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The 8 Best Dog Houses For Large Dogs

If your dog lives or spends significant time outdoors, a dog house is an absolute must.

These goods are meant to keep your dog secure and comfortable, protecting them from the weather and offering them a protected space to call their own.

It’s crucial to buy the perfect dog house to match your dog’s demands, however, and it may be hard to locate a strong dog house that is acceptable for a big or extra-large dog.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) evaluations will cover some of the best dog houses for large dogs available on the market.


Aspen Pet Petbarn 3 Plastic Dog House

Aspen Pet Petbarn 3 Plastic Dog Housing is the most cost-effective dog house for your huge dog.

This plastic dog home has an expanded ring above the entrance to improve its resistance to the elements, particularly rain and snow.

The elevated inside floor will keep your dog dry even if water enters the home. The back vents improve ventilation, assuring adequate circulation and minimal odors, even in hot weather.

Due to the fact that this dog home is constructed of plastic, it will not deteriorate while exposed to the weather, assuring its longevity. It is simple to assemble and does not need any tools.

This doghouse lacks dog flaps, therefore it does not provide enough protection from rain and snow. It may be ideal to position this doghouse behind a deck or a tree, which may help decrease exposure to the weather.


  • Best value
  • Extended rim over door
  • Elevated interior flooring
  • Rear vents augment airflow
  • No tools needed for assembly


  • No dog flaps

Dog Palace Insulated Heated Canine Habitat

The Dog Palace Insulated Heated Dog House is an excellent choice for canines that reside or spend time outside in a chilly climate.

This insulated dog home has a central heater that is operated by a remote and digital thermostat, enabling you to keep your dog warm with ease.

Not only is it insulated against the cold, but the insulation may also assist keep your dog cool throughout the summer. It has an elevated floor with a drainage system to keep your dog dry.

The double-hinged swinging doors provide insulation, however they may be removed if needed. Due to the heavy plastic construction of the included doors, some dogs may feel uneasy entering this dog home with the doors in place.

According to several owners, their dogs take considerable time and training to adjust to this doghouse. It is also sold at a premium price.


  • Completely insulated dog home
  • Include thermostat and remote control for the central heating
  • Can assist in maintaining cool temperatures during warm weather
  • Elevated flooring with drainage
  • Optional double-hinged swinging doors are included


  • Some dogs may be reluctant to utilize this doghouse if the doors are closed.
  • Premium price

Midwestern Eillo Wooden Folding Dog House

Because it can be collapsible, the MidWest Eillo Folding Wood Dog House is a good alternative if you want a more compact dog house. It requires no assembly and may be put up simply by unfolding.

The adjustable legs provide stability on a variety of surfaces. It is protected from the elements with water-resistant stained wood, stainless steel fasteners, and asphalt shingles. The elevated base keeps your dog dry and improves ventilation.

This doghouse is only suitable for dogs weighing up to 80 pounds. dogs weighing more than this may cause the elevated bottom to shatter.

Some individuals have experienced water entering below the shingles, causing the wood underneath to deteriorate; thus, it may be essential to apply additional weatherproofing to the roof.


  • Collapsible
  • No assembly required
  • Adjustable legs provide stability
  • Durable and water repellent
  • Elevated base improves ventilation


  • Not advised for dogs weighing more than 80 pounds
  • The roof could need extra weatherproofing.

Modern Pet ecoFLEX Bunk-Style Dog House

The New Age Pet ecoFLEX Bunk Style Dog Housing is the most suitable dog house for really big canines. This doghouse is meant to be painted if desired, and needs no tools for construction.

It is an eco-friendly product produced from ecoFLEX, which is an impervious blend of reclaimed wood and plastic polymer. It is simple to clean and features a raised base to promote ventilation.

Although no tools are necessary, it may be best to have two persons present to build this dog housing. Additionally, the directions may be unclear, making this a time-consuming job.

Assemble and transport this dog house with care, since some of the components may be brittle.


  • Best choice for extra-large dogs
  • Assembly requires no tools
  • Designed for painting
  • Ecofriendly and low-maintenance materials
  • Elevated base improves ventilation


  • May take two individuals to construct.
  • Instructions might be unclear.
  • Fragile pieces should be handled with caution.

TRIXIE Traditional Wooden Dog Crate

Cleaning the Trixie Classic Wooden Dog House is a breeze. The floor is detachable and the roof opens up and remains open with locking arms.

In addition, the roof is composed of asphalt that has been coated to protect your dog from rain, sun, and snow. The treated weatherproof solid wood will survive the elements for years.

Inside, your dog will have plenty space to stretch out, and the raised floor will give additional air circulation during the summer and cold protection during the winter.

This extra-large dog home features an extra-large entrance so that your dog will not need to stoop to enter. In addition, the adjustable plastic feet will keep this home level regardless of how uneven your yard is.


  • With a detachable floor and open roof, it is simple to clean.
  • Asbestos roof for protection against the elements
  • Treated pine is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Adjustable height for sloping surfaces


  • Plastic flaps on the door are not included

Starplast Canine Home

The Starplast Dog House is built out of heavy-duty UV-resistant polypropylene plastic, making it totally rustproof, waterproof, and sunproof.

In the summer, your dog will be as cool as a cucumber, and in the winter, as toasty as a marshmallow. Also, it is really affordable so you are saving money too.

In addition, the extra-large entrance improves air circulation, preventing your dog from being overheated or chilled regardless of the climate.

Additionally, it is lightweight, allowing you to move it as required and even turn it over to spray it out if necessary. No tools are required for assembly, and the roof is removable for simple access to the inside.


  • Very inexpensive and the cheapest on our list
  • UV resistant poly plastic protects your fur baby from the sun and heat
  • Extra-large door permits enough airflow for ventilation.
  • It is simple to put together, transport, and clean.


  • It does not rise
  • There is no insulation

ecoFLEX Lodge-Style Rustic Dog House

The Ecoflex Rustic Lodge Style Dog Housing is the ultimate pup house for your dog.

It is insulated to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter, and the unique eco flex wood polymer is three times as robust as wood or plastic alone. It is 100% non-toxic and will not absorb moisture.

It is also simple to assemble without the need for equipment and may be painted if desired. The roof is also level enough for your pup to enjoy some sunbathing on top.

It is highly robust and sturdy, accommodating pets weighing up to 200 pounds. And with such a lengthy guarantee, you may feel confident purchasing this dog housing.


  • Unique eco flex plastic wood-polymer is more durable and superior to wood or plastic.
  • You need not be concerned about warping, breaking, or splitting.
  • The very sturdy structure supports up to 200 pounds.


  • No windows

Suncast Dog House with a Door

The Suncast Outdoor Dog House is constructed from a durable plastic resin to endure your dog for years. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also UV resistant, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion and mildew.

It is not raised, but the floor is topped to resist water. The entrance flap enables your dog to enter and exit without letting in heat or cold and even prevents rain from entering.

It is very simple to assemble, with just a few components that snap together without the need for tools. The size is ideal for large breeds, since it has enough inside capacity and can accommodate up to 100 pounds.

With the detachable roof, cleanup is a snap. Additionally, it is created in the United States and may be personalized with your dog’s name.


  • It is built of thick sturdy plastic resin that is light enough to travel yet robust enough to endure
  • The door flaps block out the rain and other elements
  • Simple assembly without tools
  • Includes letters to customize the front


  • It does not rise

Buyer's Guide

The most crucial considerations when choosing a dog home are whether or not it is the correct size for your dog and whether or not your dog will utilize it.

Some dogs may be rather particular about their doghouse, while others may be reluctant to enter an enclosed enclosure without windows or a huge entrance. If the dog house you choose is too little for your dog to use comfortably, they will not try to use it.

Additionally, you should examine the environment where the dog home will be located. Consider purchasing a dog home with a sloping, extended roof if it will be exposed to direct sunlight without overhead protection. Under a covering, you will be less concerned about a roof that prevents moisture from entering the dog home.

Another significant aspect is your intended look. There are several dog house designs available, so there is something for every backyard that will not distract from its look. Additionally, consider what your comfortable budget is. Large dog homes may be pricey, even for the cheapest versions.


1. How do you waterproof a dog house?

That depends on how engaged you want to go with the process. If you are handy, you might try roofing your dog home with tar paper and shingles and then applying vinyl siding.

A quicker and simpler alternative would be to simply apply liquid and spray sealant to the top and sides of the dog home. You will need to perform this frequently (i.e., once a year throughout the summer) to make sure the home is prepared for fall and winter.

2. Do dog homes keep dogs cool?

They do if they are well-ventilated and equipped with an air conditioner or fan, as certain regions need.

3. What is the greatest dog housing for cold weather?

The ideal XL dog home for cold weather is one that is well-insulated and heated for comfort.

4. How can I keep my dog’s kennel warm throughout the cold months?

You may purchase a heated pad to place at the bottom of your huge dog’s kennel (but only if he will not damage it; if he does, it poses an electrical danger). If there is adequate headroom, another option is to install an incandescent light bulb.

If the dog housing you purchased lacks insulation, add some. Do you see any cracks or holes in your home? Cover or fill them. Also, ensure that the dog home is situated in a wind-sheltered area.

5. Will an igloo dog home keep my dog warm?

The igloo form of a dog housing is effective at trapping heat inside the structure. In some places, this may suffice. In certain cases, further heating may be necessary.

6. What temperature range can dogs tolerate?

Safe summer temperatures vary based on humidity levels. For instance, a dog left outside in a dry environment may be OK in temperatures of 85 degrees, providing he has access to shade and drink. However, a dog in a location with high humidity and the same temperature may be at risk for heatstroke.

What about chilly temperatures? In general, cold temperatures should not pose a problem for the majority of dogs until they drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, at which time cold-averse dogs may experience discomfort.

When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, owners of tiny breed dogs, dogs with thin coats, and/or extremely young, elderly, or ill dogs should pay particular attention to the health of their pets.

When temperatures go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, all owners must be aware that their dogs may be at risk for developing hypothermia and frostbite.

In addition, wetness, cloud cover, and wind chill may exacerbate the dangers of chilly weather. Both sites note that your dog’s temperature tolerance might vary according on breed, coat, size, age, health, weight, conditioning, and other factors. Always err on the side of caution and estimate what your dog can endure conservatively.


If you have a large dog that requires a dog house, BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best dog houses for large dogs might be a fantastic way to locate one that fits your style, your dog’s size and tastes, and your budget.

The best dog home for large dogs is the Starplast Large Dog Outdoor Plastic Pet House, which is constructed from durable materials and coloured wood.

The most affordable option is the Aspen Pet Petbarn 3 Plastic Dog House, which is durable and includes a raised inside floor to keep your dog dry. The Dog Palace Insulated Heated Dog Housing is the best option for a luxury dog house, particularly during cold weather.

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