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The 8 Best Dog Vitamins

Our canine companions are family members much like us, so keeping them healthy and happy is our first responsibility. Assume your dog's body is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

In such a scenario, they may be more prone to illness. A well-balanced food should fulfill all of your dog's nutritional needs; but, some dogs may want additional vitamin assistance!

If you and your vet have found that your dog might not be getting enough vitamins, you will probably look into vitamin options and be overwhelmed by how many there are. How do you know which product is best for your dog?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) did the research for you and made a list of some of the best dog vitamins. All of the vitamins on the list have been praised by dog owners whose dogs are more active after taking them. 


Best Overall: 10-for-1 Multivitamin for Pets

Pet Honesty 10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin

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  • Purpose: Multifunctional
  • Puppy, adult, and elderly lifestages
  • Allergen-free: No (contains chicken flavoring and eggs)

PetHonesty's multivitamin tackles ten distinct parts of your dog’s body. Pumpkin fiber and active probiotics help the digestive system and digesting comfort, even lowering gas! Omega-3s and a variety of other vitamins benefit the coat, skin, heart, and joints, to mention a few. This product is an excellent overall health booster that may be taken at any stage of life to help treat ailments or as a preventative precaution.

It has no artificial additives; all of the components are all-natural and have received positive feedback for being well-liked by dogs and easy to digest. It does, however, include palm oil, which is most likely used to help bind the components together.


  • Probiotics for digestive health and gas reduction
  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Soft and simple to chew


  • Palm oil is present.

Best Value: Nutri-Vet Multi-Vitamin Supplement

Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Chewables for Adult Dogs

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  • Purpose: Multifunctional
  • Adulthood, seniority
  • Allergen-free: No (contains soy)

Nutri-Vet , like Zesty Paws, offers a variety of supplements designed to assist various biological systems. They also make “Multi-Vite,” a multifunctional supplement meant to assist dogs’ overall health, which is excellent for preventative care and general support. This is our recommendation for the greatest dog vitamin for the money. It’s a highly rated product that’s inexpensive and accessible in large quantities. It’s a nice product at a reasonable price.

What we disliked about this product was that it has sugar as a component. Typically, added sugar should be avoided in your dog’s diet, but because this multivitamin is provided in such little amounts, there isn’t anything to worry about here. The texture of this tablet was also criticized in certain reviews. While the texture is marketed as “chewable,” it is fairly hard and must be broken up for elderly dogs with failing dental health.


  • Affordable
  • The taste of liver
  • Pack in bulk


  • Tablet that is difficult to chew
  • Sugar is present.

Premium Choice: Canine Complete Wholistic Pet Organics

Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete: Multivitamin for Dogs Organic Homemade Dog Food

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  • Purpose: Multifunction
  • Puppy, adult, and elderly lifestages
  • Allergen-free: No (contains fish)

This product is intended for individuals seeking a more natural and holistic approach to vitamin supplementation in their dog’s diet. All of the components are organically sourced, and there are no fillers or artificial additions. The powered version is ideal for quickly incorporating into a wet diet; while it is messy, it is ideal for people who will not take a pill.

This product is made in the United States and contains only the good stuff with no extra nasties, making it an excellent general vitamin for dogs of all life stages. The powder is abundant in healthy fats and protein, which promote overall wellness. Because it contains fish, it is not recommended for dogs that are allergic to seafood.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Powder composition that is simple to include into meals
  • High protein content


  • sloppy preparation

Best for Puppies: Sure Grow Multivitamin for Pets

PetAg Sure Grow 100 - Puppy Vitamins

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  • Goal: Growth and development
  • Lifestage: Puppy
  • Allergy-friendly: Yes

Many vitamins are prescribed for elderly people or senior pets to help with their deteriorating and changing health. However, we must keep in mind that the very young puppies are also undergoing numerous changes in their first year of life and may require additional assistance.

This is our top recommendation for a puppy vitamin. It focuses on the joints and connective tissues to help maintain a developing body. It aids a little body’s ability to meet high energy needs and development spurts. Reviewers have even stated that this medication has aided their puppy’s recovery from certain unavoidable puppy traumas!

Furthermore, vitamin D3 is utilized to aid boost the rate of absorption in the digestive system, ensuring that your dog gets all the goodness from their meal and channels it right into fueling their life. The tablet, however, is fairly large and does not fit puppies of tiny breeds, however it can readily broken up for convenience of feeding.


  • Active puppy connective tissue is supported.
  • Vitamin D3 increases nutrition absorption.
  • Promotes fast recovery from injuries


  • Tablets are too big for little breed pups.

How to Choose the Best Dog Vitamins: A Buyer's Guide

Is it necessary for my dog to take vitamins?

We humans are accustomed to taking a daily multivitamin. We believe it supplements our diet by ensuring we are getting what we require to perform properly and to improve our vitality. Because our meals vary so much from day to day and person to person, supplements might be useful. However, when it comes to our canine companion’s diet, the FDA regulates all complete meals to ensure that they satisfy all nutritional needs. If this is the case, why do dogs need vitamins and supplements?

Even on a balanced commercial food, some dogs may be vitamin deficient. This is frequently seen in older or immunocompromised canines. Their bodies typically do not synthesize or absorb all of the vitamins need to flourish. However, deficits can exist in dogs of any age and go unnoticed. These inadequacies can result in subpar health or condition, as well as more serious consequences in the future.

Consult a veterinarian before giving your dog vitamins.
If you feel your dog is not working properly, you should see a veterinarian before purchasing multivitamins. Any additional supplementation, especially if your dog currently takes vitamins or drugs, might conflict with these or potentially cause vitamin overdose, so seek vet advice.

Healthy dogs seldom require vitamins, although some may benefit from preventative steps. Vitamin supplementation is likely to help dogs if they:

  • Have a deficit that has been diagnosed
  • Have allergies or digestive problems?
  • Are following a homemade diet
  • are consuming relatively little
  • Are you a fussy eater?
  • They are growing older.

Vitamins Benefits for Dogs

Multivitamins in general can help dogs stay healthy. In preventative care for elderly dogs, it may ensure they receive all they need to flourish and support immune systems. Vitamins may provide dogs with the nutrients they need physiologically, filling any gaps left by poor health or bad feeding habits.

Vitamins are simple to employ since they may be provided as rewards or discreetly incorporated into foods. They are an effective method of delivering nourishment fast and in a tiny amount. This is especially beneficial if your dog is not eating enough to satisfy their body’s nutritional demands or is only consuming food that does not meet all of their nutritional requirements.

Targeted vitamins can help to supplement functions that have been identified as being deficient. Vitamins aimed specifically towards joint health and allergies are prevalent. These are two common health issues that pet owners must deal with.

Expert advice: When introducing vitamins, simply make one change at a time to see if there are any side effects. Too many changes make determining whether vitamins are beneficial difficult.

Vitamin Presentation

It might be difficult to give your dog vitamins at times. If you’re lucky, your dog will happily eat practically anything you give them, including a chicken-flavored pill. But not all dogs are that trustworthy! Many dogs are fussy, and concentrated vitamins typically have a distinct flavor that dogs find unpleasant.

Tablets can be administered directly, either freely or coercively, using a pill dispenser. The latter is undesirable if the vitamin is to be administered on a long-term basis. Tablets may frequently be split or crushed up to blend in with your dog’s regular diet or favorite treat.

If you find it difficult to feed your dog pills, you may want to look into different types of vitamins. Powders are frequently used because they may be readily incorporated into wet meals. They are also common supplements to homemade diets since they may be mixed in rather than supplied separately.


With our assessments of some of the highest-rated vitamins, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes to have helped you navigate the best dog vitamins.

Overall, we were impressed with PetHonesty's multivitamin . It checks so many boxes, and reports show significant improvements in the general health of many pets. We also recommend the Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite , which is a fantastic product at an even better price!

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