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The 10 Best Dog Leash Holders & Hooks

Your dog's leash plays a significant role in your daily life. But what do you do when you are not out walking your dog? On the one hand, you want their leash to be within reach at all times, since you never know when you'll need it. On the other hand, no one like seeing their dog's leash lying on the ground, on a table, or hanging from a doorknob.

Designating a location for your dog's leash is a simple activity that may have a significant impact on your home's organization! Additionally, when you have a designated location for your leash to hang, it is nearly difficult to lose it when you need it the most.

Choosing the ideal dog leash holder for you will depend heavily on your home's decor. While certain leash hooks may look fantastic in a given property, others may not. To get you started, however, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed some of the most popular and fashionable leash hangers now available on the market.

Now, let's pick the best dog leash holders & hooks for your dog.


Franklin Paw Print Brass Dog Leash Hook

Contrary to popular belief, not all leash holders and hooks are created equal. The Franklin Brass FBPAWHK-SN-C Paw Print Wall Hook is our top selection today. This satin nickel-finished metal hook complements a variety of interior design styles.

This leash holder can support up to 35 pounds when hung from a stud or other wooden item. While your dog’s leash will likely not weigh anywhere like that much, this means you may also use the hook for coats, bags, umbrellas, and other items. The adorable paw print symbol is also a nice touch.

This leash hook is fairly robust and substantial. Before making a purchase, check the item’s dimensions.


  • Modern satin nickel finish
  • Supports up to 35 lbs
  • Versatile and charming design
  • Robustly constructed


  • Might be larger than anticipated


DEI Wall Rack Dog Leash Holder

If utility is more important than aesthetics, you may be interested in locating the most cost-effective dog leash holders and hooks. In that case, we recommend the DEI 53903 Wall Rack Leash Holder. This hanger comes in black, white, or silver and contains three hooks fashioned like bones.

This leash holder’s various hooks make it an excellent choice for multi-dog households seeking a bit extra order. The adorable bone pattern is around 9 inches across and includes the necessary hanging hardware.

While this hanger is exceedingly lightweight, it is also quite flexible. It can withstand the weight of a regular leash, but the hooks cannot withstand the weight of something significantly heavier.


  • Cute, unusual design
  • Three unique hooks
  • Available in many colors
  • Lightweight and simple to suspend


  • Hooks cannot hold significant weight


Michael’s Metal Art Dog Snap Hook

The Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook is highly recommended for dog owners who enjoy supporting local companies while also investing in a product they require. This 17-inch wide handcrafted leash hanging contains six little hooks.

In addition to its handcrafted quality, this leash holder’s most appealing feature is its lovely design. The satin-black and glossy-red finish of the solid steel design complements most current decors. Since the finish is powder-coated, you need not worry about unsightly chips developing over time.

With so many hooks, there is plenty of room to hang many leashes and other accessories. However, this hanger may be too large for owners seeking a straightforward leash holder.


  • Made by hand in the United States
  • Solidly constructed of steel
  • Contains six hooks.
  • Great for multi-dog households


  • Not the optimal choice for a dedicated leash hook


CoolPlus Wall Dog Leash Holder

There are several ornamental hooks with dog-inspired artwork, phrases, and images. However, what if you desire something a bit more subtle? The CoolPlus Bear-7Wall Mounted Dog Leash Holder is ideal for cabin-inspired homes that require a functional location to hang a leash.

When mounted into a stud or other solid wood item, this hanger can support up to 35 pounds. The overall width of the hanger is 9 inches, and it has four separate hooks for various leashes or other daily requirements. This is a fantastic compromise if you want a leash holder that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

The hooks on this hanger may be too thin to accept heavier leashes for owners of large dogs. Additionally, the offered installation hardware is too tiny for proper attachment, so you may need to purchase additional screws. Lastly, the surface can be readily scratched.


  • Elegant and beautiful design
  • Contains four hooks.
  • Also available in alternate styles
  • Supports up to 35 lbs


  • Certain leashes have too-small hooks.
  • Too little hardware is included.
  • Liable to scrape


The Metal Peddler Pet Collar Clip

Do you own a spirited Dachshund, or do you know someone who does? The Metal Peddler KR-Dach-SM Leash Holder is the ideal personal investment or considerate present if this is the case. This hanger is constructed of powder-coated steel and is rust-resistant.

There are five hooks for hanging leashes and other accessories, and you can select between two widths, either 6 inches or 9 inches broad. The magnetic steel allows you to attach to-do lists and other objects to the hanger.

Depending on the size ordered, the hooks may be too tiny and/or too light for various household objects (including most leashes).


  • An unusual gift suggestion for Dachshund owner
  • With magnetic steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Two sizes


  • The lightweight design may bend
  • fewer than anticipated
  • Large sizes must be ordered for leashes.


Ikea BÄSTIS Pet Leash Tail Hanger

We have the perfect leash holder for you if you’re not scared to decorate your home with odd, amusing items. The Ikea BSTIS Dog Tail Pet Leash Hanger set features six distinct colors of this one-of-a-kind leash hanger that is certain to spark attention wherever you decide to place it.

Each leash hanger is constructed of rubber instead of metal or hard plastic. This design can assist prevent shoulder bruising caused by regular wall hooks. Because these hangers are completely separate from one another, you may use a single set to install leash hooks at every entry to your home, garage, and wherever.

Obviously, these adorable leash hooks will not appeal to every individual’s sense of style. In addition, no installation hardware is included, therefore you will likely need to visit a hardware store.


  • Attractive and practical home decor
  • Made of flexible rubber
  • Can be shown anywhere


  • Exclusively available as a set
  • No installation hardware included
  • Too eccentric for certain households.


Highland Ridge Paw Print Dog Leash Holder

The Paw Print Leash Holder by Highland Ridge Rustics is a single hook that looks wonderful in virtually any place in the home. The structure is robust enough to hold numerous hefty leashes without difficulty.

The 1-inch distance between this hook and the wall makes it possible to hang many leashes, despite the fact that this hook is theoretically only intended for one item. This hook’s construction from 16-gauge steel makes it resistant to bending under the weight of a leash or other objects.

This leash holder is made of unfinished metal, thus it will rust rapidly if exposed to the outdoors. Not only should this hanger only be installed inside, but it should also be kept free from excess moisture.


  • Simple and elegant style
  • Sufficient room to hang many leashes
  • Steel frame structure


  • Only appropriate for indoor use
  • Multiple leashes may become entangled
  • Variations in dimensions and hue
  • Stability requires careful installation


G3 Studios Pet Harness Holder

The G3 Studios Leash Holder is another rustic hook, but this one is constructed more robustly. This handcrafted leash holder is comprised of a double hook affixed to a solid wood block with a paw print cutout.

This 7.75-inch tall leash hanger may accommodate two leashes or other things. The dual hook also makes it simple to tuck away your dog’s leash until you need it again.

Because this leash holder is handcrafted, it is more costly than many other alternatives. The wooden block is also rather smaller than anticipated. Overall, this hook is optimal for indoor application.


  • Made by hand in the United States
  • Dual-hook design


  • Optimal for indoor usage
  • Among the heaviest
  • Fewer than anticipated
  • More costly than others


If you’re looking for a specialized dog leash hook that will make it simpler to keep your home tidy, there are several excellent solutions available.

The Franklin Brass FBPAWHK-SN-C Paw Print Wall Hook is our top selection. This leash holder is constructed from satin nickel and can support up to 35 pounds. It is sturdily constructed and provides the ideal spot to put your dog’s leash or other items.

The DEI 53903 Wall Rack Leash Holder is our top budget-friendly recommendation. This leash holder has three separate hooks and a variety of color possibilities. Overall, it is portable, adaptable, and simple to set up.

If you are willing to invest a little extra to support a handcrafted business, we recommend the Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook. This unique leash holder is handcrafted in the United States and contains six hooks. The sturdy steel structure can accommodate many dog leashes simultaneously.

If you’re weary of searching for your dog’s leash or discovering it tangled on the floor, you have several choices available. Regardless of your current interior design, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope our evaluations have helped you locate the best dog leash holders & hooks for your animal companion.

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