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The 17 Best Dog Seat Belts

Every dog owner enjoys taking their pet on a ride. In most cases, your dog will enjoy it as well.

However, it is our responsibility as owners to safeguard our pet's safety while in the vehicle. This is why it is critical to get the best dog seat belt in %year%.

BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best dog seat belts will assist you in deciding which one is best for your pet. Continue reading, then grab a safety device and hit the open road with your dog.


Best Overall: Dogit Car Seat Belt for Dogs

  • Size of Breed: All
  • Nylon belt

The Dogit Car Safety Dog Belt is our recommendation for the best overall dog seat belt in 2022. This car safety gadget fits directly to your dog’s harness, keeping it safe throughout short or long drives.

An supplied end directly hooks to the car’s seat belt to give additional protection for dogs while driving. This strap is made of robust nylon material and is meant to withstand strain and pulling.

While this safety belt is adjustable and meant to fit all dog breeds, small and toy breeds may find it challenging to properly strap on. Another issue we discovered was the lack of a protective covering around the buckle end of the strap. This allows your dog to unhook itself during drives by accidentally stepping on the latch.


  • Adaptable to a variety of sizes
  • Fits into the seat belt
  • Strong nylon construction


  • It is difficult to adapt for tiny dogs.
  • Dogs may unintentionally release the buckle.


Best Value: Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt by SlowTon

  • Small, medium, and giant breeds are available.
  • Nylon belt

If you’re looking for the best dog seat belt for the money, we recommend the SlowTon Adjustable Dog Seat Belt. This adjustable seat belt is compatible with most vehicles and is designed to allow your dog to sit or lie down in comfort and safety.

Metal hardware and nylon straps are both strong and dependable. Each purchase includes two belts and is very economical, making it ideal for dog owners with several pets and a limited budget.

While we loved that this dog seat belt serves its job and protects our dogs from unexpected stops, we were disappointed that it is incompatible with so many automobile brands. This contains the majority of Honda and Subaru models, as well as a few others. Before purchasing your own, double-check for compatibility.


  • Two straps are included in one package.
  • Strong hardware
  • Affordable


  • Several car models are incompatible.


Premium Choice: Car Dog Harness Kurgo Tru-Fit Tested

  • Breed Dimensions: Large breeds
  • Polyester and nylon belt material

If money isn’t an issue, the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Car Dog Harness is an excellent solution to keep your dog safe while you enjoy lengthy trips together. For safety and comfort, this system includes a crash-tested harness and buckle system. The steel Nesting Buckle System is intended to immolate those used by rock climbers.

The seat belt loop is 10 inches long and comes with a carabiner that will fit any seat belt system. The harness’s chest pad protects your dog’s sternum and trachea in the case of a hit or accident.

We like how this dog seat belt and harness combo is very protective for dogs, but it is also quite hefty for them to wear. We also noted that getting a dog into the harness, adjusted, and into the car took some time. This can be a problem for pet parents who are in a hurry.


  • 5-point steel buckling mechanism
  • Safety tests were performed.
  • Chest pad for protection


  • The system is cumbersome for dogs.
  • It takes some time to put on


Best for Puppies: Vastar Seat Belt Harness for Dogs

  • Size of Breed: All
  • Nylon belt

The Vastar Seat Belt Harness is a good alternative if you need a seat belt to keep your new puppy safe while driving. While this seat belt isn’t specifically designed for dogs, it is fully adjustable and may easily be tailored to fit your pup.

The nylon elastic bungee is ideal for shielding your dog after a crash without restricting their movement. The metal buckles are long-lasting and effortlessly snap into your vehicle’s seat to keep your pet secure.

Chewing can be an issue with any product meant for dogs. This is especially true while looking for a puppy. If your dog chews a lot, the nylon on this seat belt could be their next target. It is also possible for your pet to step on the seat belt release accidently if they are wigglers during the car ride. If this occurs, pull over right away to resecure your pet.


  • Adapts to a variety of sizes
  • A nylon elastic bungee is included.
  • Fits into an automobile seat belt


  • Puppies enjoy chewing on it.
  • Unbuckling is possible by accident.


Pet Dog Cat Seat Belts BWOGUE

  • Small and medium-sized breeds
  • Nylon belt

The Bwogue Pet Dog Seat Belt has the features you want for your pet’s safety. This belt effortlessly adjusts to the ideal size you need to keep your best companion safely attached on those enjoyable vehicle rides, thanks to a belt made of high-quality nylon and a zinc alloy swivel and buckles.

The nylon straps are also simple to remove and tangle-free, which is ideal for pet owners who have many vehicles. A pleasant extra feature of the dog seat belt is that it can be transformed into a leash once the car ride is done, allowing you and your pet to go for a stroll during scheduled bathroom breaks.

This dog seat belt is meant to fit over your car seat’s headrest. If your vehicle lacks adjustable headrests, this may not be the best option for you and your dog. It’s also worth noting that adjustments must be made correctly to avoid your dog slipping and possibly choking throughout the trip. Always use it under supervision.


  • Nylon of superior grade
  • Attaches and detaches easily
  • It transforms into a leash.


  • Only works with headrests that can be adjusted.
  • If not properly adjusted, this can provide a choking hazard.


Pawaboo Dog Harness Safety Vest

  • Small and medium-sized breeds
  • Polyester and Oxford fabric belt

While the Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is one of our more expensive alternatives, it’s simple to see why. You not only have a way to secure your dog in the backseat, but you also receive a comfy protective harness for added protection on the road.

The cushioned harness distributes impact and provides additional protection for your pet against internal damage. This item is also made of Oxford cloth for enhanced comfort, as well as simple buckles and straps. Because the harness can be used on walks, you can also select your pet’s trademark color at the time of purchase.

The adjustable straps are the most significant disadvantage of this seat belt and harness combination. This buckle is not non-slip. Pets who are actively moving and excited during a ride can use this to release the attachments. If the dog is able to escape and enter the front seat while the owner is driving, this can be dangerous.


  • Seat belt and harness combination
  • Vest that is comfortable
  • A quick-release button is located on the strap.


  • When a dog is active, the straps loosen.


PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Harness

  • Breed Size: Medium-sized breeds
  • Nylon belt

We chose the PetSafe Happy Ride Car Safety Harness for medium dog breeds for this review. This harness is available in four different sizes to accommodate a variety of dog breeds and sizes.

This harness has been crash tested for safety and is padded to keep your dog comfortable when riding in the back of the car. Several attachments are available to help you properly attach this harness to your seat belt and keep your dog safe during your journeys.

While we liked the overall design of this safety harness, we have to acknowledge that it can be tricky to use. There were no clear directions, so we had to figure out which attachments and locations were ideal for our pets. We also noted that the harness itself slid when the dogs moved. This appeared to be uncomfortable for the dog and necessitated extra tweaks.


  • Seat belt and vest set
  • There are four sizes to pick from.
  • Safety tests were performed.


  • It is difficult to utilize.
  • While in use, it loosens.


SlowTon Seat Belt Dog Harness for Cars

  • Breed Size: Medium-sized breeds
  • Mesh belt material

The harness on the SlowTon Car Safety Harness and Seat Belt is made of breathable mesh. This cloth is more breathable and comfy for dogs, which is why many pet owners like this combination. Another amazing feature of this combo set is its ease of use.

Your pet easily steps inside, and you secure your pet for the ride using the adjustable straps and many adjustment places. When you’re ready to walk your dog on stops with the multi-faceted harness, the quick-release design is great.

This combo set is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various dog breeds. Unfortunately, this set may not be appropriate for larger dogs. The harness is excellent and comfortable, but the seat belt is not very lengthy and may not be suitable for large dogs.


  • Comfortable mesh harness
  • Simple to use design
  • Quick-release construction


  • Larger dog breeds are not recommended.


Mighty Paw Dog Car Seat Belt

  • Breed Dimensions: All breeds
  • Nylon belt

The Mighty Paw Dog Safety Belt was created with your pet’s safety in mind. Because this belt attaches directly to your car’s frame, you won’t have to worry about your dog unintentionally stepping on the release and escaping.

The supplied attachment, which lets your dog to sit or lie down while riding, is tangle-free to eliminate choking or tangling difficulties. The metal hardware delivers the durability you anticipate as well as the extra security you require when driving.

As previously stated, this safety belt is attached to the car’s structure. This may make it difficult for pet owners to correctly install the gadget. In some circumstances, you may need to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the right installation location.


  • Attaches to the vehicle’s frame
  • Design without tangles
  • Durable


  • Installation is difficult.


Seat Belt Restraint for Dogs EzyDog

  • Breed Dimensions: All breeds
  • Nylon belt

The EzyDog Seat Belt is intended to be universal, fitting into any vehicle that has a seat belt. This is convenient for pet owners because they don’t have to look for seat belts for their individual vehicle model.

The cold-rolled steel buckle is simple to install, and the reinforced nylon offers your dog with 2,400 pounds of strength. With a swivel attachment, your dog can sit or lie down without getting tangled up on the trip.

The lack of adjustability is our main problem with the EzyDog Seat Belt. Your dog is unable to move much once he is in place. This gadget is particularly difficult to use with larger dogs because it can be overly tight and uncomfortable for extended car excursions. When selecting this choice, keep your dog’s size in mind.


  • Strong buckles
  • Break strength of 2,400 pounds


  • Does not change

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Seat Belt

If you’ve never purchased a seat belt for your dog, you may be unsure of what to look for. We kept a few things in mind while testing the belts for our study. In this buying guide, we’ll look at the key factors to consider when choosing a seat belt for your dog so you can make the best selection possible.

Dog Seat Belt That Has Been Crash Tested

A crash-tested seat belt is frequently the best option. This implies that they have been rigorously tested to verify that the straps, hardware, and design will hold up and protect your pet in the event of an accident. However, even if a belt has been crash tested, owners who install it incorrectly or do not properly adapt it to their dog’s size risk losing some of the belt system’s safety features.

Durability of a Dog Seat Belt

When selecting a seat belt for your dog, durability is critical. The last thing you want to do is spend the effort purchasing, adjusting, and installing a seat belt that has frayed nylon or cracked buckles after only a few uses. Sturdy materials are required if you actually want to keep your pet safe while driving. Plastic buckles and attachments should be avoided. Metal and steel, as well as strong nylon, are the greatest solutions for your pet’s protection.

Simple to Use Dog Seat Belt

Pet owners can help minimize costly mistakes in the case of an accident by selecting an easy-to-use seat belt. In most circumstances, your dog seat belt will come with clear instructions. Follow them meticulously to ensure that your dog is correctly confined and that the nylon straps are securely adjusted to keep your pooch in place.


If you’re getting ready to hit the road with your dog, a reliable dog seat belt is a requirement. The DogIt Seat Belt is our pick for the best overall dog seat belt.

This belt is simple to adjust and suitable for dogs of all sizes. The SlowTon Dog Seat Belt is our best bargain dog seat belt.

This belt provides your dog all the necessary protection at an affordable price.

If these two dog seat belts aren’t what you’re looking for, go through the rest of our review to locate the right one for you and your pup.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed our assessments of the best dog seat belts. We wish you success picking a model for your dog’s needs.

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