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The 15 Best Dog Harnesses In Canada

Dog harnesses are an excellent alternative to collars for securing your pet. When it comes to jogging, walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, harnesses are frequently the best option.

However, with so many different varieties available, it can be difficult to pick the right one. The ideal dog harness will provide safety, comfort, and versatility for various activities.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) assessments of the %product_count% best dog harnesses in Canada will assist you in selecting the finest one for your dog's excursions.

There is also a buyer's guide that describes the many types and styles of harnesses for various outdoor sports.


Rogz Step-In Harness — Best Overall

The Rogz Step-In Harness is the perfect option for a casual, daily harness for your dog. This no-pull harness is simple to put on and take off for regular walks. After adjusting it to fit your dog, you may use the back clasp to secure it behind his or her shoulder blades.

Putting on a harness for the first time might be a little complicated if you are unfamiliar with its use. The Rogz harness comes with numbered tags that indicate the sequence in which buckles should be adjusted. This harness is reflective to increase your dog’s visibility at night.


  • Pull-free harness
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Numbered identifiers to facilitate precise harness application.
  • Reflective for visibility at night


  • Initial adjustment is tricky

Best Value PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

A high-quality, multifunctional dog harness is not prohibitively expensive. The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is the most cost-effective dog harness in Canada since it exceeds quality standards for its price.

This no-pull harness with a front leash connection is an excellent alternative for regular usage. It can be adjusted in a matter of minutes, and it can be removed with a single back snap.

If your dog enjoys chewing, you’ll appreciate the PetSafe harness’ one-year chew damage repair. If your dog destroys the harness, you can receive a free replacement.

Additionally, the manufacturer will repair damaged buckles or fabric rips. There are eight different sizes of dog harnesses and straightforward instructions on how to measure your dog for the proper size.


  • Many sizes
  • 100% chew-proof assurance
  • Simple to replace if faulty
  • Simple to modify
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other brands


  • May not totally eliminate tugging on the leash

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness – Exceptional Selection

The RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness may be the priciest dog harness on this list, but it offers distinctive characteristics that make it worthy of consideration.

The body of the harness is constructed from breathable and comfortable reinforced webbing. Additionally, it is coated with foam padding for added comfort. There are two connection places for the leash, allowing you to tie it to your dog’s back or chest.

The RUFFWEAR harness contains a light loop attachment where you may attach The RUFFWEAR Beacon, an LED light that lights your dog if you walk him at night.

Additionally, there are reflective elements on the harness to make your dog more visible. This harness features a compartment for storing ID tags, allowing you to remove your dog’s collar while they are wearing the harness.

According to some customers, this harness is difficult to put on and take off since it must be pulled over the dog’s head like a sweater. Large dogs may have difficulty with this approach.


  • Foam inside for additional comfort
  • Transportable webbing
  • Two attachment points for leash
  • Beacon loop connection
  • Reflective highlights
  • ID tag storage pocket


  • Hard to put on and take off

Step in Cirque Dog Harness by RC Pet

RC Pet Products Enter the Ring For dogs that are uncomfortable with having a harness pulled over their heads, Dog Harness includes an easy access method.

It contains breathable mesh fabric and an adjustable hook-and-loop closing mechanism to prevent overheating. If you have trouble with small buckles and adjustments, you will enjoy this harness’s simple adjustment method.

The Velcro closing mechanism makes the harness simple to use, although it has certain drawbacks. The Cirque harness was intended specifically for little dogs.

Although it is available in sizes designed for large dogs, the closing is unlikely to withstand vigorous straining.


  • Simple closure method
  • Step-in design
  • Excellent alternative for owners with restricted hand mobility


  • Velcro cannot withstand leash dragging.

Crash-Tested Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness is a harness that can be used for both leash walking and strapping your dog into the car.

This harness has been crash-tested on dogs weighing up to 75 pounds and is equipped with a cushioned chest plate for safety. The seat belt loop is compatible with all types of vehicle seatbelts and requires no further attachments.

The Kurgo dog harness offers both a rear and a front D-ring for attaching a leash for walks and outdoor outings. Five adjustment points on the harness provide a secure and comfortable fit.

The main disadvantage of this dog harness is that the steel buckles may eventually rust. The chest plate may also make it difficult for very small dogs to sit properly in the car, since it may press on their neck.


  • Dual-purpose for vehicular and pedestrian transit
  • Chest plate for supplemental impact protection
  • Compatible with all automobile seatbelts
  • Two alternatives for placing of the leash
  • Five adjustment points


  • Buckles corrode over time
  • Small dogs may experience pain when seated on the chest plate.

Active Dazzle Hurtta Dog Harness

The Hurtta Active Dazzle Dog Harness is a highly noticeable harness designed specifically for active dogs. This harness is designed for hikers, cyclists, and joggers whose dogs require a harness that extends and moves with them.

It is double-stitched for durability and made with Lycra to prevent pinching. This dog harness is machine-washable, so you will not have to worry about keeping it clean and odor-free.

This Hurtta dog harness has only one rear leash attachment, thus it is excellent for dogs that are trained to walk on a loose leash.

You must carefully examine the sizing before placing an order, as there is little possibility for change within a single size.


  • Reflective
  • Extends to prevent pinching
  • Machine washable
  • Double stitching for strength


  • Not for pulling dogs
  • Must carefully measure for a proper fit

Canada Pooch Every Dog Equipment Harness

The Canada Pooch Everything Dog Harness is a multifunctional harness that may be used for both exercise and automobile safety.

It offers two leash connection points to accommodate your needs and a seatbelt loop for securing your dog. This harness’s neck and girth are adjustable, and its exterior is water-resistant.

However, the sizing on this harness is wrong, and the majority of consumers claim that it fits small. Ordering a size bigger appears to work well, however it might be annoying if you’ve measured your dog precisely.

Aside from the size issue, this harness is robust, comfortable, and suitable for nearly all activities.


  • Two leash connections
  • Activity harness and automobile safety belt
  • Modifiable neck and waist sizes


  • Fits tight

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is designed for medium-sized to big dogs that tug on the leash and put themselves at risk of choking. It contains a neck D-ring, a back D-ring, and a huge chest attachment to secure your dog.

If you have difficulty maintaining control of your dog on walks, this harness is an excellent option for providing you with more leverage and control. It is simply adjustable and can be removed with a single clasp.

This dog harness can only be cleaned by hand, which might be inconvenient if you use it everyday. It does, however, withstand extensive use and damage from large dogs, thus the inconvenience may be justified by the harness’s usefulness.


  • Dual leash connections
  • Large chest piece provides command
  • Choke-free harness
  • Simple to adjust


  • Only hand washing

Lupine Step-in Harness

The Lupine Step-in Harness is a wraparound, front-pull design that requires you to place your dog’s paw through each opening before buckling it. This is a more utilitarian walking harness, but it is fairly sturdy.

Since Lupine offers a replacement warranty on all of its goods, you may exchange chewed-up harnesses for new ones, even if your dog destroyed them. This warranty is lifetime, which is something that few other companies give.

This harness has no cushioning on the inside, making it susceptible to causing pressure spots on your dog if not properly adjusted.

Additionally, it fits looser than conventional harnesses, allowing some dogs to escape.


  • Simple design
  • Acceptable for everyday use
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Loose fitting
  • Absence of cushioning may result in pressure points

Puppia International Harness

The adjustable chest belt of the Puppia International Harness is made from 100% polyester mesh that is breathable.

The cushioned neck ring ensures that your dog will not experience any discomfort while wear, and the device is machine washable for easy maintenance. This harness is not ideal for all dogs, as it must be pulled over the dog’s head to be put on.

This harness’s quick-release buckle is constructed of plastic and can break with repeated use. The harness must fit your dog precisely for it to be effective. There are few adjustment places for sizing on the harness.


  • Machine washable
  • Permeable mesh
  • Padded neck


  • Buckle may break
  • Uneasy to fit

Buyer's Guide

Is a Harness Superior to a Collar?

This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, as it depends on the activity for which the equipment is being used. Harnesses provide a more secure fit than collars and prevent leash strain on the dog’s neck. This is advantageous for dogs that tug on the leash, and several harnesses are built with this concern in mind.

However, harnesses are more costly than collars and cannot be worn 24/7. You must still provide your dog with a collar to carry identification and registration tags.

Consequently, if you are unsure whether to buy a harness or a collar for your dog, examine how you want to utilize the equipment to determine which will be the most successful.

Dogs that are able to walk on loose leashes will be completely safe with simply a collar. A collar can cause injury to a dog’s neck and throat if they lunge, tug, or change direction abruptly when on a leash.

A harness will help dogs that participate in activities that require them to wear or carry equipment such as backpacks, life jackets, or cooling vests.

Harnesses are especially advantageous for escape artists, as it is much more difficult for a dog to escape from a harness than from a collar.

Here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of dog harnesses.


  • Reduces traction
  • Protects your dog’s neck and throat from injury.
  • Secure


  • Not particularly simple to don and doff
  • No means of attaching ID tags
  • Can be unsettling.

Considerations for a Dog Harness

Let’s examine the various forms and characteristics of dog harnesses that you should take into account before making a purchase.

The location of the leash attachment on a dog harness determines its functionality. Standard dog harnesses are attached at the rear.

To prevent your dog from tugging on the leash, front-attaching harnesses are made. Some harnesses have both attachment points to facilitate two-touch training. Choose a harness that meets adjustability, comfort, and size requirements.

Breeds of Dogs That Can Benefit From a Harness

While any breed can benefit from a well fitted harness, certain breeds must be walked with a harness instead of a collar.

Brachycephalic animals

Due to the form of their nose, dogs with flat faces, such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs, may experience breathing problems. Generally, harnesses are safer than collars for walking these dogs.

Tracheal collapse

If your dog’s tracheal collapse makes it difficult for them to breathe, they should be provided with a harness for walks. The use of a collar might exacerbate the issue.

Spinal problems

Long-bodied canines like Dachshunds might suffer from spinal injuries like slipped discs or intervertebral disc disease. Relieving the strain on their neck prevents additional injury.


Due to its adaptability and longevity, the Rogz Step-In Harness is the best overall dog harness in Canada. The collar is adjustable, simple to put on, and pleasant for daily use.

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness represents the best value. This harness has all the features a no-pull harness should have, including simple modifications and cleaning. It comes with a chew-proof warranty and is less expensive than many other harness manufacturers.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best dog harnesses in Canada was helpful in your search for the perfect product for your pet!


1. How does a dog harness vary from a collar?

A dog harness is a piece of equipment that wraps over the dog’s chest and torso, as opposed to its neck. It is intended to distribute the weight and strain of a leash more equally over the body, making the dog more comfortable and reducing the risk of neck and throat injuries. A collar is a textile loop that goes around the neck of a dog and is often used to contain identifying tags and a leash.

2. How do I determine the size and fit of a dog harness?

To select the suitable size and fit for dog harnesses, chest and neck measurements must be taken.

The chest measurement should be obtained immediately behind the front legs, at the largest point of the chest.

The neck measurement should be obtained where the collar typically rests, near the base of the neck.

Utilize these measures to select an appropriate harness for your pet. The harness should be snug without being overly restrictive, allowing for movement and flexibility.

3. Can a dog harness be used in addition to a collar?

It is normally okay to combine dog harnesses with collars as long as the collar is not excessively tight and does not give the dog discomfort.

Nevertheless, it is essential to examine the function of the collar and harness. Even if your dog is wearing a harness, it is necessary to keep the collar on if it is being used for identification purposes.

If the collar is utilized as a leash attachment point, it is normally advised to use the harness as the primary leash connection point, since it can offer the dog with greater control and support.

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