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The 12 Best Dog Leashes For Pitbulls

While pit bulls are terrific dogs, they can wreak havoc on leashes, leading them to fray prematurely or break at inconvenient times, making it quite a task to select the proper one for your pet.

Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has examined some of the most popular models on the market today, and in the reviews that follow, we'll tell you which ones are the best dog leashes for Pitbulls. We considered a variety of characteristics, including durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

After all, they are loving, misunderstood dogs, but they're also quite powerful and obstinate, so you'll need a leash that can keep up.


ECO-FRIENDLY leash01 Pet Leash

The ECO-CLEAN leash01 is constructed of extra-thick nylon and features two distinct handles, allowing you to rapidly seize control of your dog if things get out of hand.

One handle is at the end of the leash while the other is in the middle, allowing you to bring your dog closer without having to release your grip. Nonetheless, a small amount of stooping is required to obtain the intermediate grasp.

The luminous stitching on each side of the neoprene-padded grips allows you to walk your dog at night without being invisible to passing motorists.

The ECO-CLEAN inspires confidence that you can rapidly lead your dog out of a tight location if necessary. Add to it the fact that it is comfortable, noticeable at night, and thicker than many other nylon leashes, and it’s a no-brainer for the top rank. We believe this is the greatest pitbull leash currently available on the market.


  • Two grips for enhanced dog handling
  • Made of really thick nylon
  • Reflective stitching for usage at night
  • Comfortable neoprene-padded handles
  • Provides assurance to owners of anxious dogs


  • Grasping the bottom handle involves difficulty bending over.


The PetSafe Nylon Dog Collar

The PetSafe LSH-1-X-6-BLK is available in a range of widths, allowing you to choose a thicker leash if your dog is a puller or save money on material if he or she is more laid-back. It also allows you to express yourself since it is available in a variety of colors.

This is a simple, no-frills leash, but it’s highly sturdy and does the job for a fantastic price, so we consider it to be the finest dog leash for pit bulls.

The LSH-1-X-6-BLK isn’t likely to break while walking, but that doesn’t imply you should leave it on the floor, as a persistent chewer can wear it down in a few days. However, this is hardly the leash’s fault, therefore we feel justified in placing it in second place.


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Available in a variety of widths
  • Numerous hues to pick from
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Not likely to break mid-walk


  • Can be eaten through if not included.
  • Very simple design


Heavy-Duty PetsLovers Dog Leash

The PetsLovers Leash-0000 Heavy-Duty is costlier than the two preceding versions, but it is definitely worth the additional cost.

It is manufactured with a double layer of nylon, making it very durable, and it may assist control-pulling dogs (like, oh, every pit bull ever). It will also withstand some nibbling if unintentionally left out. Despite its sturdy construction, it is surprisingly pleasant on the hands.

While the actual leash is sturdier and more robust than many other nylon variants, the Leash-0000’s clasp is unremarkable. This makes it rather vulnerable, especially if your dog is accustomed to pulling.

However, only the most devoted pit bulls should pose such a threat, and their owners should focus more on training than purchasing a thicker leash. Nonetheless, this deficiency is sufficient to place it behind ECO-CLEAN and PetSafe in these rankings.


  • Dual-layer nylon construction
  • Comfortable handle
  • Can withstand some chewing
  • The material will not break when pulled.


  • Rather costly
  • Clasp is not robust


Bolux Anna208 Dog Leash

The Bolux Anna208, like the ECO-CLEAN, has two handles, with the second one located near the clasp. However, the Anna208 is an entire foot shorter than our top selection, which might make things hard for taller users.

The stitching is durable and luminous, and we’re also great admirers of the two-inch thick steel clasp. Despite all of this durability, the pricing is rather inexpensive.

It comes with a bag holder, but it’s made of thin plastic, so you may find yourself attaching bags directly to the leash instead. Aside from that, the Anna208 is a touch harsh on the hands, which is our primary complaint. That is a modest amount to pay for security, but you won’t have to pay it for the models that follow.


  • Two handles for enhanced management
  • Relatively affordable
  • Reflective, robust stitching
  • Includes bag holder


  • Five feet in length
  • Hard on the hands
  • The bag holder isn’t durable


Heavy Duty leash from Paw Lifestyles

As its name implies, the Paw Lifestyles is able to withstand a considerable amount of abuse. It is constructed of tightly-webbed nylon, and at three millimeters in width, it is not likely to fall apart just because your pit bull was in a rush to start walking.

It is weatherproof, giving you one less reason to skip your noon walk. A clicker or treat bag may be hung from the D-ring near the handle.

The clasp on the Paw Lifestyles might be difficult to open, making attachment a bit of a hassle. It will not last long if your dog chews on it, and the reflective stitching is not particularly visible.


  • Made from dense nylon
  • Weather-resistant
  • Convenient D-ring close to the grip


  • Clasp is challenging to open
  • Not recommended for heavy chewers
  • Reflective stitching is not particularly brilliant.


The Primal Pet Gear TP111R Pet Collar

The eight-foot length of the Primal Pet Gear TP111R double-handled dog leash gives you more control over your pet.

The thumb-release knob slips open with little effort, making attachment in a hurry simple. A one-year guarantee is included in the event of a malfunction, notwithstanding the product’s high level of resilience.

When using the rear handle, the leash might sag, making the front handle a tripping hazard. This is the most significant problem with the TP111R. (not to mention letting it drag through mud). In addition, it may be excessively hefty for tiny dogs. Our leash’s adaptability is commendable, but a few quirks need to be sorted out before it can climb higher on this list.


  • Generous length
  • One-year limited warranty
  • The thumb-release knob is simple to use.


  • Extremely massive
  • Sags in middle
  • Gets soiled quickly
  • Not suitable for little dogs


BAAPET 01 Durable Dog Collar

The BAAPET 01 Strong is constructed of half-inch rock-climbing rope, making it difficult for even the strongest pittie to break. The rope has some elasticity, so leave yourself plenty of space while approaching others.

Its big handle makes it a great alternative for owners who wish to exercise with their dogs. However, some users will find it difficult to handle comfortably due to the thickness of the grip, especially if their hands are moist. Oh, and heavy chewers are drawn to it like a magnet, so don’t leave it out.

The BAAPET 01 is durable and a wonderful alternative to traditional nylon, although it is probably best for elderly dogs or those with a low activity level.


  • Durable climbing rope construction
  • Good for jogging


  • Stretchiness might hinder dog control.
  • Chewing can deteriorate the handle
  • Hands get sticky when they perspire.
  • Could be too large for certain owners’ comfort


SparklyPets L004 Bungee Rope Collar

The SparklyPets L004 comes with a bungee extension that allows you to offer your dog a bit extra space to roam while also cushioning any jolts that a strong puller may deliver.

Obviously, you may not want that additional slack if your dog is aggressive and the bungee loses elasticity rapidly. It may also promote tugging because it requires your dog to use more effort to go where he wants to go.

The L004 has a carrying case, which is a pleasant but largely unnecessary accessory. We didn’t find much use for it, but you might; nonetheless, given that this is a pricey leash altogether, we doubt that any usage you discover would justify the additional cost.


  • Contains a bungee extension
  • Includes carrying bag


  • Rapidly, the bungee loses its elasticity
  • Not ideal for aggressive puppies
  • Might stimulate pulling
  • The included bag is of little use.
  • Costly relative to alternative choices


Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash

The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof is ideal for owners who are weary of discovering shreds of leash on the floor, but its value is limited beyond that.

It is composed of unsightly steel-braided cable, making it difficult for your dog to chew. However, the handle is made of standard nylon, and if your dog shreds it, the leash is rendered worthless. In addition, there is an aluminum ferrule near the handle that might irritate your hands.

This leash is completely rigid, which might increase the danger of harm if your dog pulls. The Mighty Paw is undoubtedly chew-proof, but saving money on leashes is nothing if you have to pay for a pricey vet visit.


  • Steel-braided cable-made
  • Chew-proof construction


  • The handle can still be ruined
  • Metal near grip digs into hands
  • Can increase injury risk
  • Not favorable for pullers
  • Not appealing


CtopoGo Steel Dog Collar

The CtopoGo Metal is constructed from the argon-welded chain with a faux-leather grip. The aggressive design will likely cause folks to be even more scared of your pit bull than they already are.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient location to grasp it if you urgently need to restrict your dog. It is only as strong as its weakest connection, so if any link breaks, the entire leash becomes a costly piece of waste.

As the metal might corrode over time, it is not the ideal choice for a stroll in inclement weather. In fact, you should avoid using the CtopoGo after it has rained, as it is so heavy that it tends to drag through puddles. At that point, you’ll likely need a second leash anyway, so you may as well get one of the more adaptable types listed above.


  • Made of steel welded with argon


  • Rusts when it rains
  • Contributes to the unfavorable image of pit bulls
  • No convenient location to grasp in an emergency
  • Soots the ground
  • Ineffective if links break


Whether your Pitbull is an aggressive puller or a relaxed stroller, the ECO-CLEAN leash01 will give you a safe and enjoyable walk; it is our top recommendation for the Pitbull dog leash. The two handles provide you with complete control over your dog, and the fluorescent nylon stitching keeps you safe during evening walks.

The PetSafe LSH-1-X-6-BLK was a close second on our list of the best leashes for Pitbulls. It is sturdy and long-lasting, with several width options and an unbeatable price. However, the increased adaptability of the ECO-CLEAN pushed it to the top of our list (although you won’t likely regret purchasing the PetSafe).

The purchase of a leash for a pit bull can be a frustrating experience, but BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope these reviews about the best dog leashes for Pitbulls have made your selection simpler. Many of the aforementioned solutions are sturdy, and appealing, and will make your next walk as stress-free as possible; but, you should still pray that your dog doesn’t notice any squirrels.

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