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The 12 Best Dog Toys For Australian Shepherds

Getting a new puppy is an exciting moment, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job is playing with your dog. Pet owners look for the best toys for their dogs, and reviews are a great way to decide if a toy is right for your dog.

Australian Shepherds have a lot of activities, but they don't have any special requirements when it comes to toys. Each dog will have a unique preference for toys.

Here, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled the best dog toys for Australian shepherds.


Best Overall: Ultra Rubber Chuckit Ball

  • Playstyles Intended: Fetch, Chew
  • Interactive?: Yes
  • Toy Materials: Rubber and Plastic

The Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball is our pick for the finest overall dog toy for Australian Shepherds. These balls are composed of tough, pet-safe rubber and can endure months of chasing and retrieving!

This package contains the plastic Chuckit arm, which may be used by dog parents to collect the slobbery ball without touching it. Throwing the ball with the Chuckit arm also allows pet owners to toss the ball up to three times further than with bare hands, prolonging the retrieve cycle and giving much-needed exercise for your dog!


  • Rubber balls can withstand chewing.
  • The arm may be utilized for tossing and retrieving without using your hands.


  • It may not be suitable for dogs with mobility concerns.


Best Value: 3 Knot Mammoth Cottonblend Dog Rope

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: Yes
  • Material: Rope

The Mammoth Cotton Blend 3 Knot Dog Rope is the greatest toy for Australian Shepherds for the money. The toy features three knots that you and your dog may use to control the rope as you compete for supremacy.

This is the ideal toy for a dog who enjoys tug-of-war. The strong cotton rope is pet-safe and can endure gnawing and pulling while you and your dog play.


  • Excellent toy for dogs that want to interact with their humans directly.
  • The rope is tough enough to endure gnawing and yanking.


  • It cannot be simply tossed for your dog to chase.


Premium Choice: Dog Kong Ring

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: No
  • Toy Material: Rubber

Kong’s Dog Ring is the ideal toy for a dog who can’t stop chewing on your shoes, and it’s our pick for the finest premium dog toy for Australian Shepherds. It’s simply a dog teething ring that your dog may use whether their teeth are still growing in or they enjoy chewing on things.

The Kong Dog Ring is available in three sizes dependent on the size of your dog’s mouth. It’s composed of tough rubber that can survive rigorous use and is large enough that your dog won’t be able to swallow it. It will not shatter or splinter if your dog chews on it, which is ideal for pet parents who need to keep their chewers active without continuously checking over them.


  • A large toy cannot be eaten by mistake.
  • When chewed, durable rubber will not crack or rip.


  • There is no interaction.


Best for Puppies: Kong Original

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: No
  • Toy Material: Rubber

The Kong Classic is a popular dog toy for dogs of all sizes. The Kong Classic’s favorite feature is the pocket where you can put a treat stick or fill with peanut butter to offer your dog a reward as they play.

The Kong Classic is available in six sizes, so you can pick one that fits your dog no matter what size they are. It’s an excellent toy for dogs of all ages and sizes, and due to its form, it can grow with your dog.

It’s composed of tough pet-safe rubber, much like other Kong items, and can endure even the most ferocious chewers!


  • Durable
  • Fill the cavity with treats or peanut butter.


  • There is no interaction.


Bacon Benebones Wishbone Flavor

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: No
  • Material: Nylon

Benebone’s Bacon Flavor Wishbone is a wonderful choice for Aussies who don’t chew too hard but still enjoy chewing.

The bone’s bacon flavour is produced from genuine bacon! Unlike other scented toys, the flavour is an infused condiment that keeps your dog active while also stimulating their hunger.

You should keep an eye on your dog when they’re playing with this toy because it’s made of nylon and can rip if the dog is rough with it.


  • The bacon flavour is produced from genuine bacon.
  • To avoid fading, flavoring is injected throughout the entire toy.


  • If handled harshly, nylon can tear.


Treat Dispenser Ball by PetZone IQ

  • Playstyle Intended: Puzzle
  • Interactive?: Yes
  • Toy Composition: Plastic

The PetZone IQ Treat Dispenser is a puzzle designed to cognitively stimulate your dog. The ball is loaded with goodies that fall out of the holes when your dog rolls it around, providing a sweet incentive for your dog for moving the ball correctly.

This is a great toy for food-motivated dogs that may benefit from some extra activity. They may be loaded with dry food instead of treats and used as an interactive puzzle feeder. It’s an excellent method for getting your dog active!


  • It may function as an interactive feeder.
  • Excellent for dogs who are extremely food oriented.


  • If your dog chews on plastic, it will become brittle.


Kong’s Original Goodie Bone

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: No
  • Toy Material: Rubber

The Kong Classic Goodie Bone is a great option for pet parents who have chewers but don’t want to continuously supervise them. It’s large enough that they won’t swallow it whole, and it’s constructed of pet-safe rubber, so it’ll last a long time.

Unfortunately, it lacks the true accouterments that are currently ubiquitous in pet toys. So it may be difficult to rationalize spending money on something that appears to be bare bones (LOL!) on the surface.


  • Durable rubber may be freely eaten without fear of breaking or ripping.
  • The size is large enough that your dog will be unable to ingest it.


  • Toy that has no interactivity or treat alternatives.


Floppy Kong Knots

  • Playstyle Intended: Chew
  • Interactive?: No
  • Toy materials include rope, plush, and polyester.

Kong Floppy Knots is a great option for pet parents who have Aussies who don’t chew too hard. Floppy Knots has a chewable interior rope toy for your dog. The knotted rope play is covered in a beautiful plush toy with squeakers and different textures to keep your dog entertained.

Toys that generate noise, on the other hand, might be the most frustrating thing you’ve ever brought into your home, as many dog parents rapidly discover. So, if you have a poor noise threshold, skip this one.


  • Provides a variety of textures for your dog to enjoy.


  • Noisy

Choosing the Best Australian Shepherd Dog Toy - A Buyer's Guide

Playtime is a crucial and enjoyable aspect of dog ownership. Australian Shepherds have no special playtime requirements that distinguish them from other breeds. However, there are breed distinctions that influence the type of toys you use when playing with your dog.

Several aspects should be considered while purchasing dog toys. To begin, think about your dog’s preferred playstyle. Second, you should get a sense of the size and substance of the acquired item. These considerations will influence the type of toy you choose for your dog. Consider your dog’s life cycle as well. Smaller dogs, smaller toys, and puppies are smaller than adult dogs.

Playtime Fashion

Different dogs have different preferred methods of play, and the type of toys you select for your puppy will be influenced by their playstyle. Chewing, interacting, and fetching are the three basic forms of playing. You’ll be able to tell which playstyle your puppy prefers immediately away since their chosen playstyle will keep their attention the longest.


Chewing is a natural instinct in dogs. While you may not want children to chew on everything, we should not prevent them from chewing on acceptable stuff. Chewing lowers anxiety, alleviates tooth discomfort during growing, and is enjoyable. If your dog likes to chew on items, you should pick a toy that is more durable and can endure gnawing.


The owner or the dog can engage with the interactive toys. Some dogs like to play games like tug-of-war or patch with their owners. However, some people prefer to engage with the toy itself. Creative puzzles that give goodies are a terrific way to keep your dog’s mind busy for these pets.


Some dogs like retrieving items and returning them to their owners. You should choose toys that you can throw and retrieve for these dogs. The best fetching methods are those that bounce. You’ll want a toy with consistent bounce patterns so your dog isn’t bored since he knows where the ball will land.

Toy Composition

When selecting a toy for your dog, you should also examine the twin material. Soft toys are frequently destroyed by chewing dogs, so invest in a more sturdy toy that can bear the strain. Soft toys, on the other hand, may be ideal for dogs who are gentle since they may give different forms of stimulation.


One of the most lasting things that a dog like me is constructed of is dog friendly rubber. When thrown or flung around, rubber compresses nicely and does not shatter or break. Many chew toys are constructed of dog-safe rubber because it is incredibly resilient and bounces when thrown about by your dog.


Another long-lasting material is rope. The majority of rope toys are fashioned from ship rope, which is meant to resist the strain of an anchored ship. Rope toys are mostly used as interactive toys in which you and your dog play tug-of-war. They can, however, be used as chew toys because your dog will be able to freely gnaw on them.


Nylon is another long-lasting material seen in pet toys. Nylon is comparable to rubber in properties, however it is not appropriate for powerful chewers who may shred and splinter the material. It’s a popular material for dog toys since it’s cheap to produce, but if your dog rips one, you should keep an eye on them.

Plush and polyester

Polyester and plush are two of the least durable materials for dog toys. These toys will be destroyed in minutes by heavy chewers. They are, nevertheless, pleasant on the mouth. Dogs with sensitive teeth may be able to use just these sorts of soft toys. You may also place a speaker inside these toys to give cerebral stimulation for your dog.

Toy Dimensions

When selecting a toy, you should also consider its size. A toy should always take precedence over your dog’s mouth. Your dog may gnaw on it without eating it entirely thanks to the measure. However, the toy should not be considerably larger than the dog’s mouth. They won’t be able to play with it otherwise.

If your dog is still growing, you should give this a lot of thought because their size will continue to fluctuate until they reach adulthood. While it may be tempting to get them a toy that they can grow into, be sure the toy isn’t too big for them to utilize right now.

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs that require toys that are also medium-sized. Some toys are proportioned according to reading ability, while others are breed specific. When it comes to the size of your dog’s toys, use your best judgment.


Dog toys are an important and enjoyable aspect of keeping a dog! Keeping your dog entertained and engaged will prevent them from being destructive due to boredom. The Chuckit! is our pick for the finest overall dog toy for Australian Shepherds. For pet parents on a tight budget, Mammoth’s 3 Knot Dog Rope is a terrific choice. Pet owners who are willing to spend a little more money will appreciate our recommendation for the finest premium dog toy for Australian Shepherds, the Kong Dog Ring.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide assist you in finding the best dog toys for Australian shepherds.

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