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The 10 Best Dog Toys For German Shepherds

German Shepherds are infamous for quickly shredding toys. Instead of continually purchasing the same dog toys for our German Shepherds, we have resolved to locate the finest dog toys on the market.

We're searching for toys that will keep our dogs engaged and amused on their own, but we'd also like to be able to play with them and develop some bonding. Toys must also withstand more than a week of use!

After evaluating as many as we could locate, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has determined the best dog toys for German Shepherds. All of them will be compared in our evaluations so that you can see how they stand up, but only the top three will receive our final recommendation.


Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

When searching for the ideal toy for our German Shepherds, we hope to discover something that we can use to play with them while also providing them with entertainment on their own.

In this regard, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball was a perfect fit and provided interactive entertainment for our dogs when they played with it alone. In addition, it was wonderful for playing fetch with our dogs, making it a more adaptable option than many of the alternatives we evaluated.

This ball produces interactive noises when played with, due to an inbuilt tube noisemaker. This will delight your dog as it did ours, encouraging them to continue playing and listening to those sounds.

The six clutch pockets that encircle it make it easy for your dog to pick up, allowing them to effortlessly return it during fetch or even throw it for themselves, as our dogs enjoyed doing.

It is not the most durable toy we allow them to play with, so aggressive chewers may render it useless in short order. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball was the one that our dogs appeared to like the most, thus it tops our list.


  • Great for fishing
  • Can amuse itself on its own
  • Sounds that are interactive when rolled or shaken
  • Simple for your dog to grasp


  • Not the most resilient choice


JW Bad Cuz hule Dog Toy

Despite its little size, the JW Pet Bad Cuz Hule dog toy was among the most sturdy and long-lasting of all the toys we examined. It was a little too small for our bigger Shepherds, but larger sizes are available.

Some of our dogs typically shred their toys in a matter of seconds, but the tough, natural rubber was able to survive their relentless gnawing. It is also rather buoyant, which kept our dogs engaged when they threw it and were able to pursue it.

The squeaker within the Bad Cuz dog toy is also extremely durable and remained intact even after repeated days and weeks of gnawing. With such longevity, you may expect it to be pricey, but it was one of the least expensive toys we tested, therefore we consider it to be one of the best dog toys for German Shepherds.


  • Extremely low-cost
  • Very resilient
  • The tough squeaker keeps your dog occupied.
  • Made from natural rubber


  • A little tiny for big dogs


Otterly Pets Rope Toys for Dogs

Our favorite toys are always versatile ones. The Otterly Pets dog rope toys 5-pack satisfies these requirements in a significant way, which is why we suggest it as our top pick. With five different rope toys included, the product’s greater price becomes much more justifiable.

Each toy also offers several play options. We enjoy playing tug-of-war with our dogs, and it has been a favorite game of many of the dogs we adore. Dogs will play with one another if given the opportunity.

In addition to playing with you and other dogs, these rope toys will keep your dog entertained when playing alone. In addition, they concurrently clean teeth and massage gums to maintain the health of your dog.

Since they are entirely natural, you can know that they are safe for your dog. With a lifetime guarantee and four more toys, we did not find this to be a significant issue.


  • Removes plaque and rubs gums.
  • Washable
  • 100% natural
  • Lifetime assurance
  • Many alternatives for your pet’s amusement


  • Plastic components are easily consumed.
  • One of the costlier alternatives


KONG 10012 Extreme Goodie Bone

KONG is a well-known brand of dog toys that have existed for decades. They are especially recognized for producing toys that are suitable for aggressive chewers like many German Shepherds. We had great hopes for the Extreme Goodie Bone in light of this information.

The ends appeared to be quite sturdy, and they had openings for stuffing with food. This feature is great since it may keep your dog busy for a long time attempting to get the goodies out. Once they did, it remained a fantastic chew toy that our dogs enjoyed lying in.

The center of this toy appears to be constructed of a softer substance than the ends, which are sturdy. This resulted in the destruction of the center within a few days, a defect that was reproduced in a future purchase.

Although it is meant for heavier chewers, in our experience it did not withstand abuse. In addition, the chew toy is rather pricey for something that will only last a few days, which is why it falls short of our top three choices.


  • Extremely robust for heavy chewers
  • Treat-stuffing crevices


  • The center is gentler than the ends.
  • Expensive for what is received


Products&Services DTS1 Dog Chew Toys

Pets&Goods has a collection of five distinct rope-based dog toys. We appreciate the adaptability that rope toys provide, especially given the variety of options available. Your dog can amuse itself by chewing on one of these toys, and you can use them to play with him as well.

Even though it contains five toys, this package is quite inexpensive. However, it is not particularly sturdy and will not survive as long as the Otterly Pets 5-toy bundle, which we suggest in third place. These were significantly thinner and began fraying within the first couple of days.

They did not withstand frequent gnawing, and many were killed within the first week. Even at this low cost, we would prefer to see thicker ropes employed. In the end, we recommend spending a bit extra on the more durable set from Otterly Pets.


  • 5-toy set
  • Affordable


  • Not very sturdy
  • Reduced than desired


Chew King Fetch Balls

In general, we enjoy chewing toys that enable us to play fetch with our dogs. This implies that they must be extremely robust if they are to serve as both a retrieved ball and a chew toy. We had hoped that the Chew King retrieve balls would meet these requirements, but we were surprised by their lack of endurance.

These balls are composed of natural rubber, which is supposedly highly durable, however, our toughest chewers quickly destroyed them. Some of our testers had difficulty tossing them the distance necessary to train our four-legged buddies since they are so hefty.

The Chew King balls contain holes that allow you to shove goodies inside the toy to keep your dog interested. This will provide your dog with hours of amusement as it struggles to get the goodie within and is ultimately rewarded for its efforts.

Due to the fact that these balls shattered too readily to endure for many rounds of this game, they are ranked so low on our ranking.


  • With holes for stuffing treats
  • Durable natural rubber


  • Not sturdy enough for chewing dogs
  • Very hefty to carry
  • Tears into fragments


Nerf Dog Squeak Rubber Football

We often do not equate Nerf with dog toys, but we decided to check out their rubber football squeaker toy. It is extremely visible, making it ideal for a game of fetch. Even better, it is inexpensive and will not cost much to amuse your dog. However, our dogs immediately removed the squeaker from this toy.

It was still suitable for fetching and gnawing but lacked the sound that our dogs adore. It was also far smaller than we had anticipated, and we felt it was too tiny for our biggest Shepherds. Large parts eventually began to separate, which might pose a concern to your dog if ingested.


  • Highly noticeable
  • Cheap


  • Can be harmful if ingested in large quantities
  • Dogs rip out squeaker rapidly
  • Far smaller than anticipated


The Nero Ball Reward and Exercise Toy

We had high expectations for this chew toy because Nero Balls are used to teach police K-9s and military dogs across the world. We thought it would be a sturdy solution for our German Shepherds, however, it turned out to be rather fragile and was demolished in just minutes.

During the initial game, the ball was ripped apart. The cable snapped after only a few tugs from one of our smaller-sized dogs. Due to the rope, you can throw this ball further than a conventional tennis ball, but it won’t do you much good, since it will likely be damaged by the time it returns to your hand.


  • Throws further than a standard ball.


  • Rapidly, Nero ball was shattered
  • The cable snapped after only a few pulls.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are searching for the best dog toys for German Shepherds. After experimenting with dozens of dog toys, we’ve landed on three that we feel confident suggesting. You’ve already read our reviews, but before you make your final decision, we’ll briefly outline our suggestions.

Our favorite was the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, which kept all of our German Shepherds entertained for lengthy periods of time due to its built-in noisemaker that made the toy interactive and exciting. We also appreciated that it worked well as a retrieved ball, allowing us to play with our animal friends.

The JW Pet Bad Cuz Hule dog toy offered the best value, in our opinion. It was fairly inexpensive while also being one of the most durable alternatives we tried, withstanding even our most aggressive chewers. Finally, the Otterly Pets rope toy set was selected as the best option. With five different rope toys and several possibilities for playing with or letting your dog play alone, we believe it is worth the additional expense.

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