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The 8 Best Dog Goggles Sunglasses

You may be forgiven for believing that there is nothing more ludicrous than the concept of sunglasses for dogs.

They do, however, serve a crucial role, as the sun's UV rays can be just as harmful to dogs as they are to humans. Many dogs with eye problems can benefit from the extra protection that sunglasses or goggles give.

A short glance at the available models, however, reveals that many are novelty items rather than real health equipment.

If you need a pair that can genuinely protect your dog, the reviews below will show you how to discover them – and how to discard the worthless pairs.

Here are the best dog goggles sunglasses that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think you should buy.


Best Overall PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses

The PEDOMUS are a wonderful choice if you want as much coverage as possible. Their broad bridge helps them to sit gently on your dog’s nose, and their wide lenses cover every portion of the eye.

The goggles are held in place by an adjustable elastic band; it may take some getting used to for your dog, but if she tolerates it, it does an outstanding job of keeping the goggles from slipping and sliding. Inside, there’s a spongey substance that keeps them from severely digging in.

The lenses are composed of polycarbonate, which can filter out the majority of harmful UV rays. They will help keep dirt and debris out.

But be careful not to claw at them because the lenses are easily scratched. Apart from that, there’s little to dislike about the PEDOMUS, which is why we chose it as our top selection.


  • Protect the entire eye area.
  • The broad bridge rests gently on the nose.
  • The elastic strap keeps it in place.
  • Inside, a spongey substance offers comfort.
  • Excellent for preventing UV rays and dirt.


  • Lenses are easily scratched.

QUMY DORA Dog Goggles – The Best Buy

One of the best features of the QUMY DORA is that the lenses are shatterproof, allowing even the most rough-and-tumble canines to play freely without shattering them. They’re also incredibly cheap, which makes them the ideal dog sunglasses or goggles for the money.

They feature two straps, one behind the head and one beneath the chin, so they should remain in position nicely. It’s simple to adjust them to fit your pup’s head, but it’s also simple to make them too tight, so proceed with caution.

Aside from being tough and sturdy, they also fold up small enough to fit in your pocket before heading out into nature. As a result, they are highly convenient.

The lenses are rather small for a product marketed for larger canines. You must position them precisely or they will dig into your mutt’s eye socket.

That can be aggravating, but it’s ultimately a minor annoyance, and not enough to cost the QUMY DORA their silver medal.


  • Lenses that are shatterproof
  • Very low cost
  • The dual straps keep them in place well.
  • For mobility, fold in half.
  • Simple to modify to fit your pet’s head


  • Can pierce the eye socket
  • Straps are easily made uncomfortably tight.

Doggles ILS Skull Frame Dog Goggles – High-Quality Option

Aside from being adorable, the Doggles Skull Frame stays in place astonishingly well while providing nearly entire protection for your pup’s peepers.

They look like welder’s goggles and are strong enough to handle an arc welder session if your dog decides to perform some metalwork. The deep lens cup keeps them from mashing your dog’s eyelashes while also putting minimal pressure on the sockets.

The lenses are anti-fog and shatterproof, allowing your dog to be comfortable in any situation. The straps are really soft and comfortable.

The Doggles Skull Frame are slightly more expensive than the other goggles on our list, and the skull stickers on the side will fall off sooner rather than later, but other than that, they’re a terrific pair of glasses. Any devoted hound will be overjoyed to put them on.


  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Deep lenses will not mash sockets.
  • Anti-fog and shatterproof lenses
  • Straps that are comfortable


  • On the pricey side
  • Skull stickers are easily removed.


The PEDOMUS are our favorite dog goggles because they fit nicely on your dog’s face and offer lots of protection.

That’s all you can ask from a pair of sunglasses, but none of the other options we examined did it quite as well as PEDOMUS.

The cost-effective QUMY DORA was our second favorite pair, thanks to their shatterproof lenses, which make them ideal for energetic pups.

It’s also simple to adjust their fit to fit the shape of your dog’s head. Most likely, no one ever educated you what to look for while purchasing dog sunglasses.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope these evaluations were both helpful and enlightening for you, because purchasing the incorrect pair could be harmful to your dog’s health.

But how can you find the best dog goggles sunglasses? That could result in your dog having a serious case of looking amazing.

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