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The 11 Best Dog Costumes For Halloween

For many, Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year since it allows you to have a party, eat a lot of candy, and, most importantly, dress up your dog in an amazing costume.

However, finding a proper canine Halloween costume (for little or large dogs) can be a nightmare. Many of your choices are of poor quality, and others are significantly more bother than they are worth.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will share some of our preferred options in the reviews below. The costumes listed below are simple to put together, well-made, and really cute.

Your dog will be the talk of the party, and you may not want to take it off the next day. These are the best dog costumes for Halloween.


Front Walking Killer Clown Dog Costume from Frisco — Best Price



The Frisco Killer Clown is the way to go if you want your dog to scare others. Because it’s a front-walking model, it’ll appear as though a terrifying clown is stalking you with your dog’s head on a platter.

That may not be what you’re going for if you want your dog to appear lovely, but it will definitely stand out at your Halloween party. Despite its fancy appearance, it is rather simple to put on because it is a single piece with Velcro fastening.

It will also not impede with your dog’s stride, so as long as they don’t mind having a clown around their neck, it should stay in place. Because the clown tends to bob about when the dog walks, it may become a chew toy if you’re not cautious.

Finest of all, this is a really inexpensive costume – in fact, it’s our selection for the best dog Halloween costume for the money.

Your dog will not be very adorable in this outfit, but they will undoubtedly be the talk of the neighborhood.


  • The one-piece design is simple to put on
  • Excellent value for money
  • Not difficult for a dog to walk through
  • Style that is distinct


  • This is not a cute costume
  • The dog may want to chew on the clown


California Costumes Pet Spider Dog Costume – Excellent Option



The California Costumes Spider Pup costume may evoke more shrieks than oohs and ahhs, but it’s a very amazing alternative that’s guaranteed to make your pup stand out. It’s the kind of outfit that will win awards.

Of course, any costume this excellent has to be costly, and this is one of the most expensive on this list. However, if the appearance of your dog is your major priority, it will be money well spent.

But don’t expect it to endure for many Halloweens because it’s constructed of thin cloth.

Because this is a detailed outfit, stuffing your dog within it may need some work. However, most puppies don’t seem to like it once it’s on, despite the fact that the legs have a lot of bounce to them.

It will suit almost any breed, and the size is accurate. This will allow your dog to move about freely.

The California Costumes Spider Pup will ensure that you are the most talked-about dog owner at your party.


  • Elaborate
  • Once it’s on, most dogs don’t mind
  • Fits almost any breed
  • The fit is perfect


  • On the expensive side
  • Not very long-lasting


Rubie’s Cosplay Robin Dog Attire



Your dog is your most dependable sidekick, so what better way to thank them than than dressing them up as the Rubie’s Costume Robin?

This is a basic yet charming costume consisting of a sweater, cape, and matching mask. Most dogs will not endure the mask for long, so take your shots as soon as possible.

It’s comfy and simple to maneuver in, so your dog will feel at ease racing around the home fighting off evildoers. It’s also lightweight, which means dogs in hotter regions won’t overheat.

The outfit is a little tiny, so purchase a size higher. If you have a large dog, you might need to look for something different completely.

The Rubie’s Costume Robin is a simple alternative, but it will make your dog appear wonderfully charming.


  • Straightforward and simple
  • It is simple to relocate
  • Ideal for hotter climates


  • The mask is not tolerated by the majority of dogs
  • It is prone to running small


Dog Bat Costume RYPET



The RYPET Bat is the equivalent of putting together a costume 30 minutes before the party starts. It is, nevertheless, really cute when worn by your dog.

It takes seconds to put on and is unnoticeable (except for when your dog walks through doors). Because the wings are rather sturdy, you won’t have to worry about the thing falling limp.

It fastens with Velcro and is easily adjustable to accommodate your dog. It does, however, slip as your dog walks about, so you’ll have to adjust it on a regular basis. If you have a barrel-chested dog, it may fall off.

The wings are made of flimsy felt and will easily shred if your dog is too rough. You can fix them, but it’s probably not worth it for such a low-cost outfit.

Finally, the RYPET Bat is a no-frills alternative that won’t impress anyone but also won’t demand much effort from you.


  • It takes seconds to put on
  • Wings are stiff and stable
  • Simple to modify


  • Not really impressive
  • As the dog moves, it slides about
  • Made from a thin cloth


Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume California Costumes



Costumes from California UPS is a company that always delivers! Your dog can finally become their most despised adversary: the mailman.

It includes a headgear, a parcel, and artificial arms to handle the gift. The visor features a chin strap that keeps it in place for as long as your dog tolerates it.

It merely wraps around the dog’s chest and front legs, and it should fit dogs of all sizes. This variant will be suitable for even larger dogs.

The box requires some assembling, so you’d best be handy with a needle and thread. The Velcro keeping it together is frail, and if it comes away, your dog will have something to rip up.

The material is weak and readily rips. Don’t expect it to last more than one Halloween.

The California Costumes UPS is entertaining, but it has faults that make it less practical than some of the alternatives listed above.


  • Fun to see
  • Suitable for larger puppies
  • The chin strap secures the visor


  • You must assemble the package yourself
  • The material is fragile
  • The Velcro that holds the box in place is frail
  • If the box becomes loose, the dog will rip it apart


Halloween Camlinbo Spider Costume



The Camlinbo Spider is simply black cloth with eight furry legs attached that Velcro over your dog’s torso.

The legs are constructed of tasteless material, so your dog is unlikely to try to eat them. Even if they do, the cloth is non-toxic, so you shouldn’t be concerned.

The outfit is reasonably priced for what it is, since you could definitely make something equivalent in less than an hour if you wanted to. The legs are fragile and will bend out of shape if your dog applies any pressure on them.

The Velcro isn’t particularly strong, though, so you’ll have to reattach it frequently.

Overall, it’s not a really stunning outfit. If you’re going to spend money on a costume, you’ll probably want something more memorable than this.

The Camlinbo Spider is a low-cost alternative to other insect costumes, but we believe the other options are superior.


  • It is unlikely that the dog will gnaw on it
  • The material is not harmful


  • For what you receive, it’s a little pricey
  • Not really impressive
  • Velcro isn’t very strong
  • The legs are fragile


Animal Pet Costumes by iChoue



The iChoue Animal is essentially a themed sweatshirt, but it may be used as a costume in an emergency.

It features a zipper along the center, making it simple to put on. All you have to do is shove your dog’s front legs inside and shut it.

You must be careful not to snag your dog’s fur or skin inside, and even if you do, the zipper will most likely fail sooner rather than later.

There are several types to pick from, including a duck, panda, dinosaur, and others. However, in terms of costumes, they are little more than coats with a little bit of adornment.

That means it can be worn for occasions other than Halloween, and it’s thick enough to keep your dog warm on walks. However, you don’t want it to become wet since it will stick to your pet and make them extra chilly.

Finally, the iChoue Animal falls into a no-land, man’s as it isn’t sturdy enough to be used as everyday clothes, but it’s also not intricate enough to qualify as a costume.

You can undoubtedly get some value out of it, but you’re better off purchasing something that is entirely committed to one purpose or the other.


  • On walks, it can keep the dog warm
  • Simple to put on


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • For a costume, it’s a little bland
  • If it becomes wet, it won’t provide much protection
  • The zipper is fragile
  • Fur and skin can become entangled in zippers

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Halloween Costume

Most people have no idea what to look for in a dog Halloween costume, but if you want everyone at the party to comment on how adorable your canine is, it’s a good idea to do some preliminary study.

In this short tutorial, we’ll go over what to look for in a puppy costume so that your Halloween is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

What Should I Look for in a Dog Costume for Halloween?

When selecting for a costume, most owners are mainly concerned with how lovely their dog would appear. We’re not saying you shouldn’t consider that element, but there are other factors to consider as well.

The most crucial of these is safety. You don’t want your dog stumbling over anything or strolling into unsafe circumstances, so they need to be able to move freely and see where they’re going.

Avoid any costume that is too tight, interferes with your dog’s leg movement, or hides their eyes.

Also, avoid purchasing anything that can impair your dog’s capacity to breathe or drink. Some masks include straps that hold the lips closed, while others have cloth that slides down the nose to cover the nostrils.

We’d advise not putting anything on their faces at all, although we appreciate that this will rule out some genuinely lovely possibilities.

Consider what will happen if your dog removes it. Many costumes feature hanging fabric or other trimmings that, if chewed up, might represent a choking hazard to your dog. Buttons, plastic, and wads of cloth should be avoided.

Visibility is also vital, particularly if you intend to walk your dog about the neighborhood. You want passing motorists to be able to see your dog. You can still buy an all-black outfit, but you should consider adding reflective piping to it.

How Do I Know If My Dog’s Costume Is Correctly Fitting?

One of the most crucial considerations when selecting a costume for your dog is proper fit. You want something that is loose enough not to hinder your dog’s movement yet tight enough not to catch on anything.

The majority of costumes are made of cloth that is attached using Velcro or another comparable technique. You want to be able to Velcro it without straining, and you want the Velcro to remain taut once closed.

You should be able to easily fit two fingers between the costume and your dog’s body. If you can fit more than that in, tighten it up; if you can’t get those two fingers in, it’s too tight and may block circulation.

Keep an eye on how your dog moves in it as well. Check to see whether it’s bunching up or pooling anyplace when they move, sit, and lie down.

While fit is important to remember, it is also pretty simple to determine. Use your best judgment and common sense, and don’t take any chances if you’re not sure whether a choice is a good match.

Can Any Dog Put on a Costume?

Although each dog may wear a costume, not every dog should.

Some dogs dislike wearing clothes, and if wearing a costume would make your dog anxious, you should avoid it. Any cute pictures you receive are not worth putting your dog through a stressful scenario.

In addition, some dogs become agitated or terrified when they have something on them when their movement is restricted. You don’t want your dog to lose their cool and lash out because you put them in a spider costume.

Keep in mind that a costume will attract others to approach you and pet your dog. If your dog is wary of strangers, dressing them up in an enticing costume is a recipe for disaster.

If your dog isn’t a people-pup, don’t make them go to a party. You may feel like you’re squandering a lovely costume, but you don’t want Halloween to be as stressful for your dog as the Fourth of July.

How Can I Persuade My Dog to Wear Their Costume?

If wearing a costume won’t give your dog any behavioral difficulties, but you’re still having trouble getting them to wear it, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of their wearing what you purchased them.

You should begin acclimating them to the outfit well in advance of Halloween. Bring out the outfit and let them sniff and inspect it before attempting to put it on them. Allow them to explore while rewarding them with goodies or praise.

You may begin attempting to put the costume on them after they are pleased to see it. Put your dog in a sit-stay while you put on the costume, and then liberally praise them once it’s on.

Leave it on for no more than a minute or two, and remove it as soon as they exhibit signs of pain.

Gradually increase the length of time you leave it on after that, and don’t scrimp on the positive reinforcement.

Your dog will eventually forget they are wearing it and will happily wear it for as long as you want them to.


Consider the Frisco Killer Clown if you want something exceptional but less pricey. It does not have to be “cute,” but it should get people talking.

Furthermore, the California Costumes Pet Spider set will set your dog apart from the crowd.

It’s great to dress up your dog for Halloween, but selecting the ideal one may be challenging.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our customers for visiting our website so I could learn about and talk about the best dog costumes for Halloween.

We hope these evaluations help you decide what your dog will really wear long enough for you to take photographs of him — and that these clothes will persuade neighbors to be less stingy with their candy.

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