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The 17 Best Dog Wipes

You could give your dog a bath every time their paws get filthy, but dog wipes are a more convenient option. Specialized wipes may even remove odors and clean sensitive areas such as ears, eyes, and even teeth.

In conjunction with a veterinarian, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) tested various dog wipes and thoroughly investigated the optimal combinations of softness, durability, and quality components for a wide range of cleaning conditions.

The following are the best dog wipes.


Best Overall: Fragrance-Free Grooming Wipes by Pogi

Because of their versatility, eco-friendly ingredients, and huge, quilted design, Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are our favorite. Pogi’s dog wipes are large enough for tough cleaning operations, measuring 8 by 9 inches. The strong design, which uses sustainable bamboo fibers for a durable, quilted texture that’s soft yet sturdy enough for wiping paws and dog butts, complements the huge size.

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes contain aloe vera, vitamin E, and Hawaiian awapuhi, a ginger relative that functions as an antibacterial. Because the wipes are free of parabens, alcohol, and chlorine, they will not upset dogs with sensitive skin. They’re also certified biodegradable and compostable after use.

Pogi’s are available in packs of 100 or travel-sized packs with 20 wipes, but you can also buy them in bulk combinations of up to 400. The Grooming Wipes are available in both fragrance-free and green tea scents.


Best for Ears: Wipes for Cleaning Dog Ears by Pet MD

The Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes are great for cleaning out your dog’s ears, which can aid in the elimination of odors and the prevention of infections.

The 100-pack circular wipes are soaked in a soothing mixture that can help remove debris, waxy buildup, and discharge from your dog’s ears.

These ear wipes are suitable for dogs over the age of 12 weeks, and the recipe is gentle and non-irritating. The alcohol-free solution contains aloe vera and eucalyptus oil, and the wipes are manufactured in small batches to preserve freshness.


Best for Eyes: Pads for Miracle Care Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash

If your dog frequently gets goop in his or her eyes or develops “tear stains,” the Miracle Care Eye Clear Eye Wash can help remove dirt and keep the region clean. The wipes come in packages of 90 or 180 pre-soaked pads, and the soft solution will not sting or irritate your skin.

These eye pads are safe for cats and other animals and can be used in and around your dog’s eyes. Furthermore, many pet owners appreciate how successful these wipes are at removing tear stains from white dogs.

Dr. McCarthy explains that “tear stains arise when normal eye discharge enzymes combine with the air and the fur to generate staining.” “By gently cleaning the eye tears away before it dries and settles into the fur, dog wipes can help minimize tear stains.”


Best for Paws: TrueBlue Pet Supplies Wipes for the Body and Paws

Does your dog bring muck and grime into the house after playing in the yard? If this is the case, the True Blue Super Fresh Wipes are an excellent alternative for cleaning their paws. These wipes are soaked in an all-natural botanical solution, and their big 8 by 7-inch size allows you to clean off dirty dog feet with more ease.

True Blue Wipes contain both macadamia nut oil and grapefruit oil. After cleaning, the wipes will not leave your pet’s fur oily or sticky. While the wipes are acceptable to use on your dog’s fur, they should not be used on their face because contact with the eyes is not recommended.


Best Dental: Dental Cleansing Wipes Maxi-Guard

If your dog dislikes having their teeth brushed, a dental wipe (albeit not as efficient as regular brushing) might help keep their teeth cleaner in between professional cleanings.  The Maxi-Guard Dental Cleansing Wipes are a favorite of ours. The set includes 100 3-inch rounds made of textured material. Because the wipes have no flavor, they will not annoy your dog or encourage them to try to eat one as you wipe.

Because of their zinc-based solution, the Maxi-Guard Dental Wipes aid to battle buildup and can even help to freshen your dog’s breath. The wipes are safe for long-term use and are suitable for dogs of all ages.


Best for Grooming: Deodorizing Bath Wipes by Nature’s Miracle

No time to take a bath? Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes will have your dog looking and smelling clean in no time. These wipes are available in a variety of package sizes ranging from 25 to 900 wipes, as well as two scents: honey sage and spring waters.

What makes these wipes so exceptional? They remove dirt, dander, and strong odors while remaining gentle enough for daily usage. The wipes contain hydrating conditioners that keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and lustrous, and the alcohol-free recipe is suitable for dogs of all ages.


Best for Anal Glands: Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes Glandex

While it’s not a glamorous task, wiping your dog’s butt is occasionally required, especially if they have anal gland problems. The Glandex Pet Wipes are specifically intended to clean your pet’s behind following anal gland expression; they include a non-toxic enzyme that naturally neutralizes undesirable odors, as well as vitamin E, aloe, and moisturizers to soothe the area.

These wipes are available in packs of 24, 75, or 100 and are alcohol and paraben free. They’re composed of a strong premium cotton material that won’t rip and are suitable for dogs of all ages, as well as kittens and cats.


Best Compostable: Eco-Friendly Dog Wipes

For those homes that go through a lot of dog wipes, the Earth Rated Dog Wipes are 99 percent biobased and compostable, so you don’t have to throw them away. These wipes are sold in bundles of 100 or 400 and come in unscented and lavender scents.

The Earth Rated Wipes measure 8 by 8 inches and are manufactured with natural components such as shea butter, aloe, and chamomile. They’re devoid of parabens, sulfates, and alcohol, and they’re safe to use on puppies and cats.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Wipes


It’s usually a good idea to read the ingredients on dog wipes before purchasing them. Ingredients such as phthalates and parabens may be associated to reproductive problems45, and an alcohol-based composition may cause dryness or irritation. In general, search for dog wipes that have relaxing substances.

“Ketoconazole, an antifungal, and chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent, are two components in dog wipes that can help prevent skin infections. These chemicals aid in the prevention of yeast and bacterial skin infections in regions such as the facial wrinkles and between the toes and paw pads “says Megan McCarthy, DVM, Best Friends Animal Society’s veterinarian. “Moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine and aloe aid in the maintenance of healthy skin. Most pet wipes have been tested and approved for use in dogs and cats, however I recommend avoiding substances like excessive fragrance or essential oils, which can be quite irritating to the skin.”


While some dog wipes are “all-purpose,” others should only be used on specific sections of your dog’s body. If you intend to clean sensitive regions on your dog, such as his ears, eyes, or behind, be sure the wipes you use are specifically suited for the job. Otherwise, you run the danger of irritating or even harming your dog’s skin.

“Dog wipes can also benefit specific breeds, such as English Bulldogs, which have many face and skin wrinkles,” explains Dr. McCarthy. “Wiping these creases clean several times a week can help avoid debris build-up and skin diseases.”


Many dog wipes have a scent that can help cover any unpleasant scents that may be lingering on their fur, and if you do acquire scented wipes, choose one that isn’t too strong—after all, dogs have a lot stronger sense of smell than we do, and you don’t want to aggravate them. If your dog has sensitive skin, you should use unscented wipes because artificial fragrances can be bothersome.

Final Decision

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are ideal for regular everyday use because they are long-lasting, versatile, and inexpensive.

When you’re finished cleaning your dog, you can even compost them.

However, Miracle Care Eye Care Eye Wash Pads are exceptionally gentle and can help eliminate tear stains while cleaning your dog’s eyes.

In the end, we appreciate that you selected BestForPets (bestforpets.org) out of dozens of other websites to read about the best dog wipes.

With any luck, this article has helped you choose the best product for your pet.


Are dog wipes safe to use?

Dog wipes are carefully developed for use on animals, and they are perfectly safe for your pet if used as advised. However, read the package instructions carefully so you know where you can and cannot use the wipes—some aren’t designed to be used inside a dog’s ears or around their eyes and may be detrimental to these delicate places.

Can you use dog wipes on other pets?

Some dog wipes can be used on cats and other animals, but not all of them. As a result, you should not presume that you can use dog wipes on your other pets. Instead, look at the wipes’ packaging—most will clearly state whether they may be used on cats—and if there is no clear answer, err on the side of caution.

Is it okay to use human wipes on dogs?

If you run out of dog wipes, you may be tempted to clean your dog using baby wipes or other human wipes. However, this is not recommended for a number of reasons. According to Dr. McCarthy, the pH of human skin and canine skin differs, thus using human wipes on your dog may cause irritation, dryness, or itching. Furthermore, dogs tend to lick themselves after being wiped down, and the substances in baby wipes may not be safe to consume. A moist hand towel is a preferable option for wiping down your dog.

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