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The 12 Best Dog Harnesses To Support Back Legs

Ageing is an inevitable aspect of existence. Eventually, we will have to adjust to the aging of our closest furry companions. Common ailments that affect dogs make it very difficult for them to get around comfortably once they reach a certain age or level of illness. As their guardians and closest companions, we must assist in making their time as pleasant as possible. Consequently, dog support harnesses enable you to support your dog's hind legs, allowing them to move without discomfort and continue to enjoy their time with you. To assist you in finding the best dog harnesses to support back legs, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews comparing our favorites. After reading them, you'll have a good idea of which harness will allow you to help your pet live a comfortable life.
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HandicappedPets Dog Suspension Harness

 Support Sling Dog Harness for Full Body Support

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HandicappedPets Dog Assistance The Sling Harness is a carrier designed to assist you with your dog. It allows you to carry a portion of your dog’s weight and alleviate the strain on his joints without having to carry his complete body weight.

It is quite easy to use. Unroll the sling and wrap it around the dog’s midsection. The Velcro closure may then be secured for greater support and security. Once the sling has been secured, it may be adjusted, and you are ready to go.

You may use the sling to support a portion of your dog’s weight, and if the activity becomes too strenuous, you can pick him up and carry his entire weight for the remainder of the walk.

The sling is constructed from denim to prevent wrinkling and is lined with fleece for additional cushioning and comfort.

It is available in sizes big and extra-large, and its simplicity and affordability make it the greatest dog harness for supporting the rear legs since it provides your dog movement without immobilizing you.


  • Denim does not wrinkle or fold.
  • Good value
  • Can support some or all of their weight.


  • Dogs can escape if the door is not securely shut.


 Pet Friendz Dog Lift Harness for Rear Legs

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The Pet Friendz dog lifting harness is the most cost-effective dog harness for supporting the hind legs. With only two sizes available, this harness accommodates dogs weighing between 20 and 90 pounds.

The design is among the simplest to use, as you simply wrap it beneath your dog while gripping the two handles at the top. There is nothing to attach, and there are no holes for their legs to pass through; it is incredibly simple and quick.

This harness is created from a material that is soft and comfy for your dog, so you never have to worry about it harming them.

However, all of the pressure is administered to a single spot on your dog’s belly, as opposed to being distributed evenly throughout their whole underbelly.

Fortunately, this pad is sufficiently broad to spread some of the pressure, and for the price, it’s still an excellent alternative. If the pressure was more evenly distributed, we might see this harness reaching the top spot.

However, we found the COODEO harness to be more comfortable for our animal companions.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Two sizes for simple selecting


  • The pressure is concentrated in a single region.


 GINGERLEAD Dog Sling Support Harness

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As our top pick, the GingerLead GL-LF dog support harness is a bit more expensive, but we believe it’s a great investment. This harness features extremely accurate sizing to ensure that it fits your dog properly, even distinguishing between male and female sizes.

This may make it more challenging to find the right size, but once you do, it is one of the most comfortable solutions for your dog. It comes with an integrated leash for comfort and control, but it can be switched out for a chest harness if you want.

The GingerLead support harness was incredibly simple to use and took few seconds to put around the dog. It was thick and cozy, and we never feared for our comfort.

Since the GingerLead’s size is so unique, we recommend selecting a separate harness if you intend to use it on many dogs. However, its overall quality and comfort are difficult to surpass, which is why we rank it third on our list and suggest it as our top pick.


  • Well-cushioned for the canine’s comfort.
  • Compatible with chest harness
  • Integrated control leash
  • Simple to put on


  • Highly costly
  • Specific sizing


Labra Veterinarian Approved Dog Canine K9 Sling Lift with Adjustable Straps

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Immediately, we appreciated the Labra sling’s larger design compared to the majority of other harnesses, which concentrated pressure in a relatively limited region.

Even though the Labra sling distributes pressure more evenly, it is still a basic wrap-around design that does not require your dog’s legs to be threaded through holes. It is simple to put on and operate, and sizing it is very straightforward.

Even though it was simple to use, we experienced issues with it sliding out of place. During testing, it tended to bunch up significantly around the dog’s hind legs. Typically, these sorts of harnesses are used to aid a dog with eliminating.

Unfortunately, when gathered around the dog’s hind legs, this pad restricts the animal’s ability to urinate correctly, resulting in a wet sling.

This harness’s inexpensive pricing is a plus, but similar-priced alternatives do not have the same issue. The Labra sling still gets a respectable position on this list for comfort and use, but falls short of our top three.


  • Simple design
  • Easy sizing


  • A great deal of clumping and urination.
  • Slides easily out of position

Love Pets Love

 LovePets Harness Lift Harness for Canine Support Aid

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This support harness from Love Pets Love  is one of the cheapest solutions we examined, so it will appeal to a large number of individuals for this reason alone. With only two sizes available, it is simple to choose the perfect size for your dog.

As soon as we received it, we saw that it may be rolled into a little, buttoned-shut box for storage or transit. This is a lovely touch that we enjoyed, but it does not change the harness’ functionality.

Upon putting the Love Pets Love harness on a dog, we saw why it was so inexpensive. It lacks the padding of many of its competitors, making it less comfy for your furry friend.

In addition, this harness like to slide all over the place, never wanting to remain in one position. The harness continually gathered around the rear legs of every dog on which we utilized it.

In addition, this harness is not suitable for huge dogs. Large dog owners will need to search elsewhere, since it is insufficiently durable and capacious to suit them.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy sizing


  • Does not remain placed
  • Collapses around the rear legs
  • Unsuitable for the larger dogs


 LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling for Back Legs

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The LOOBANI dog sling support harness comes in three sizes to accommodate dogs of different sizes, making it simple to choose the correct one for your pet. The three sizes of this harness accommodate dogs weighing between 4 and 200 pounds.

Based on our tests, we discovered that this amount is inflated, as ours broke carrying a dog that weighed less than 100 pounds. Despite the fact that it has been used several times before, it loses a significant number of points for the failure.

This harness was narrower than others we examined. We recommend choosing the broadest one for your dog’s comfort, since it will distribute pressure across a broader area.

When lifting someone with a harness of this size, they may have precocious urination as a result of the pressure exerted directly on their bladder.


  • Three sizes accommodate all canines.
  • For dogs between 4 and 200 pounds


  • Insufficient width for comfort
  • Not as durable as represented
  • Can cause premature urination


 PetSafe CareLift Rear Support Harness

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We thought that the innovative design of the PetSafe Solvit CareLift harness would set it apart from the competitors in terms of performance.

It was immediately apparent that it was quite hefty, easily being many times as heavy as other harnesses we tried. For dogs with limited mobility, this harness may be worn all day without causing any problems.

This harness slips off quite readily when used on a dog with independent movement if you are not holding the handle.

In addition, we felt that it was not sufficiently cushioned for our dog’s comfort, despite the fact that the design exerted less pressure on critical regions than the majority of sling designs we evaluated.

Overall, it needs some improvement to go up this list, but if it were more padded and remained on better, we believe it might win a place in the top three.


  • Can be left on continuously


  • Insufficient padding
  • Does not adhere very well.
  • heavier than alternatives

I-pure goods

 Petslucent Portable Dog Sling for Hind Legs, Adjustable Hip Support Harness for Canine Aid

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We like goods that are user-friendly and inexpensive. The I-pure items support harness satisfies all of these requirements, thus we hoped its performance would merit a better ranking on this list.

Our first complaint is that with only one size available, there is not enough variety to accommodate dogs of various sizes.

During testing, this harness tended to slide backward and gather over the rear legs of all of our dogs. This prohibits them from using the restroom freely while in the sling, which is one of the primary reasons why you may require one.

Additionally, this harness was not as cushioned as other choices we tried, and our pups did not appear to be as comfortable with it. Since comfort is one of our top considerations when selecting a support harness, this model ranks seventh on our list.


  • Very inexpensive


  • A single size
  • Congested around the rear legs
  • Not as cushioned as other brands


 VOOPET Dog Sling, Help Lift Back Legs

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We had low expectations for the voopet VP013-Black-L dog support harness , as it was one of the least expensive alternatives, but we hoped it would prove us wrong.

While we appreciate the pricing, we believe the product’s most attractive quality is its affordability. This product’s narrow straps are less comfy for you and your dog.

The problem of slipping was also far worse with this harness than with any other. No matter what we did, it kept falling back and bunching over the dog’s groin.

Thus, if the dog attempted to urinate, the harness would become drenched. This is irritating and can be easily prevented by selecting one of the top three harnesses recommended by our team.


  • Very inexpensive


  • Thinner straps offer less comfort.
  • Multiple backward slips
  • Cannot be used when urinating or when wet.


Wodifer Dog Lift Sling Vet Approved 2019

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The Wodifer dog lift harness is a basic alternative for large dogs that wraps around the dog and has two handles for you to grip. This harness is only suitable for dogs above 50 pounds; smaller dogs will require a different harness.

Wider harnesses are preferable for dogs of this size, as they distribute pressure more evenly across the dog’s abdomen. In addition, this product was far less cushioned than its competitors, thus diminishing our dog’s comfort.

It was also a touch too lengthy, making it difficult to lift with the right leverage. Although it is a sturdy harness, it falls short of the standards set by competing goods at the same or even lower price points, and so ranks last on our list.


  • Compactly rolls for storing


  • Supports only dogs above 50 pounds
  • Insufficient width for optimal comfort
  • Not as cushioned as rival

Buyer's Guide

Obtaining the ideal lift harness for your disabled dog is simple if you know what to look for. Prior to making a purchase, Quality is typically the most important factor to consider, followed by price, size, and a few other factors.

Not every dog is the same, and various breeds may fit differently, but if you choose the right size for your dog, you won’t go wrong. The following are some factors to consider when selecting a lift harness for your dog.


While price may be the most important factor for some (particularly if your dog is wounded), you should prioritize quality.

Consider that if your dog has sustained an injury, they may require a lift harness in the future, especially if they have torn an ACL or are a breed with known health difficulties.

You should thus choose a lift harness that is sturdy and engineered to endure longer than six months. Typically, it is advisable to invest a bit extra to ensure that your dog’s comfort while they recuperate or age is maximized.


Cost and quality are correlated. Even at lesser price points, there is generally some excellent value available. However, higher-quality lift harnesses are typically more expensive.

The majority of harnesses cost less than $100, which is significant if you are already dishing out money for unforeseen vet expenses.

With the exception of two high-end manufacturers, most lift harnesses lie within the same price range. Therefore, we recommend that you prioritize quality.


No two harnesses fit identically. Ensure that you follow the size instructions for each harness before to purchase. The size of your dog will determine the size of the harness you purchase and, most likely, the sort of harness you will get.

Larger lifts frequently attach to other harnesses, providing you with an all-in-one option for walking your dogs. Be careful to also consider the proper gender, as certain lift harnesses are designed exclusively for a certain gender.


A suitable lift harness has several applications. If your dog has pulled a tendon or ligament (as long as there isn’t a tear), it may be recommended by your veterinarian immediately following leg surgery.

It is particularly useful for aging dogs and may be used for toilet breaks or anyplace your dog needs assistance around the home.


There are three distinct variations of lift harnesses. You may get only the lift (generally the least expensive option), a lift harness that links to a conventional harness or collar, or a fully outfitted vest harness that encloses your dog’s whole body cavity.

There is no definitive answer to the question of which is best for your dog, however certain circumstances may demand a complete vest harness rather than a basic lift.


Durability correlates with quality. Typically, cheaper harnesses have lesser levels of durability and deteriorate over time. A smaller dog would generally require a less sturdy lift harness.

Additionally, you may like to combine a lift harness with a conventional harness for tiny dogs. Due to the size of your dog, it is possible that the harness will be abused if you have a large dog.

Plan appropriately, and if you have a larger dog, we recommend purchasing a harness that can handle the harm that a larger dog would bring.


For the best dog harnesses to support back legs, we deemed the HandicappedPets Dog Support Sling Harness to be superior, and it has earned our highest recommendation. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) loved how its design evenly distributed pressure across your dog’s chest, making it quite comfy. Even though it performed so effectively, the product was nonetheless reasonably priced.

Consider the Pet Friendz dog lifting harness   for a solution that is even more cost-effective. It is inexpensive, incredibly simple, and fast to use, and nonetheless comfy for your pet. The GingerLead GL-LF harness wins our top rating due to its adaptability as an integrated leash or chest harness, and most significantly, it was extremely comfortable for all of the animals.

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