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The 8 Best Dog Nail File

Similar to people, dogs require a great deal of care and maintenance. Unfortunately, animals cannot do it for themselves, thus it is our responsibility as owners to ensure that they remain in good health. However, nails may be quite frustrating.

Some pet owners fear injuring their pets, while some dogs fear clippers and flies. However, filing is still necessary for your dog's health and comfort.

We wanted to determine which nail files would be the simplest to use, so we experimented with as many as possible. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has combined our findings into the best dog nail file reviews to assist you in navigating the sea of substandard goods and selecting a dog nail file that will meet and surpass your expectations and requirements.


Coastal Pet Dog Nail File

The Coastal Pet Dog Nail File is a simple and cost-effective tool for removing the burrs and edges from your dog’s trimmed nails. The non-slip grip makes the file simple to grasp and manipulate in any posture and avoids its loss.

It has a rounded tip, so your dog will not be injured if it abruptly moves or attempts to bite the tool. Naturally, because it is constructed of stainless steel, this item is extremely sturdy and will not shatter or break if dropped.

We discovered that little pressure was sufficient to remove burrs and level out our dogs’ nails. The file is quite coarse when it is first created, but it appears to lose its coarseness rather rapidly.

After a few weeks, it wasn’t nearly as efficient at filing as it had been when it was brand new, but it was still fully functional. At this price, periodic replacement is not an issue. Overall, we believe this is the finest alternative for filing down your dog’s nails with as little difficulty as possible.


  • The nonslip handle is simple to grasp and manipulate.
  • Reasonably priced
  • A rounded tip protects the dog from injury.
  • Can remove burrs with minimal force


  • Sheds its harshness


Millers Forge Pet Nail File

It is tempting to assume that the Millers Forge pet nail file is too simplistic to be of much value. You would be incorrect. It consists of a single metal piece with grit on one end and a handle on the other. It is also curved to conform to the shape of your dog’s nails, making filing them easier and more comfortable for your pet.

With grit on both sides of the file, it should last a considerable amount of time before getting dull. When this occurs, it is inexpensive to replace.

We observed that this file requires somewhat more force to successfully remove debris from our dog’s nails. It is likely due to the absence of a handle, which provides less leverage.

Also, the grit is not too coarse, but it removes exactly the correct amount of nails with the perfect amount of pressure. Overall, we believe it offers the finest value at such a cheap price, making it the best dog nail file for the money in our opinion.


  • Bargain basement price
  • Rounded to match the nail contour
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • It requires considerable effort to file


Dog Spa Style Glass Nail File

Many dogs are scared by the presence of any form of instrument. Consider the Dog Fashion Spa glass nail file if your canine companion is suffering this issue. We found that dogs were more at ease with this file than with others we tested.

It is transparent because it is made of glass, and it is far gentler on your dog’s nails than metal files. Because it lacks sharp edges, you won’t accidently scratch yourself when using this file to care for your dog’s paws.

The glass used for the Dog Fashion Spa file is much simpler to clean than a metal file. Simply wipe it down and it will be as good as new. It features various textures on each side, coarse on one side and smooth on the other, allowing you to maintain your dog in a variety of ways.

It is a bit more expensive than the other files we evaluated, but we believe the additional benefits it delivers are sufficient to justify the additional cost. Because it is made of glass, our only genuine criticism is that it will shatter if dropped. However, if care is taken, it should have a lengthy service life.


  • Rough and smooth surfaces
  • Not as terrifying to dogs as other equipment.
  • Does not irritate the user
  • Simple to clean


  • Will shatter upon impact


Bona Fide Beauty Dog Nail File

This dog nail file from Bona Fide Beauty is made of transparent glass, making it far less terrifying to dogs than traditional nail files. Additionally, it feels better against their nails, so they are less likely to become frightened when grooming. This file has a flat side, a concave side, and a rounded tip to prevent your dog from inadvertently injuring themselves.

One issue we experienced with the Bona Fide Beauty file is that both sides had the same texture. We believe this was a wasted chance to increase the adaptability of this device. In addition, the grain is not dense enough to be as efficient in removing burrs and smoothing nail edges.

Additionally, you must maintain a firm grip when handling this file. As with any glass object, it is extremely delicate and will shatter upon impact with the floor. It is one of the most costly files we tested, yet its performance was inferior to our top three. This file may rise to a higher rank if it had grain that was more durable and more effective at filing the nail.


  • Does not frighten dogs.
  • Convex and concave sides for more adaptability


  • Same grit on both sides
  • Glass is easily broken.
  • The grain is insufficiently coarse.


HUG THE DOG Glass Nail File

Glass files are gaining popularity among pet owners because dogs react more positively to them than they do to metal files and other instruments. The HUG THE DOG crystal glass nail file by GERmanikure is a great product marred by a few significant defects. We appreciated the attractive leather carrying bag that it comes with.

This case provides additional protection for keeping or transporting this sensitive data. It performed an excellent job smoothing the nails with a few delicate strokes. However, we were concerned about the sharp tip, which poses a threat to your dog, particularly if he or she quickly moves or attempts to bite the file.

The inscriptions on the handle of this specific glass file are an attractive feature. This one is meant to read HUG THE DOG, but we could hardly make out the lettering on the one that was delivered to us. This is rather disappointing for such an expensive file, but after some investigation, we learned that this is a very typical issue with this product.


  • Including leather transport case
  • Excellent at smoothing nails


  • The sharp point might accidently injure your dog.
  • Unable to read the engraved words
  • Easily fractured


Little Blue Dog Dog Nail File

The Little Blue Dog nail file is a glass file that is comparable to a number of the other goods listed on this list. It can effortlessly file nails without using excessive force. Due to its size, however, it is rather difficult to operate with and manage. Particularly for dogs with tiny paws, it will be challenging to maneuver around their nails.

We also observed that the grit on this file rapidly wore away, transforming it from a useful instrument into a smooth piece of glass that no longer removed nails.

Considering this is one of the more costly solutions for filing your dog’s nails, this is very disappointing. Similar to other glass things, this will surely shatter if dropped, hence its durability is questionable. It is at the bottom of our list because we believe it is not the best use of your money.


  • Simple to file nails
  • Doesn’t require much pressure


  • The large size makes it tougher to navigate
  • One of the most costly alternatives
  • Loses its grain fast

Buyer's Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the best nail files on the market, let’s examine what distinguishes them from one another. You may have observed that some of the tested files are made of metal while others are made of glass. Both of these materials may be used to create excellent files, but you should be aware of their inherent benefits and downsides. In this quick buyer’s guide, we will discuss the distinctions between them to help you pick which one is most suitable for your needs.

Glass Files

In recent years, glass files have gained appeal not only for people but also for grooming our dogs. Canines appear to fear glass files less than other tools, presumably because they are transparent and unassuming.

Additionally, the glass feels substantially different when dragged across your dog’s nail. It has a far smoother texture than gritty metal, so it is less likely to irritate your dog.

Glass files do still have certain limitations. They are typically more difficult to grasp than metal files since they lack a handle and have a typically slippery base. Furthermore, they are quite fragile and must be protected.

If dropped while in use, it is prone to shatter. Similarly, it must be stored in a secure, impact-resistant location. Some of them are also rather big, making it difficult to manage, particularly when filing the nails of a tiny paw.


  • Fewer frightening to animals
  • Improves when pulled across the nail.


  • Easily shattered if dropped
  • More difficult to hang on to
  • Frequently too big for little paws

Metal Files

Metal files are more conventional due to their extended availability. They might be very cheap and simple with no frills, or they can have handy features like as rubber handles, non-slip grips, and concave files that conform to your pet’s natural nail curve.

With their extremely coarse texture, metal files are typically more successful than glass files at removing nail material. However, it does not feel as wonderful on your dog’s nails and might be distressing for certain animals. Surprisingly, the coarser grain also tends to deteriorate somewhat more rapidly than glass.

Some elements of a metal file, such as the rubber handle, can significantly enhance the file’s functionality. A sturdy handle with a non-slip grip provides a secure grasp and allows for greater flexibility when using the file.

It also makes it simpler to handle, which makes it more pleasant to use. The greater your comfort with your grooming habits, the more likely you are to continue performing them.


  • Less costly than glass files
  • Can have gripping rubber handles


  • Loses grain faster
  • Not as pleasant on your pet’s nails.
  • More frightening for your pet


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are searching for the most efficient approach to clip our dogs’ nails without frightening them or wasting time or effort. During our quest, we experimented with several dog nail files. You’ve read our comparisons of the best dog nail file on the market, but we’ll outline our suggestions again so you don’t forget. The Coastal Pet dog nail file with its stainless steel file and non-slip rubber grip was our best overall. It was simple to operate and manipulate, removed burrs with minimum force, and was reasonably priced.

At such a dirt-cheap price, it’s difficult to find a better bargain than the second-place Millers Forge pet nail file. It is a no-frills tool that is designed tough and long-lasting with reliable performance, making it simple to file down the nails on the paws of any pet. The Dog Fashion Spa Glass Nail File is our premium choice selection, while it is a bit more pricey. It is less scary and doesn’t frighten the dogs as much as other tools, is simple to clean, and has rough and smooth textures on opposing sides for maximum adaptability.

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