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The 9 Best Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears In 2024

When it comes to grooming your furry companion, you'll find a wide range of options available in the market, including the best dog grooming scissors & shears.

Whether you are a professional pet groomer, launching your own grooming business, or simply want to take matters into your own hands, grooming shears can be a useful tool for enhancing your dog's coat.

These carefully designed shears enable you to cut and shape your dog's fur for comfort and style.

Finding high-quality grooming shears that function well and feel fantastic in your hand can be challenging due to the abundance of available items.

To assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a list of the best dog grooming scissors & shears, complete with reviews and pros and cons.

We have also compiled a buyer's guide in which we explain in further detail what to consider before making a purchase.

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Image Product View on Amazon
1 HASHIMOTO Grooming Shears for Dogs HASHIMOTO Grooming Shears for Dogs View on Amazon
2 Chibuy Canine Grooming Scissors Chibuy Canine Grooming Scissors View on Amazon
3 Dog Round-Tip Shears by Conair Dog Round-Tip Shears by Conair View on Amazon
4 Pet Magasin Dog Grooming-Shears Pet Magasin Dog Grooming-Shears View on Amazon
5 Kit of Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Shears Kit of Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Shears View on Amazon
6 Sharf Gold Touch Canine Shears Sharf Gold Touch Canine Shears View on Amazon
7 Kit of Gimars Titanium Dog-Grooming Shears Kit of Gimars Titanium Dog-Grooming Shears View on Amazon
8 ELMA ALMI Grooming Shears for Dogs ELMA ALMI Grooming Shears for Dogs View on Amazon
9 Set of Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Set of Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors View on Amazon


HASHIMOTO Grooming Shears for Dogs

 HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors For Dog Grooming,6.5 inches

View on Amazon

The HASHIMOTO professional grooming shears are an excellent choice for pet owners seeking high-quality equipment at a reasonable price.

These grooming shears exhibit the same performance and functionality as more expensive professional-grade tools.

Featuring a 6.5-inch curved blade made from Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, these shears deliver exceptional precision and durability.

The blade’s convex edges ensure smooth and precise cuts, while the cryogenically-tempered steel provides long-lasting durability.

Attention to detail is evident in the symmetrical craned handle, which accommodates both left- and right-handed use.

Additionally, the option to cut with inward- or outward-curving blades adds versatility to the tool. HASHIMOTO is renowned for its strict quality control procedures, ensuring that every shear is of the highest caliber.

Although the finger apertures may be less suitable for those with small hands and the blades may require sharpening after repeated use, these grooming shears are the finest we’ve evaluated this year.

With their outstanding design and craftsmanship, the HASHIMOTO professional grooming shears are a must-have for pet grooming professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Cheaper than comparable items

Blade curved with convex edges

Japanese Hitachi stainless steel grade 440C

Cryogenic tempering of steel for strength

Balanced craned handle

Excellent quality control


Finger openings may be too big for tiny hands

Blades might wear out over time.

Chibuy Canine Grooming Scissors

 Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Stainless Steel Dog Eye Cutter for Dogs and Cats

View on Amazon

The Chibuy professional pet grooming shears are a cost-effective option for pet owners seeking affordable grooming tools.

These shears feature a 6.7-inch stainless steel blade with a circular arc shape, ideal for precision cutting.

Notably, the rounded tips of the blades ensure safe use, minimizing the risk of injuring your pet. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution, as the rounded edges are still pointed and may cause harm if used carelessly.

We found that these shears may not be as effective on dogs with coarse hair. The ergonomic grip is designed to reduce fatigue and includes a finger rest for added comfort during extended grooming sessions.

While we found the texture to be comfortable, some individuals may not prefer it. Additionally, the lower price point may reflect a lack of quality control, as the bolt holding the blades together may loosen over time.

Using high-quality stainless steel blades, the Chibuy pet grooming shears deliver precise cuts, preventing hair pulling and making grooming easier for both pet owners and professionals.

These shears are a must-have tool for groomers, hairdressers, and pet owners alike.

Featuring an adjustable screw design between the two blades, these pet trimmers are suitable for dogs and cats with varying hair thickness.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Chibuy professional pet grooming shears provide a safe and efficient option for trimming your pet’s hair.


Best value

Sharp, stainless-steel blades

Circular arc scissors design

Rounded suggestions to safeguard your pet

Ergonomically designed grip with finger rest


May not be sharp enough for specific fur types.

The grip may not be pleasant.

The effectiveness of rounded safety tips is not as planned.

Screw may loosen between blades

Dog Round-Tip Shears by Conair

 ConairPRO dog & cat 5 Inch Round-Tip Grooming Shears

View on Amazon

The Conair Pro round-tip dog shears, with their 5-inch length, are ideal for precise trimming in tight spaces, such as around your dog’s muzzle and between their feet.

The EverGuard-coated blades have dulled points to ensure your pet’s safety during grooming. The plastic handle is designed with soft-grip finger openings and a finger rest for lightweight and comfortable use.

However, it’s worth noting that the finger holes may not be suitable for larger hands. Conair emphasizes that their dog grooming shears adhere to professional standards.

While we found that these shears are effective for the majority of dog breeds, they may not deliver the precision required for finer fur. Additionally, quality control issues exist, and the overall durability is subpar.

These grooming shears are a useful addition to your pet grooming supplies, particularly for fine finishing work and achieving the desired coat length.

ConairPRO Dog & Cat offers a wide range of grooming tools, including brushes, shears, clippers, nail grinders, and more, crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance.

From slicker brushes to full home grooming kits, ConairPRO Dog & Cat provides quality grooming supplies and products to help you take care of your cat or dog.


Smaller size, perfect for pruning in small spaces

EverGuard-coated cutting blades

Blunt tip on blades for safety


Ergonomic grip with finger rest


Possible lack of sharpness for coarse fur

Durability and quality control issues

Fingerholes too tiny for bigger hands

Pet Magasin Dog Grooming-Shears

 PET MAGASIN Pet Thinning Shears

View on Amazon

The Pet Magasin pet thinning shears are a valuable addition to your pet grooming tools, providing an alternative trimming method.

These shears are ideal for smoothing and refining coarsely trimmed fur, as well as removing tangled hair without leaving bald patches.

The 7-inch shears feature 48 teeth, made of 440C Japanese stainless steel, ensuring precision and durability.

These tapering shears prioritize your comfort and convenience, as demonstrated by their lightweight design.

The offset handle includes plastic finger ring inserts and a detachable finger support, suitable for use by both right- and left-handed individuals.

The hinge fastener allows for customizable tension, ensuring the shears operate as desired.

Although more expensive than other items on the list, these shears provide a professional finishing touch to your pet’s grooming, leaving their fur looking smooth and natural.

The pre-sharpened surgical stainless steel blades ensure long-lasting sharpness even after extended use.

The molded handles are designed for comfort, featuring an additional finger rest for ergonomic grip during extended grooming sessions.

It’s worth noting that these shears may require practice to operate efficiently, and a grinding sound may occur during use.

Manufactured and sold by Pet Magasin, these shears come with a 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

With their excellent quality and functionality, these pet thinning shears are a must-have for pet grooming professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Effective for fur finishing and mat removal

Japanese stainless steel

Ergonomic grip with detachable finger rest

Right- and left-hand availability

Flexible hinge screw


The sharpness of the blades may be a little dull.

May require practice to utilize effectively.

Not a clean cut; audible grating

Pricier than comparable items

Kit of Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Shears

 Purple Dragon Professional 7.0 inch 4PCS Pet Grooming Scissors Kit Japan Premium Steel Straight

View on Amazon

The Purple Dragon professional pet grooming scissors kit is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a comprehensive set of shears and scissors for various grooming needs.

This bundle includes four 7-inch tools: tapering shears, downward-curved scissors, upward-curved scissors, and straight-cutting scissors, along with a cleansing cloth and pet grooming scissor bag.

Each pair of scissors and shears is crafted from high-quality, 62 HRC-hardened Japanese stainless steel, ensuring precision and durability.

The razor-sharp convex arc design of the blade ensures a smooth and stable cut, and the thinning scissors feature meticulously crafted clear tips for optimal cutting performance.

However, the blades may require refinement prior to use, as they appear lackluster upon purchase. The silencer between the handles of these dog grooming shears provides a peaceful grooming experience for your pet.

The comfortable grasp and finger support on the handles ensure ease of use. It’s important to note that these instruments are designed solely for right-handed use.

These grooming scissors are a silent alternative to electric clippers, making them ideal for sensitive pets. They’re perfect for both professional pet groomers and at-home grooming enthusiasts.

Purple Dragon offers a 100% money-back guarantee and excellent after-sales service, as they are a professional shears manufacturer with over 60 years of experience.

Overall, the Purple Dragon professional pet grooming scissors kit is a comprehensive and high-quality option for pet owners seeking versatile grooming tools.


The kit includes four grooming instruments.

Included are a cleaning cloth and a storage bag.


Japanese stainless steel

Silencer function for a silent cut

Ergonomic grip with finger rest


Dull blades

Only for usage by the right hand

Sharf Gold Touch Canine Shears

 Sharf Gold Touch Grooming Pet Shear

View on Amazon

The Sharf Gold Touch pet shears are an ideal option for pet grooming enthusiasts seeking a high-quality and stylish pair of shears.

These 7.5-inch shears feature an elegant gold-accented polished finish and come with a snap-shut carrying container for secure and convenient transport.

Crafted from Japanese 440C stainless steel, the blades are sharp enough for efficient trimming.

The finger openings of the handle are lined with removable rubber comfort rings for a comfortable grip, although they may be removed if they make the finger apertures too small.

These shears are suitable for right-handed use only and lack a silencer. While more expensive than comparable items on our list, the Sharf Gold Touch pet shears are lightweight, easy to use, and cut well.

However, they may be initially challenging to manipulate. It’s worth noting that these shears have straight blades, and those seeking a curved blade should opt for another option.

Overall, these curved blade grooming scissors are an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a high-quality, stylish, and efficient pair of shears for their pet grooming needs.

The protective snap-close case included with each pair of shears ensures convenient and secure storage.


Simple design

Appealing, gold-plated, lustrous look

Japanese stainless-steel blade

Removable comfort finger hole rings

Cuts precisely

Lightweight and user-friendly


Can be difficult to operate

Pricier than comparable items

Simple design (if you prefer curved)

Only for right-handed use

No silencer

Kit of Gimars Titanium Dog-Grooming Shears

 Gimars Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs 4CR with Safety Round Tip

View on Amazon

The Gimars pet grooming scissors kit is an affordable and high-quality option for pet owners who want a comprehensive set of shears and clippers.

This set includes 3 varieties of clippers and shears, a stainless steel comb, and a cleaning cloth, all contained in a zippered storage case.

The 6.7-inch thinning shears, 7.3-inch straight blades, and 7.3-inch curved shears are suitable for thinning, pruning, and all grooming needs.

Each pair of shears and scissors in this set is crafted from super sharp 4CR stainless steel materials, coated in ceramic, and undergoes a meticulous 60-process polishing and grinding procedure, ensuring blades are sharp enough to cut fur efficiently with no snagging or pulling.

The safety-rounded tips provide excellent protection and prevent poking when trimming sensitive areas such as the face, ears, eyes, nose, or paws.

The ergonomically designed handles fit comfortably in your hands, reducing hand fatigue during extended grooming sessions.

The additional removable soft rubber ring provides added finger protection and more room for the fingers. The silicone cover muffles clipping noises, ensuring your pet is comfortable during grooming.

The 5-in-1 dog grooming scissors set includes 1 straight scissor, 1 thinning scissor, 1 curved scissor, 1 grooming comb, and 1 storage case.

The screw on each instrument can be adjusted for easy maintenance and use, such as blade honing.

As professional pet product manufacturers, Gimars provides 3 months of unconditional return and professional after-sales service. If you’re not satisfied with their products, you can contact them anytime for assistance.

In conclusion, the Gimars pet grooming scissors kit is an excellent choice for pet owners seeking affordable and high-quality grooming tools for their furry friends.



Kit comprises essential grooming implements

Included cleaning cloth and storage case

Structure of titanium-coated stainless steel

Ergonomically fashioned grip

Removable finger rings

Sound absorber

Adjustable screw for maintenance and usage


Inferior quality compared to professional standards

Dull blades

Quality assurance challenges

Only for right-handed use

ELMA ALMI Grooming Shears for Dogs

 ELMA ALMI Dog Grooming Scissors

View on Amazon

The ELMA ALMI dog grooming set is a comprehensive kit that includes three 7-inch grooming shears and scissors, a grooming comb, a cleansing cloth, and a complimentary pet grooming mitt.

The straight shears and curved scissors have rounded points for the safety of your furry companion, and all tools are housed in a convenient black leather case.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the shears and scissors feature comfortable handles with detachable rubber finger-hole inlays, rubber bumpers, and finger supports.

The easily adjustable fastener ensures maintenance and tension. The pet grooming mitt is made of breathable mesh with rounded silicone ends.

It’s important to note that the scissors and shears included in this kit may not be as robust, strong, or precise as other items on our list.

The detachable finger rings do not attach securely and have a tendency to fall off. Additionally, these instruments are designed solely for right-handed use and lack a silencer.

Overall, the ELMA ALMI dog grooming set is a decent option for pet owners seeking a comprehensive set of grooming tools for their furry friends.

However, those seeking more precise and durable shears and scissors may want to consider other options.


Complete grooming kit

Includes a grooming glove as a bonus

Variable screw


Not robust or durable

Typically, removable finger rings are lost.

Poorly dull blades

Only for right-handed use

No silencer

Set of Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors

 Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Set with Safety Round Tip (2 Pack

View on Amazon

The Elfirly Grooming Scissor Set is a professional-grade tool kit that includes 7-inch curved scissors and 7-inch tapering shears, along with a grooming comb, all housed in a sturdy black storage case.

The rounded points of the curved scissors provide safety and protection for your pet’s sensitive areas during grooming.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the shears and blades are equipped with an adjustable bolt for tightening and releasing, ensuring durability and sharpness.

The ergonomic handle features a finger rest and a useful silencer cushion to minimize your pet’s anxiety caused by the noise of cutting.

The finger openings of these grooming scissors feature detachable rubber rings for comfort and to accommodate different finger sizes.

However, it’s worth noting that the finger holes may be too small for those with larger hands. Moreover, these instruments are designed explicitly for right-handed use.

The Elfirly Grooming Scissor Set is an excellent option for pet owners looking for a reliable and high-quality grooming tool kit.

The rounded end tips of these pet grooming scissors provide security protection when trimming sensitive areas like the face, ears, eyes, nose, paws, or body without causing any harm.

Moreover, the screw in the middle of the scissors can be adjusted to loosen or tighten for comfortable usage.

With every blade being sharp and hard without rusting, reducing the friction to shear pet hair breezily, this tool kit is an ideal choice for pet grooming enthusiasts.


Two tools and a robust case are included.

Rounded protection tips

Ergonomically fashioned grip

Variable screw


Substandard stainless steel

Scissors tend to adhere.

Thinners may exert a pulling effect.

Small finger openings for bigger hands

Only for right-handed use

Buyer's Guide

After reviewing our list of the top nine shears for dog grooming, you may still have questions before making a purchase.

Before trimming your beloved dog, it’s important to ensure that you use a product that prioritizes their safety while still providing an excellent cut.

In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the most important characteristics of the best dog grooming scissors & shears.

1. Obtaining the Best Cut

The blades, handle, and screw at the joint are the three primary components of grooming shears and scissors.

The best dog grooming shears and scissors are crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel. The higher the grade of the stainless steel, the sharper and more resistant to dulling your blade will be.

2. Straight vs. Curved Blades

There are both straight and curved blade types, each with its benefits. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, the breed and size of your dog, and the areas you’re cutting.

Straight blades are ideal for grooming larger dogs, basic body maintenance, and creating straight lines. Curved blades are useful for trimming around the legs and ankles and for producing a curved appearance on the head.

3. Your Dog’s Safety

Depending on your skill level and your dog’s excitability, you may choose shears or scissors with rounded blade tips.

Rounded blade tips can prevent accidental nicks around sensitive areas such as the ears, face, and between the paw pads.

4. Consider Your Comfort

When choosing the handle, opt for an ergonomic design. Grooming your dog can take some time, so prevent unnecessary pain and strain by selecting a comfortable grip.

Many of the items on our list have detachable finger hole rings and finger rests to cushion your grasp.

Ensure that the shears or scissors fit comfortably in your hand. The size of the finger hole and the total weight of the instrument might impact its use.

5. Reasons to Consider a Symmetrical Handle

Left-handed individuals understand the difficulty of using right-handed scissors. Thankfully, many of the items on our list have symmetrical designs, allowing you to operate them with either hand.

6. How to Determine if Your Dog is Anxious

A silencer pad may be present on the handle of your scissors and shears to dampen their metallic clicking. If your dog expresses fear when being groomed, the clipping sound may be too loud for them to endure.

In most cases, the silencer pad protrudes from one of the finger holes and has a cushioned tip, resulting in a silent closing motion as opposed to a metallic click.

7. The Key to Improved Management and Maintenance

The screw at the connection of the scissors or shears is crucial to the instrument’s operation and aids in general maintenance.

Consider purchasing grooming equipment with an adjustable screw to enhance cutting ability and control.

You can also clean and sharpen your blades more efficiently if you can unscrew the shears or scissors and separate them.

8. Before Making a Purchase, Consider the Following

A fantastic set of dog grooming shears or scissors is characterized by high-quality materials, a sturdy build, and a comfortable grip.

When you have a grooming instrument with a smooth cutting action and sharp blades, you can confidently groom your dog.

Be sure to store your shears or scissors in a sturdy case or at least with plastic covers to guarantee general safety and to maintain clean, sharp blades.

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1. What is the best material for dog grooming scissors?

Stainless steel is the best material for dog grooming scissors & shears because it is resistant to corrosion. There are numerous grades of stainless steel shears available on the market. You will see phrases like “440 stainless steel”, “Japanese steel”, “440C stainless steel”, “VG stainless steel”, etc.

2. What kind of scissors are best for cutting around dogs eyes?

Bull-nosed scissors are tiny, straight shears with a rounded tip instead of a point. Because of their design, bull-nosed scissors are ideal for maintaining the coat around a dog’s eyes, ears, and feet, as well as other delicate areas.

3. What shears do professional groomers use?

Beveled-edged shears, also known as German-edged shears, are designed for grooming dogs with denser coat hair. These blades are not as sharp as convex blades, but they are extraordinarily resilient. Small grooves on the blade hold fur filaments in place while the groomer performs his or her wizardry.

4. Are Japanese scissors the best?

Yes, Japanese-made scissors are regarded as the best in the world due to their superior materials, craftsmanship, and ability to provide a clean cut.

5. What size shears do dog groomers use?

Most dog grooming scissors & shears are straight and range from 4″ to 10″ in length. Bichons, poodles, Lhasa puppies, etc., are typically groomed with 8-inch shears. The smaller 6″ to 7″ shears are appropriate for small dogs or small areas, such as the inside of the hind legs of poodles.

6. Are curved or straight scissors better for dogs?

Optional. Both curved and straight shears can be used for dog grooming, but many groomers prefer curved shears because they provide a smoother outline and finish while saving time compared to straight shears.

7. Why do dog groomers use curved scissors?

Dog groomers use curved scissors to add roundness and finish to curved areas of a dog’s body, including the head, ribcage, hind limb angulation, legs, and feet.


The HASHIMOTO SturdyHH21 Professional Groomer Scissors is the greatest all-around grooming item on our list. In addition to being a high-quality product, the HASHIMOTO is also less priced than comparable items.

The dog grooming scissors & shears have a curved blade with convex edges and are manufactured of Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, which has been cryogenically hardened for strength.

It also has a symmetrical craned handle that may be utilized by left- or right-handed individuals. When you acquire a HASIMOTO, you receive high-quality control and well-built grooming equipment.

The Chibuy PS-01 Professional Pet Grooming Scissors are our pick for the most cost-effective dog grooming scissors.

These feature circular arc-shaped blades made of stainless steel. Additionally, the blades have rounded tips to safeguard your dog, as well as an ergonomic grip with a finger rest.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you’ve discovered the best dog grooming scissors & shears, or full kit after reading our practical evaluations, quick-reference pros and cons lists, and comprehensive buyer’s guide. With the correct grooming products, you can keep your dog looking its very best.

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