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The 6 Best Dog Teepee Beds

The teepee bed has replaced pillow forts as the newest craze in covered bedding. These beautiful beds, inspired by American Indian tipis (often spell "teepees" by native English speakers), are not exclusively for youngsters. Your four-legged buddies can enjoy the comfort and novelty of sleeping in one of these classic tents if you so want.

Even if the teepee beds we've altered for our personal use aren't constructed of animal skins or intended to support a blazing fire, there's no reason to sacrifice quality. Unfortunately, several businesses have adopted this home décor fad. With so many goods competing for your attention, selecting the right option for your dog can be challenging.

If you're interested in adopting this trend for your dog's interior design, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of the best dog teepee beds available today. Let's examine our favorite items.


little dove Pet Teepee Dog Bed

The small dove Pet Teepee Dog Bed is our top selection if you’re drawn to this trending interior design style and want to get directly to the best. This bed is available in two sizes: 24 inches in height and 20 inches in diameter, or 28 inches in height and 33.8 inches in circumference. This teepee bed can also be purchased with or without a cushion.

The teepee cover itself contains a lace pattern that complements virtually any current interior design. The fabric is machine-washable, allowing for the simple removal of stains and smells as necessary.

In addition to being robust and strong, the fabric covering is also fairly breathable. The tent’s poles are constructed of durable pinewood, and its floor is composed of anti-slip material. Two leather straps are used to hold the “doors” open.

Some customers stated that the poles that came with their teepee bed did not fit within the cloth covering. It is also susceptible to tipping over when bumped.


  • Fabric is sturdy and breathable
  • Automatic washable
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Offered with or without a cushion


  • Not exceptionally stable
  • Quality assurance challenges


Pickle & Polly Dog Bed Teepee

Check out the Pickle & Polly Dog Bed Teepee if you’re ready to spend a bit extra for a bed of superior quality. This bed is approximately 26 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It is suited for dogs under 20 pounds.

This teepee dog bed boasts a robust, machine-washable woven canvas cover. The pinewood poles are devoid of any wood treatments that might be hazardous to your pets. The 4-inch thick, detachable cushion provides ample support for your dog’s joints. Since there are no flaps surrounding the opening of this tent, you will never have to bother about tying it open.

According to several owners, this bed was smaller than expected. The quality of the cushion’s seams is also lacking.


  • Free of hazardous substances
  • possesses a dense, braided covering
  • Contains a cushion
  • No bothersome opening flaps


  • Fits only tiny dogs
  • Fewer than anticipated
  • Insufficient sewing quality


Zaihe Pet Teepee Bed

If plain white is not your style, the Zaihe Pet Teepee Bed may be a better option. This one-of-a-kind dog teepee bed boasts a navy and white star design that would complement any home with a space or galaxy motif. This bed has a height of 28 inches and a diameter of 24 inches. It is suggested for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds.

This bed comes with pinewood support poles, a cotton canvas cover, a tiny chalkboard that hangs from the ceiling, and a matching pillow. The door flaps are kept back with leather fasteners, and the poles are tied with a strong cotton rope. If the tent cover becomes discolored or just requires cleaning, it may be laundered in any regular washing machine.

While this dog teepee bed is promoted as being machine-washable, one owner complained that the printed colors bled together after washing; it is unclear whether this is the result of a defective product, human mistake, or poor quality control. Additionally, the cotton canvas material attracts pet hair readily.


  • Unique and fashionable star design
  • Includes a decorative hanging chalkboard
  • Cover machine-washable
  • Includes a matching cushion


  • Colors may bleed during laundering.
  • The fabric attracts dog hair
  • Only for tiny dogs


VIILER Pet Teepee Bed

The last product we propose is the VILLER V009TTBLWI Pet Teepee Bed. This bed has a height of 25.5 inches and a width of 23.5 inches. While there is no specified weight limit, it will only accommodate tiny breeds and pups. The blue stripes and anchor accents would complement a nautical-themed decor well.

This dog teepee bed’s cotton cover is machine-washable and constructed to last. It features a cushion made from a coordinating fabric as well as simple ties for the opening flaps. This tent has mesh windows built into the side for increased ventilation, particularly if your dog prefers to sleep with the flaps closed.

Some owners noted that despite being machine-washable, the cushion cover shrunk after washing. To prevent this, be sure to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s care recommendations. The erected tent is not as strong as anticipated and smaller as anticipated.


  • Integrated mesh windows
  • Elegant, nautically-inspired style
  • Cover machine-washable


  • Cushion cover may contract after laundering
  • Not very solid
  • Fewer than anticipated
  • Not included with assembly instructions

Buyer's Guide

While a teepee dog bed may seem adorable nestled away in the corner of your living room or bedroom, not all dogs are suitable for this fad. Here are some things to consider before purchasing one of these beds for your home:

The Advantages of a Teepee Dog Bed

In many instances, changing your dog’s bed to a teepee is not simply a matter of aesthetic taste. In reality, a teepee bed may serve a similar function as a covered box.

Dogs have an innate inclination to seek refuge in a den or a place where they feel safe and concealed. Tent-shaped beds achieve this objective effectively.

Additionally, you may experiment with leaving the tent flaps (if existent) closed for even greater seclusion. In this way, your dog may hide from unfamiliar persons, sounds, and other stimuli when he or she wants to relax.

Is your dog a chewer?

Almost all teepee dog beds have one important characteristic: wooden support poles. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that this form of bed is not the ideal option for chewers.

Some tents feature tiny objects, such as rope or buttons, to hold the flaps open. If your dog has a propensity of chewing on objects, it may present a choking or swallowing hazard.

Supervise your dog when you initially introduce them to their new bed and remove it if you believe it offers a safety concern.

Selecting a Size

Due to the fundamental engineering involved in creating and constructing a little teepee, the majority of beds on the market are designed with small breeds in mind. This does not imply you won’t be able to locate a harness for your Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, but the search will likely be difficult.

When measuring for a teepee dog bed, be sure to provide sufficient space for your pet to stand, turn around, and stretch out. Even if a bed appears enough on paper, you may quickly learn that it is too tiny for your dog.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Teepee Bed

Fortunately, the vast majority of teepee dog beds presently available are machine-washable. This makes it easier to remove stains and smells that might result from daily use.

Although the cover of your teepee tent may be machine-washable, you should always verify the care instructions prior to cleaning. This material may have shrinkage, color bleeding, and other difficulties if washed improperly.

Additional Equipment

Before purchasing a teepee dog bed, ensure that you are aware of the included components. In addition to ornamental decorations such as chalkboards or nametags, many teepee pet beds have a cushion with a tailored fit.

If your selected teepee tent does not come with a cushion, you must locate one that will fit inside. This will also reduce the amount of usable space inside the teepee, so keep this in mind while measuring.


As with any pet bed, you should ensure that you are receiving the most value for your money. If you’re considering purchasing a teepee-inspired dog bed for your pet, you’ll want one that is both attractive and comfortable.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s favorite teepee dog bed is the small dove Pet Teepee Dog Bed. This bed is manufactured from machine-washable, sturdy, breathable cotton fabric. There is an anti-skid layer on the bed’s base, and you may purchase a matching pillow or use one you already possess.

The Pickle & Polly Dog Bed Teepee is our top recommendation for dog owners who are ready to invest extra for a higher-quality product. This bed is guaranteed to be chemical-free and contains a plush cushion. There are no flaps to worry about keeping open on the tent’s cover, which is robust and stylish.

Finding the best dog teepee beds for your four-legged buddy doesn’t have to be difficult according to our evaluations. Therefore, if you believe that a teepee bed would be a suitable match for your dog and your interior design, go for it!

What distinctive or beautiful dog beds have you previously had (or do you now own)?

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