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The 12 Best Dog Poop Bags

The sun has just sunk below the horizon in the early evening. You are walking your dog as dusk approaches; business as usual.

After your dog has finished doing his business, you take out a garbage bag and do the daily routine of collecting his trash.

You place the bag on your hand and then grasp the feces. As you take it up, you sense that something is off. The realization begins to set in.

Now that the bag has torn and your fingers are deep in the filth, it is too late to fix the problem.

Hopefully, this is simply a work of fiction. If not, then you are fully aware of the need of having dependable poop bags.

After evaluating as many as possible, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled the following reviews of the best dog poop bags to assist you in selecting a bag that will never leave you in a similar predicament.


AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags

The AmazonBasics dog waste bags provide an all-inclusive solution for cleaning up after your dog. A dispenser designed to accommodate a single roll of bags is incorporated for convenience.

Each roll contains 15 bags; thus, you should only need to replace the roll in the dispenser once every week. The dispenser is equipped with a carabiner-style clip, allowing you to carry it without your hands. You may instead attach it to your belt loop, your dog’s collar, or any other suitable location.

There was a single complaint about the holes. On two of our rolls, the perforations were insufficiently deep or improperly positioned, so when we withdrew a bag, the bottom tore. Fortunately, we spotted it before attempting to use it and averted a disaster!

We like that these bags are biodegradable due to the EPI additive. Even better, they are constructed of polyethylene, which reduces odor and increases their durability. Overall, they were our favorite option among the group.

We conclude that these are the best available dog poop bags.


  • Includes dispensing clip for portability
  • EPI ingredient for biodegradable bags
  • Polyethylene bags eliminate smells.


  • Some defective perforations tore the packs.


Earth Rated Pet Waste Bags

The Earth Rated BIO120 dog waste bags provided dependable performance at an economical price. The lavender smell reduced the stink of the garbage when transporting a full bag inside the house. They are 100% leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing mishaps in your pocket or hand!

However, they are not biodegradable, which we like because we use so many dog poop bags. They are constructed from recycled materials, which mitigates this issue to some extent.

The Earth Rated dog poop bags do not have a dispenser, thus they are best used as a refill if you already own one. We believe that they are the most cost-effective dog poop bags due to their high performance and inexpensive pricing.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Lavender smell available
  • 100% leak-proof guaranteed
  • Using recycled materials


  • Not biodegradable EPI
  • Doesn’t contain a dispenser


PET N PET Dog Waste Bags

The odorless dog waste bags from PET N PET are our top selection. They are a bit more expensive than the other bags we evaluated, but they come in a very huge quantity: 1,080 in total. Unless you have a large number of dogs to clean up after, you should have sufficient supplies for at least a year or more.

It is crucial that your trash bags do not leak, or you will likely be displeased. Consequently, PET N PET bags are durable and entirely leak-proof, so you never have to worry about an unpleasant odor. You will simply be able to tie a knot on the top of these bags to keep waste contained.

This was not included in all of the bags we tested, but we consider it a vital feature. They were large enough to fit over everyone’s hands, preventing any messes. Overall, we believe they are worth the price, which is why they are our third-place pick.


  • 1,080 bags total
  • Heavy-duty and airtight
  • Space for tying a knot


  • More costly


Downtown Pet Supply Pooper Bags for Dogs

If you love trash bags with vibrant hues and patterns, the Downtown Pet Supply waste bags are ideal for you. You can match the bags to your dog’s leash since there are eight different color and pattern options to select from.

This package contains a dispenser shaped like a dog bone and is equipped with a clip for easy transport. It can accommodate one roll of 20 bags.

Depending on your preparedness preferences, these bags are available in numbers ranging from 180 to 2,200. Some of us with bigger hands had difficulty carrying them because they are somewhat smaller than other bags.

However, they are also quite robust. Each bag can hold up to 10 pounds, so you may rest assured that a few turds will not shatter them! Unfortunately, they are not biodegradable, a shortcoming that prevents us from recommending them.


  • Multiple colors and designs are available
  • Includes a clip-equipped dispenser
  • Each bag can contain up to 10 lbs.


  • Slightly smaller than comparable bags
  • Not biodegradable


Pogi’s Parent Dog Poop Bags

The majority of the examined bags came in compact rolls designed to fit within a small bag dispenser. The Pogi’s Parent bags are packaged in a huge box, and you should only carry one bag with you each time.

As a result of our preference for dispenser-style rolls, these bags will not rank higher on this list. The perfume was rather strong for those of us with sensitive noses, but we enjoyed that they were scented to aid with the bad stench on the way back.

These bags were quite simple to knot because of the ears on top. The trade-off, though, is that these are incredibly little and thin. Larger-handed individuals were unable to utilize these bags. In our testing, none of them tore, but their thinness was cause for concern.

These were also among the priciest bags we evaluated. We would go so far as to say they are overpriced, given the minimal number you receive for the money.


  • Scented
  • Has large ears


  • Not rolled for distribution
  • Expensive for the quantity received
  • Smaller compared to rivals


ShoppingLion Dog Waste Bags

The ShoppingLion poop bags, available in numbers up to 1,040, should last a long time. We like their incorporation of biodegradable EPI technology. They have a dispenser with a connected carabiner clip, allowing you to hang it from your belt loop or anywhere you like. However, the carabiner was of poor quality and broke the second time we attempted to use it.

The ShoppingLion poop bags did nothing to contain the odor, and by the time you reach home, you can smell the doo-doo. They are also quite difficult to separate, a difficulty that is aggravated by the fact that you can only use one hand to obtain a bag and collect the feces while holding your dog with the other. Even if they are priced decently, we believe there are more affordable alternatives.


  • A dispenser with a carabiner clip is supplied.
  • There are up to 1,040 bags in a pack.
  • Due to EPI technology, they are biodegradable.


  • One can smell feces through the bag.
  • Bags are hard to open.
  • Clip-on dispenser broke


Doggy Do Good Dog Waste Bags

These days, everything is turning green, including dog poop sacks. The Doggy Do Good poop bags take biodegradable waste bags to an entirely new level. They are composed of cornstarch and decompose within 90 days! If you are worried about the impacts of plastic on the environment, this may be a significant benefit.

They are extremely thick and airtight, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality to protect the environment. In addition to being biodegradable, they are certified compostable by ASTM D6400.

While we admire the eco-friendliness of the Doggy Do Good biodegradable poop bags, we believe they are pricey. They are roughly twice as expensive as competitor brands that give double the quantity for the same price.

Other biodegradable bags may not decompose in 90 days, but they still decompose considerably faster than plastic and make more economical sense for us.


  • Certified biodegradable and compostable
  • Containing corn starch


  • Overpriced
  • Small quantity


Pets N Bags Dog Poop Bags

These bags from Pets N Bags are entirely oxo-biodegradable. In addition, they are quite pricey, costing the same as bundles with nearly four times as many bags. However, a dispenser is included with these bags, although it is extremely little and does not offset the price difference. It is composed of fragile plastic, and the very first time we used it, it broke.

The primary issue we have with these bags is that they are just unreliable. The seams are weak, and some of them failed, leaving an unpleasant surprise. Furthermore, the perforations were questionable.

When we pulled the bag from the roll, the bottom split open. Obviously, this rendered it ineffective for rubbish collection. We recommend spending less money on bags with a greater amount and greater reliability.


  • Biodegradable
  • Includes dispenser


  • The dispenser is made of fragile, shattered plastic.
  • Weak seams frequently fail.
  • Perforation tends to tear the bag’s base.


Paws & Pals Poop Bags for Dogs

We had great hopes for the Paws & Pals poop bags, despite the fact that they are a touch pricey for the quantity received. We appreciated the concept of the ocean aroma, but in practice, it did little to mask the garbage stink, as we had hoped.

Conveniently, a dispenser with a carabiner clip is supplied. These bags are also entirely biodegradable, so their use does not contribute to the accumulation of plastic.

You can see immediately that they are thin and fragile once you have them in your hand. They tore too often, whenever they made contact with the ground. This necessitated extreme caution; else, a mess was impending. The absence of holes made it difficult for us to separate the packs. They are second-to-last on our list since they weren’t our favorites.


  • Oceanic odor
  • Biodegradable
  • Includes dispenser


  • Overpriced for the quantity received
  • Perforations are not easily rippable.
  • Too thin and prone to tearing
  • Does not inhibit odor


SHAREWIN Doggie Poop Bags

The SHAREWIN dog poop trash bags come in at the absolute bottom of our ranking since they are inexpensive but not very dependable. Each roll had numerous bags that were unable to separate and had to be discarded. Worse, a number of bags tore down their sides.

This was a letdown for a bag that was billed as being thick and leak-proof. If you mistakenly touch the ground while using the SHAREWIN bags to collect trash, you will have smelly fingers when you return home.

Avoid touching your face throughout the remainder of the stroll! Although we like joking about it, you probably won’t laugh if it actually occurs. Instead, we recommend selecting a set of poop bags that will keep the feces contained and your hands clean.


  • Very inexpensive


  • Certain holes will not separate.
  • Several bags have side tears.
  • Extremely fragile upon contact with the ground.


When you live in a city with your canine companion, you’ll go through a lot of trash bags. The improper choice of dog poop bags might result in an instantaneously regrettable disaster. As a result, our evaluations evaluate as many poop bags on the market as possible to assist you in determining which bags are the best.

Overall, the AmazonBasics dog waste bags were our favorite. They are biodegradable and constructed from polyethylene with an EPI ingredient to eliminate odor. Additionally, a dispenser with a carrying clip is supplied.

We selected the dog poop bags from Earth Rated as the best value due to their exceptional function and inexpensive pricing. They are 100% leak-proof, made from recyclable materials, and even come with a lovely lavender fragrance.

Our premium selection from PET N PET consists of 1,080 heavy-duty and entirely leak-proof bags with the sufficient area at the top to tie a knot. We are confident in suggesting any of the three as they are all fantastic options.

In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best dog poop bags. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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