best Value



  • 10 inches by 10 inches by 25 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight of Product: 4 pounds

The Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer might be an excellent option if you’re seeking for a reasonable deal. This watering device’s reservoir entrance is large enough for ducks to insert their complete beaks.

It also functions as a feeder and waterer; simply switch the reservoir and base over. It is simple to clean and is available in 64-ounce, 128-ounce, or a pair of any size.

Even though it serves as a feeder, the food may not be able to pass through the holes for this function. Extreme heat may also cause the material to distort. Nevertheless, we believe this device is the most cost-effective duck waterer available.


  • Wide reservoir opening
  • Simple to clean
  • Both a feeder and a watering device
  • Affordable


  • May not be suitable for feeding
  • Extreme heat may deform plastic


Royal Rooster Duck Waterer – An Exceptional Option



  • 5 inches by 5 inches by 20 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight of item: 1.94 pounds

The Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Twin Waterer has an automated valve-operated drinking cup and can store one gallon of water. As the water level lowers, the automated valve will refill with new water.

This waterer is simple to fill and clean, and no training is required, since your ducks will readily accept it. It attaches to any mesh with brackets, or you may mount it to a wall according to your needs.

During cold weather, a heat light may be attached to the feeder, however it is available separately. The base of the watering device may leak, and the cups may be too tiny for a duck’s beak. This feeder is also the most costly on our list.


  • Cups with valve-operated drinking ports
  • As ducks drink, an automatic valve refreshes the water supply
  • Attaches to mesh or a wall
  • Simple to clean and refill


  • Heating lamp offered individually
  • Possible leakage at the base
  • Cups may be too little for the whole of a duck’s beak
  • Expensive


Small Giant Bird Water Container



  • Measurements: 9 x 9 x 25 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • This item weighs 56 pounds

The capacity of the Little Giant Poultry Water Container is 1 gallon. The polystyrene water tank is constructed to resist heat, cold, and cracking. Simply screw the jar onto the base to assemble.

The gravity-fed design ensures a consistent water flow, and the transparent polystyrene jar enables you to see how much water is in the tank. The crimson foundation of the watering hole also attracts waterfowl.

Jar and base are supplied separately, and the jar can easily get detached from the base. Additionally, the plastic jar may not withstand severe heat. The jar has a handle, but you’ll need to grab it from both the top and the bottom, as the lid may fall off.


  • One gallon in volume
  • Gravity-driven style
  • The polystyrene container permits water sight


  • Jar and base are offered individually
  • Extreme heat might cause plastic container to distort
  • Jay might fall easily when lifting


Patelai Automatic Water-Filling Cups



  • Measurements are 7.99 x 16 x 0.48 inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight of Item: 7.8 Ounces

The Patelai Automatic Filling Waterer Cups are manufactured of PVC and have a 3-inch hole that is ideal for ducks to sip from and clear their nasal passages. Each bowl is equipped with anti-leak gaskets and is simple to attach to a bucket or pipe.

These cups are available in quantities of 6, 12, 24, or 48. For this product, a 5-gallon bucket works nicely; simply drill a hole using a 3/8-inch drill bit and screw the cups into the hole using wingnuts. The cups are immediately filled with water.

The cups may be prone to leaking, and they might be more sturdy.


  • Cups have a 3-inch opening diameter
  • Includes anti-leak gaskets
  • Simple to install
  • Can purchase six, twelve, twenty-four, or forty-eight cups
  • Automatic filler


  • Cups may leak
  • Cups may be more durable


Automatic Duck Water Cup Waterer Kit from RentACoop



  • 9 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight of Item: 4.6 Ounces

The RentACoop Automated Chicken Water Cup Waterer Kit has six cups that function as automatic valves. The cups rise as the water level lowers, causing the water to replenish.

The weight of the water causes the cup to descend, so closing the valve. Also, these cups are simple to clean.

The cups are simple to install and compatible with 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, PVC pipes, and ring barrels. You may purchase the kit or the cups separately. The kit includes everything necessary for installation (except the drill and 3/8″ drill bit) if purchased.

The cups may not be as lasting as desired, and they may occasionally overflow.


  • Comes in a set of six cups.
  • Included hardware for installation
  • Automatic refilling
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to install


  • Cups might not be sturdy
  • Cups may occasionally overflow


Harris Farms Drinker for Poultry



  • Measurements: 17 x 17 x 21 inches (6.25-gallon)
  • Material: Plastic
  • The weight of the product is 3.3 pounds

The Harris Farms Poultry Drinker is a simple-to-assemble, all-in-one solution. It is constructed of BPA-free plastic and includes a cover to prevent dirt from entering the water.

It may be used both indoors and outdoors and features a carry handle. The base is equipped with a float that distributes water to the rim, and it is simple to clean. You may get either a 3.5- or 6.25-gallon beverage container.

Keep this in mind if you intend to use this product indoors: it may leak and overflow. The size of the tray may only allow ducks to drink and not clean their beaks.


  • Simple assemblage
  • Includes a cover to keep out debris
  • Simple to clean
  • Available in 3.5-gallon and 6.25-gallon drinkers
  • BPA-free vinyl


  • Possible to spill and overflow
  • The tray may be too small for ducks to clean their beaks


Lil Clucker Large Automatic Waterer Cups, 5 Pack



  • Measurements: 2.87-inch cups
  • Material: Plastic
  • The weight of the item is 5.4 ounces

The Lil Clucker Large Automatic Chicken Waterer Cups (5 Pack) have a washer and wingnut to prevent leakage. Each cup has a diameter of 2.87 inches, making it ideal for ducks to plunge their beaks.

These cups may be installed on PVC pipes, buckets, and even rain barrels. The cups are easy to install and automatically refill. You may link them to a bucket or use a pressure regulator or float valve with a maximum operating pressure of 3 PSI.

The cups may be readily broken by drinking ducks or chickens, and despite the anti-leak construction, they may leak.


  • Included in a pack of five cups
  • A large aperture for duck beaks
  • Automatically refilling cups are available
  • Mount on PVC, pails, and rain barrels


  • Cups can be readily broken
  • Cups may leak


Backyard Barnyard Mechanical Chicken Waterer Cup



  • Measurements are 6.22 x 21 x 2.95 inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight of Item: 1.76 Ounces

The Backyard Barnyard 2-Pack Automatic Poultry Waterer Cup Drinker is simple to install and includes the necessary mounting hardware to connect to a water supply.

Installation instructions are included, and they may be mounted on netting, buckets, drums, or walls. These cups feature a large aperture of 2.6 inches, which makes them ideal for ducks. No training is necessary for your ducks to drink and be hydrated.

When installation, you may need to purchase more washers to prevent leaks.


  • Attaches easily to buckets, drums, PVC, mesh, and walls
  • Large cup opening measuring 2.6 inches
  • No training necessary
  • Simple installation


  • Possibly require extra washers to avoid leakage


Legs-equipped Double-Tuf poultry waterer



  • Dimesions: 12x 12 x 13 (3 quarts)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight of Item: 8.8 Ounces

If you do not wish to connect cups to a water source, the Double-Tuf Poultry Waterer with Legs might be a good option. This waterer is a one-piece design that is simple to assemble.

The base of the jar unscrews for convenient filling. There are 1.5-quart, 2.5-gallon, and 3-quart waterers available for purchase.

The impact-resistant material will not mold, and the jar has a handle for convenient transport. The transparent plastic cover prevents debris from entering the container while enabling you to monitor the water level. The legs are replaceable as well.

This waterer must be placed on a firm, level surface; otherwise, it will leak where the jar meets the base. Additionally, it is quite difficult to remove the jar from the base because there is nothing to grab.


  • One-piece construction
  • Available in 1.5, 2.5, and 3 quart sizes
  • fungi resistant
  • Removable legs


  • If not on level ground, there are leaks
  • It is difficult to place and remove the jar

How to Choose the Most Effective Duck Waterer

Before purchasing a duck waterer, consider the following factors. Consider these factors when purchasing your next watering device.

How Big Your Flock Is

Have you only got a few ducks? A dozen? The irrigation system you select must fit all of your ducks, particularly if you also keep hens. Duck waterers may also be used for chickens, and if you have a large flock, you’ll need to provide ample access for all of them.

If you have a large quantity, buying individual cups may be the best solution. To attach the cups, a bucket, drum, or PVC pipe is required. This is the greatest solution when there are several ducks.

The Height Of A Watering-Can

You must ensure that the waterer is easily accessible to your ducks. Some waterers may be fastened to netting or a wall; if you choose this option, ensure that your ducks can access the waterer.

Dimensions Of The Cups

Given that ducks enjoy playing in water, it is essential that the aperture of the cups be large enough for them to dip their beaks inside.

Some cups may be too tiny, limiting their ability to drink. A reasonable rule of thumb is to purchase cups with an aperture of around 2.6 inches.


We think the K&H Pet Products Poultry Heater is the best overall duck waterer because of how well it heats, how well it is designed, how well it keeps water from spilling, and how easy it is to clean.

The Lixit Poultry & Poultry Feeder is the most affordable option because it has a large opening, is easy to clean, and can feed a lot of birds at once.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our site to learn about and research the best duck waterers. We hope this article has made your search for a duck waterer a little bit simpler.

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