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The 10 Best Dog Tents For Camping

Do you fantasize about sharing your favorite hiking paths with your dog? Or would you want to go on a coastal camping vacation with your closest friend? Then you should immediately invest in a dog-friendly tent!

Obviously, the camping market is enormous, and for every unique human tent, there exists a corresponding pet tent. As with any other outdoor gear, no two dog tents are made for identical terrain, climate, or season.

Since you'd rather be enjoying the outdoors than researching the best dog tents on the market, we've completed the research for you. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has included evaluations of the best dog tents for camping, as well as a few tents that can fit both you and your dog, so you may skip to the best tents for dogs.


The Alcott BBL EX OS PT Dog Tent

If you’re ready to hit the trails with your canine partner, the Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent is our recommendation for the finest dog tent overall.

This one-size-fits-most tent spans 32 inches wide, 42 inches deep, and 30 inches tall in the middle, providing sufficient space for the installation of most pet beds if desired. This tent is meant to accommodate a single giant dog, but it can also accommodate many small or medium-sized dogs.

The foundation is completely waterproof, safeguarding your pet’s things from the weather. However, the top and sides are only somewhat water-repellent; a rainfly is necessary for complete weather protection. In addition, there are five mesh-lined vents for alternative ventilation.

Each of these dog tents includes a carrying bag and four grounding stakes. This tent weighs less than 1.5 pounds, so it will hardly be noticeable in your bag.


  • Doubles as a tent for the night and a temporary dog kennel
  • Large enough to suit most dogs/dog beds
  • Basewaterproof
  • Includes ground stakes and bag
  • Multiple mesh vents for supplementary ventilation
  • Exceptionally lightweight


  • The sides and top are not watertight
  • Does not withstand extensive use


Season Mountainsmith Tent

However, what if you wish to share a tent with your canine camping companion? The Mountainsmith 11-2010-12 Season Tent is our top pick for solitary dog owners who wish to constantly enjoy the great outdoors with their pets.

At the center, it is 56 inches broad, 92 inches deep, and 43 inches tall. Obviously, for excursions where Fido stays at home, it can also accommodate two adults.

This three-season tent boasts 35 square feet of usable internal floor area, providing you and your dog with plenty of room to relax. It has two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and mesh ventilation panels in the rainfly that can be opened or closed with ease depending on the season. The interior of the tent features mesh storage compartments and a detachable storage loft.

Each tent includes a watertight rainfly, eight grounding stakes, and a watertight bag containing assembly instructions. A footprint tarp is recommended, but not essential, to block out water and preserve the tent floor. This Mountainsmith tent weighs around 5 pounds.


  • One human and at least one dog can fit.
  • Simple to assemble and store
  • Contains a watertight rainfly
  • A number of supplementary ventilation windows
  • Instructions for assembly are given on the bag.
  • Suitable for spring, summer, and fall


  • Footprint tarp offered individually
  • Zippers are susceptible to snagging.


Coleman Steel Dome Tent

If you want to bring along not just your dog but also another person, you will need a tent with a considerable amount of space. The Coleman Steel Dome Tent is the best dog tent in its category, in our opinion. This tent has ample capacity for two adults and one or more dogs, despite its initial appearance of being too huge (depending on their size).

The inside chamber is 10 feet in width, 9 feet in depth, and about 5.5 feet in height at its center. It also features a screened-in portion that is 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep and is located in the front.

This is an excellent choice for adverse weather because of the integrated rainfly, water-resistant flooring, awnings, and wind-resistant frame (up to 35 mph). Even with the rainfly fitted, the “porch” area is totally exposed to the elements.

Each tent comes with a storage bag and all the necessary components for assembly, however, the bag is very hefty when packed. As a member of Coleman’s Fast Pitch range, this tent can be erected 50% faster than other Coleman tents. It also has color-coded poles and a suspension mechanism that prevents snagging.


  • Extra-large size for many people/dogs
  • Includes waterproof flooring and rainfly
  • Assembles in as few as seven minutes
  • Includes an integrated power cable
  • Ample storage space inside
  • Stable in gusty weather


  • The rainfly hinders airflow.
  • The enclosed porch may flood.
  • Cumbersome and hefty to haul


Kole Pop-Up Dog Tent

The Kole KI-OC286 Pop-Up Dog Tent is the finest dog tent for the money for little dogs who want a personal tent without breaking the bank. This tent’s center dimensions are 14 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 14 inches tall.

Since this tent employs a pop-up construction, no assembly is necessary, and setting it up is really quick and simple. It includes ventilation mesh panels along the top, and the door may be folded up or locked with Velcro.

This tent is incredibly lightweight and includes a carry bag. However, keep in mind that it is not waterproof, does not have a rainfly, and does not come with pegs or any other method of ground fastening.


  • Ideal for tiny and toy breeds
  • No assembly necessary
  • Extremely affordable
  • The front flap opens and shuts effortlessly with Velcro.
  • Abundant ventilation
  • Includes a storage bag


  • Not waterproof
  • Not able to be anchored to the ground
  • The front opening does not zip
  • Not suitable for most dogs


Shade UV Play Schylling

Whether you’re camping on the beach or in the woods, it’s likely that your dog would appreciate a comfy spot to call home. The Schylling UV Play Shade is a pop-up tent made of fabric with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+ that provides a secure spot for your dog to cool down on bright days. This tent is 51 inches in height, 39 inches in width, and 31 inches at its apex.

This tent’s folding, pop-up design makes it simple to set up for a full day or just a few hours. The polyester material is also waterproof, safeguarding your pet from mild precipitation. There is an optional mesh window in the rear and two front flaps that may be tied back or left open.

This tent includes a carry bag and four grounding stakes. The storage bag features a handle for portability, but its size and form prevent it from fitting in a conventional backpack. In addition, the accompanying stakes are made of plastic, therefore some owners may choose to purchase replacements made of metal.


  • Protects against ultraviolet rays
  • Large enough to accommodate most dogs
  • Can be fastened by pegs or included sandbags.
  • Waterproof polyester construction
  • Rapid and simple pop-up design


  • Plastic stakes lack stability.
  • The front flaps do not zip shut
  • Could overheat without enough ventilation
  • Not constructed for high wear and tear.


Pettom Dog Camping Tent

The Pettom Dog Camping Tent is designed for a number of purposes, including giving much-needed shade in the backyard and camping miles away. The middle height of this robust dog tent is 28.3 inches. For portability, it weighs less than 3 pounds when completely packed.

While the thick tarp bottom helps to keep out moisture, the sides and back contain ventilating mesh panels that may be opened for airflow or left closed to prevent airflow.

The front flap is furthermore equipped with an optional mesh layer for increased ventilation. This tent is constructed from water-resistant polyester, but an extra rainfly is required for complete weather protection.

Each tent comes with an accompanying storage bag and eight metal stakes. Overall, this tent is portable and simple to erect in about a minute.


  • Suitable for big dogs
  • Lightweight and simple to assemble
  • Numerous ventilation choices
  • The front flap incorporates a secure zipper


  • Not waterproof
  • Support poles are readily broken
  • Low value in terms of life span


FrontPet Portable Pet Tent

The FrontPet Portable Pet Tent may be the solution if you’re an ardent camper in need of something intended for the great outdoors. This dog tent is available in two sizes: one measuring 24.1 inches in width, 24.3 inches in depth, and 31.5 inches in height, and the other measuring 35.5 inches in width, 35.75 inches in depth, and 38.5 inches in height.

This tent is constructed to endure the weather and your dog while being simple to set up and store. Its pop-up design needs no setup and collapses simply when it’s time to return home. In addition, the robust nylon fabric and sturdy zippers provide comfort and protection from the elements for your pet.

Each tent includes a carrying bag, grounding pegs, and a detachable rainfly for additional weather protection.


  • Designed for frequent campers
  • Includes a rainfly, carrying bag, and grounding stakes.
  • Velcro is provided on the interior to secure a crate pad.
  • Simple to set up


  • Poles are not very sturdy.
  • Too tiny for some dogs
  • Reports of malfunctioning zippers
  • Prone to collapse


Hillwest Dog Houses Tent for Dogs

While most of the tents on our list are built for larger dogs, the Hillwest Dog Houses Dog Tent is great for smaller dogs in need of a portable living place. It measures 17.3 inches by 33.5 inches by 15 inches at its tallest point. Depending on your demands, you may pick between a full-mesh or half-mesh and half-sunshade design.

This dog tent is highly distinctive and adaptable compared to others. The front features a typical zipped door, but the top can also be opened. This tent contains a detachable, machine-washable fleece cushion that folds up effortlessly with the tent and offers an optional floorboard for further stability.

Instead of requiring a separate carrying bag, this tent collapses and has a built-in carry handle. Before purchasing this dog tent, however, you should be aware that it lacks a method for securing it to the ground. It is not water-resistant nor intended for prolonged usage.


  • Extremely portable and user-friendly
  • Multiple configuration alternatives
  • Includes a removable and washable fleece cushion
  • Designed for little dogs


  • Not intended to be fixed to the ground
  • Each plank must be transported separately.
  • No protection against rain or dampness
  • Not suitable for many dogs


While there are various alternatives available for campers with dogs, here are a few of our favorites:

The Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent is our top choice for the finest dog tent. This tent is suitable as an overnight shelter or a soft kennel, with sufficient floor area to accommodate most dog beds. The base layer is waterproof, and the mesh panels provide ample ventilation to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Additionally, it is portable for transport to and from your campground.

Check out the Mountainsmith 11-2010-12 Season Tent or the Coleman 2000018059 Steel Dome Tent if you’re looking for a tent that can accommodate both you and your dog. Each tent has sufficient space for at least one person and one dog, as well as essential features such as waterproofing and ventilation panels. They are also durable enough to survive a range of seasons and climates.

The Kole KI-OC286 Pop-Up Dog Tent, on the other hand, is suitable for people in need of an affordable tent for light use. Its pop-up design eliminates the need for setup, and it has enough ventilation panels, however, it is only suitable for toys and tiny breeds.

As you can see, there is no dearth of excellent dog tents for outdoor aficionados. Whether you camp once a year or every weekend, BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s evaluations will assist you in finding the best dog tents for camping.

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