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The 11 Best Dog Carriers

Traveling with pets can be stressful for many reasons, including ensuring their safety, adhering to airline regulations, and keeping them calm.

While there are many different types of pet carriers available, you may want to consider different types depending on your pet's needs.

We've covered cat carriers, but here are the best dog carriers, including soft-sided and hard-sided options, as well as one that expands, as rated by the most enthusiastic

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Dog Carrier Henkelion


This collapsible, soft-sided pet carrier has nearly 22,000 five-star reviews and is ideal for traveling with dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. One reviewer says she uses it to transport her two Chihuahuas “comfortably,” and she likes that she can open the sides or the top to let her dogs out.

“It allows me to slide it right over my luggage handle, which makes it so easy to carry right on my rolling luggage,” she writes. “I don’t think I saw any other carrier with that feature when I was looking for a carrier, which is why I ordered this one.

” Many reviewers say it can withstand teething and scratching. “He initially tried to scratch through the netting, but it definitely held up without any issues,” one reviewer with a “destructive puppy” says. And dogs appear to enjoy this carrier as much as their owners do.

One customer stated that her Yorkie “hates to travel” and would yelp during car rides but “never makes a peep” in this carrier. “It’s been magical for transportation.”


Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Crate by AmazonBasics



In comparison to a metal or plastic kennel, this AmazonBasics carrier folds down, making it easier to transport.

One reviewer “replaced a bulky cage for trips to day care or travel” with this soft crate and enjoys the fact that she can “just throw this in the Jeep and be on our way” without having to make room in the car for her Labrador mix’s crate.

She also claims that her dog enjoys it, saying, “She loves to lay in there.” It also has a nice pad on the bottom for comfort. “It’s so simple.” Another customer describes it as “stupid easy to take from folded to assembled,” but warns that it is quite large and may not be suitable for very small animals.

However, one reviewer with an 80-pound dog sees it as a benefit, writing, “There is plenty of room in there for her to move around and get comfy.” We once drove 1,200 miles with the metal crate folded up and rattling in the backseat. What a nightmarish scenario.

This thing folds up so easily and flatly that it fits in my trunk with all of my luggage on top. There was also enough space for her large water bowl.”


Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier by AmazonBasics



This bag was chosen by pet owners because it allowed their pets to see out every side, which many claim reduced their dogs’ travel anxiety.

According to one reviewer, “the breathable mesh sides help reduce any claustrophobic stress your pet may have,” and that this gave his dogs plenty of room to stretch and sit comfortably. Another customer says his “dogs are not carrier fans,” but they’re happier with this model.

“The mesh design all around allows for a lot of airflow and sight lines for them.” A third reviewer adds that it “lacks bells and whistles,” but overall thinks it’s a good buy, writing, “It fits nicely under economy airplane seats and my dog appears comfortable.

” I’ve used it four times now with no problems. From what I’ve seen, the operation is smooth and durable.”


Travel Kennel Aspen Pet Porter


This Aspen hard-sided travel kennel can hold dogs weighing up to 70 pounds and is described as “heavy duty” by reviewers.

One purchaser purchased this for their 45-pound pointer mix and appreciates that it remains “within the strict air-travel regulations,” making it “ideal for air travel.”

However, a reviewer with a boxer claims that it “fits perfectly in a standard size SUV” and is “sturdy and easy to transport.”

Another reviewer transports their 6-month-old Lab in this carrier, and he loves it: “[He] loves his crate, whether we are traveling to the vet’s office or we are at home with the door open on the crate… Our puppy is currently snoozing in it! “


Pet Carrier SturdiBag Large Flexible Height



Because it is comfortable and light, one-third of reviewers prefer this soft-walled carrier for travel. “I got no guff from airline staff and it fit well under the seats,” writes one reviewer, who flew her miniature schnauzer for the first time on this carrier.

I took my dog out in it a couple of times in the car before our trip, and he did great.” Another customer usually buys plastic kennels but switched because this one appeared to be more “attractive and easy to use.”

“It reminded me of a high-quality tent, and when you set it up for the first time, you are impressed with the extra thought that went into every little detail,” she writes. Three small poles neatly fit through the soft hooks around the top to keep it upright.”

Another customer appreciates the inclusion of a “soft foamy mat” for added comfort, which sits on top of a wooden board that provides “structure.”

Aside from being comfortable for the dogs, reviewers say it’s also comfortable for them to carry, with one writing, “He’s able to be carried in it very securely and with the weight over my shoulder and the handle I’m able to distribute his weight evenly while I’m walking so it doesn’t hurt my back.”


X-Large Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate with Bag for Pets



One reviewer stated that he “could no longer keep my 100-pound, extremely furry and nosey pooch in the luggage area like I did in my SUV, where I didn’t care what happened.”

He needed to figure out how to keep Rosie in the backseat without making her owner “wish to cry” by drooling all over the leather seats. He bought her this large carrier and writes, “It’s literally MADE for this truck! “

So ideal a solution. In terms of quality, the construction is excellent for a dog who will not try to claw out of the screens, which my dog will not do as long as I do not leave her in it and leave the room.”

Another reviewer has a 130-pound Mastiff/Lab mix and needed something portable to travel with. He says it’s not as sturdy as the giant wire one he uses at home, but he hasn’t had any problems.

“In theory, my dog could put a paw right through the mesh if he wanted to, but I believe this works because he is already comfortable in a crate.”

He’s not going to freak out and try to flee.” Another confirms its toughness, writing, “We have used it for 4 years and it is still in great shape.” It’s convenient to travel with because it folds up small. “


Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets by Noble Duck


This tote is popular among dog owners because it is more discreet and stylish than a sling or traditional carrier.

A reviewer who gave it to their sister says she “loves the bag!” It’s casual and vintage-looking,” she says, adding that her Yorkie fits “comfortably and safely.”

Another reviewer says it’s “sturdy enough to provide good support for my Maltese puppy, while still being comfortable and light.”

A third reviewer, who has used three other bags, appreciates that this “cute” one has “thick shoulder straps” and “a hard bottom so [my dog] doesn’t sag” while in it, as well as that the bag “keeps its shape.”


Pet Dog Sling Carrier Yudodo



This dog-sling carrier is described as “comfortable” by nearly 600 five-star reviewers for both themselves and their dogs.

The padded and adjustable straps, according to one reviewer, make it “extremely comfortable to wear,” and the cushioned head hole is cozy for their eight-pound Chihuahua. “He always falls asleep in the bag,” they write, adding, “It’s an amazing bag with fantastic quality.” “Your dog will never want to step foot on the floor again ! “

Another reviewer raved about how the sling “strangely calms [my dog] in a way I’ve never seen before in the 11 years I’ve had him.” Their dog is “very peaceful and quiet in this little carrier,” rather than barking in crowded stores.

And a third reviewer says their Chihuahua loved the sling so much that “even when I wasn’t wearing it, she preferred to stay inside of it” when they used it “when running errands, at the airport when I took her on flights with me, and even outdoor activities such as biking and hiking.”


No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller by Pet Gear



Customers have a variety of reasons for needing a pet stroller. Some have dogs who get tired on walks and must be carried, others have disabled pets, and some simply enjoy it. Aside from the need, dozens of reviewers praise the air-tires’ functionality.

“The cheaper strollers all have plastic wheels and are poorly constructed.” “It goes over pretty much anything from smooth tile floors to rocky dirt paths,” writes one reviewer, adding, “it has regular rubber tires, just like a bicycle.”

She admits that it is heavier than others, describing it as “close to a regular baby stroller weight,” but she believes that “the extra weight is worth the durability and smoother ride.” “If you have little pets who can’t walk very far, this is for you,” says another.

It’s convenient, she says, but the best part is that “animals feel safe in this enclosed stroller.” They also enjoy being able to see out.”

What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Carrier

Hard-Sided vs. Soft-Sided

Dog carriers are available in rigid or soft-sided styles, and are made of nylon fabric similar to duffle bags, with mesh windows for ventilation and visibility. 

Plastic, wire, or both can be used to make hard-sided carriers. Some dog carriers are a cross between the two, made of strong nylon with rigid sides. Some hard-sided carriers fold and collapse for storage.

Consider your travel needs and what is best for your dog and family as you look through these materials.


Dog carriers are available in a variety of styles, ranging from simple “duffle bag” styles with handles or a shoulder strap to crossbody sling-style carriers or even backpack carriers.

Some dog carriers have wheels that allow them to be pulled along like a suitcase, and some are even designed to be attached to a bicycle.

Again, depending on your travel needs, you may not require a carrier with all of these features.


Check the dimensions of any dog carrier you’re thinking about buying to ensure that your dog will fit comfortably.

The maximum recommended weight limit is listed on most carriers.

If you intend to fly on an airplane and transport your small dog in the cabin with you, the dog carrier must meet certain size requirements for air travel and be TSA approved.

When selecting a dog carrier, look for these designations.


Is it safe to transport a dog in a backpack?

When used correctly, backpack-style dog carriers are safe for transporting small dogs.

Purchase only dog-specific backpack carriers and follow all manufacturer recommendations for the use of safety straps and buckles. Choose a backpack that is appropriate for your dog’s size and weight.

Always remove your dog’s backpack before putting him inside or taking him out, and keep the backpack zipped up while wearing it to prevent your dog from jumping or falling out.

If your dog’s weight or size changes, check to see if his bag is still the proper fit.

Are doggie baby carriers safe?

Although baby carriers are designed to transport human babies safely, they are not suitable for transporting dogs, which have a very different body anatomy.

To ensure your dog’s safety, only use carriers designed for dogs and follow all manufacturer instructions. Dog carriers are available in a variety of styles, including slings and backpacks.


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