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The 9 Best Dog Sunglasses For Summer

My sister sent me a video of her English bulldog, Pork Roll, sitting behind an ottoman with his tongue out this morning.

He appeared to be a little fussy (he often is). Perhaps it's because he wishes it were a warmer day so he could sit on the front porch or go for a walk.

He's not a big fan of long walks, especially when the sun is shining. He immediately overheats and succumbs to tiredness without hesitation.

It's difficult to persuade him to move when he's determined it's too hot. However, it's possible that he dislikes the bright sunlight.

Maybe if he wore the best dog sunglasses, he'd be more calm, cool, and collected on walks and wherever he went.

Whether you're looking to try a pair for your dog for the first time or you already know your dog enjoys wearing shades, these are some of the best options on Amazon, ranging from those that appear to be suited to protecting Fido's eyes during long rides in your motorcycle's sidecar to more pedestrian pairs that say, "Dogs love poolside barbecues and walks on the beach just as much as their owners do."

Here are the best dog sunglasses for summer that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think you should buy.

Buying Guide for Dog Sunglasses

You might want to get a pair of dog sunglasses for an upcoming picture shoot — or just to dress up your pup’s appearance. However, there is a chance that sunglasses will assist your dog’s eye health and beyond. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best dog sunglasses for your four-legged pet, depending on your requirements.

Goggles or Sunglasses?

The majority of dog sunglasses are actually dog goggles. They fit close to the head (not suction-fit like human swimming goggles, though some do) and block wind and debris, making them a good choice for dogs who need all of the sunlight blocked (consider the geriatric pooch who benefited from the Doggles Originalz reviewed above), or who will be cruising on a motorcycle or with their heads out car windows.

If you prefer a more traditional sunglasses style, choose Style Vault’s G006 Dog Vintage Retro Sunglasses, which look like conventional human sunglasses but have attached head and chin straps. Please keep in mind that these dog sunglasses do not entirely block out sunlight, wind, or debris.

Dimensions and Fit

Chin and head straps are vital for keeping your dog’s sunglasses on their head, but there are a few additional factors to consider. First and foremost, you must get sunglasses that are appropriate for your dog’s size and breed. Some producers make it explicit which breeds and sizes their product is and isn’t appropriate for. In other circumstances, a product comes in a variety of sizes.

If you’re willing to experiment with dog goggles, choose a pair with a flexible or folding bridge. This allows the sunglasses to be worn closer to your dog’s face (sometimes too near if your dog’s eyes bulge a little, in which case you might want to try a product like PEDOMUS’s Dog Sunglasses).

UV Shielding

If you’re buying sunglasses for a photograph or gag, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your dog sunglasses provide UV protection. However, if your dog has any health issues, particularly eye difficulties, purchasing a pair of dog sunglasses with UV protection may be in their best interests. PetMD has a fantastic resource on indications for dog sunglasses and dog goggles, which implies that your dog’s breed is a major factor. Surprisingly, the physical protection provided by dog sunglasses and goggles is more significant in most circumstances than the UV protection, but the best dog sunglasses, including all of the models we’ve shown, often contain UV protection, even if your pup doesn’t require it.


Dog Goggles QUMY

These aren’t your typical dog sunglasses. They are dog goggles with over 1,300 Amazon reviews. More than 80% of reviewers give them four or five stars, and the proof is in the pictures: lots of pictures of happy doggos wearing their stylish QUMY eyewear in colors that complement their coats and personalities.

Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses resist fog, filter and minimize UV, and physically block wind and debris. They come in six different hues (black, blue, red, white, pink, and yellow). They fold at the bridge of the nose and include elasticized straps for a more secure fit.

The best-rated review for the eyewear tells the story of NoraJean, a senior pug who suffers from glaucoma and arthritis. She could no longer go for lengthy walks and had difficulty seeing in intense sunlight. Her owner performed the necessary investigation and discovered that pup sunglasses or goggles could help. NoraJean’s pink QUMY Dog Goggles, according to her owner, suit her nicely (yes, there are pictures to prove it). Her owner is “overjoyed” to have purchased these, praising the drawstring pouch that protects them from scratches and the well-made chin and head straps.

The majority of dissatisfied reviewers express concerns about fit and durability, with one saying a lens popped out, another saying they don’t withstand saltwater (this particular reviewer bought them to protect her dog’s eyes from glare when they go paddle boarding — how cute! ), and a few saying the coating scratches easily. Of all, even if you like the sunglasses, dogs’ heads are all various shapes, and some dogs just refuse to wear them. They are returnable with Amazon Prime, and remember that you usually get what you paid for, and these dog sunglasses cost less than $10.


  • The Amazon seller offers precise measurements.
  • Comes with a storage bag to protect against scratches.
  • Fit is adjustable thanks to a foldable bridge and elastic straps.


  • Smaller dogs are not recommended.
  • It may not withstand damp, salinity, or repeated use.
  • According to several reviewers, lenses scratch too easily.

Having Fun with Dog Goggles

These little goggles appear to be popular with small dogs. Over 80% of reviewers give them four or five stars, and there are countless photos of small dogs (think Pomeranians, Chiweenies, and Shih Tzus) wearing them with their heads out windows and in various photoshoots.

The dog sunglasses come in a variety of hues and styles, including a blue jack-o’-lantern theme for some reason. If that’s not your or your dog’s cup of tea, try black or pink instead. The black and pink pairs’ lenses are windproof and UV-blocking, and the bridge is flexible, providing improved eye protection. Please keep in mind that the blue jack-o-lantern dog sunglasses have a solid bridge that will not adjust to your pup’s face.

One of the best reviews is the story of Samson, a Havanese-Shih Tzu mix whose owner bought him these sunglasses after realizing he required them when he joined the family on a river tubing excursion. According to the review, Samson was initially unsure about the sun glasses and attempted to remove them, but now he gladly wears them whenever it’s sunny outside. Hopefully, he has many joyful and squint-free river days ahead of him!

Several reviewers highlighted their desire for these dog sunglasses to be smaller and more comfortable to wear. The basic line is that they are not small enough for truly miniature breeds. Also, the lenses have an unusual kidney bean shape, and some reviewers say they fog up rapidly, obscuring their dogs’ vision.


  • Head and chin straps are adjustable.
  • Padded for a more comfortable fit
  • Flexible bridge for improved fit


  • Unusual bean-like form
  • Not suitable for smaller breeds.
  • Lenses may fog up, obscuring the dog’s eyesight.

Sunglasses Style Vault G010 Dog Aviator Turbo

These are the first dog sunglasses on our list that have a conventional appearance. Unlike the QUMY and Enjoying brands, which are goggles and sunglasses in one, these retro-inspired sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection but aren’t designed to block wind or debris.

They have a respectable 4 out of 5 average star rating, and customers describe them as charming, ideal for dress-up, and “the best stupid Amazon buy I ever made” (which is probably saying a lot considering the ridiculous things that can be purchased on Amazon). Despite not being displayed in the official product photos, these sunglasses do include a chin strap, as seen in some reviewer photos. There is also a carrying pouch provided.

Style Vault makes it clear that these sunglasses are not suitable for dogs with broad faces (think Shar-Peis, Chow Chows, bulldogs, and so on). Many owners of medium-sized dogs claim that the sunglasses are too tiny for them as well. At least one reviewer complains that the glasses are too hard for their two dogs, who have various head and muzzle shapes and sizes.


  • The look of classic sunglasses
  • Comes with a carrying pouch to protect against scratches.
  • Chin and under-ear straps help to ensure a more secure fit.


  • Runs tiny and is not suitable for dogs with wider faces.
  • Provide no wind or debris protection.
  • The bridge is not flexible, foldable, or adaptable in any other way.

Dog Sunglasses PEDOMUS

These dog sunglasses appear to be more sporty than anything else we’ve seen thus far. In reality, they appear to be high-end ski goggles. They have a 4.2 average rating from over 260 customers, and depending on where you live, you could be able to obtain them the next day.

The absence of two independent goggles supposed to isolate each of your dog’s eyes distinguishes these UV-, wind-, and dust-blocking dog sunglasses. According to several reviews, this works better for their pets. The product is constructed of flexible polycarbonate, and the lenses are anti-fog, shatterproof, impact resistant, and UV blocking. The two-strap design is entirely adjustable and provides a more secure fit, as evidenced by multiple images from both the seller and Amazon reviewers.

The lenses are rubber and foam padded, however many reviews complain they break loose after a few usage or don’t effectively block the wind. Finally, because there is no movable bridge, the fit does not suit all dog head and snout forms.


  • Looks decidedly sporty
  • Head and chin straps are adjustable.
  • Padded for a better fit


  • There is only one color available.
  • Rubber and foam cushioning may get detached.
  • The bridge is not flexible, foldable, or adaptable in any other way.

Chrome Doggles Originalz

If you want to give your dog a steampunk aesthetic, this could be the pair for you. Doggles, an American company that prides itself on inventing dog goggles, eco-friendly dog toys, and other products, manufactures these dog sunglasses (and for having been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and beyond).

These chrome-look goggles have received 4.3 out of 5 stars from nearly 300 reviewers, with the top-rated reviewer claiming that these sunglasses saved her dog. The dog, who was 17 years old and in renal failure, began having UV-induced seizures. The UV-blocking lenses of these sunglasses allowed her to go outside seizure-free. “This product has provided her (and me) with more quality time…which, after all, is what we are purchasing with these amazing creatures,” the delighted dog owner commented.

These dog sunnies, like the Honorable Mention Enjoying Dog Goggles, include a flexible bridge that, when combined with the adjustable head and chin straps, provides to a snugger, more tailored fit. They are also padded with foam for added comfort.

It should be noted that some reviews claim the lenses of Doggles scratch easily (especially if a dog manages to get them off of their head while outside). Others have pointed out that the frames are not true to color.


  • Head and chin straps are adjustable.
  • Flexible bridge for improved fit
  • From a reputable American company


  • According to several reviewers, lenses scratch quickly.
  • The color of the frame may not be accurately represented in the photograph.
  • Slightly more pricey than comparable alternatives.


However, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are grateful for your interest in reading our reviews of the best dog sunglasses for summer.

For your pet, we hope you’ve learned something from this article.

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