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The 8 Best Dog Toys For Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas have a terrible reputation, although they are incredibly intelligent and devoted to their owners. Chihuahuas are often portrayed as lapdogs, yet they can be sporty and like playing. There are countless dog toys, but the majority are too huge for a Chi to play with.

So that you may begin playing and connecting with your furry companion, we searched for toys created exclusively for little dogs. We performed the laborious tasks so that you do not have to. Each of the greatest toys on the market was identified and evaluated. Here is BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s comprehensive list of the best dog toys for Chihuahuas.


Chuckit! Junior Dog Ball Launcher

The Chuckit! 06100 Junior Ball Launcher is a popular dog toy designed to make fetching for your Chihuahua considerably more challenging and entertaining. The curved shape allows you to throw the ball quicker and further than by hand, providing your dog with the ideal game of chase or fetch.

This toy is fantastic since it relieves stress from your shoulders, preventing you from tearing your rotator cuff while throwing a ball. The handle incorporates finger grooves for a solid hold, preventing you from throwing the launcher along with the ball. The finest feature of the launcher is that you no longer have to manually pick up sticky, dirty tennis balls.

It also includes a Chuckit! ball, which is meant for canine play. The only slight drawback is that there is a learning curve, but getting used to it won’t take long. The greatest Chihuahua dog toy, other than the Chuckit! 06100 Junior Ball Launcher, is the Chuckit! 06100 Junior Ball Launcher.


  • Increases throwing speed and force
  • Lighter on the shoulder
  • Finger grooves for enhanced grip
  • Maintains your hand hygiene
  • Chuckit! Ball intended for dogs


  • A possible minor learning curve


Interactive Outward Hound dog puzzle toy

The Outward Hound 31001 Interactive Puzzle Toy is a plush tree trunk and squirrel hide-and-seek combination. The tree trunk and the squirrels are constructed of soft, fluffy materials that are kind to your Chihuahua’s mouth. It has three squirrel inserts filled with squeakers, which will immediately captivate any dog.

Due to the puzzle-like design of filling and concealing the squirrels, this plush toy may keep your dog amused for extended periods of time. It is less costly than other toys, therefore saving you money.

Although it may be enjoyable for some dogs, for others it may be too simple to “solve.” This toy is also unsuitable for powerful chewers who would demolish it in minutes, which is why we did not rank it second.


  • Supple, soft fabrics
  • Includes three squeaking squirrels
  • Puzzle design makes it more entertaining
  • Not as costly as comparable playthings


  • Not appropriate for power chewers
  • Some dogs “solve” too easily.


Treat-Dispensing West Paw Dog Toy

The West Paw 566 Interactive Reward Dispensing Chew Toy is a rubber chew toy that can be used with or without a delectable treat. It is designed to withstand hard chewing, so you won’t have to worry about it being destroyed in a day. The one-of-a-kind design makes it easy to pick up and transport, especially for Chihuahuas.

Additionally, this toy is dishwasher-safe for simple sanitation and BPA-free for the health and protection of your dog. While promoted as a treat-dispensing toy, dry goodies easily fall out of this type. The greatest goodies for the treat dispenser are peanut butter and other “sticky” foods.

Some dogs may find the dense rubber to be excessively rough, which can be detrimental to your Chi’s jaw and teeth. It is also more costly than comparable rubber treat-dispensing toys, but it is constructed of durable, high-quality materials. We offer the West Paw 566 Interactive Chew Toy as a top-quality dog toy for your Chihuahua.


  • Designed for forceful chewers
  • Designed to facilitate transport
  • Safe for the dishwasher and BPA-free


  • Dry snacks do not remain contained.
  • Too difficult for some dogs.
  • Costlier than comparable rubber toys


KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls for Dogs

The KONG AST2 Squeaker Tennis Balls are a collection of three tennis balls designed to make fetching with your dog more entertaining. Each tennis ball has an integrated squeaker to retain your dog’s interest. It also has a good bounce, especially on grass, which might present your Chihuahua with a new challenge.

Although these tennis balls appear flawless, they really have a few faults. These tennis balls are not made for dogs that love to chew, so if your dog destroys regular tennis balls, you’ll be purchasing them like crazy. This tennis ball set includes a minor chemical odor, which you and your dog may find unpleasant.

A second concern is that the squeaker is not particularly sturdy and does not last long, which is undesirable for dogs that enjoy squeaky toys. The KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls are not designed for use in water, so avoid bringing them on outings to the lake or river. The Chuckit! Launcher and ball set is a more durable toy, so we recommend testing it out first.


  • Internal squeaker included.
  • Good bounce for the further enjoyment


  • Not for dogs that enjoy chewing.
  • Slightly chemical odor
  • Squeaker does not last long
  • Not appropriate for water


Interactive StarMark Dog Toy

The StarMark Interactive Dog Toy is a treat-dispensing toy that may also be used for feeding. The spacious chamber of the weighted bottom can accommodate meal-sized amounts, allowing your dog to play while eating. It may also be adjusted to make reward dispensing simpler or more difficult, depending on your dog’s preferences.

Aside from these two aspects, this toy’s disadvantages exceed its advantages. First, it’s too hefty for some Chihuahuas to play with, so they can’t effectively knock it over to get the treats.

The large size also makes it difficult to entirely empty, so you’ll have to open it to serve your dog the remaining food. This may lead some dogs to rapidly lose interest, which will only increase your displeasure.

The StarMark Interactive Dog Toy is not intended for powerful chewers, therefore it may not be sufficiently robust for your Chi. We suggest checking out other toys with superior quality and durability.


  • Adjustable for a greater challenge
  • Large compartment for portioned meals


  • Unsuitable for hard chewers
  • Too heavy for some canine play.
  • Large designs might make dispensing too challenging.
  • Some canines may lose interest rapidly.

Buyer's Guide

Chihuahuas may surprise you with their activity and demand exercise like other breeds, despite the fact that they are not typically considered to be athletic. It is also crucial to select toys that stimulate their brains and senses to prevent boredom. Here are some toys that your Chihuahua may enjoy:

Chihuahua Tennis Balls/Launchers

Chihuahuas are prey-driven dogs by nature, therefore it is only natural that they adore playing fetch. Tennis balls and ball launchers are ideal toys for hyperactive Chis that enjoy running and chasing after objects. Make careful you use non-toxic tennis balls of excellent quality.

Puzzle Toys

If your Chihuahua is more of a thinker than an athlete, a puzzle toy may be the best option for him. They are intended to keep your Chihuahua’s mind concentrated on a certain job, preventing boredom and behavioral difficulties.

Chewable Rubber Toys

If your Chihuahua loves to chew on everything, rubber chew toys are ideal. They can be stuffed with goodies for added flavor and frozen to make them more difficult to consume. Always use toys that are suitable for your Chi’s teeth in order to prevent chipping and cracking.

Squeak Toys

A squeaky toy will capture the interest of a Chihuahua that is easily distracted. Few canines pass up squeaky toys, since they are the ideal dog toy. Supervise your dog when he plays with his toys, especially if they have a squeaker.

Conclusions Regarding Chihuahua Dog Toys

Ensure that the dog toy you purchase for your Chihuahua is of adequate size and constructed of high-quality materials. If your dog loses interest in a toy, try a new one and switch them out for something more entertaining.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) identified the Chuckit! Junior Ball Launcher to be the best overall dog toy for your Chihuahua after reviewing each product review. It is a fun and effective launcher manufactured from strong, long-lasting materials. The Outward Hound 31001 Interactive Puzzle Toy is the most cost-effective dog toy. This is a tiny and lightweight puzzle toy for your Chi.

We hope this article has helped you pick the best dog toys for Chihuahuas. We searched for toys that were both safe for Chihuahuas and of the highest quality and design. If you’re still uncertain about what to purchase, consider contacting your local pet store for advice.

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