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The 11 Best Dog Foods For Newfoundlands

Feeding a Newfoundland is not the same as feeding a Chihuahua. While all dogs have comparable protein requirements, there are a few additional items your Newfoundland will need in a dog meal (such as minerals and nutrients). Finding the best dog food for your pet can be difficult since the market is flooded with dog food products that all seem similar.

But don't worry, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is here to provide you with some brief evaluations on the best dog foods for Newfoundlands, as well as some information on what you should look for in a dog food.

With this information, you'll be able to narrow down your dog food alternatives and make a great pick in no time. Continue reading to finish your dog food quest sooner rather than later.


Best Value: Natural SmartBlend Dry Food Purina ONE

  • Lamb, rice flour, full grain maize, and whole grain wheat are the main components.
  • 26% protein content
  • 16% fat content
  • Calories: 380

If you’re looking for the finest dog food for Newfoundlands for the money, Purina ONE Natural SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula is a great option.

This meal is a good choice for dogs that have typical food allergies because it has lamb as the first component. 2; also, lamb is a fantastic source of protein3 and easily digestible, so your pet will have less stomach troubles.

This dog food also contains glucosamine, which helps to keep joints healthy, which is especially important for large dogs. Purina ONE’s antioxidant combination and omega-6 fatty acids also help your dog’s immune system and coat health.

The sole genuine issue from pet owners was that some dogs did not love the chewier chunks of this meal since they were tough for them to chew.


  • Contains a high protein content.
  • Excellent for dogs with food allergies.
  • Glucosamine is included for joint health.


  • Some dogs struggled with the chewy chunks.


Adult Dry Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Food

  • Chicken meal, rice, oatmeal, and oats are the main components.
  • 24% protein content
  • 13% fat content
  • Calories: 453

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog food, consider Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed. The chunks in this food are larger than typical for large and gigantic breed dogs, so your Newfoundland will have an easier time chowing down at dinner time.

This chicken meal and oatmeal dish contains high-quality ingredients that encourage and maintain your dog’s digestive health, as well as joint, coat, skin, and heart health.

And if the first component is chicken meal, you shouldn’t be concerned because chicken meal is a completely suitable source of protein for your dog.

On the negative side, a handful of pet parents stated that the bits of food were smaller than expected, and a few stated that their finicky eaters weren’t fans.


  • Ingredients of superior grade
  • Larger food chunks than usual for easy consumption
  • Supports joint, heart, skin and coat health, and digestive wellness.


  • Picky eaters were not pleased.
  • Food portions may be smaller than anticipated.


Best for Puppies: Puppy Food Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

  • Deboned chicken, chicken dinners, brown rice, and oats are the main components.
  • 27% protein content
  • 26% fat content
  • Calories: 400

When you have a puppy Newfoundland, you need to choose a meal that will ensure your pup grows up healthy and strong—and Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula accomplishes exactly that! This dog food is made with real meat and whole grains and contains components that enhance your dog’s development and well-being.

Essential vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth, ARA and DHA4 for healthy eyes and brain, and other omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin are all included.

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection formula also contains LifeSource Bits, an antioxidant combination that promotes immune system health. This kibble is also proportioned to make chewing simpler for pups (and acts as a tartar control help)!

Dog owners reported stinking flatulence and the odd loose stool after their pets ate.


  • Smaller chunks for easy chewing
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your dog
  • Aids in the management of tartar


  • This might result in foul gas.
  • This might result in the odd loose stool.


Vet’s Choice: Adult Dry Dog Food Royal Canin Giant

  • Chicken by-product meal, brewer’s rice, chicken fat, brown rice are the main components.
  • 26% protein content
  • 18% fat content
  • Calories: 427

When looking for a vet-recommended dog food for your Newfoundland, use Royal Canin’s Size Health Nutrition dog food. This dog food is designed specifically for dogs weighing more than 100 pounds and above the age of two years, so it provides the nourishment your pet requires.

This food has it all: glucosamine and chondroitin to improve joint health, EPA and DHA to keep bones strong, taurine to maintain a healthy heart, and lots of fiber and readily digested proteins to keep the digestive system working smoothly.

And Royal Canin’s Size Health claims to have extra-large kibbles to stimulate more chewing, which aids digestion.

A few pet owners have complained that the kibble is absurdly huge (though some pet parents thought the size was excellent, so whether you or your Newfoundland enjoy the size could go either way). And you and your pet might not like the absence of genuine meat in this dish.


  • Specially designed for big dog breeds.
  • Larger dogs require more nutrition.
  • Extra-large chunks to promote chewing


  • The pieces might be excessively huge.
  • There is no genuine meat in this dish.


Sierra Mountain Dry Dog Food, Taste of the Wild

  • Lamb, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, and egg product are the main components.
  • 25% protein content
  • 15% fat content
  • Calories: 410

This grain-free food is strong in protein (which is important for your Newfoundland’s muscle and bones), and because lamb is the first ingredient, it’s a safe alternative for dogs who are allergic to other protein sources.

However, this meal contains peas and lentils, which have been linked to heart problems in dogs, so keep that in mind if that’s an issue for you. Also, keep in mind that grain-free diets aren’t for every dog, so consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on one.

Aside from the lots of protein in our Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain dish, your pooch will also get plenty of vitamins and minerals (including vitamin E, taurine, and zinc), omega fatty acids, probiotics, and prebiotics—all of which are vital to promote your pet’s health from head to tail!

When it comes to potential drawbacks, a few pet parents reported that their dogs felt itchy after eating this food, and a few puppies disliked the fragrance and refused to eat it.


  • High protein content
  • A plethora of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Excellent for dogs that are allergic to common proteins.


  • It contains peas.
  • Grain-free diets are not appropriate for all dogs.
  • Possibility food may itch your dog.
  • Some dogs are repulsed by the odor and refuse to eat.


Dry Dog Food VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula

  • Beef meal, grain sorghum, chicken fat, and pork meal are the main components.
  • 30% protein content
  • 20% fat content
  • Calories: 406

With a staggering 30% crude protein, this VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus formula combines beef, poultry, and pig and is great for active dogs. It’s also high in vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, which keep your dog healthy.

Even better, VICTOR Classic’s VPRO Blend guarantees that this cuisine is readily absorbed, reducing the likelihood of stomach upset (and the blend boosts the immune system of your pup).

And, while this dish contains grains, it is gluten-free (if that is an issue for you). Best of all, this meal is appropriate for dogs of all ages!

There were a few scattered complaints from dog owners, the most serious of which was that numerous dogs refused to eat this food because they didn’t like the scent or flavor. Aside from that, one individual said that their cat had bad breath after eating, and another pair reported that their dogs had stinking feces after eating.


  • High protein content
  • Simple to digest
  • Gluten-free


  • Some dogs detest the taste and scent.
  • This might result in smelly breath.
  • This might result in smelly poop.


Natural Balance Dry Dog Food with Limited Ingredients

  • Lamb, lamb meal, brown rice, brewers rice are the main components.
  • 22% protein content
  • 12% fat content
  • Calories: 370

If you have a Newfoundland that suffers from allergies, food sensitivities, or digestive difficulties, a limited ingredient diet may help. Several pet parents who tested this meal said that it helped their dogs’ ear problems and skin allergies.

This recipe has only a few components, the first of which is lamb—excellent for pups with food allergies and as a protein source in general.

The Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food also has a lot of fiber in the form of whole grains, which may assist with any digestive troubles your pet may be experiencing.

On the other hand, a couple of dog parents complained that the kibble bits were too small for their dogs, and there was a rare report that dogs’ breath became exceedingly stinky after switching to this meal.


  • Ingredients are few.
  • Beneficial for people who have allergies, dietary sensitivities, or digestive difficulties.
  • Protein and fiber content is high.


  • Kibble might be too little for your dog.
  • Food might be the source of foul breath.


Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Hill’s Science Diet

  • Chicken, cracked pearled barley, whole grain wheat, and whole grain maize are the main components.
  • 20% protein content
  • 11.5% fat content
  • Calories: 363

Give your beloved dog a diet that is both nutritious and tasty with Hill’s Science Diet Chicken & Barley dog food! This formula is designed exclusively for large breed dogs and includes chicken as the first ingredient for a protein boost that will keep your pet slim and healthy.

Hill’s should not create any digestive issues as an easily digested dog food, and with additional glucosamine and chondroitin, your dog’s joints should remain strong.

This mix also contains vitamins C and E for immune system support, as well as omega-fatty acids to keep your dog’s coat looking great.

However, a handful of dog owners claimed that the kibble was too tiny for large breeds, and at least one individual said the dish gave their dog flatulence.


  • Large breeds only
  • claims to be easy to absorb
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin are included for joint health.


  • Some people thought the kibble size was too tiny for bigger dogs.
  • Gassiness may occur.


Adult Nutro Ultra Large Breed Dry Dog Food

  • Chicken, chicken meal, full grain brown rice, and whole grain sorghum are the main components.
  • 22% protein content
  • 13% fat content
  • Calories: 350

Another big breed dog food, Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult has not only chicken as the primary component, but also lamb and salmon for a wonderful protein combination.

This recipe also contains kale, blueberries, and chia, making this dog chow vitamin and nutrient-rich to improve your pup’s general health and well-being. Furthermore, Nutro states that all components are extensively evaluated for safety, making this dog food a solid choice.

Furthermore, pet owners reported that this dish was popular with dogs and helped with concerns like as unhealthy coats and gastrointestinal problems!

Picky eaters, on the other hand, were not as enthusiastic about this meal as other dogs, and there was the occasional criticism that the kibble was too tiny.


  • Large breeds only
  • It has a good mix of protein sources.
  • Dogs appear to be major fans.


  • Picky eaters, on the other hand, do not appear to enjoy this dish.
  • Kibble may be a little tiny.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Newfoundland Dog Food

What to Look for in a Newfoundland Dog Food

When it comes to the finest dog food for your Newfoundland, you might not know where to start looking. Here are some things to look for in dog food to help you limit down your choices.

Protein Content

All dogs require protein. However, as a puppy, your Newfoundland will require the greatest protein (around 30%), as protein contributes to the strength and health of growing muscles.

They will require somewhat less protein in their meals (around 18%) as they age. Check the amount of crude protein in a food to ensure it is appropriate for your dog’s life stage.

Protein Quality

Protein must be obtained from a high-quality source for your pet. This includes inspecting meals to verify if meat or meat meal is mentioned as the first or second ingredient.

Real meat as the first item is always preferred, although a meat dish is also fine. If you notice a meat by-product or meat meal by-product at the top of the ingredient list, you should keep shopping for a dog food.

Also, if your dog has dietary allergies or sensitivities, you should consider the type of meat used in dog food. The most prevalent food allergies are to proteins like beef and chicken, so look for foods that employ an alternate protein source like lamb, fish, bison, and so on.


Glucosamine, which large breed dogs require, can play a vital part in maintaining joint health. Larger breeds are more prone to developing disorders like arthritis as they age, so maintaining joint health is critical.

Legumes and peas

As previously stated, peas and legumes have been related to cardiac problems in dogs, notably dilated cardiomyopathy. More study is needed to determine how much peas and beans are linked to the sickness, but if your dog’s heart health is a concern, you may want to select a meal that does not include these nutrients.

Whether with or without grains

Grain-free diets aren’t necessary for most dogs; in fact, they may be detrimental (especially since dog foods without grains tend to include peas and legumes). So, consult your veterinarian before starting your dog on grain-free diets.

Also, read dog food labels carefully because some grain-free dog meals may not sell themselves as grain-free, while others containing grains may advertise as grain-free.

Amount of Calories

Puppies, like adult dogs, require more calories than adults. Too many calories as a puppy, on the other hand, may result in your dog developing too rapidly. And, because some Newfoundlanders are prone to obesity, consuming too many calories at any age can be detrimental.

It might be difficult to balance caloric demands, so consult your veterinarian if you’re unclear of how many calories your dog should consume each day.


Dog food can be costly, but if you search about, you may be able to find a dog food with the components you desire at a reduced price. So, don’t always go with the first dog food that appears to be a suitable fit. You can probably find a comparable food for less money.


There is no better way to choose the best dog food for your Newfoundland than to read testimonials from other pet parents. Dog owners’ reviews are likely to be more honest than a brand’s marketing. Furthermore, obtaining testimonials from other Newfoundland owners on how their dogs fared on a certain meal would be invaluable!


After reading the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) assessments of the best dog foods for Newfoundlands, here’s a reminder of our top five selections. We chose The Farmers’ Dog for the best overall cuisine because of its fresh ingredients and general healthiness.

Purina ONE Natural SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula is our top pick for the best value in food since it’s inexpensive and acceptable for individuals with food allergies.

The Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Health Chicken Meal & Oatmeal is our top pick because of its high-quality ingredients and bigger portions of kibble that make chewing simpler.

We propose Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for puppies because of its smaller kibble size and high concentration of critical nutrients.

Finally, if you want a vet-recommended dog food, we recommend Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Giant Adult, which is large breed specialized and includes giant kibble bits. Have fun shopping!

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