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The 8 Best Dog Tie-Outs, Stakes & Chains

Not all of us have a fenced yard for our pets to run around in. There are also scenarios, such as camping, in which you need to keep your dog secure and restricted, but you also want them to be free to roam. Tie-outs can provide your dog with an opportunity to run about and enjoy the outdoors without the fear of escaping.

There are so many alternatives for dog tie-outs, stakes, and chains that it might be difficult to choose the ideal one. For your convenience, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a collection of reviews of the best dog tie-outs, stakes & chains. In addition, we have provided a buyer's guide so that you know what to look for.

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Petphabet Dog Stake With Tie Out Cable

The corkscrew-shaped shaft of the Petphabet Dog Stake with Tie Out Cable is compatible with all types of soil, making it the ideal dog tie-out. The triangular handle simplifies installation by allowing you to screw the stake into the ground. Attached to the cable is a swivel ring that follows your dog’s motion and eliminates tangling.

The cable is also lightweight and 20 feet long, giving your dog plenty of space to run and play. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to spot it quickly in your yard. This system is ideal for small to medium-sized canines weighing up to 80 pounds.

The metal clip and stake that attach to your dog’s collar are not very robust. It is fragile, so avoid using it on a dog that is very powerful or determined.


  • Installation is simple because of the triangular handle.
  • Corkscrew axis
  • Tangle prevention by use of swivel-ring
  • For all soil types
  • 20-foot dog tie-out made of thin cable
  • Cable is available in a range of hues


  • The metal clasp is not very resilient


Easyturn Stake with Corkscrew Dog Tie-Out by Petmate

The Petmate Easyturn Stake with Corkscrew Dog Tie-Out is our choice for the most cost-effective dog tie-outs, stakes, and chains. The corkscrew-shaped stake is compatible with all types of soil and contains dual-wedge plate anchors to secure it firmly in place.

The stake is composed of steel that has been double-welded for durability and weather resistance. The tie-out incorporates a cable leash coated with polyvinyl that resists cracking.

The cable’s 360-degree swivel ring allows your dog to move freely without tangling. Additionally, the cable is 20 feet in length and certified for dogs up to 100 pounds. The rubber, wide-grip handle of the stake facilitates installation.

Stronger canines may be able to escape through the cable’s metal clip, which has a weak latching mechanism.


  • Corkscrew-shaped stake with two wedge plate anchors.
  • Double-welded, robust steel
  • The dog wire leash is coated with polyvinyl that resists cracking.
  • 360-degree swivel ring attached to the cable.
  • Rubber, the wide-grip handle of the stake makes installation quick and straightforward.
  • A 20-foot cable rated for 100-pound dogs


  • Poor latching mechanism


Tie Out Cable and Reflective Stake for EXPAWLORER

The bite-resistant, rust-resistant, and reflective steel wire included with the EXPAWLORER Tie Out Cable & Reflective Stake makes this product our top pick. This makes it both durable and simple to find in the yard. The cable is also thirty feet long, giving your dog plenty of space to run and exercise.

The tie-out stake is 16 inches long and has a corkscrew or spiral design, allowing it to penetrate the earth deeply. This makes it more secure and less probable that your dog will remove it from the ground. The plastic covering and triangular shape of the stake’s handle make it easier to grip during installation.

This device is not appropriate for dogs weighing above sixty pounds. It is also a costly product.


  • Steel cable measures 30 feet in length.
  • 16-inch spiral tie-down spike
  • The cable is resistant to biting, corrosion, and reflection.
  • Handle coating with plastic
  • The stake’s triangular handle is simple to install.


  • Not suited for dogs above 60 pounds
  • Expensive


Petest Reflective Tie-Out Cable

The Petest Reflective Tie-Out Cable includes a 16-inch spiral ground stake that makes it simple to screw into the ground. The cable is 15 feet long and features a vinyl covering that is reflective, weatherproof, and easy to identify.

The ends of the cable have crimp caps to prevent them from unraveling. The durability and anti-rust coating of the snaps allow them to withstand the environment.

The cable is just 15 feet long, which is not really lengthy. This technique is particularly unsuitable for dogs weighing above 60 pounds, therefore large and powerful breeds will be able to escape with ease.


  • 16-inch diameter spiral stake
  • 15-foot cable coated with reflective vinyl
  • Durable anti-rust snaps
  • Crimp coverings on cable ends


  • The cable is not so lengthy
  • Not suited for dogs above 60 pounds


Dow Spiral Tie-Out Stake w/ Cable from Downtown Pet Supply.

The Downtown Pet Supply Spiral Dog Tie Out Stake has an all-weather, variable-length cable. You may select the 10-foot, 20-foot, or 30-foot cable based on your dog’s demands.

The stake is built of durable steel and is simple to employ. The corkscrew shape provides a high level of security and is effective on all types of soil. The handle of the stake features a rubber grip to facilitate screwing it into the ground.

The O-ring that joins the cable is not very sturdy. Stronger dogs may easily break it. The stake is very readily bent and broken.


  • User-friendly corkscrew stake
  • Heavy-duty steel stake
  • Diverse lengths of all-weather cable
  • Rubberized handgrip on the handle


  • The O-ring is not very resilient
  • Not very long-lasting


Snagle Paw Dog Tie Out Cable and Stake

The rubberized handle makes the Snagle Paw Dog Tie Out Cable and Stake simply to set up. You can easily screw the 16-inch stainless steel stake into the ground with minimal effort. It also has a 20-foot cable, giving your dog plenty of freedom to run. The cable is resistant to bites, and corrosion, and is reflective. This makes it both resilient and visible in your yard.

The device is certified for dogs weighing up to 125 pounds, however, the stake appears to be excessively flexible. Additionally, the O-ring is not sturdy enough for larger canines. The clasp on the cable might break if your dog exerts too much strain.


  • 16-inch stainless-steel stake
  • The rubber grip on the stake facilitates installation.
  • 20-foot cord
  • The cable is resistant to biting, corrosion, and reflection.


  • The stake is readily deformed.
  • The O-ring is not very resilient
  • The cable’s clasp breaks easily.


Stake and Tie-Out Combo from Xavier Training Solutions

The Xavier Training Solutions Stake and Tie Out Combo has an 18-inch ground-penetrating corkscrew stake. The 20-foot cable is brightly colored and attached to an O-ring to avoid tangling.

This system’s handle lacks rubber gripping, making it more difficult to screw it into the ground. The handle is also readily detached. The snap clasp is vulnerable to rust and lacks weather resistance. This technique is also inappropriate for huge dogs.


  • 18-centimeter corkscrew stake
  • A cable that is 20 feet long, brightly colored, and does not tangle.


  • No rubber gripping on the handle
  • Handle separates easily
  • Snap clasp rusts
  • Not appropriate for huge dogs


Petbobi Tie-Out Cable Chew-Resistant Dog Stake

The Petbobi Tie Out Cable Chew Proof Dog Stake is a 1612-inch stake with a rubber grip and an easy-to-install corkscrew design. This system contains a 30-foot-long cable made of stainless steel. With a polyvinyl covering for weather resistance, the cable is sturdy and long-lasting.

The handle breaks readily during installation, thus care must be taken not to apply excessive force. Additionally, the stake easily pulls out of the earth, especially with larger, stronger dogs.

The O-ring is not very sturdy and can break under excessive stress. The collar’s clasp is particularly thick, making it unsuitable for tiny dogs. The spring at the end of the cable that is intended to act as a shock absorber might be troublesome for dogs with long fur, as it can tangle with the fur.


  • 16-and-a-half-inch stake with corkscrew design and rubber grip
  • With a polyvinyl covering, the stainless steel cable is weatherproof.


  • Handle separates easily
  • Pulls readily from the ground
  • O-ring easily breaks
  • The collar’s clasp is weighty.
  • Spring becomes entangled in fur

Buyer's Guide

There are specific factors to consider while purchasing tie-outs, stakes, and chains for your dog. We’ve compiled a buyer’s guide of the things you should look for to assist you in locating the finest one for your requirements.

Type of Attachment System

Depending on the purpose of the tethering system, many alternatives are available. If you have a level backyard or are camping in a location that prohibits pulley tie-outs, a stake is an excellent option.

For hard terrain, a dome-shaped stake might be used. Use a spiral stake to anchor it in sandy or sandy-loamy soil. The dog can then be secured by attaching a cable, leash, or chain to the stake.

Using a pulley or trolley tie-out system is possible if your garden or campsite has several trees. With these sorts of tie-outs, you wrap the rope or cable over the tree trunks and then attach your dog to an extra rope or cable. This provides ample exercise and mobility for your dog.

Be warned that certain campsites prohibit the use of pulley-type tie-out devices; thus, verify the rules before purchasing.


Because your dog’s tie-out system will be exposed to the weather outdoors, you should pick materials that are sturdy. The finest material to look for is galvanized steel with a vinyl covering to guard against rust and weather damage.

Additionally, stakes should be constructed of galvanized steel and have a coating or rust-resistant paint. This allows them to withstand the challenges of being underground and exposed to the environment.

The wire and even the snap locks should be built from weather-resistant and long-lasting materials. This will assure the durability of your tie-out system.

Size of the Canine

Your dog’s size will influence the size and strength of the cable, stake, or chain you use. Heavy, powerful dogs, for instance, will require thick and durable wires. If you have a little dog, you shouldn’t use a thick, hefty chain or cable, since the weight may be too much for your dog to bear.

Each tie-out system will specify the maximum weight it can support, so be careful to compare this to the size and weight of your dog.

Also essential is the cable or chain’s length. Too much length can be prone to tangling, and if you leave your dog unattended for too long, it may even be harmful. However, you should choose a length that allows your dog to run and explore freely.

Brilliant Colors

When purchasing a tie-out system, the color of the system is an aspect that you could overlook. Bright, reflecting colors might make it simpler to detect and quickly identify a wire or post. This is especially useful in campers and yards where the stake is constantly moved.

Combinational Methods

Any tie-out system will require many components. You’ll need at least a cable or chain and a stake, so it’s best if the manufacturer includes both. For pulley and trolley systems, it is advantageous if the kit contains all installation components.


The Petphabet Dog Stake With Tie Out Cable is the finest dog tie-out since it is simple to install and the corkscrew shaft works in all soil types. The cable is bright and lightweight, and it provides your dog with 20 feet of length.

The Petmate Easyturn Stake With Corkscrew Dog Tie Out offers the greatest value since it is simple to install and includes dual-wedge plate anchors to keep it in place. The cable is coated with polyvinyl for longevity and weather resistance. It is likewise 20 feet long and certified for dogs weighing less than 100 pounds.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our review list and buyer’s guide help you select the best dog tie-outs, stakes & chains for you.

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