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The 15 Best Dry Dog Shampoos

There are times when your dog really needs a wash, but you don't want to get him wet because you have friends coming over or you're traveling or camping in freezing weather. After surgery, your dog may not be allowed to be bathed. What now?

You may be familiar with dry shampoo for humans, but did you realize there is also dry shampoo for dogs? Due to the newness of this product on the market, you may not know which one would work best for your dog. We are here to assist!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best dry dog shampoos, complete with informative evaluations, pros and cons lists, and a buyer's guide. Before making a purchase, you will discover all you need to know about dry dog shampoos!


Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo – Overall Winner



Paw Choice is our top recommendation for the finest dry dog shampoo overall due to its natural recipe made from coconut.

Other products may include harsh chemicals, but Paw Choice is gentle and safe, especially for dogs with delicate skin. Alcohol, sulfates, and parabens are absent.

The application of this dry shampoo is a simple three-step method. The foam of Paw choice may be sprayed straight over your dog or into your palm. Next, rub the foam into the coat of your dog. Finally, permit it to dry. You may let it to dry naturally or use a cloth or brush to assist.

Paw Choice efficiently revitalizes, deodorizes, and treats the coat and skin of your dog. It has a mango and pomegranate fragrance, which you may or may not find appealing, depending on your tastes.

Also, remember that a small amount may go a long way. If you apply too much, your dog’s fur will get sticky and oily.


  • Formulation that is natural and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, or parabens
  • Three-step application procedure
  • Comfortable foam consistency
  • Refreshes, deodorizes, and conditions effectively
  • With a smell of mango and pomegranate


  • Some dog owners dislike the aroma
  • Excessive application results in a greasy, sticky dog coat


Arm & Hammer Dry Shampoo Aerosol – Best Value



We propose Arm & Hammer spray dry shampoo as the best dry dog shampoo for the money. This dry dog shampoo’s baking soda-enhanced recipe is manufactured with all-natural, high-quality components for a fantastic price.

This dry shampoo for dogs may be sprayed straight onto your pet. After allowing it to dry for a few seconds, you may massage it into your dog’s coat with your fingers or brush it into his fur.

Avoid spraying directly onto your dog’s face. Additionally, we observed that some canines are alarmed by the spraying activity.

This Arm & Hammer product effectively refreshes your dog for a thorough cleaning. It has no harsh chemicals or additions, is compatible with flea and tick treatments, and is pH-balanced for your dog’s delicate skin.

Numerous canines and dog owners appreciate its pleasant fragrance.


  • Best value
  • Natural, premium-grade ingredients
  • Simple to employ
  • Effectively revitalizes the coat of your dog
  • No dangerous chemicals or additions
  • Compatible with flea and tick treatments
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Spraying may frighten your dog
  • Carefully avoid spraying your dog’s face
  • Not all dogs and owners enjoy the smell


Lillian Ruff Dry Shampoo for Dogs – Highest Quality



We chose the waterless dog shampoo from Lillian Ruff as our premium option. This dry dog shampoo delivers exceptional, mild, yet effective ingredients that match human quality requirements for a premium price.

It is great for sensitive skin due to its vegan, dye-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free formulation.

This dry dog shampoo does not require drying time and does not require wiping. Simply spray the product over your dog’s coat and distribute it using the supplied brush.

While the brush appears to be of high quality construction, the spray bottle may not perform correctly and may leak. Additionally, excessive application results in sticky fur, so avoid overusing the finest waterless dog shampoo.

Made with lavender and coconut oils, this dry dog shampoo has the extra benefit of repelling fleas and ticks naturally. It has a lavender coconut aroma that some dogs and dog owners appreciate, but not all.


  • High-quality, non-irritating, but efficient ingredients
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients and is vegan
  • Simple to use
  • Containing application brush
  • Natural essential oils are effective against fleas and ticks


  • The spray bottle may not operate
  • Spray bottle may potentially leak
  • Overapplication is possible and results in a sticky finish
  • More costly


Wahl Shampoo Without Water for Dogs



Wahl waterless shampoo offers a lavender and chamomile-scented mix that not only freshens and conditions your dog’s coat, but also calms your dog.

This dry dog shampoo is pH-balanced, contains allergy-friendly chemicals, and is free of alcohol, parabens, and other irritating and hazardous compounds.

To apply, pump a generous amount of the foamy lather, rub it into your dog’s fur, and then towel dry or comb the product through the coat.

We discovered that this product is most effective in masking scents on your dog, but it may not give a thorough clean. The fragrance is strong, which may be advantageous for covering odors such as skunk spray.

However, it may be too overpowering for you and your dog’s senses. Additionally, we discovered that some dogs with sensitive skin displayed moderate skin irritation.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Calming aroma of lavender and chamomile
  • Allergy-friendly ingredients
  • Contains a pH-balanced formulation
  • Alcohol, parabens, and other hazardous ingredients are absent


  • Strong aroma
  • Possible skin irritability


Bodhi Dog Natural Dry Shampoo for Dogs



Bodhi Dog natural dry shampoo for dogs is formulated with natural extracts of fragrant lavender and coconut and employs only locally produced and sustainable ingredients. The hypoallergenic, non-toxic composition has no harsh chemicals or additions.

This dry dog shampoo efficiently improves your dog’s coat’s odor and restores its smoothness and luster. The spray pump is simple to use. After a minute, you may wipe it off with a cloth or brush it through. This product is effective as a detangler on the majority of dogs.

It has a softer aroma and is ideal for refreshing your dog’s hair, but it is not the most effective waterless dog shampoo for thorough cleaning.

Bodhi Dog, as a firm, commits to using socially responsible techniques and cruelty-free production. All of its bottles are eco-friendly and packaged in recyclable materials.


  • Natural extracts
  • Formulation non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • No dangerous chemicals or additions
  • Deodorizes and restores luster and smoothness
  • Spray pump with an intuitive design
  • Possibly effective as a detangler
  • Light aroma
  • Eco-friendly and socially responsible business


  • The fragrance may be too weak
  • Unsuitable for extensive cleaning


Vet-Recommended Dry Dog Shampoo



Consider Vet Recommended dry shampoo for dogs if you’re seeking for an application that’s uncomplicated and quick. Simply spray, wait one minute, then wipe with a cloth or towel to clean.

This hypoallergenic dry dog shampoo does not include any toxic detergents, alcohol, animal byproducts, or parabens. It is also compatible with flea treatments.

This solution is effective as a spot cleanser for sections of your dog’s coat that require revitalization. However, it does not provide a thorough clean.

We discovered that this dry dog shampoo has apple extract for a pleasant aroma that most dog owners and their canine companions enjoy. However, if you are cost-conscious, you may not appreciate the extra price.


  • Simple and rapid application
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • No dangerous ingredients
  • Compatibility with flea treatments
  • Mild apple extract fragrance
  • Optimal for spot cleaning


  • Unsuitable for extensive cleaning
  • Pricier than comparable items


Waterless TropiClean Dog Shampoo



TropiClean waterless shampoo contains only the most vital, health-conscious, organically produced elements, as well as nothing that might be harmful to your dog. This product is pH neutral and free of parabens, soaps, and dyes.

The easy-to-apply foam may be rubbed into your dog’s coat, removed with a towel, and then brushed through his fur. Ideal for dogs and puppies with sensitive skin or allergies, this non-toxic product cleanses and hydrates the skin and coat of your pet.

TropiClean, like its name, has a subtle coconut aroma that most dog owners and their pets seem to enjoy. We discovered that it is helpful for freshening and deodorizing your dog’s coat, but not for thorough cleaning.


  • Limited ingredient list
  • Includes a pH-balanced formulation
  • No parabens, detergents, or dyes
  • Simple-to-use foam
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Light tropical coconut smell


  • Not as efficient for thorough cleaning
  • Not all dog owners enjoy the smell of coconut


Pawstruck Dry Dog Shampoo



The soothing plant-based solution of Pawstruck dry shampoo for dogs is suitable for those with sensitive skin. The balanced recipe of this dry dog shampoo, which is free of allergies and dangerous ingredients, works well on a range of dog coats and on practically all dog breeds.

Pawstruck takes a few more application procedures in comparison to other items we evaluated. The bottle must be shaken before to use.

After applying the lotion liberally, you must rub it into your dog’s fur and then wipe it clean with a cloth or towel. After letting this product to dry, you may still need to brush it through your dog’s fur.

We discovered that this dry dog shampoo cleans effectively but does not provide many benefits for a hydrated, lustrous coat. Additionally, the citrus aroma may be too strong for certain individuals and canines. This item is priced more than comparable items.


  • Gentle plant-based formulation
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Free of allergies and hazardous additives
  • Effectively cleans the coat of your dog
  • Fragrant citrus aroma


  • Requires extra steps for application
  • Not effective for a glossy, hydrated coat
  • Citrus odor could be too overwhelming
  • Priced more than comparable items


Warren London Dog Shampoo with Deep Cleaning Properties



The Warren London dry deep-cleansing shampoo is sprayed into your dog’s fur and requires no more care. You may either let this dry shampoo for dogs to air-dry or remove it with a cloth.

This plant-derived dry shampoo for dogs has a light aroma of green apple and contains only natural chemicals.

Warren London has no harsh substances, soaps, detergents, or parabens and is manufactured without the use of any animal testing. In addition, it will not interfere with the efficacy of topical flea treatments.

This dry dog shampoo may not provide a deep clean, but it deodorizes well. The aroma of green apple may or may not be preferred by you or your dog. Additionally, this product is more expensive than similar goods on this list.


  • Simple to employ
  • Gentle aroma of green apple to efficiently eliminate odors
  • Made without the use of animals
  • No hazardous substances or additions
  • Compatible with flea treatments


  • Not offering a thorough clean
  • Some dog owners dislike its aroma
  • A bit more pricey than comparable items


Natural Rufus & Coco Dry Dog Shampoo



Rufus & Coco natural dry shampoo for dogs has soothing components such as oatmeal, aloe vera, and vitamin B5 to prevent skin irritation in dogs with sensitive skin. The oatmeal is particularly useful for soothing dry, irritated skin.

Rufus & Coco employs only natural, mild ingredients, is cruelty-free, and is devoid of soap, parabens, sulphates, and ethoxylate.

This dry dog shampoo cleans and conditions the hair and skin of your pet. Simply sprinkle the powder onto your dog’s fur and comb it in with your fingertips or a brush to apply.

This dry shampoo may not deliver a thorough clean, but it does produce a fresh smell inspired by the Australian outback, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, it is more costly than comparable items.


  • Suitable for dogs with delicate skin
  • Contains oatmeal to soothe dry, itchy skin
  • Utilizes cruelty-free methods
  • Free of common allergies and toxic substances
  • Simple-to-use powder
  • Fresh fragrance influenced by the Australian outback


  • A bit more pricey
  • Not likely to successfully deep clean

How to Choose the Best Dry Dog Shampoos

We hope that you’ve discovered a dry shampoo for your dog’s coat that works nicely. However, before you make a purchase, we’ve included this buyer’s guide to help you choose what to look for in a high-quality dry dog shampoo. We discuss ingredients, application techniques, and fragrances.

Examine the Ingredients Listing

Before purchasing a dry dog shampoo, examine the list of ingredients for potential allergies and irritants, as well as beneficial, natural elements. Consider that what you apply to your dog’s coat might effect their skin health.

Additionally, dogs like licking their fur as a kind of self-grooming. Ensure that any product you apply to your dog’s coat is safe for consumption.

If you are uncertain about a substance, take the time to learn the most recent studies. Several chemicals and substances can be harmful to the health of your dog.

Application Procedures

There are several methods for applying dry dog shampoo, including foams, sprays, and powders. It largely depends on your choice and your dog’s willingness to comply.

Sprays and powders that dry quickly may be speedier and more convenient, but they may not provide as thorough a clean as foams, which must be worked into the dog’s coat.

Keep in mind that if you overuse any product, the consequence may be fur that is unattractive and oily. Finally, be mindful that the sound of a spray bottle may terrify your dog.


The discussion over fragrances varies from too strong to insufficiently strong. If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, you will need a stronger fragrance.

If you have allergies or a sensitivity to smell, you may choose a fragrance with a softer aroma. Keep in mind that your dog’s nose is far more sensitive than yours. A perfume that you appreciate may irritate your pet.

Conclusions Regarding Dry Dog Shampoo

When you need to freshen your dog but are unable to bathe them, dry shampoo might be an excellent alternative. However, dry shampoo should not be substituted for regular washing and grooming with soap and water.

Your dog will be totally clean only after a thorough wash. To protect the health of your dog, use only dry shampoos with high-quality, natural ingredients.


Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo is the best waterless dog shampoo and the best overall product. It has no harsh chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, or parabens, and its composition is gentle enough for delicate skin. This dry dog shampoo is easy to use in three simple steps and features a comfortable lather.

Paw Choice is our top choice since it efficiently revitalizes, deodorizes, and conditions the coat of your dog. Additionally, it has a lovely mango and pomegranate aroma.

Arm & Hammer Aerosol Dry Shampoo has all-natural, high-quality ingredients at an exceptional price. This dry dog shampoo is an easy-to-use spray that renews your dog’s coat efficiently. It is good for people with sensitive skin, doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients, and won’t mess up treatments for fleas and ticks.

Ideal for dogs with delicate skin, Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo has high-quality ingredients that are both soft and effective. The vegan product has no toxic ingredients and is simple to apply with the supplied brush. As an added bonus, the natural essential oils in this dry dog shampoo will keep fleas and ticks away.

Dry shampoo for dogs is an excellent technique to bridge the gap between baths and brushings. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our website to learn about and research the best dry dog shampoos. We hope that our in-depth evaluations, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guides have assisted you in locating the best dry dog shampoo for your pet. A few simple procedures can keep your dog’s coat smelling fresh and looking clean!

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