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The 8 Best Dog Umbrellas

Did you know your pet may have his or her own umbrella? It is so! You can now shield your dog from a rainstorm just as simply as you shield yourself. If you regularly need to take your dog outside, regardless of the weather, this ingenious idea may prevent your dog from becoming drenched.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled and reviewed the best dog umbrellas so you know what to anticipate before you attempt to walk your dog in the rain with one. We have also included a buyer's guide and pros and cons lists to provide you with further information before you make a purchase.


Pet Life Dog Umbrella

Pet Life Pour-Protection is our top selection for the finest umbrella for dogs overall. This dog umbrella appears to be as fashionable as any umbrella you would purchase for yourself. With a circumference of 19 inches, you will be able to shield your small breed dog from the rain.

The one-of-a-kind design has a plastic handle with a hook that goes down a solid metal pole to an umbrella that opens in the opposite direction and arches over your dog. A chain tied to your dog’s collar serves as a leash. The umbrella’s perimeter is lined with reflective material for added safety when strolling in low-light circumstances.

The silver folding hinges let the umbrella be folded into a 2-inch diameter for storage. We discovered that this umbrella holds up well in windy conditions and works well as a sunshade for your dog on hot days.

This dog umbrella is available in four colors, but none of them are transparent, so your pet cannot be seen. However, we continue to believe that this is the best dog umbrella currently available on the market.


  • Stylish attire
  • 19-inch-diameter umbrella
  • clever design with a leash chain connected
  • reflective lining to enhance safety
  • Collapsible for convenient storing
  • Durable in windy conditions
  • Four color options


  • Does not provide a clear choice to improve your dog’s visibility


K&L Pet Dog Umbrella

Consider the K & L Pet dog umbrella if you’re looking for the greatest value dog umbrella. As our pick for the greatest value, this dog umbrella is packed with helpful features and has a 28.3-inch diameter when completely opened, allowing it to protect your tiny dog more than enough.

This K&L Pet umbrella is only available in translucent polyester material, but this allows you to plainly observe your dog. With a sturdy chain that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness, this dog umbrella may also be used as a leash. However, depending on the height of your dog, we discovered that the connecting chain may be a bit too short.

This umbrella is water- and wind-resistant. The metal frame folds for convenient storage. The detachable C-shaped plastic handle and an umbrella hat. Unfortunately, the connection may weaken and fail after repeated usage.


  • Best value
  • 3-inch umbrella diameter
  • Transparent to better see your dog
  • Design serves as a dog leash
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Collapses for storing simplicity


  • The connector chain might be too short.
  • The connection of a detachable handle may grow brittle with time.


Seymour Dog Umbrella

Our top selection is the Seymour dog umbrella. In contrast to the earlier two dog umbrellas, which also functioned as leashes, this dog umbrella is designed to be worn by your dog.

The vest is secured over your dog’s chest, while a vegan leather raincoat protects his back. In the vest’s top center, between your dog’s shoulder blades, there is a connected umbrella that stretches over your dog’s body for weather protection.

The umbrella collapses and folds against your dog’s back when not in use. When your dog wears this vest and umbrella, you may walk him with your own leash and harness with ease. There are four solid color options available, however, there is no translucent option.

Due to difficulties achieving a correct fit on many little dog breeds, we ranked this product in third place. In addition, the vest and umbrella could not remain in position when walking.


  • Wearable design
  • Raincoat crafted from vegan leather substitute
  • The umbrella folds and collapses when not in use.
  • Permits the use of your own leash and harness
  • Four color options


  • No transparent color choices
  • Problems with correct fit
  • Not likely to remain in place while you walk


LESYPET Dog Umbrella

The LESYPET dog umbrella combines its umbrella with a leash for a convenient, all-in-one solution. The translucent material of the umbrella enables you to observe your dog while you stroll.

It provides enough protection for tiny dogs with a back length of 19 inches or less. The open umbrella has a total diameter of 28.3 inches. The stainless-steel frame holds up well in wet weather, but it may not be able to withstand severe winds.

The umbrella collapses flat for storage convenience. The C-shaped plastic handle’s detachable connection has been modified for increased durability, although it may still break under excessive force.


  • Integrated umbrella and leash design
  • Transparent umbrella fabric for enhanced dog visibility
  • Ideal for little dogs
  • Stainless-steel umbrella frame
  • Convenient collapsible storage


  • Not windproof
  • The handle connection may not be robust.


Excellent Life Dog Umbrellas


The Perfect Life Ideas Pet dog umbrella has a 29-inch circumference and works well for dogs or puppies weighing between 12 and 15 pounds and with a maximum back length of 20 inches.

This dog umbrella features an integrated leash for use on wet days. The umbrella’s translucent, watertight plastic material allows you to keep an eye on your puppy or small dog. This dog umbrella collapses to mimic an umbrella designed for human usage.

We ranked this item lower on our list owing to its general lack of durability. Additionally, this item is not windproof. Similar to other goods on our list, the built-in leash chain may be too short for your dog, depending on its size.


  • Perfect for tiny canines and pups
  • 29-inch open umbrella diameter
  • Integrated leash design
  • Transparent umbrella material to better view your dog
  • The umbrella folds flat for convenient storing


  • insufficient overall durability
  • Not windproof
  • The leash chain may be too short.


Enjoying Pet Umbrella

The Enjoying Pet umbrella appears remarkably comparable to the other items on our list that combine a leash with an umbrella. This design enables you to carry an umbrella over your dog while walking without needing to deal with a second leash.

A recent modification to the handle design appears to have resolved the issue of durability. We discovered fewer complaints of connection failure and breakdown.

If you’re hoping for stylish color options, you’ll be disappointed with this option. However, this umbrella is constructed of a translucent material, allowing you to keep a closer eye on your dog.

Despite not being labeled as windproof, this umbrella appears sturdy enough for a stormy hike. When you come home, you may collapse this umbrella for easy storage until the next rainy day.


  • Combination of a leash and an umbrella
  • The enhanced design of the handle for enhanced durability
  • Transparent umbrella material for improved visibility of your dog
  • Rain-resistant umbrella material
  • Collapsible for storing convenience


  • Does not provide color options
  • Not windproof

Buyer's Guide

We hope that these evaluations have helped you understand how dog umbrellas function, especially if you were unfamiliar with them before. We’ve provided you with a number of alternatives to explore, between the built-in leash and wearing vest design. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss helpful ideas for maximizing your new pup umbrella so that you are prepared for the next rainy day.

Small Dogs and Puppies Only

Unfortunately for owners of medium- and large-sized dogs, the umbrellas on this list only protect dogs and pups weighing less than 20 pounds. These dog umbrellas work well for little and toy dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Papillons, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, etc. If your dog is too huge, it will not fit completely beneath the umbrella.

Carefully Introduce the Umbrella

In studying the umbrellas for dogs on this list, we encountered a frequent issue: many dog owners adore the notion of dog umbrellas, but many canines refuse to use them. Your tiny friend may be alarmed if you open the umbrella with the same enthusiasm as you would for yourself. Introduce the umbrella to your dog in a gentle and cautious manner.

Walk a Trial Route

It may be preferable to test out your new dog umbrella on a pleasant day so that you and your pet can develop accustomed to it. When you are being blasted by wind and rain, it may be too daunting to figure out all the moving elements. We recommend walking your dog with the umbrella closed at first. Then, after your dog is comfortable, open the umbrella slowly and have a trial stroll. It may take a few walks for your dog to grow accustomed to and comfortable with this new equipment.

Transparent vs. Colorful

Depending on how you intend to use your dog umbrella, you may pick a translucent or colored material. As said, translucent umbrellas provide the benefit of allowing you to see your dog clearly. If you want to use the umbrella as shade, it cannot shelter your dog from the sun. Additionally, if you are fashion-conscious, you may like a particular hue.

Get Ready!

On very wet days, you may like to combine your new umbrella with dog waterproof boots and a rain jacket for enhanced protection against the elements. Remember that umbrellas only protect your dog from the sky. They cannot prevent your dog from getting soaked in a puddle or rolling about on damp grass.


Ensure the durability of the dog umbrella you select. The ideal dog umbrella will be waterproof and windproof. Ensure that the handle and frame are well-constructed and strong. Finally, it is convenient to have an umbrella that collapses flat for storage.


We propose the Pet Life 1UMBPKW Pour-Protection Umbrella as the finest dog umbrella overall. This 19-inch-diameter dog umbrella has a fashionable appearance and a creative construction with a leash link connected. Each of the four color options features a reflective lining for safety. This product is wind-resistant and foldable for storing convenience.

The K&L Pet Dog Umbrella offers the finest value in our estimation. It has a huge diameter of 28.3 inches and is made of a transparent material, allowing you to view your dog more clearly. Its design functions as both a leash and an umbrella, with a chain that attaches to the collar or harness of your dog. This umbrella is waterproof, windproof, and collapsible for storing convenience.

Third on our list of the best dog umbrellas is the Seymour Dog Umbrella, our premium pick. This product’s distinctive wearable design combines a vegan leather-made raincoat. The connected umbrella extends to cover the full body of your tiny dog. The umbrella collapses and folds against its back when not in use. This design permits the use of an existing leash and harness. It is available in four color options.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our evaluations, pros, and drawbacks lists, and buyer’s guide have assisted you in determining the best dog umbrellas. It may be the most practical tool for keeping your dog dry during rainy weather.

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