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15 Best Dry Cat Foods In The Uk

As cat owners, we are exclusively responsible for our cats' nutritional needs, and it is our responsibility to provide the best diet possible.

Finding the right food for your feline is not always an easy or clear procedure, and it may be a stressful endeavor. Dry cat food is practical, affordable, and simple to store. Most cats enjoy the crispy texture as well!

Because cats are obligate carnivores who require good-quality animal protein as the majority of their diet, the best dry cat meals must contain significant amounts of animal-based protein.

Of course, your cat's diet must be properly balanced, have all vital vitamins and minerals, and be devoid of artificial and filler materials.

It can be frustrating to be responsible for your cat's dietary needs, but we're here to assist!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the top %product_count% best dry cat foods in the UK, along with detailed reviews, to help you find the best dry cat food for your feline friend.

Let's get started!


Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food – Overall Winner

  • Chicken, dry poultry protein, and whole grain wheat are the first ingredients listed.
  • 34% crude protein
  • 14% fat content

The Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food contains 34% protein from healthy chicken and added whole grains to help digestion, making it our top choice overall.

Purina’s proprietary Bifensis Dual Defence technology, which includes lactobacillus bacteria, is scientifically shown to help stimulate your cat’s immune system to generate antibodies.

The crunchy kibble has also been shown to prevent tartar buildup by up to 40%, and it contains a balanced mineral content that promotes urinary health.

It contains beneficial elements such as taurine for cardiac function and vision, as well as vitamin D for strong and healthy bones. Furthermore, the meal contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The inclusion of grains was the only fault we discovered with this dish. Furthermore, while they are “healthier” whole grains, 17% is still excessive for cats.


  • The first ingredient listed is chicken.
  • Dual defense system Bifensis
  • Tartar buildup is reduced by 40%.
  • Taurine, essential minerals, and vitamins have been added.
  • Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are not used.


  • Grain content (17%)


Best Value Whiskas Cat Complete Chicken Dry Cat Food

  • Whole-grain cereals, poultry and poultry by-products, and ocean fish are the first ingredients listed.
  • 32% crude protein
  • 5% fat content

Whiskas has long been a favorite among cat owners, and the company’s Complete Chicken Dry Cat Food is filled with superb ingredients and relatively affordable, making it our favorite dry cat food in the United Kingdom.

The food is made with excellent kibble pockets that are soft and edible for cats of all ages, while the hard outer shell softly aids in tartar reduction.

It also contains necessary omega fatty acids to promote a healthy coat and skin, as well as essential minerals to aid with urinary tract health and vitamins D3 and E to strengthen your cat’s immune system.

However, the first ingredient in this cuisine is grains, which is unsatisfactory. A significant portion of the protein content originates from poultry byproducts.


  • Inexpensive
  • Designed with delectable kibble pockets
  • Aids in the removal of tartar
  • Omega-3 fatty acid dense
  • Vitamins E and D3 are abundant.


  • As the initial ingredient, it contains grains.
  • This product contains poultry byproducts.


Premium IAMS Vitality With Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food

  • The first three ingredients are: dried chicken, turkey, and corn.
  • 5% crude protein
  • 12% fat content

IAMS Vitality dry cat food is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking for a quality dry diet for your feline.

The principal protein sources in the cuisine are dried chicken and turkey, which account for 89% of the overall protein composition.

The food is devoid of wheat, artificial colors, and preservatives, and it is completely complete, providing your cat with everything they need to live a healthy, active existence.

It also contains vital omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat, as well as specific mineral levels to support urinary health and a robust antioxidant blend for maximum immune support.

The inclusion of powdered cellulose, an unnecessary filler ingredient, is the only complaint we identified with this product, aside from the expensive price.


  • Chicken and turkey provide high-quality protein.
  • Complete and well-balanced
  • Contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • A potent antioxidant mix
  • Minerals specifically designed for urinary health
  • Wheat, artificial colors, and preservatives are not present.


  • Expensive
  • Contains cellulose powder


Purina ONE Kitten Chicken and Wholegrain Dry Cat Food – Recommended for Kittens

  • Chicken, dried poultry protein, whole-grain wheat are the first components listed.
  • 41% crude protein
  • 20% fat content

Give your kittens the nourishment they need for healthy growth and development with Purina ONE kitten dry food, which contains 41% protein from chicken for healthy muscle building and development, as well as beneficial bacteria that have been scientifically proved to aid in good digestion.

It also contains vital omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, as well as minerals that are balanced for skeletal development and urinary wellness.

The crunchy morsels will help keep your kitten’s developing teeth tartar-free, and the added DHA — a vital ingredient present in mother’s milk — has been shown to enhance brain and vision development in kittens.

This meal contains whole-grain wheat, corn, and soy, which is disappointing, and some customers have experienced nausea and vomiting in their kittens as a result of eating.


  • Cats will love it.
  • Chicken provides 41% of the protein.
  • teeming with helpful microbes
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have been added.
  • DHA is included.


  • Wheat, corn, and soy are all present.
  • It is possible that nausea and vomiting will occur.


IAMS Vitality Hairball Reduction Dry Cat Food – The Best Hairball Reduction Cat Food

  • The first three ingredients are: dried chicken, turkey, and corn.
  • 35% crude protein
  • 14% fat content

If your cat has hairballs, go no further than IAMS Vitality Hairball Reduction dry cat food.

The food contains 35% protein, 89% of which are animal proteins, making it great for muscle maintenance and providing your kitty with the energy they require.

The diet has an optimized fiber blend that can prevent hairball production by up to 21% and assist swallowed hair flow quickly through the digestive track.

The prebiotics and beet fibers help with digestive health and gut flora balance, and the kibble is high in antioxidants to help strengthen your cat’s immunological function.

Furthermore, this product has no wheat fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or GMOs. While this food is excellent in reducing hairballs, several buyers stated that it gave their cat nausea and vomiting.

It also has unneeded fillers in the components, such as powdered cellulose and maize.


  • Hairball reduction that works
  • 89% of animal protein
  • Prebiotics and beet fiber have been added.
  • Antioxidants abundant
  • No wheat fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or GMOs.


  • Some cats may experience nausea and vomiting.
  • Contains cellulose powder and maize.


Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food Harringtons

  • Chicken, meat dishes, and whole-grain rice are the first ingredients listed.
  • 30% crude protein
  • 12% fat content

The Harringtons Complete dry cat food features chicken as the first ingredient, which is an excellent protein source, and it is 100% complete and balanced to support your cat’s active lifestyle.

The diet contains taurine, which promotes vision and heart health, vitamin D, which promotes healthy teeth and bones, and a balanced ratio of necessary omega fatty acids, which promotes skin and coat health.

It also contains vitamin E, which helps the immune system, and chicory root, which helps the digestive tract of your cat.

Unfortunately, this food contains maize and oats, both of which are filler elements that may cause diarrhoea and nausea in certain cats.


  • The first ingredient is chicken.
  • Complete and well-balanced
  • Contains taurine and vitamin D.
  • Essential omega fatty acid ratio that is balanced
  • Vitamin E helps the immune system.
  • Dried chicory root is included to help digestion.


  • Maize and oats are included.
  • Nausea and diarrhea may occur.


Complete Turkey and Rice Dry Cat Food by James Wellbeloved

  • Turkey meal, brown rice, and turkey fat are the first components listed.
  • 31% crude protein
  • 20% fat content

The first component of James Wellbeloved’s Complete Turkey and Rice dry cat food is turkey, which is a fantastic single source of natural protein for your feline, and fish oil, which is a natural supply of omega fatty acids to keep your cat’s skin healthy and coat lustrous.

The diet contains prebiotics such as chicory root to encourage healthy gut flora, antioxidants such as pomegranate, green tea, and rosemary for immune support, and yucca extract to minimize litter tray odors.

This food also has no artificial chemicals, soy, or wheat. This dish is heavy in fat (20%), comprises rice and maize as ingredients, and is costly.


  • A single source of protein (turkey)
  • Omega fatty acid natural source
  • Prebiotics are abundant.
  • Natural antioxidant source
  • This product contains yucca extract.
  • No artificial additives, soy, or wheat.


  • Fat content is relatively high.
  • Expensive


100% Natural Chicken and Fish Dry Cat Food by Meowing Heads

  • Chicken, rice, and dried fish are the first components listed.
  • 37% crude protein
  • 18% fat content

The Meowing Heads Chicken and Fish dry cat food is prepared with high-quality, natural ingredients, with 70% of the protein coming from chicken.

The included fish is a superb natural source of vital omega fatty acids for your cat’s coat and skin, and the meal is supplemented with taurine for heart and vision health.

This food also features a special anti-hairball recipe due to the additional vegetable fibre, which also benefits in digestion, cranberries, which are a natural source of antioxidants, and select minerals to aid in urinary health.

The food also contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. While the high fibre content is beneficial for hairball prevention, it may cause nausea and diarrhoea in certain cats.

It’s also rather pricey, and some buyers say it has a strong odor that some cats don’t like.


  • The first mentioned ingredient is actual chicken.
  • Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains taurine.
  • A distinct anti-hairball recipe
  • Natural antioxidant source
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives


  • Diarrhea may result from a high fiber content.
  • Expensive


Complete Dry Cat Food That Fits

  • Dried poultry protein (containing 21% chicken), wheat, and soy are the first components stated.
  • 41% crude protein
  • 5% fat content

The Perfect Fit dry cat food has 41% protein, 21% of which comes from chicken.

The food contains natural antioxidants in the form of vitamins C and E for a healthy immune system, as well as a particular mineral balance for better urinary health.

The kibble also has a terrific crunchy texture that helps keep tartar off your cat’s teeth and gums, and there’s additional taurine for heart and vision health.

The biotin, zinc, and important omega fatty acids present will maintain your cat’s skin healthy and coat shining, while the additional L-carnitine will help with overall energy and muscle maintenance.

This product has a few dubious ingredients, such as wheat, sunflower oil, soya flour, and cellulose, the majority of which are essentially fillers. The kibble size is also small, which causes some cats to refuse it.


  • Protein content: 41%
  • Natural antioxidants are present.
  • Mineral content that is balanced
  • Biotin, zinc, and omegas were included for skin and coat health.
  • L-carnitine supplementation


  • Wheat is the second ingredient listed.
  • Filler substances are present.
  • Kibble size is little.


Dry Cat Food Scrumbles All Natural Chicken and Fresh Salmon

  • The first three ingredients are: chicken, rice, and salmon.
  • 35% crude protein
  • 19% fat content

Scrumbles’ All-Natural dry cat chow is over 75% fresh meat and comprises a blend of chicken, chicken liver, and salmon.

The chicken is high in protein for muscle maintenance and energy, and the salmon and salmon oil are high in omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.

The food contains probiotics to improve gut health and digestion, as well as critical vitamins and minerals to boost immune function.

Cranberries, which have been introduced, aid with urinary tract health. We appreciate that the packaging is completely recyclable!

This meal has a strong odor that many customers report their cats dislike. The meal is also pricey, and the kibble is small, which may make it difficult for many cats to consume.


  • Meat is 75% fresh.
  • Real chicken and salmon are excellent protein sources.
  • Probiotics have been added.
  • Cranberries can help with urinary health.
  • Packaging that is completely recyclable


  • A pungent odor
  • Expensive
  • Kibble size is little.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Best Dry Cat Food

We are responsible for our cat’s health as their sole providers, and it is our responsibility to supply them with the comprehensive and balanced nourishment that they require.

When selecting the best dry food for your cat, there are three essential elements to consider.


Cats are obligate carnivores, therefore their diet must include a high-quality source of animal protein. When selecting dry food for your cat, this should be the first item you search for.

It must be derived primarily from animals, be the first ingredient specified, and account for at least 30% of the total nutritional content of the product.

The protein source should ideally be mentioned, such as chicken or turkey, rather than simply meat.

Other important elements to look for are taurine (essential for heart and vision health), a proper balance of vitamins and minerals, and a natural source of omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, which is typically found in fish or fish oils.

You should avoid foods with a high carbohydrate content because cats do not require them to thrive. Most of these foods, such as wheat, corn, and soy, serve only as fillers and have little nutritional benefit.

However, many foods offer healthful carb sources, such as peas and sweet potatoes, which are normally OK. Nonetheless, the food you select should have a carb composition of no more than 10%.

Nutritive value

Nutritional values are crucial considerations when purchasing dry cat food.

Protein should make up the majority of the food, no less than 30%, and fat should be no more than 20%, but ideally around 15%.

Probiotics and prebiotics are also vital for gut health, as is a natural supply of antioxidants, such as chicory or cranberries, to aid with immunological health.


It is critical to select the appropriate diet for your feline’s life stage.

Kittens and elderly cats have different nutritional needs than adult cats, particularly higher protein, hence they require food that is age-specific.

Depending on your cat’s age, the kibble will also be made to be more digestible, softer, and smaller.


This is a list of BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) favorite dry meals for cats, and any of them would be a good pick for your pet.

Having said that, Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food remains our overall top pick for the best dry cat food in the UK.

The meal has Purina’s own Bifensis Dual Defence system, as well as a balanced mineral content that promotes urinary health.

It is also high in vitamins and free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Whiskas Complete Chicken Dry Cat Food is our favorite dry cat food in the UK for the money, with tasty soft and appealing kibble pockets, additional necessary omega fatty acids, and essential minerals and vitamins for overall health.

If you’re looking for a high-quality dry cat food, we recommend IAMS Vitality, which has a high protein content from turkey and chicken, vital omega fatty acids, a customized mineral content, and a robust antioxidant combination.

Finding the correct dry food for your feline can be difficult, and the effort can become daunting at times.

Hopefully, our in-depth evaluations of the best dry cat foods in the UK have helped you narrow down your selections and choose the best one in the UK for your feline companion!

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