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The 12 Best Dog Whistles For Training & Hunting

Training your dog to listen to a dog whistle can literally save his or her life. Being able to generate a sound that will cut through all the other noise and that your dog will know as coming from you will help you to communicate with her and prevent her from rushing into the street or getting into another dangerous scenario while you are at a park or other crowded location.

How do you choose which whistle is the finest if the majority of them sound identical (or produce no sound at all)? Instead of taking your dog to the store and bombarding her ears with several whistles, you can just read the reviews provided below.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has selected the best dog whistles for training & hunting based on efficacy, usability, and other factors.


Outdoor Michael Josh Whistles

If you enjoy letting your dog venture off the usual road, you can be confident that this Michael Josh Outdoor Survival Whistle will always bring him back.

Its two tubes enable it to emit 150 decibels of sound, which may be heard from a considerable distance (although you have to blow pretty hard to produce that much racket). This can also assist emergency workers in locating you in an emergency.

Although it may be used everywhere, it excels in camping circumstances. It lacks a built-in pea, so preventing the growth of mold. This enables its usage in any environment, even if it gets a bit dirty along the way.

It is also convenient to carry, as it is attached to a keychain. It comes with a carabiner and lanyard so that you can keep it close while keeping your hands free.

Even if you never find yourself in a survival situation, this whistle by Michael Josh beat all others we tested, making it our top choice. It is practical, efficient, and durable, which is about all you can ask for in dog gear.


  • Produces sounds up to 150 decibels
  • Won’t get moldy
  • Effective under severe situations
  • Good in crises
  • A carabiner, keychain, and lanyard are included.


  • It takes considerable effort to obtain maximum volume.


Special SportDOG Whistle

The brilliant orange hue of the SportDOG Special makes it extremely difficult to miss in any setting. This is an excellent whistle for teaching hunting hounds, and it won’t freeze under any circumstances, so you can bring it with you on a winter hunt without worrying about it failing at an inconvenient time.

It generates a low-pitched sound, which is easy on everyone’s hearing and allows the sound to go farther. This makes it an inconspicuous option for usage on hiking trails and at dog parks since you can call your dog without bothering other people.

It is a wonderful model for teaching pups because of its low pitch, which allows you to grab their attention without damaging their eardrums.

The only difficulties we have with this whistle are that it is constructed of fragile plastic and lacks a lanyard, making it more difficult to carry. Fortunately, it’s affordable, so if it breaks or slips out of your pocket, you can replace it without breaking the bank. This is why we believe it’s the greatest dog whistle for the money.


  • Excellent for teaching hunting dogs
  • Low frequency travels across great distances.
  • Bright color facilitates visibility.
  • Affordable choice
  • Won’t freeze-up


  • Not extremely durable
  • Does not include a lanyard.


Acme Dog Whistle 535

The Acme 535 is a silent model that uses high-pitched tones to draw your dog’s attention if you prefer a model that only your dog can hear.

Even if you can’t hear it, it can still be heard up to two miles away and is highly strong. This makes it excellent for individuals who let their dogs wander free or for those who live in rural locations and allow their dogs to explore at their leisure.

We do not know how important aesthetics are to you in a dog whistle, but this stainless steel model is the most elegant on this list. This appeal will cost you a bit more, but it also makes the whistle strong and lasting.

The Acme 535 does not have a lanyard or keychain, but a cap is connected. This can assist keep the mouthpiece clean, but only if you can successfully attach it.

We think this to be the greatest quiet whistle on the market and one of the best whistles in general. However, it is difficult to justify such a high price when the two models above it perform just as well at a fraction of the cost.


  • Dogs alone can hear it.
  • Can be heard as far as 3 kilometers
  • Stylish and elegant look
  • Cap attached to the mouthpiece keeps it clean
  • Excellent for off-leash dogs


  • Costlier than other choices
  • Cap difficult to retain


Professional Dog Whistle from Forepets

The Forepets Professional lives up to its name since it is an exceptional teaching tool for preventing excessive barking and other undesirable habits. The maker offers a useful instruction booklet, so you need not worry if you do not know how to use it for this purpose.

Busy trainers will also appreciate the sturdy lanyard and the locking screw on the cap cover that keeps the cap in place. This allows you to interact with your dog without fear of loosing your whistle.

However, a significant portion of the training routine depends on determining the appropriate pitch for each command, which is not simple. This reduces the number of orders you can teach your dog by whistle and increases the complexity.

Many dogs have difficulty hearing, especially when they are barking at the top of their lungs. Consequently, you may need to combine it with other training methods.

Nonetheless, if you can educate your dog to respond to it, you will certainly find it to be a useful training tool. To obtain a higher position on this list, it would need to be somewhat more adaptable.


  • Includes operating instructions
  • Includes a sturdy lanyard and a locking cap.
  • Useful for training


  • Some canines cannot hear it.
  • Difficult to employ
  • A limited number of command options


Ortz 45 NC Dog Whistle

The Ortz 45 NC may be set to a variety of frequencies, each of which can be matched with a distinct command. This allows you to link together various commands, giving you complete control over your dog without raising your voice. Since you cannot really hear any of the frequencies, it may be difficult to consistently couple them.

Its range is comparable to that of a conventional whistle (the one you make using your lips). This whistle is meant mainly for close-range usages, such as at home or in a crowded dog park, thus its range is not very outstanding.

On the other hand, this does not leave a very powerful impact, thus it may not be sufficient to halt very harmful habits. If your dog is intent on barking or pursuing a squirrel, for instance, this will not be sufficient to interrupt his attention.

As long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations, the Ortz 45 NC may be a useful training aid. Simply arrange to keep it at home.


  • Compatible with many frequencies
  • Ideal for home instruction
  • Allows pairing of several commands


  • Insufficient to stop some actions.
  • Limited scope
  • It might be challenging to link instructions with frequencies


Shepherd’s Mouth Acme Whistle

The Acme 575 Shepherd is unlike typical whistles you may have previously used. Instead of holding it between your lips, you place it within your mouth and operate it with your tongue.

As a result, you are able to generate a multitude of pitches, which enhances the number of orders you may send. However, learning to do so might take some time, and many users may become dissatisfied before achieving success.

The fact that it is a one-size-fits-all is also problematic, as not all mouths are the same size. It may be unwieldy for many users due to its excessive size. It is also made of nickel, a metal to which some individuals are allergic.

Once you get the hang of it, the Acme 575 Shepherd is a highly adaptable, long-range firearm. However, dog training is difficult enough without having to master a totally new skill, and we question how many pet owners will be committed to learning how to use this correctly.


  • Produces a vast array of pitches
  • Has a wide scope


  • Gradual learning curve
  • Perhaps too large for some jaws.
  • Utilizes nickel, which is allergenic.


Logan LWA1 Sheepdog Whistle

Professional sheepdog handlers, who must communicate with their dogs swiftly and clearly over vast swaths of terrain, devised the Logan LWA1. As such, it is a whistle of professional quality (at a premium price).

It is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy, is sleek and robust, and comes with an instruction manual. Obviously, this may be a red signal for some users; yet, do you really require a handbook to operate a whistle?

Regarding the Logan LWA1, you must. It can create a wide variety of pitches, but convincing it to do so is difficult, so those instructions are likely to become smudged quite fast.

Extremely loud, to the point that all the local dogs would respond (not to mention a few of the neighbors). If you are not a professional shepherd, you may certainly locate cheaper, easier-to-use whistles.


  • Made of superior aluminum alloy
  • Can be heard from considerable distances.


  • Difficult to employ
  • Very loud
  • Highly costly


SmartPet Dog Whistle

The SmartPet Whistle asserts that it is ultrasonic, although it is audible to human ears and rather loud. This may deter many customers from the outset, especially if they bought the product in hopes of a covert solution.

It is sufficiently loud for use in noisy, chaotic circumstances or with hard-of-hearing dogs. However, anything that can be heard over a great deal of background noise is sure to ruffle some feathers, and if your dog is deaf, whistle training may not be the best option.

The pitch is also lacking in subtlety, therefore it is best employed as an attention-getter. This places you in a precarious position in terms of training, as you would need to be prepared with an alternative strategy after you have stopped your dog in his tracks.

Still, stopping a dog cold has its merits, particularly with hyper-focused behaviors such as aggressiveness and pursuit of prey. The SmartPet is ranked at the bottom of our list since different whistles may provide the same level of attention-getting while also providing several other purposes.


  • Effective attention-getter
  • Ideal for loud areas


  • Likely to irritate others.
  • Lacks variation in pitch.
  • Best when coupled with other training techniques
  • Not very versatile



This choice from THINKPRICE is incredibly compact, making it convenient to transport but equally easy to misplace during intense exercise. Additionally, it divides into three parts, offering you additional opportunities to misplace things.

The pitch may be adjusted by twisting the rod in the center of the whistle, however, it can be difficult to do so if your hands are full of leashes or other equipment. Users with big hands will likely also find it difficult to correctly align.

The THINKPRICE needs you to position your lips in a precise manner. If you place them too high, the sounds will be drowned out, yet placing them too far back would restrict airflow. It may not seem like much, but having to continually adapt throughout a training session might get irritating.

It is difficult to suggest the THINKPRICE above other of the more user-friendly solutions on our list, but its small size makes it a valuable item to have in your car or backpack. Unfortunately, this does not merit a higher rating than the ninth.


  • Diminutive and lightweight


  • Simple to lose
  • Not ideal for large-handed users
  • Difficult to correctly align
  • Requires precise lip positioning


Mighty Paw Training Whistle

The Mighty Paw was designed with professional trainers’ needs in mind. It is therefore odd that it is subpar at the most fundamental job a whistle may perform: whistling.

It more closely resembles a low warble than an identifiable whistle, and while this sound is distinctive, it is difficult to hear. This is especially true in areas with excessive noise or distractions.

In fact, despite hearing the sound, many dogs do not respond at all. Almost definitely, you will need to connect it with a reward, such as a treat or a clicker, diminishing its utility as a single teaching tool.

Positively, it has two attachment choices, a lanyard, and a retractable belt clip. This is certainly convenient, but it offers little to compensate for the Mighty Paw’s other flaws.


  • Includes a lanyard as well as a belt clip


  • Not a real whistle sound
  • Extremely quiet
  • Poor performance in noisy surroundings
  • Must be used in conjunction with other training tools
  • Few dogs will react to it.


We propose the Michael Josh Outdoor Survival Whistle if you are looking for a practical and successful technique to train your dog. It is loud, ideal for camping, and effective in harsh situations.

The SportDOG Special is a cheaper choice that is nearly as excellent. It is good for teaching hunting dogs despite being constructed of fragile plastic, and its bright color makes it impossible to lose. Its low pitch can also be heard from a considerable distance.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that the evaluations above make it simpler for you to choose the best dog whistles for training & hunting so that you can begin a training program that will be effective. You can use one of the quiet whistles to drive the dog of your irritating neighbor insane.

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