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The 8 Best Door Scratch Protector For Dogs

Unfortunately, our dogs' affection for us can cause them to become worried when separated for an extended amount of time.

Every time we leave the house, we do not want to be concerned about the integrity of our doors, trim, and other objects.

Therefore, door guards are necessary. Maybe you've tried something in the past, but it didn't work, or you want to prevent your dog from developing the undesirable habit of scratching. There are several sorts, each with its own pros and cons.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org)' analysis of the best door scratch protector for dogs will help you select one that fits your needs and budget.

The buyer's guide will include factors to consider when purchasing protection as well as helpful advice.


CLAWGUARD Door Scratch Guard


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The Clawguard is a door cover constructed from recycled, ridged plastic that protects the wall, door frame, and door itself.

We appreciate that you can alter the size by clipping it with scissors and choosing between two textures, either smooth or rough, depending on how much noise you want to hear when your dog scratches the plastic. The noise is intended to be annoying and deter them from repeating this undesirable behavior.

Installation is simple; simply hang it on a doorknob, and it will work with any conventional doors. The guard is 4420 inches in size and fits snugly and securely over the handle. On the negative, the Velcro pad included with the product is not sturdy for dogs who jump on the door frequently.

Additionally, the flat side of the door functions better than the recessed side. We believe this is the greatest door guard on the market for dog scratches. We believe this to be the most effective door scratch protection for dogs.


  • Textured plastic
  • Fits standard doors
  • Large size
  • Trimmable
  • Excellent fit over the handle
  • Simple to apply and remove


  • Velcro not durable
  • Fits less well on the recess side

Dog Door Scratch Guard by KEBE

Door Scratch Protector, Protect Your Door

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This protector is an adhesive that may be trimmed to fit the desired region. It is constructed of industrial-grade, thick vinyl that can withstand the most violent scratching. It sticks to a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, glass, and certain textiles.

We appreciate that it is simple to cut and non-toxic. On the downside, it might be challenging to achieve a clean surface free of bubbles and wrinkles. It is advantageous that it is sticky, but it may remove paint from some surfaces.

The KEBE is scratch-resistant, however, some have observed that it is not chew-resistant. It aids in training your dog to quit scratching if the behavior is motivated by the need to sharpen its claws.


  • Sized to fit
  • Transparent
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Simple to cut
  • Powerful adhesive
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to implement
  • Potential to remove paint

LAMINET Deluxe Dog Scratch Shields

The Original LAMINET Deluxe Cat Scratch Shields

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This shield is created in the United States from strong, resilient 0.030-gauge vinyl. The 36-by-16-inch deluxe size fits conventional doors, sliding patio doors, and storm doors with ease. It features Velcro attachments and is compatible with both right- and left-handed doorknobs.

We like the abundance of Velcro stickers, which make it simple to install and remove as necessary. However, it would be preferable if the shield covered a larger portion of the side trim to protect it from scratches.

It can be split in half for usage in two distinct places, but its rigidity makes it less flexible than the alternatives on this list. The Velcro stickers are sturdy and attach effectively to the surface, which may result in paint damage upon removal.


  • Thick and sturdy
  • Fits various door types
  • Simple to install
  • Superior Velcro adherence


  • Potential for paint damage
  • Does not cover the door trim

Protective Bandwagon ikmn Door Dog Scratches

Bandwagon Door Scratch Protector

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The Bandwagon is a vinyl shield designed to protect your door, but it would be preferable if there was also an option to cover the trim. It fits standard-sized doors and measures 16 by 36 inches. Installation should be simple, given there are 10 hook-and-loop anchors included, however, the product arrives coiled, making it impossible to lay flat.

We saw that the adhesive is not as robust, therefore it may not withstand more vigorous scratching. The shield is smooth on both sides and is compatible with door knobs on the right or left. Additionally, it may be trimmed to fit different regions.


  • Durable
  • Fits standard doors
  • Large size
  • Can trim to size
  • Affordable


  • Memory is difficult to eradicate
  • Poor adherence

Clear Door Scratch Protector IN HAND

In hand Clear Door Scratch Protector

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This 4317-inch door cover is constructed from industrial-grade vinyl and is large enough to suit any ordinary door. It includes 3M adhesives that cling effectively to the door and are resistant to harsh scratching.

Before the memory can be fitted, it is necessary to unwind the product from its coil. Unfortunately, it is solely for the door and provides little protection for the surrounding trim, while being strong and sturdy. It fits both right and left handles and may be easily trimmed to the desired size.

Unfortunately, the glue is not compatible with painted surfaces.


  • Large size
  • Durable
  • Fits standard doors
  • Can trim to size
  • Affordable
  • Powerful adhesive


  • Rolls in rolled up
  • Potential to harm paint

Buyer's Guide

This section will provide you with valuable information to consider before purchasing a door protector, as well as future recommendations that may be useful for protecting your doors!

Size of the Dog

Larger dogs require more robust and thicker protection due to their frequently thick and sharp nails, which can harm a thin protector. If your dog likes to leap against the door and trim, it must cover a considerable area of the door. Smaller dogs can still cause damage, but it is more likely to occur near the bottom of the door, including the weatherstripping.


This comprises the door’s material and the protector’s composition. Some door guards perform better on wooden doors than others do on glass. Screens should also be considered, since they may be severely destroyed by an aggressive dog in a short length of time. Standard scratch protection is designed for wooden doors.


Certain guards are designed to function as a training aid by producing a loud noise when the dog scratches the surface, therefore annoying the dog. A reversible protection with a smooth side and a rough side is desirable, allowing you to switch sides once your dog is better behaved.

Supporting Surface

Installation is often simple and quick, however, some shields may be a whole sheet that is adhered to the door, while others will have a full adhesive backing that can be trimmed and shaped. Remember that the whole sticky protection will not provide noise suppression.


The majority are within an accessible price range, while some are more expensive. Find one that meets your demands and fits your budget.


  • Consider how simple it will be to clean and maintain the protection.
  • Will the glue use to attach the guard cause damage to paint or other surfaces?
  • Some security gadgets are black, whilst others are white, transparent, or gray.
  • Certain repellents will also be effective on cats.
  • Determine the cause of your dog’s scratching. Is it to attract attention or due to anxiety? Or is it time to use the restroom?


The best door scratch protector for dogs with a range of functions are featured on our list of recommendations. Find a product that is user-friendly, long-lasting, and protects your doors.

Our favorite selection is the Clawguard , which has reversible sides, simple installation, and optimum door and trim protection.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our review list makes it easier for you to select a door protector that is simple to use and successful in preventing damage to your door and/or the space surrounding it.

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