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The 12 Best Dog Raincoats

Exploring diverse regions with a furry companion is one of the greatest benefits of having a pet. We are aware of how much dogs like the outdoors, but occasionally mother nature has other plans and forces us within.

Fortunately, we humans got excellent at avoiding obstacles posed by the environment and produced the raincoat. Fortunately, someone thought that dogs also required raincoats.

In the following evaluations, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss the best dog raincoats currently available.

As these are technical evaluations, we guarantee extensive product descriptions and will try our utmost to maintain a professional tone, but they are dog raincoats, so we can't help but mention how adorably cute they are. In any event, prepare for a deluge of data. To the reviews, we go!


Ellie Dog Put on Dog Umbrella

Even though you just gave your dog a wash yesterday, you must take your dog out for a walk today because it is pouring. You have a dog raincoat from Ellie Dog Wear, which is fortunate. What is its quality, though? Will it keep your dog dry? Let’s have a peek.

This raincoat was constructed with the same attention as a premium human raincoat. Ellie Dog Wear is really concerned with keeping your dog dry.

This raincoat features a two-layer construction that not only makes it easier to put it on your dog, but also does an excellent job of keeping out the rain. This is made possible by the waterproof material used to construct this garment. The hood is removable and has drawstrings, allowing you to insulate your dog in extreme weather conditions.

The functionality is also superior. As said, the snap buttons make these easy to put on and take off. It also accommodates harnesses. You may thread your dog’s leash through a little slot in the rear so that you are fully unencumbered during your stroll. Additionally, this jacket contains compartments for your dog’s wallet and keys (or treats).

In terms of style, this raincoat is exquisite. Your dog will resemble a seasoned fisherman or a fashionable millennial (we’re quite sure the two styles overlap).

Those who enjoy walking their dogs in the rain especially enjoy this product. Of course, everyone remarks on how lovely it is, but they also emphasize its superb quality. This will keep your dog completely dry. The only issue with this product is that there is an odd size difference between the small and medium.


  • Waterproof dual-layer structure
  • Fully functioning and compatible with harnesses
  • Ridiculously adorable


  • Gap in sizing


RC Pet Products Canine Raincoat

This poncho from RC Pet Products may not provide the same level of protection as a raincoat, but it is still a lovely accessory. Ponchos are simpler for your dog to don and remove. Additionally, they may appreciate it since it may feel less restrictive.

Regarding the technical elements, this device is well-made. The water-wicking material is called Taffeta and it is incredibly waterproof. This poncho features a hood and will completely envelop your dog.

This is compatible with harnesses and has a hole in the top for easy access. According to the manufacturer, this product is ideal for long-haired dogs that do not require additional warmth.

This jacket is available in a variety of designs, which is still another advantage. You may really hone in on your dog’s individuality and purchase him or her the ideal item.

Those who have purchased this item for their canines say that their canines also enjoy it. Obviously, some dogs are sensitive to wearing anything, but according to the majority, this is an excellent product, especially for the price.

RC Pet Products cares about your satisfaction with its product, therefore it gives a lifetime repair-or-replacement warranty on this item.

The one regular issue we have heard about this poncho is that it performs poorly in wind. Despite this, we believe this to be the most affordable dog raincoat available.


  • So many designs from which to pick
  • Simple to don and remove
  • Utilizing watertight Taffeta


  • Not ideal in strong winds


Hurtta Torrent Raincoat

This coat was designed for adventurers. Just by glancing at it, you can tell that this item was crafted by skilled hands. This raincoat is not only effective in the rain, but also as a windbreaker.

This Hurtta raincoat may appear daunting because dog garments are often difficult to put on and take off, but this is not the case. The design wonderfully integrates a wrap-around element that effectively cuddles your dog and allows you to adjust it to be as loose or as tight as desired by you or your dog. The collar fits snugly to keep water and wind out, yet does so without suffocating the wearer.

This coat performs admirably in terms of usefulness. There is a clip at the neck where a harness would attach, allowing you to utilize the jacket as a walking aid. This product is equipped with reflectors, so you can confidently go strolling at night.

This raincoat may also be used on ordinary rainy days, so there’s no need to wait for extreme precipitation! This raincoat is recommended by the manufacturer for dogs that tend to have a lingering “wet dog” odor.

Both dogs and humans are delighted with this coat. Even though this is already on the pricier end of the spectrum for dog raincoats, many individuals claim they would be willing to spend twice as much for it. A few canines have shown discomfort, although this is an uncommon occurrence.


  • Heavy duty
  • Surprisingly simple to don and doff
  • Excellent for long-haired pets


  • Some dogs don’t enjoy it


Ethical Products Dog Raincoat

Ethical Products has created a raincoat that is both waterproof and stylish. The brand recognizes that life does not cease to exist simply because it is raining, and neither does fashion! While this does have a little of a “crossing guard” appearance, it is still very cute and performs as stated. Let’s have a peek.

This raincoat is constructed of 100 percent waterproof polyester, so your best friend will remain dry and comfortable regardless of the weather.

This jacket’s attractive aesthetics are matched by its utility, as it is designed with a vivid yellow hue to help the wearer stand out on neighborhood strolls. In addition, there are two luminous stripes, one in the center of the jacket and one around the hood. The employees of Ethical Products are unwavering in their commitment to safety.

With one hole where a harness would be and another where a leash would be, this garment allows your pet to walk freely. It is also simple to put on and remove. This is accomplished with a single large Velcro strap that runs along the center.

Those who have purchased this item do not appear to have any regrets. This lightweight coat is comfortable for dogs, and their owners report that their pet is dry. This item does run somewhat small, therefore we strongly advise consulting the size chart.

This product is backed by a 100 percent worry-free warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Reflective bands
  • Super adorable


  • Sizing runs small


Reflective Blueberry Pet Dog Raincoat

This intelligent solution from Blueberry combines security with style. While most businesses just add a large reflective strip to their products, Blueberry added reflective patterns to a variety of adorable designs! This attractive raincoat is made from water-resistant polyester and comes in a variety of colors.

This raincoat is quite utilitarian since it features a loop for a leash on the back. There are also pull tabs that allow you to alter the jacket’s tightness, allowing you to efficiently choose the size. The size chart is still required, however, the tabs are great for adjusting the fit for your dog.

Initially, this device is effective at keeping out the rain; however, the maker warns that the waterproof material may deteriorate with time and suggests waterproofing it periodically.

While many users have been impressed by the effectiveness of the waterproofing, there is worry over the texture of the material. The majority of consumers describe it as feeling cheap and fragile. Others have been less happy with the size, with some claiming it runs too tiny and others claiming it runs too big.


  • Simple to don and remove
  • Collar with a hole for a leash
  • Pull tabs to modify sizing


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Substandard material


Pro Plums Dog Raincoat

This product from Pro Plums is straightforward and practical. This product is easy to put on and take off; merely snap a couple clasps and you’re ready to go. In addition, there are no little leg openings that your dog’s paws must fit through.

The clasp is bonded to nylon that contains reflective thread, allowing you to feel comfortable during evening hikes. This may also be washed and dried for convenient cleaning.

We would not suggest this as a raincoat for extreme precipitation. In fact, this garment may be best suited for usage as a light fall jacket. Nevertheless, it is highly permeable, so your dog should find it comfy.

Customers of Pro Plum appear to be pretty pleased with their investment. It functions like a raincoat should and needs minimal effort. Nonetheless, sizing is a bit of a problem, even when utilizing the chart.


  • Keeps water out
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Automatic washable


  • Sizing problems


HAPEE Dog Raincoats

This resembles the raincoat from Ethical Products but feels somewhat less well-constructed. You may select the color and pattern of the jacket. This raincoat features a hood, however, it appears quite odd. Nonetheless, the entire coat is stretchy, which may contribute to wearer comfort.

As for functionality, this one is simple to put on and take off, as you only need to place it on top of your dog, insert its front legs, and then tighten the Velcro strap across the chest. All sizing is determined by the chest size.

This item may be machine-washed, however, it is recommended that it be cleaned by hand because some detergents may quickly degrade the fabric. This coat contains reflective stripes, allowing you to walk your dog at night.

Another product that both dogs and their owners appear to enjoy. However, this jacket has size concerns, and it is unclear whether you should err on the side of large or small. Others have claimed that this item has a strong chemical odor.


  • Elastic coat
  • Reflective bands


  • Sizing woes
  • Chemical scent


BINGPET Dog Raincoat

This raincoat has the appearance of a garbage bag with a poker hat attached. Of course not, yet it is still a dog raincoat, so it is still quite adorable.

The material does not appear to be of high quality, but it appears to be plastic, therefore drying is quick and simple. This also indicates that the coat is actually waterproof for your pet. The hat’s brim is totally transparent, allowing your pet a greater vision while providing weather protection.

This item is simple to put on and take off, and it features two elastic bands on the back that go around the rear legs to keep the coat in place. Reflective panels on the back allow you to take nighttime walks. There is a hole for your collar or harness at the top.

Although this is not the most attractive raincoat, it works fairly well! Those who have acquired it claim that it functions flawlessly and that their canine companions adore it. With proper maintenance, this might endure a long time. It includes a storage bag for when it is not in use. However, this product runs small.


  • Works admirably
  • Plastic is indeed watertight
  • Visible hat brim
  • Comfy for dogs


  • Not the most attractive
  • Sizing runs small
  • Feels as though it might easily tear


Reflective Didog Dog Raincoat

This sleek and athletic style appears to be suitable for rain or a cool autumn day. In either case, your dog will be ready to hang out with the popular kids in this fashionable Didog item. This raincoat is exclusively designed for medium and large-sized dogs, which is one of the reasons it ranks so low on this list.

Additionally, this raincoat is not waterproof; it is only water-resistant. It can serve you well in light rain, but if the storm becomes more intense, you and your friend may need to start sprinting for cover! The hood may be a tad too tiny, given its purpose is nearly completely aesthetic.

Plus, this treatment is simple to apply to your pet. One Velcro strap beneath the chest, and they’re ready to go! There are reflective stripes, making it suitable for nighttime treks. A rear pocket of sufficient size allows you to pack as many goodies as you believe your dog will require on the walk (which is probably all the treats).

Those who have purchased this item appear satisfied. Again, it is not suggested for large rainstorms, but it provides enough protection against mild precipitation. Nonetheless, this item runs small.


  • Reflective band
  • Stylish attire


  • Entirely water resistant
  • Exclusive to medium to large dogs
  • Sizing runs small


HugeHounds Dog Raincoats

This coat is designed for large dogs. The design is as plain as it gets, which makes sense considering the size and affordability.

This raincoat is just a sheet that you wrap around your dog and secure beneath, making it extremely simple to put on and remove. This is perfect for both large dogs and large fluffy balls. This coat features a few luminous stripes and comes with a carrying box. There is a collar or harness access hole at the rear.

People who purchased this raincoat for their giant dogs consider it to be an excellent product. They remark that it does not stay on all that well, but they are relieved to have finally found something that fits. Durability appears to be an issue with this item, but HugeHounds has a stellar record for customer care and will immediately fix or replace your product.


  • For large hounds
  • Extremely easy to don and doff


  • Slips off with ease
  • Not very sturdy

Buyer's Guide

There are several varieties of raincoats and numerous climates in which people reside. On rainy days, your dog will need a raincoat! Here are a few considerations:


When it comes to dogs, sizing is difficult, and specialized dog fashion has not been around as long as human fashion, so producers are still learning how to size dogs. Follow the size charts provided carefully. If you just assume the size of your dog, you’re likely to be disappointed when the merchandise arrives.


When selecting a doggie raincoat, you may want to consider the fact that some dogs dislike having things placed on them. Some are easier to board and exit than others. However, the convenience of wear could come at the expense of protection. The raincoats with the highest protection appear to need the most steps to don.


You must get a collar that your dog can wear on extended walks, not simply to the mailbox! The majority of raincoats offer access points for harnesses or leashes, however, not all are constructed identically.

Additionally, there are various levels of waterproofing in terms of keeping the rain out. If you reside in a location with significant precipitation, you may wish to invest in a more robust product. If you live in an area where it rarely rains, a lightweight poncho may be your best option.


When your dog has been pent up all day and you both need a quick stroll, a dog raincoat may be an absolute lifesaver. Have you discovered the ideal one for you and your dog? Our recommended item from Ellie Dog Wear cannot be beaten. It is an excellent raincoat and really adorable. Also, explore our bargain selection from RC Pet Products!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that these evaluations have assisted you in navigating the best dog raincoats. These are so adorable that you could ever wish for rain!

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