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The 12 Best Dog Treats For Sensitive Stomachs

If you gave a dog a treat every time it looked adorable, you would be giving them goodies constantly! Some of us are more self-controlled than others, and dog treats do serve a function.

Whether you are training your dog with instructions such as "sit" or "stay," teaching them to use a doggie door, or simply admiring them and praising them for being adorable, you enjoy handing out goodies, and your dog enjoys receiving them.

Some of our canine companions have sensitive stomachs and special nutritional requirements. This is when the reviews come into play.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) conducted extensive research to identify the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs. Let's examine what we've discovered!


ORIJEN High-Protein

Orijen, our pick for the best dog treat overall for dogs with sensitive stomachs, goes out of its way to provide a simple dog treat in an ethical manner.

Notably, these treats are not promoted as treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs, yet it turns out that they are ideal for dogs with such stomachs. Let’s discuss what makes these goodies so unique.

First, Orijen believed that the finest dog food should be simple. The firm uses only natural preservatives and restricts the quantity of components in its sweets.

Made with many forms of protein, each taste is filled with protein and nutrients. From duck to pig, this goodie will have your dog drooling!

Not only does this reward taste delicious, but it also fulfills a dog’s biological requirements. As a representation of your dog capturing prey in the wild, these treats are created using the entire animal.

This consists of flesh, organs, cartilage, and bone. The sweets are produced using raw ingredients, further simulating the natural environment.

Orijen solely sources its components from farms and individuals it knows and trusts. These snacks include no grains, which is normally advised for dogs with delicate stomachs. Orijen prepares its snacks at its DogStat kitchen in Kentucky.

A typical customer issue is that these snacks do not hold together effectively, thus you may wind up with a bag full of crumbs!

We believe that your dog will not mind, though. We believe this is the greatest treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs available this year.


  • 100% unprocessed and natural
  • Several distinct tastes
  • WholePrey resembles the animal composition of goodies your dog might find in the wild.


  • Crumbly


Hill’s Pooch

Hill’s has a solid understanding of what dogs enjoy, thus it has created beef-based dog treats! Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, your dog will surely like these tasty treats.

These goodies were created by experts in canine nutrition. Expert nutritionists and veterinarians collaborated to develop this recipe, so it should come as no surprise that these treats are not only veterinarian-approved but also recommended.

Over 220 veterinarians and nutritionists pooled their understanding of canine biology to create a treat that is both healthy and beneficial for dogs. Hill dog treats may be used as both scrumptious nibbles and health supplements!

While these snacks are packed with protein-rich meat, they also contain fruits and vegetables to meet other dietary demands. Hill has created a snack that is an excellent addition to the Science Diet.

All ingredients are sourced from North America, and artificial colors and flavors are never used.

Now that you have all the technical information, the true question is whether or not puppies enjoy it. Evidently, they do! If there are any complaints about this snack, it is that it does not have the texture of jerky.

It is more of a choppy imitation. However, dogs do not mind much. We have no trouble stating that they are the most cost-effective dog treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


  • 100% natural North American ingredients
  • Containing meat, fruit, and vegetables
  • Dogs really adore them!


  • Is not actual jerky


Greenies Original

Greenies are an adorable-looking candy, but don’t be fooled by their looks! These snacks are designed to be easily digestible, while also being excellent for your pet’s oral health.

They are referred to as “Dental Dog Treats” and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that are beneficial to your dog’s health, all while assisting them in maintaining a sparkling grin.

Greenies are designed with a special texture to help keep your dog’s gums clean. This food will not be consumed in a single bite, which is both affordable and healthy for your pet. This treat is designed to combat tartar and plaque while freshening your dog’s breath.

This treat has been endorsed by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and is dog-approved. Obviously, the focus of these evaluations is on dogs with sensitive tummies, and Greenies are fantastic for that!

With components that are simple to digest, your dog may enjoy a treat and continue playing.

Due to the cost and dental application, we would not necessarily recommend Greenies as a daily snack. This reward is fantastic for elderly dogs, whose oral health is significantly more damaged.


  • Dental perks
  • Great for senior dogs
  • Made with easy-to-digest components


  • Perhaps not the finest daily treat


Milk-Bone chewy and soft

It is not surprising that Milk-Bone is on our list of dog treats, as it is one of the most well-known brands in the world of dog treats. These are the brand’s soft and chewy dog treats, which are well-known and adored by dogs worldwide.

Your dog’s tail will be wagging nonstop after sniffing these goodies. They are loaded with chicken, providing your dog with ample protein. In addition to enjoying the wonderful flavor, they will receive nutrients that will keep them healthy and active.

These goodies are rich in calcium, folic acid, vitamins A, D, E, and B12, and folic acid. Milk-Bone recommends adding one treat to each meal to increase your dog’s protein intake.

Due to the softness of these treats, they are ideal for senior dogs and dogs with sensitive teeth. They are wheat-free, making them simpler to digest and suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Some owners have reported receiving an expired batch, however these complaints are uncommon. Even finicky dogs appear to enjoy these treats, so we anticipate that your dog will too.

Milk-Bone ensures that all of their goods are USDA-approved.


  • The texture is suitable for senior dogs and those with sensitive teeth.
  • Contains vitamin A, D, E, and B12.
  • USDA examined


  • Several lots are supplied stale.


Portland Animal Feed

You may be surprised by how conventional these snacks appear, given that Portland is renowned for its eccentricity. Despite their simplicity, the recipe for these goodies packs a nutritional punch.

Made with simple and all-natural ingredients, you may even be persuaded to try one! Although we wouldn’t encourage it, they are created with substances safe for human consumption. There are three taste options available: bacon, gingerbread, and pumpkin.

What does it mean to be completely organic? This indicates that there are no dangerous chemicals or additional preservatives in this Portland Pet Foods product.

These dog treats include no GMOs, BHA, BHT, wheat, gluten, cereals, or synthetic colors. Additionally, the package lacks BPA.

Although these treats are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, they are also great for all dogs! Importantly, 5% of the net proceeds from Portland Pet Food biscuits is donated to non-profit shelters and organizations in the Portland area.

These snacks are suitable for dogs with delicate stomachs, but may not be ideal for dogs with sensitive teeth. They are rather tough and crunchy. This might impact elderly or canines with poor oral health.


  • Portland-based dog organizations receive 5% of net revenue.
  • Produced with only natural components
  • Simple recipe


  • Very crispy


Sweet Potato Chews by Wholesome Pride

When it comes to dog treats, we believe that the simpler the formula, the better. The recipe for Wholesome Pride dog treats is as straightforward as they come. There is only one component in their preparation: sweet potatoes.

You may be wondering why you would purchase bagged sweet potatoes when you could just prepare them yourself, but you can rest confident that Wholesome Pride has gone to the bother that you may not want to.

These dried sweet potatoes are intended for chewing. Even if your dog manages to eat one of them, you won’t feel guilty about feeding them more because you know precisely what they’re consuming.

The recipe’s simplicity makes these treats ideal for dogs with delicate stomachs. There are no grains, gluten, or wheat present.

These sweets are 100 percent vegan and suitable for nearly any diet. Additionally, the nutrients in sweet potatoes promote healthy hair, skin, eyes, and muscles.

Wholesome Pride chose to produce their treats in this manner because they wanted to create a snack that was both economical and environmentally friendly. These potatoes are grown on nearby farms.

There are inconsistencies in the dehydration quality of these snacks. Occasionally they are dry and chewy, and occasionally they are firm and crispy.


  • Numerous nutrients
  • One ingredient
  • Sustainable


  • Inconsistent product


Cloud Star Dynamo Dog

These are the first treats on our list specially formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These treats are soft and chewy, making them suitable for elderly dogs and those with sensitive teeth.

These treats are also probiotic, aiding with the digestive health of your dog. Cloud Star has created a treat rich in pumpkin and ginger fibers to keep your dog on a schedule.

As fillers, you will never find grain or wheat, which might cause your dog to vomit, nor maize or soy.

In addition to pumpkin and ginger, these treats are rich with various fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins that are beneficial to your dog’s health. Although these treats are designed for senior dogs, even puppies can enjoy them since they are so flavorful.

These snacks are intended for everyday usage to maintain a constant routine for your dog.

While they are excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs, some dogs cannot tolerate them. You will know very quickly if this is the case, and if your dog exhibits indications of aberrant digestive activity, you should immediately discontinue use.


  • Tender and chewy
  • No filler like corn or soy
  • Rich in fruits, vegetables, and vitamins


  • Makes some dogs nauseous


PetMio Bites

PetMio has created a treat that, among other things, is suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs. If you were searching for a nutritious snack, you have got it here.

PetMio has designed a food that improves your dog’s health by including several vitamins and minerals. Made with ingredients like as bananas and nut butter, these snacks assist the skin, coat, eyes, digestive tract, and immune system.

These snacks are perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages, as well as those with sensitive stomachs. They are never produced with fillers like as maize or soy, nor do they include wheat, gluten, bones, or by-products.

All of the components in these delights are safe for human consumption. This confection is intended to be tiny and chewy.

These delectable morsels are so beloved by canines that you can’t get rid of them quick enough! And you may need to, as they spoil rapidly. Some owners have noticed mold development on these snacks within a week of getting them.


  • Excellent in all facets of health
  • Dogs enjoy them


  • Molder rapidly


Green Butterfly Manufacturers

As with the majority of treats suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs, these include no grains or wheat. Additionally, there are no fillers, such as soy or corn, and no preservatives. They consist entirely of beef lung.

These treats are intended to be used as a reward for training, so your dog will receive a protein-rich treat each time he obeys an order. No matter the breed or size of your dog, these treats are loaded with taste.

While they are intended for training, you may give them to your dog at any time if you simply enjoy giving him treats.

When you purchase this item, you are also contributing to a worthy cause. A percentage of the profits are allocated to the training of service dogs for injured veterans.

Green Butterfly offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not enjoy the sweets for any reason. Obviously, your dog is likely to be the judge of that.

According to what we’ve heard from dog owners, there are certain dogs who plain dislike them! Perhaps anybody, including dogs, can acquire a taste for beef lung.


  • 100% beef
  • No fillers such as corn and soy
  • Proceeds are used to train service dogs


  • Some dogs just don’t like them!


Emerald Pet

These snacks from Emerald Pet are fantastic for allergic dogs! Unfortunately, some dogs are allergic to certain meats and proteins, and these easy recipes are ideal for those pets.

These treats are prepared with duck and one of four fruits, so your dog will like their flavor and texture.

Grain-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, you name it — these snacks are low in calories, so there’s no need to worry about overfeeding your dog (within reason, of course). With 7 calories per snack, they are excellent for exercise.

You can also conveniently transport them because they won’t leave your pockets or hands smelling unpleasant.

As with any treat, the dog is the ultimate judge. Several individuals have stated that their canines just disliked them. However, they are dog treats, and most canines enjoy them.


  • Excellent for canines with allergies
  • including duck and fruit


  • Some dogs don’t like them


We understand that it might be challenging to locate the ideal treat for your closest buddy. We are also aware that it might be frightening if you do not know what to search for. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that these evaluations have been helpful and that your dog’s munching is now better than before!

What did you offer them, then? Was it a large bag of our pick for the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs, Orijen, or did you choose the Hill’s treats for their combination of value and flavor? Whatever you’ve chosen, we are certain that our dog is enjoying it.

Buyers guide

Dog Stomach Sensitivity Symptoms

Numerous symptoms of stomach sensitivity are readily visible. If you observe any of the following symptoms, contact your pet immediately:

Bloating: If your dog’s stomach is unable to digest food correctly, he can experience bloat. Due to the accumulation of food, liquids, and gas, indigestion causes the stomach to swell.

Diarrhea: Dogs are frequently affected by loose stools. However, when these stools become more common than the subway, they constitute an issue.

Vomiting: Occasionally, dogs vomit to relieve the weight in their bellies. However, if your dog is vomiting like he had a bad night, he likely has a sensitive stomach.

Stomach Growl: In addition to being an indication of hunger, your dog’s stomach growls can alert you to digestive difficulties.

Restlessness: Similar to humans, dogs cannot relax when their stomach hurts. So, if you observe your dog acting strangely by trotting and rolling on the ground, pay attention.

Consuming Soil and Grass: Eating dirt and chewing on grass may be an indication that your dog is seeking natural solutions for gastrointestinal ailments.

Despite the fact that these symptoms are sufficient to alert you to a problem, regular visits to your veterinarian are advantageous.

What Causes Dogs’ Stomach Sensitivity?

Having a sensitive stomach might be an innate characteristic of many dogs. Consequently, certain dog breeds are more susceptible to gastrointestinal disorders than others.

Similarly, a sensitive stomach in dogs may be caused by an improper diet that results in malnutrition. Additional causes of a sensitive stomach include:

Emotional Difficulty: You did not anticipate this, did you? Our dogs have emotions, which can occasionally upset their stomachs. Never leave your dog unattended for too long.

Consuming Everything in View: Dogs will consume anything they can fit in their mouths. This is a tribute to their stomachs’ resiliency, yet it can lead to gastrointestinal ailments such as sensitivity.

Ulcers: Ulcers are injuries to the inside lining of the stomach. In the case of sled dogs, these ulcers can be caused by gastrointestinal irritation, foreign items such as stones, bacterial infection, and extreme exertion.

Overeating: You anticipated this, right? It is never a good idea to overeat. The same holds true for your pet. Stop yourself the next time you are tempted to ask, “Who’s the good boy?” and add another scoop of ice cream.

Parasites: Tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms are among the parasites that may inhabit your dog’s body. In terms of nutrition absorption, these parasites cause severe damage and even death.

Allergies: Among the leading causes of stomach sensitivity, food allergies may rank first. The vast majority, if not all, canines are allergic to human spices like garlic.

Likewise, many canines are allergic to raw chicken. These allergies might readily manifest as gastrointestinal problems.

Things to Comprise

Included in a dog treat should be the following:

Prebiotic and Probiotic Ingredients: Always search for dog treats containing either prebiotics, probiotics, or both. The beneficial bacteria in your dog’s intestines keep him healthy. Therefore, care for them.

Protein from a Single, High-Quality Source: The finest dog diets for sensitive stomachs feature single-source, high-quality proteins. For example, the protein source may be Duck, Salmon, or Elk. Ensure that it all originates from a single source and that there are no fillers.

Fruits and Veggies: As omnivores, dogs require the nutrients found in vegetables and fruits. So, be cautious to pick goodies that contain organic, vegetables, and fruits

Carbohydrates: Animals require carbohydrates for energy generation. And like animals, dogs require carbs for survival. Buy dog treats that contain healthy sources of carbohydrates for this reason.

Fiber: Fiber is essential to the correct functioning of the digestive tract. It maintains the health of the digestive tract and prevents intestinal obstruction. In addition to carbs and proteins, the dog treats you want should also contain sources of fiber.

What to Avoid

The following items should not be included in treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs:

Chemicals & Preservatives: Chemicals are used to increase output and prevent food from rotting. So far so wonderful.

However, some of the chemicals used by businesses are hazardous to dogs. Sodium and Sulfur Dioxide are two examples of typical preservatives. However, research indicates that they can induce lethal vitamin B shortage in dogs.

Fillers like Wheat: Wheat and gluten are utilized by dog food makers as fillers in the same manner as chemicals. Fillers such as wheat, maize, and gluten are indigestible to dogs. Consequently, avoid them at all costs.

Allergens like Peanuts: Peanuts are one of the worst allergens for dogs, which suffer allergies just like people. Allergens might trigger extreme gastrointestinal sensitivity in your dog.

In conclusion, choose organic foods and avoid allergen-causing and poorly digested substances.

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Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates. Dr. Fletcher is a valuable part of the BestForPets team, where she contributes to their aim of providing pets and their owners with the finest possible treatment and services.

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