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The 7 Best Dog Grooming Scissors

If you have a fluffy dog with a lot of hair, you know how expensive grooming sessions can be. Purchasing your own scissors and learning to groom yourself is a considerably less expensive choice.

While it may take some practice, you'll be able to trim your dog in no time! Having the correct tools, like with any other talent, may make all the difference.

There is no such thing as the perfect pair of scissors, but here are seven of BestForPets (bestforpets.org) favorite best dog grooming scissors.


Grooming Masterpieces Straight Titanium Pet Grooming Shears

  • Length 6.5”
  • Straight blade type

Try the Master Grooming Tools Titanium Straight Pet Grooming Shears for a good all-around pair of grooming shears. These shears were considered to be the best overall for all-purpose growth. Their 6.5-inch blade is a good compromise that will be comfortable on both small and large dogs. These shears are made of high-quality materials and have titanium-coated steel blades that are hypoallergenic and long-lasting. The shears have retractable finger rests and silencers to make clipping easier on you and your dog, as well as adjustable tension for precise control.

Of course, no set of shears will be perfect in every way. The straight blade makes it easy to trim your dog’s body fur, but it does make it uneven. The blade is also large enough to make detailing difficult, particularly on little dogs.


  • A good mid-length shear for general grooming.
  • Handles that are designed for comfort
  • Tension was dialed
  • Finger rests and silencers are detachable.


  • Smooth curves are more difficult to achieve with a straight blade.
  • Detail work might be difficult with a large blade.

Dog Rounded-tip Shears ConairPro

  • 5′, 6′, and 7′ in length
  • Straight blade with a round tip

Do you have a rambunctious puppy with an unruly coat? Rounded-tip ConairPro Dog Because of their small size and rounded points, shears are an excellent choice for grooming pups. These shears are available in three sizes: small, medium, and big breeds. Because of their rounded tips, they are less likely to harm or injure your dog, even if he wiggles. These can “graduate” into finishing shears for small details like around the eyes and paw pads as your puppy matures. They’re also lightweight and comfortable, according to reviewers.

Although we love these shears, keep in mind that they are designed for finishing work, which means they can’t remove as much hair in one snip—particularly the five-inch variant. That implies you and your dog will have longer hair. You may be tempted to size up to prevent it, but smaller scissors allow you to cut with greater precision. These scissors are very reasonably priced. They are unlikely to last years of use like more expensive scissors.


  • Ideal for little pets or fine detailing.
  • Rounded safety tips
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost


  • Less long-lasting
  • Trimming with a little blade is time-consuming.

Sharf Rainbow Curved Pet Grooming Shears with Gold Touch

  • 6.5″, 7.5″, and 8.5″ in length
  • Curved blade type

Sharf Gold Touch Rainbow Pet Grooming Shears are an excellent choice that will endure for a long time—plus, they have a glittering finish that will make you smile. These shears have a nice curve that might help you navigate over your dog’s curves. Curved scissors take some getting used to, but they will help you cut faster and more evenly in the end.

The handles have detachable rubber rings that reduce finger fatigue over time. These are a somewhat more expensive choice, so they may not be worth the money if your dog does not require frequent grooming.


  • Curved-blade scissors for shaping around the body of your dog
  • Rubber rings that can be removed and ergonomic handles
  • Stainless steel that will stand the test of time


  • Option that is more expensive

Choosing the Ideal Dog Scissors for Grooming

How many pairs should I buy?

Groomers frequently utilize a set of four or six grooming tools, so you may be tempted to get a kit. However, if you are only grooming your own dog, you won’t need as many. One medium-length shear can be used to cut your dog’s shaggy coat and trim details around the eyes, nose, and paws, but it’s easier to use two pairs, one for fine details and one for fast trimming your dog’s back, shoulders, and belly. Thinning shears or blending scissors can be used to smooth down rough spots and blend your dog’s hair, although they are less significant.

The Ideal Shear Length

The first decision you’ll have to make when selecting shears is the length. Longer shears can cut more hair at once and make it simpler to maintain consistent hair length, but they struggle to cut tight angles. Shorter shears are ideal for detailing, but if you try to cut your dog’s coat with them, you’ll rapidly lose patience. Larger dogs require larger blades, whereas smaller dogs require smaller blades. Detail shears typically have blade lengths of four to six inches, whereas longer blades have blade lengths of six to eight inches. Blades ranging from five to seven inches in length are usually enough for both, albeit not ideal.

Curved vs. Straight Blades

Another decision to make is whether to get straight-bladed or curved-bladed scissors. At first glance, the curved blades appear strange. This is because we are accustomed to seeing flat scissors used to cut flat surfaces such as paper. Curved blades are ideal for getting around your dog’s head, legs, and torso. They do, however, take some getting used to! Some groomers favor one over the other, while others utilize both. Curved blades are generally more useful for smaller dogs than for large ones.

What are rounded tips?

Grooming scissors with rounded tips are available. This is a useful tool if you are concerned about cutting your dog, but it has some cons. One disadvantage of rounded tips is that they slow you down. They can also make hair parting with scissors more difficult.

Additional Benefits

Shears also have a variety of other features. A tension screw is one of the most useful. Scissors are held together by an adjustable screw that can be tightened or loosened to suit your needs. They can also be disassembled for sharpening.

Look for rubber rings that go into the handles and finger rests on the back of the shears as well. Both of them make cutting easier on your hands. They could be permanent or temporary.

A silencer muffles the snip-snip of metal on metal. It’s good for nervous dogs since it makes grooming more quiet and less terrifying, but most dogs don’t need it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, grooming entails quite a bit! The Master Grooming Tools Titanium Straight Shears wowed us with their versatility and superb quality.

They include all of the features you need to make grooming quick and easy. The Kenchii Show Gear Curve Ball-tip Shears are a less expensive option.

The Precise Cut Dahlia Curved Shears are expensive, but they are of exceptional quality. BestForPets (bestforpets.org)  recommend the ConairPro Dog Rounded-tip Shears for grooming puppies.

Any of the shears on our best dog grooming scissors list, regardless of which one you choose, would be an excellent tool for trimming at home.

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