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The 8 Best Dog Pill Shooters

Getting your dog to swallow a medicine might be a difficult task. Just as you think you have the pill in your dog's mouth, they spit it out into the floor. You know you need to find a solution to get your dog to take his or her medication. But what should you do if your first few tries fail?

A dog pill shooter might be the instrument you need to ultimately achieve success. Pill shooters resemble syringes rather than guns. They contain a tube and a plunger that work together to deliver your dog's medication towards the back of their throat, where it may be ingested more readily.

To assist you in your search for a dog pill shooter, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has identified the best dog pill shooters and offered in-depth helpful evaluations as well as quick-reference pros and drawbacks lists. Check out our buyer's guide for more tips on selecting the best pill shooter for dogs.


The Mikki Pill Gun

Mikki pill pistol is our pick for the finest overall dog pill shooter. With this product, many dogs have successfully taken their medications.

The pill is dropped where you want it using the Mikki pill pistol. To swiftly administer the pill, the plunger operates in a smooth manner.

This dog pill gun securely contains all sizes of pills, including little ones. The soft rubber part that holds the pill will not inadvertently harm your dog’s throat.

This pill shooter for dogs’ long, narrow design helps you to get the pill to the back of your dog’s mouth while keeping your hands away from their teeth. Its thin, transparent look should not frighten your dog and should work effectively on canines of all sizes.

Its length may be uncomfortable for dog owners with tiny hands. We also discovered problems with quality control.


  • There are several examples of successful pill placement.
  • The plunger distributes fluidly and swiftly.
  • All pill sizes are accommodated.
  • Works with dogs of all sizes.
  • To avoid harm, use a soft rubber tip.
  • Long enough to keep your hands safe.
  • The dog’s negative response is reduced by his thin, clear look.


  • Some dog owners may find the length excessively lengthy.
  • Problems with quality control


Pet Pill Gun Vet Worthy 0003-3

Consider the Vet Worthy pet pill pistol as the greatest dog pill shooter for the money. Not only is it the greatest bargain, but we also learnt of several occasions when this product assisted frustrated dog owners in getting their pets to consume their prescription.

This dog pill shooter is a lightweight gadget made of sturdy plastic that fits easily in your palm.

The plunger administers pills and tablets at the base of your dog’s throat with ease. It may dispense numerous tablets at the same time, albeit extremely little pills may tumble out.

This dog pill shooter is best suited to little dogs. Be mindful of how gently you place it in your dog’s mouth. Rough edges on the end might cause discomfort or harm.


  • Best price
  • For the majority of dog owners, it works well.
  • Plastic structure that is long-lasting
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Plunger makes pill dispensing simple.
  • Capable of dispensing numerous tablets
  • Small dogs will appreciate it.


  • Small tablets are ineffective.
  • Larger dogs may not respond as well.
  • Rough edges are possible.


Buster Pet Pill Shooter Kruuse KR273093-1

We chose the Kruuse Buster pet pill shooter as our top pick because of its ergonomic design and efficient implementation. We observed a large number of dog owners who were pleased with the efficiency of this medication.

This dog pill shooter is more expensive, but it includes several useful features, such as finger rings to improve your grasp.

Because of the clear barrel, you can see the green plunger moving and so identify when the pill is administered. This gadget can also distribute liquids.

The piston and rubber plunger interact seamlessly to position the pill in your dog’s mouth. The soft, traditional tip protects your dog’s mouth as you labor to distribute the pill.

However, keep in mind that the silicone component that holds the pill may slip off and be consumed by your dog. This product may also be designed for a single use.


  • High-quality design
  • Pill dispenser that works well
  • Finger rings for better grip
  • Barrels that are transparent
  • Capable of dispensing liquids
  • A soft, traditional tip protects against harm.


  • Significantly more expensive than comparable products
  • A piece of silicone pill holder may come off and be consumed.
  • It might be designed for a single usage only.


Pet Pill Dispenser Four Paws 100202162

With the Four Paws pet pill dispenser’s clear plastic structure, you can confirm that your dog is receiving the correct amount and thoroughly absorbing their pill.

Four Paws says that veterinarians devised and approved this product for your peace of mind. We discovered several cases of it dispensing medicine promptly and effortlessly.

This dog pill shooter’s classic plunger and shaft design fits nicely and easily in the hands of most dog owners. The length is ideal for giving you the most control when inserting the pill into the rear of your dog’s mouth.

It is important to remember that little tablets may slip out of the dispenser tip. Furthermore, the diameter of this device may be too large for little dog breeds.


  • Designed and recommended by a veterinarian
  • Works well with the majority of dogs.
  • To guarantee appropriate dose, use clear plastic.
  • A snug fit in your hand
  • Most dogs prefer this length.


  • Small tablets might fall out.
  • Not appropriate for little dog breeds.


Pill Gun Jorgensen

The rubber tip on the end of the Jorgensen pill pistol protects your dog’s mouth from harm. This dog pill shooter works by inserting even the smallest pills into the dispenser end’s rubber tip.

However, because to variances in the quality of the rubber tip, we ranked this dog pill shooter last on our list. We identified three Jorgensen pill guns with a stiff tip that delayed and hampered pill distribution.

Furthermore, the tip may retain bigger tablets too tightly, leading them to get trapped and unable to be released.

This gadget has a small diameter and a medium length. It is the perfect size for most small to big dogs. The plunger moves rather smoothly. The handle on this dog pill shooter, on the other hand, is thin and may be difficult to use if you have larger hands.


  • Rubber tip for your dog’s protection
  • Ideal for distributing tiny pills
  • Most small to large dogs will find the length and diameter to be adequate.
  • The plunger works smoothly.


  • Rubber tip quality control is inadequate.
  • It is possible that the tablet will not be dispensed fast and smoothly.
  • Larger tablets are not suitable.
  • Larger hands may struggle with a narrow grip.


The Mikki Pill Gun was our top choice for the finest overall dog pill shooter. This device’s plunger distributes fluidly and swiftly. This dog pill shooter holds various sizes of pills and is suitable for a wide range of pets.

To protect your dog’s mouth and throat, the dispenser includes a soft rubber tip. The extended length of this instrument protects your hands from accidental bites. The thin, transparent look of this product decreases the chance of your dog reacting negatively to the pill shooter.

The Vet Worthy 0003-3 Pet Pill Gun came in second place as the greatest value. This dog pill shooter works well for most dog owners and is ideal for tiny dogs.

The robust plastic build of this item is lightweight and comfy. The plunger delivers the tablet conveniently and may administer numerous pills at once.

The Kruuse KR273093-1 Buster Pet Pill Shooter is our top pick for a premium option. This dog pill shooter features a smart design that includes finger rings for enhanced grip, a soft tip to minimize harm, and a clear barrel to guarantee adequate dosing.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our helpful reviews, handy pros and drawbacks lists, and helpful buyer’s guide have assisted you in finding the best dog pill shooters that meet your pup’s needs.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Pill Shooter For Dogs?

You may have queries regarding pill shooters for dogs and their usefulness after reading our evaluations.

We’ll go over numerous crucial elements to consider when choosing the best dog pill shooter for your dog’s requirements, as well as suggestions for proper usage, in our buyer’s guide.

How Do Dog Pill Shooters Function?

A dog pill shooter is a simple gadget that performs a complex task. To use, insert the pill into one end of the plastic tube, slide it into your dog’s mouth, aim at the back of their throat, and “shoot” the pill out.

Hopefully, the pill’s location towards the back leaves your dog with no choice but to ingest it. Success!

With one significant exception, this procedure is similar to giving your dog a medication “by hand.” Instead of thrusting your hand into your dog’s open mouth, insert this plastic gadget.

A dog pill shooter overcomes the problem of keeping your hand out of your dog’s mouth for whatever reason.

Dog Pill Shooter Components

A dog pill shooter has three main pieces that resemble a syringe. The tube or shaft is often transparent and long enough to reach the rear of your dog’s mouth, towards the base of their throat. A grip or finger grasp should be incorporated along the tube’s side.

A soft tip at the far end of the tube is meant to grip the pill. Finally, within the tube is a plunger that you compress to “shoot” or force out the pill from the tip.

Two Methods for Using a Dog Pill Shooter

There are two approaches of putting the pill. Most dog pill shooters need you to insert the pill — or numerous pills in some situations — into the soft plastic or rubber tip.

Certain ones, on the other hand, require you to remove the plunger, insert the pill or pills into the empty tube, and then reinstall the plunger. Both methods are successful, however inserting the pill at the tip is slightly simpler.

Pill-Dispensing Success Tips

Before you use your new dog pill shooter for the first time, take a few precautions.

Tip #1 – Decrease Anxiety

First and foremost, your dog may be on high alert about swallowing their prescription. Approaching your dog with a lengthy, plastic instrument will not help to calm them down.

To avoid your dog running and hiding, arrange the pill shooter away from your dog’s eager gaze. You might want to practice a few “shots” to ensure you’re ready when it matters.

Tip #2: Assume the Proper Position

In contrast to giving your dog a reward that you may toss or hold out in front of them, you’ll need to take a different posture behind your dog. Keep the pill shooter out of sight until you’re ready to use it.

Pet your seated dog’s chest and neck for reassurance from behind. You may wish to offer your dog a reward from this posture to get your dog in the most cooperative mindset.

Tip #3 – Be Swift

When you’re ready to deliver the pill, grab your dog’s snout and open their mouth, much like the “by hand” approach.

Insert the pill shooter as quickly as possible, depress the plunger, remove the pill shooter, and seal your dog’s mouth. To stimulate swallowing, gently rub your dog’s neck downward.

Tip #4 – Give Your Dog a Treat

After your dog has successfully ingested the medication, thank him with a treat and lots of praise. You’ll want to make this process as pleasant as possible so that your dog will be more inclined to take their medication in the future.

What to Think About Before Purchasing a Dog Pill Shooter

Before you buy, you need think about a few things about your dog and the medication you need to give them.

Size Does Matter

The size of your dog and the pill is likely the most important consideration. You must investigate the length and width of the pill shooter’s tube in proportion to the size of your dog’s mouth.

The size of the pill, especially whether it’s extremely little or very large, can have an impact on how effectively the pill shooter functions. Some tips work well with smaller tablets, while others do not, causing the pill to slip out prematurely.

If you intend to deliver numerous tablets at once, the tip must be large enough to accept all of them.

Concerns about safety

Because you’re putting hard plastic into your dog’s mouth, you should inspect both the tip and the tube for rough edges that might cause irritation or harm.

If the tip is separate, be sure it stays firmly in place while you dispense the pill. You don’t want to accidentally fire the tip down your dog’s throat.

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