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The 11 Best Dog Gps Trackers & Collars

Some dogs are expert escape artists, able to slip a leash and flee the dog park in the blink of an eye. Others are capable of digging under, jumping over, or chewing through garden fences and other barriers.

Whatever method your dog uses to escape your clutches, a GPS tracker allows you to discover their position at any time. Some double as daily movement trackers, monitoring your pet's overall distance traveled.

If you want to know how long you walk your dog or if you want to encourage a strict daily walking schedule for your pet, one of these fitness GPS collars allows you to measure the distance your dog walks rather than the distance you traverse.

Buy a GPS collar based on how long the battery lasts, the tracking technology utilized, and whether it has extra functions like step tracking.

There are several GPS collar alternatives available, including ones from Garmin and Black & Decker. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together evaluations of the best dog GPS trackers & collars to assist you in selecting the equipment that best matches your needs and those of your dog.


Best Overall: Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker for Dogs

Whistle GO Explore GPS + Health + Fitness Dog Tracker Plus Health & Fitness Monitor

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The Whistle Go Explore is a GPS tracker that may also assist your dog in becoming in shape. It uses AT&T’s cellular network in conjunction with Google Maps to determine your dog’s whereabouts. You may define a safe zone so that if your dog leaves it, you will receive an alarm message.

The tracker collects positional data, and the app allows you to see where your dog has gone in the last 24 hours. These services are not free, and in addition to purchasing a reasonably priced GPS tracker gadget, you must pay a monthly membership fee to AT&T to enjoy monitoring and coverage.

The device’s battery life is adequate, with a single charge lasting up to three weeks. It includes a buckle fitting and allows you to set exercise objectives for your dog. The tracker is waterproof up to 6 feet and even has a night light to help you find your dog if he goes lost after dark.


  • Create secure zones.
  • Keep track of your steps and distance traveled.
  • Get up to three weeks out of a single charge.
  • It comes with a nightlight.


  • A subscription service is required.

Best Value: Bluetooth Cube Shadow Tracker

Cube Tracker Key Finder Locator Smart Bluetooth Tracker Tag

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The Cube Shadow Bluetooth Tracker is inexpensive, works through Bluetooth, has no monthly membership, and is waterproof. The Cube is essentially a GPS tracker meant to keep any thing secure, including your dog. It’s light and tiny enough to use on your cat in the same way, however if you have an outside cat, the 200-foot range won’t be adequate.

When the gadget is out of range, it will ring to tell you of its last known position via a cell phone app or other mobile device. Alternatively, you may utilize the app to have the Cube produce a ringing noise to indicate its location. It is small, affordable, and does not require a monthly membership charge, however the ringer is quiet and is best used while looking for lost keys or a lost wallet.

Although the maker states the battery would last a year, it only lasts 2-3 months, and the tracker isn’t pinpoint precise, which is less relevant when looking for a dog. Overall, because of the low price and absence of a subscription, this is one of the finest dog GPS trackers and collars for the money.


  • No membership is necessary.
  • Cheap
  • The Bluetooth gadget is linked to a mobile app.


  • The 200-foot range is hampered by walls and other objects.
  • The alarm whistle has gone silent.

AKC PLUS Sport GPS Smart Dog Collar by Link

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor, and More, Medium

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The Link AKC PLUS Sport GPS Smart Dog Collar is a stylish leather collar with a slew of functions. It functions like a GPS tracker, but you must pay a monthly or annual subscription to locate your dog away from home. The tracker itself is 5 inches long, making it larger than other comparable gadgets.

While this will not obstruct a bigger breed, because it curves around the natural form of your dog’s neck, it will be difficult for smaller breeds. It also features a bright LED night light, and the app will tell you how much and how often your dog needs to exercise based on breed, age, and other criteria.

You may monitor walks, document them with photos taken using your phone’s camera, and it offers a few additional capabilities.

The app has a note-taking tool that allows you to record facts such as the last time your dog was de-flead or went to the doctor. You can even be notified when drastic temperature changes occur. However, these services come at a price, and it is not just a high one-time fee, but also a monthly fee.


  • Stylish leather collar
  • GPS monitoring
  • Fitness and other benefits


  • Expensive
  • Subscription required
  • Smaller breeds may find it uncomfortable.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker LTE

tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs

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The Tractive LTE GPS dog tracker is a GPS tracker that tracks over the LTE cellular network. You may create a geofence zone and receive real-time warnings when your dog departs the defined region.

You can also view a full history of the areas your dog has been, allowing you to see where he travels when he escapes and maybe utilize this knowledge to assist prevent future escapes.

You may also use the activity monitor to keep track of your dog’s activity level and determine whether he needs more or less exercise. The tracker is reasonably priced, and membership durations as little as one month are available, allowing you to test the service without committing to a full year.

The trackers also automatically update every 2 minutes, allowing you to swiftly locate your escaped dog. Even better, when you enable live mode, the changes are instant.

Unfortunately, the gadget is bulky and not as appealing as other trackers. Furthermore, it requires a membership to utilize.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Create geofence zones
  • Get immediate notifications


  • Subscription required
  • To begin, a one-month membership is required.
  • Tracker is ugly and huge.

GPS Dog Tracker FitBark

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker 1st Gen (2019) Previous Generation

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The FitBark GPS Dog Tracker is a reasonably priced GPS tracker that fits on most collars. It includes a Verizon 4G LTE-M sim card. A subscription is required to use the device’s tracker and safety functions, although this is true of most comparable gadgets.

However, because this uses Verizon’s network, you should check to see if you have adequate Verizon coverage in your location. If not, the network may fail to identify the tracker, resulting in no warnings or reliable location updates.

The FitBark allows users to create several Wi-Fi safe areas, which means you can set up geofences at your home, at the homes of relatives and friends, at kennels, and other sites, and have the app notify you anytime your dog leaves these locations.

It can also measure activity levels, establish personalized targets and goals, and interact with your FitBit or another fitness app.

The variety of functions and how well they perform distinguishes this as a gadget best suited to people searching for a canine fitness device rather than a GPS tracker.


  • Excellent fitness characteristics
  • Size is adequate.


  • Subscription required
  • Location updates are slow.
  • Better than monitoring for fitness

GPS Dog Collar Garmin T5

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

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A GPS tracking gadget, the Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar . It has a range of 9 miles and does not require a monthly subscription, which is nice since the device’s initial price is definitely the most on our list.

To function over such a long distance, the collar does feature an antenna, which is far from inconspicuous and may be prone to chewing and even being entangled.

It is also necessary to acquire and utilize a separate Garmin transmitting device for the collar to function. The battery has a life of roughly 40 hours, which is significantly reduced if you utilize the strong LED lights for increased visibility.

This is a serious collar that will be beneficial for hunters and even service dog handlers, but its high costs are prohibitive, made worse by the need to purchase a very expensive transmitter device as well as the collar itself.


  • Range of 9 miles
  • A subscription is not required.


  • Extremely costly
  • A separate, highly costly gadget is required.
  • Not as dependable as you’d expect from a Garmin GPS.

GPS Tracking Collar for Dogtra Pathfinder

Dogtra Pathfinder Dog Remote Training and GPS Tracking Collar

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Another pricey GPS collar is the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking Collar , which is primarily aimed at hunters and service dog handlers.

The bright orange hard collar will be too unpleasant for many dogs, but it is waterproof and bright orange, so it should be noticeable in a dark forest or other situation with restricted visibility. It has a range of 9 miles and functions as a training collar with 100 levels of vibrating stimulation. You may set up a geofence and receive real-time notifications when your dog leaves the region.

While this item is highly pricey, it does not require the purchase of a separate device, but it will not function with smaller dogs or breeds. There are also some challenges with pairing the device with a phone, and the device’s remote does not provide access to the collar capabilities.


  • The bright orange collar is easily noticed.
  • covering of 9 miles
  • It serves as a training collar.


  • Uncomfortable
  • Expensive
  • Does not remain paired
  • Small dogs are not recommended.

BLACK+DECKER Intelligent Dog Collar

BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker

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The GPS and activity monitoring collar from Black & Decker is called the Smart Dog Collar. You may set up geofences, which means you can create safe zones not just in your own yard, but also in a park or field where you allow your dog run free.

If they attempt to flee, the collar will quickly notify you, and you can use it to follow their activities and determine their most recent whereabouts. .

It is water-resistant and offers 2-way audio, so you can listen in to attempt to locate your dog and reassure them. The moniker Black + Decker isn’t usually associated with dog collars, and this gadget has terrible GPS and cellular coverage.

The OLED screen that shows name and contact information is easily destroyed, the battery life is low, and its need on 2G coverage means that it will not operate with most carriers because their 2G networks have been deactivated.


  • Cheap
  • Display panel with OLED
  • Two-way audio


  • The screen is easily broken.
  • Depends on 2G coverage
  • The audio is of low quality.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select the Best GPS Tracker for Your Dog

Some canines have a strong desire to travel. They will dig, leap, or otherwise attempt to escape from the boundaries of their garden or house. They may try to escape if you let them off their leash at the dog park, or when you’re out hunting or doing something else with your pet pooch. GPS trackers make it easy to find your dog, reducing the amount of time they are left to fend for themselves and making your job easier. Some versions may include fitness and activity trackers, 2-way audio, and even the option to combine the collar’s fitness monitoring with the activities of your own fitness tracker.

Methods of Connection

The primary use of GPS collars is to track or monitor your dog’s position. You may track your dog’s whereabouts because they went missing or got out of the yard, or you could check to see whether the dog walking and pet sitting service is providing them enough exercise. In any case, the tracking and connecting options listed below are available:

  • GPS – GPS tracks your location by using satellites. It necessitates the use of numerous satellites, often a minimum of 24, which may be managed by GPS navigation experts such as Garmin or cellular carriers such as Verizon or AT&T. In any instance, you will most likely be required to pay a membership fee in order to utilize the satellite network and access the data it delivers.
  • Cellular – Cell providers such as Verizon and AT&T send and receive cellular signals via cellular and satellite networks. They are perfectly situated to provide tracking services. When utilizing cellular service, make sure the network has sufficient coverage in your location and that you are willing to pay a monthly or annual membership cost.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth has a theoretical range of up to 0.6 miles, but in practice, a mobile device will have a significantly lower range. This type of tracker will only be beneficial in locating a dog that has become lost on your land or within your home.
  • WiFi – Similarly, WiFi has a very limited range capacity, but because you most likely have a WiFi network at home, you may use this as a geofencing approach. You will receive an alert as soon as your dog’s collar exits the WiFi network range, letting you know that your dog has left the premises. To take use of this sort of equipment, you must first discover the exact range and limitations of your WiFi network. It might extend halfway down your yard or cover the land next door.


GPS collars are manufactured by a variety of firms, including Garmin, a well-known GPS tracking company, Black & Decker , a power tool manufacturer, and Whistle Go, which benefits from having numerous generations of GPS tracking collars behind them. This may make deciding on a decent tracking collar difficult.

You must pick if you want a simple Wi-Fi device that barks a warning when your dog leaves the region of your home network or something with full cellular coverage but requires a monthly subscription.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews should have helped you select the best dog gps trackers & collars gadget that meets your demands, your dog’s activity levels and escapology abilities, and your budget.

The Whistle Go Explore GPS collar is the best model we found because to Whistle Go’s experience with GPS tracking collars. If you’re on a tight budget or only require simple tracking, the Cube Shadow Bluetooth Tracker is a good option. It’s small, light, and affordable.

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