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The 15 Best Dog Stairs & Steps

Many people believe that dog stairs are a luxury item for elderly dogs. Dog steps, in fact, can be an essential addition to the home for dogs of all ages and sizes. These canine-sized pieces of furniture are critical as a preventative measure, preserving your dog's joint health—especially for breeds prone to joint disease! Because not all dog steps are created equal, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) researched all of the top-rated products, read all of the reviews, and compiled our top picks so you can find best dog stairs & steps of your doggy's dreams.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best Dog Stairs and Steps

As we mentioned earlier, not all stairs are created equal! We’re sure you noticed this as you got to know our top picks today. You may notice a clear distinction between products but are unsure which type of dog stairs is best for your best friend.

Continue reading our buyer’s guide to learn more about dog steps and how to choose the best one for you, your dog, and your home.

Accessibility for Dogs

The purpose of dog stairs is rather straightforward. They are intended to assist dogs in reaching high places on their own. Typically, this is into a bed, a couch, or a vehicle. However, you can apply the steps in any way you see fit to improve your dog’s life and allow them to do whatever they want throughout their life.

Impact Reduction

Jumping on and off furniture or up and down from the car will wear down your dog’s joints over time. These impactful and repetitive movements will wear down joint cartilage and fluid, increasing the likelihood of future joint issues and exacerbating joint discomfort.

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of these daily motions. They can significantly reduce the amount of impact your dog experiences in their younger lives as a preventative measure, reducing joint aging and the risk of joint-related diseases. This is beneficial to all breeds, but it is especially important for purebred breeds who are prone to these alignments.

You’ll be doing less work!

Picking up a chihuahua and putting it in the car isn’t a big deal for most people. But can you imagine doing the same for a German shepherd? Even if you could easily do so, this lifting will put strain on your body and put you at risk of injury.

Many owners suffer from mobility issues, making bending, reaching, and carrying difficult and painful. Accessibility steps for your dog can benefit you as well by reducing the amount of physical work required to care for your dog.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Stairs

  • Sturdy: Consider a product’s weight limit and construction materials, as well as whether they are appropriate for your dog. Not all dogs are created equal!
  • Non-skid: The majority of the stairs we looked at today had some sort of non-skid feature that made them safe to use on any surface. However, not all steps will have this, and some will be more advanced than others. Check out the reviews to see what other owners have to say.
  • Ease of use: The stairs should be simple to assemble, move, and store. Consider products that are pre-assembled, light, and collapsible.
  • Simple to clean: Anything that comes into contact with feet will eventually collect dirt. For sanitary purposes, you must clean your dog’s steps on a regular basis. Look for removable covers, machine washable materials, and surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • Size: Seems self-explanatory, doesn’t it? There’s more to it than small vs. large. Consider the distance between each step and whether or not your dog can climb that height. Also, make sure it fits against the furniture you intend to use it with.
  • The type of step you require will be determined by why you require it. Consider the size and future adult size of a puppy who can’t reach furniture. Consider the material used for joint issues—soft materials are preferable to hardwood.

Ramps vs. Stairs

Stairs are not the only popular dog accessibility product. Ramps are also frequently used. Each of these products has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The needs of your dog will ultimately determine which is best for you.


  • Typically, they take up less space.
  • Better for active dogs
  • Training and conditioning are required.


  • takes up more room
  • Better for dogs who are disabled, injured, or immobile (less impact and easy to use)
  • It is more natural to use.


Best Overall: Best Foam Cat & Dog Stairs for Pets

  • Three to five steps
  • Weight limit: 130-190 lbs.
  • Foam and fleece

These fleece-covered foam steps are our top choice for dog stairs overall. This Best Pet Supplies item is reasonably priced for a high-quality item. These steps, available in three, four, or five steps, are intended for dogs of all breeds.

The foam structure creates a soft and supportive surface while maintaining structural integrity. This product’s five-step design claims a weight limit of 190 pounds, but some reviewers say it’s not suitable for larger breeds. This brand of stairs is not recommended by owners of dogs weighing more than 80 pounds.


  • Cover is removable.
  • Non-slip base
  • consists of 3 to 5 steps
  • Joint-friendly


  • Narrow
  • Large breeds require more strength.

Best Value: Steady Paws Cat & Dog Stairs by FurHaven

  • Steps required: 3-4
  • Weight limit: 50 lbs.
  • Materials: Carpet

This excellent value cat and dog steps from FurHaven is our pick for the best dog stairs for the money. These steps, designed with both felines and canines in mind, have a minimalistic design that will complement any home decor and are available in three different colors.

The steps look like a multi-leveled scratching post and have large poles that stabilize the stairs and keep them steady. The soft carpet cover is gentle on your dog’s joints, but when placed on the extra plush carpet, the lack of friction can cause balancing issues. The steps are also awkward spaces, so more nervous dogs may struggle to use them confidently.


  • Affordable
  • Poles for stability
  • Various colors


  • On plush carpets, it is less stable.
  • Inconvenient step spacing

Premium Choice: 4 Step Carpet Tread Dog & Cat Stairs by Premier Pet Steps

  • There are four steps.
  • 200+ pound weight limit
  • Wood and carpet are used.

Premier Pet is the place to go if you want a set of dog steps that are sturdy, beautiful, and made of high-quality materials. While the price of these stairs is higher than average, we believe it is an investment.

The solid wood construction elevates this product from a pet item to a standard piece of home furniture. With proper maintenance, these steps could last a lifetime. The design is an excellent example of rustic home decor. However, due to its sturdy design, it takes up a significant amount of space. It is also heavier, weighing 36 pounds, making frequent movement difficult.


  • Simple to clean
  • Extremely durable
  • Lovely design


  • Heavy
  • It takes up a lot of room.

Best for Puppies: Easy Step Cat & Dog Stairs by Pet Gear

  • Step count: one
  • 175 pound weight limit
  • Materials include plastic, carpet, and rubber.

Pet Gear’s innovative design puts a new spin on traditional pet steps. It serves the same purpose—assisting pet accessibility—but it can’t be called “stairs.” Instead, this pet step consists of a single step followed by a gentle slope. This design is ideal for dogs who have difficulty with steps, especially in a downward motion.

It also has rubber grippers that keep the step stable on any surface. We like how durable it is, with a high weight limit for such a lightweight product. This makes it convenient for moving around the house and suitable for travel or vehicular use.

Some reviewers, however, found the low-pile carpet covering to be more slippery than “grippy.” This is not an issue for fast-moving dogs, but slow-moving elderly dogs may find it difficult to use. The carpet is also difficult to clean.


  • Grippers made of rubber
  • There is only one step.
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • Slippery

CozyUp Dog & Cat Steps & Ramp by PetSafe

  • Three steps are required.
  • 200-pound weight limit
  • Wood and carpet are used.

PetSafe’s convertible steps are the ultimate 2-in-1 deal. This design, which can be adjusted from a seamless ramp to three-step stairs, can be used in a variety of ways. Furthermore, each step can be tailored to your dog’s specific requirements.

Unfortunately, this sturdy and appealing design is only available in one size, so it will only fit specific dimensions. Reviewers have also asked for a non-slip bottom to be included, but say it is still sturdy without one.


  • Adaptable: steps or ramp
  • Step height is adjustable.
  • Collapsible


  • There is no non-slip feature.
  • Only one size is available.

Stairs for Cats and Dogs by Zinus

  • Steps required: 2-4 (with extra-wide option)
  • 20-pound weight limit
  • Foam and polyester

Zinus’ plush steps are available in five different sizes, ranging from 2-4 steps and extra-small to extra-large, ensuring that there is a step to suit many dogs and varying home spaces. Despite having extra-large options, the foam structure is deemed inadequate for larger dogs, who sink too easily into the foam.

Larger options may be better suited to support smaller breeds or fit a specific home space.

These steps will blend in with your home decor in a stylish way, and don’t worry about the light color; the cover is removable and completely machine washable.


  • Options for multiple steps and width
  • For joint support, use dense foam.
  • Cover is removable.


  • It is difficult to lift and move.
  • Large dogs will find it too soft.

Pet Stairs for Cats and Dogs by Pet Gear

  • Three or four steps
  • Weight limit: 50 lbs.
  • Plastic and rubber are used.

These Pet Gear plastic steps are ideal for a simple, sturdy set of stairs. The lightweight design makes them easy to move, assemble, and transport. The weight limit is set at 25 pounds, but due to the narrowness of the steps, reviewers say it’s best suited to toy breeds.

However, for versatile steps for your small dog, this simple but efficient design will suit you well. Rubber grippers on the base keep it from slipping while in use, allowing your pup to easily join you on the couch or bed.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Stable
  • Lightweight


  • Suitable only for small dogs
  • Narrow

Easy Step Cat & Dog Stairs by Pet Gear

  • Steps required: 2-4
  • 75-pound weight limit
  • Materials: Plastic

If your pet requires up to four steps to get onto furniture, many of the stairs will be large and bulky, protruding into your living spaces. This Pet Gear design is a customizable shape that can be assembled as a straight step or an L-shape. To save space, the L-shape will conform around the furniture.

It even has a storage cubby for storing other pet items out of sight. While these steps are appropriate for most dogs, they are not appropriate for the elderly or those who are unbalanced on their feet. This is because the steps are narrow, causing confidence issues and an unprotected side from a high design.


  • It also serves as storage space.
  • Furniture requires a straight or L-shaped design.
  • No-tool assembly


  • Costly
  • slanted steps
  • Narrow

CozyUp Foldable Wooden Cat & Dog Stairs by PetSafe

  • There are four steps.
  • 200-pound weight limit
  • Wood and carpet are used.

A sturdy wooden step, such as this one from Pet Safe, would be better suited to dogs of all sizes. These stairs are designed to be foldable and slide away from view. They can support up to 200 pounds of weight.

The steps are excellent, but they are more appropriate as a preventative measure than for assisting struggling dogs. The steps are steep and lack a safe tread, so dogs must move quickly and confidently to avoid slipping. The wooden structure can also be difficult on delicate joints.


  • Excellent for people of all sizes.
  • Larger and wider sizes are available.
  • Foldable


  • It is difficult on sensitive joints.
  • Steps that are slick

Conversion Deluxe Wooden Dog Stairs by Gen7Pets

  • Three steps are required.
  • 200-pound weight limit
  • Wood and carpet are used.

Gen7Pets’ steps steer clear of tacky plastic designs in favor of a more aesthetically pleasing and durable wood product. These steps are made of furniture-grade wood and include a cool hidden storage compartment.

The carpet step cover is removable, making it very easy to clean, which distinguishes these steps from other wooden designs. Of course, high-quality materials come at a higher cost. Due to their narrow width and steepness, these steps are only suitable for able-bodied dogs.


  • Storage compartment concealed
  • Construction of furniture quality
  • Carpet covers that are removable


  • Costly
  • Steep


The Best Pet Supplies Foam Cat & Dog Stairs was our favorite overall dog stairs. It is a well-balanced product with excellent structure and support for a wide range of applications.

FurHaven’s Steady Paw Cat & Dog stairs outperform the competition in terms of value, striking the perfect balance between quality and price.

This product is ideal for those looking for something straightforward. BestForPets‘s (bestforpets.org) premium option is for those who demand the best.

Premier Pet Steps Carpet Tread Dog & Cat Stairs were recommended. This solid wood item is made to last. It’s strong and beautiful, and it’s where form meets function.

You don’t have to take our word for it because all of our choices for the best dog stairs & steps today have hundreds of positive customer reviews!

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