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The 11 Best Dog Furniture Kennels

If you've ever had a puppy, you've most likely made room in your home for one of the most important pieces of training equipment: a crate. The crate is a necessity for all new puppy parents, as it is used to speed up the potty training process, keep your dog safe when you are not available to supervise, and as a place to hang out when your pup needs to take a break.

Unfortunately, this training tool has a few aesthetic flaws: they're bulky and, to put it bluntly, not cute. Pet parents who want to keep their home looking stylish usually end up trying and failing miserably to figure out how to make an oversized plastic or wire crate fit in with their décor.

Utility-style instruction Crates are useful during the early stages of potty and chew training because they are designed for your pup's safety, but as pups mature into dogs looking for a place to hang out, these eyesores may not seem worth it.

Thankfully, fashion has caught up with function, and pet parents now have a plethora of cute dog crate options that could double as high-end furniture, such as the sleek, contemporary Moderno Dog Crate. These stylish pieces of dog crate furniture stand out for combining great design with safe snoozing.

Here are the best dog furniture kennels that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think you should buy.

What exactly is Dog Crate Furniture?

Because crates are intended to be a safe haven for puppies, it stands to reason that those used for training are all about utility. Wire crates and plastic airplane-style crates are both intended to be sturdy, easy to clean, and to discourage chewing or digging through the material. These crates are the safest option during puppyhood and adolescence, when dogs are more likely to push the boundaries of their environments. However, as dogs mature and become more mellow, more options for your pup’s hangout spot become available. Once your dog has mastered both potty and chew training, you can consider a crate with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal.

Simply put, dog crate furniture is a safe place for your dog to hang out that is also attractive enough to serve as a functional piece of décor, such as a credenza or end table. Because mature dogs understand what they can and cannot chew, the materials used in furniture-style dog crates, such as different types of wood, mesh, and metal, will be more varied. Dog crate furniture is an excellent option for pet parents who want to provide a comfortable hangout spot for their adult dog without sacrificing style.


Furniture-style dog crate unipaws

This unipaws crate is an excellent addition to any modern home. It combines elegant design with high functionality to provide you with a crate that you and your dog will enjoy. You can also use the top as a coffee table.


  • Chew-proof wire dog crate with two doors
  • Well-ventilated and open
  • Cushioning that is comfortable
  • Tray made of plastic and removable
  • There are two sizes available.


  • There is only one color available (grey)
  • Not suitable for dogs weighing more than 40 pounds.

Customers adore the look and functionality of this crate. It is mentioned in reviews how well it blends into most areas of the home, such as the living room and bedroom. Owners of mischievous dogs appreciate how well the crate keeps their pets from escaping.

Wooden Dog Crate FEANDREA

Summary: The rustic look of this wooden crate will make you forget it’s a dog crate. The crate, on the other hand, provides more than just good looks. It is also very simple to use and maintain, and if that isn’t enough, it comes in three sizes.


  • Wooden design with a rustic feel
  • Easy-to-clean removable plastic tray
  • It is well ventilated and offers a full view of the dog.
  • Design with two doors
  • There are three sizes available.


  • This is not a chew-proof model.
  • Large dogs are not recommended.

The Feandrea furniture style pet crate is described in reviews as a sturdy, easy-to-assemble, and beautiful product. However, due to the grill bottom, pet owners state that the pet product must be used with a crate mat.

Dog Crate End Table Unipaws Furniture Style

The multipurpose table dog crate is one of Unipaws’ best-sellers. It comes in two colors and fits dogs weighing up to 40 pounds. The crate’s unique design also provides your dog with a sense of privacy while still allowing for adequate ventilation.


  • Design with multiple functions (side table, end table, coffee table)
  • Extra side door for easy cleaning
  • Extra ventilation is provided by the open design.
  • Allows for a complete view of the dog
  • It includes a cushion that can be used as a dog bed.


  • The crate’s wooden components are not chew-proof.
  • Not suitable for a large dog (over 40 lbs)

Customers are generally pleased with the unipaws crate. The majority of reviews praise the crate’s beauty and ease of assembly.

Wooden Pet Crate End Table for the Home

Casual Home, a home design company, created this end crate end table. Because of its numerous size and color options, the table is extremely popular. It also takes up little space and adds a nice touch to the overall interior design.


  • Partially enclosed, providing privacy
  • Suitable for large dogs (up to 90 lbs)
  • Available in four different colors and three different sizes.
  • Extra security is provided by a lockable gate.
  • Simple and quick assembly


  • Not recommended for dogs who like to chew, nibble, or scratch.
  • The two smaller sizes lack double doors.

Review: Customers are pleased with how much this crate resembles furniture rather than a crate. Even with a dog inside, the covered bottom half of the crate gives the impression that it is just furniture.


The Ideal House dog cage is ideal for small dogs, even those who like to chew and tear furniture. Its distinctive design makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including use as an end table, side table, or nightstand.


  • Crate design and materials that are completely chew-proof
  • Compact design that fits into even the smallest of spaces
  • Extra storage space in the top drawer
  • Magnetic dog-proof lock
  • It can function as an end table, side table, or nightstand.
  • Open and well-ventilated


  • Your dog will have no privacy in the crate.
  • Large or even medium-sized dogs are not recommended.

Reviewers like the drawer on top of the crate, which can be used to store dog necessities like snacks and toys. This is in addition to its small size and long lifespan.

Wooden Dog Crate Furniture Ylovecl

This crate is made of MDF (Medium-Density Fireboard), which is similar to wood but has a smoother finish. With seven sizes and five colors to choose from, every pet parent is sure to find one that works for her or him.


  • MDF and wire mesh that can’t be chewed
  • Easy-to-clean sliding tray
  • It has a double door.
  • Dog crate cover that is detachable
  • It is available in seven different sizes and five different colors.
  • Very simple to set up and use


  • The crate is small and can only accommodate dogs weighing up to 40 pounds.

Review: Dog owners adore the crate’s elegant design. Furthermore, many of the customers who purchased it praised the product’s quick shipping.

BIRDROCK HOME Dog Kennel Decorative

This is a dog kennel from the Birdrock home improvement brand. It is ideal for dog owners who prefer darker-colored furniture. This multipurpose dog kennel is made of wood and wire and has a stylish overall design.


  • Design with multiple functions
  • Beautifully crafted wood
  • It includes a removable pet bed.
  • Fits dogs weighing up to 58 lbs.
  • Design with two doors


  • This is not a chew-proof dog crate.
  • There is only one color available (espresso)

Reviewers appreciate how roomy this crate is. Many dogs adore their crates, and some prefer to spend time in them. Many reviews also mention how simple it is to use and assemble the crate.

Purchasing Dog Crate Furniture

When purchasing dog crate furniture, it is critical to consider factors such as size, safety, and materials. Before making a purchase, keep the following points in mind:

Even if your dog is completely trustworthy when crated, safety should be your top priority when shopping for a furniture-style dog crate. Dog crate furniture should be built to be sturdy enough to contain your dog without wobbling or shifting, and it should not have any parts that could pinch paws or tails.

Second, consider the airflow through the crate. While decorative dog crates are intended to resemble sturdy furniture, they should still have adequate ventilation to prevent your dog from overheating inside. Avoid dog crate furniture with a single open window/picket area, as this can restrict air flow and cause the interior to smell musty. Also, crates that restrict your dog’s visibility, such as those with half solid barn door-style walls, may make your dog less likely to want to relax inside.

Sizing: Getting the right size furniture-style dog crate, like training crates, is critical for your dog’s comfort. Your dog should be able to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the crate. While training crates should be sized without extra space to prevent pottying in one area and sleeping in the other, your mature pup is potty trained, so give them more room to get comfortable in dog crate furniture.

Upkeep: You want your dog’s hangout space to be clean, so think about how easy it will be to clean the crate. Furniture-style dog crates with narrow doorways may be difficult to vacuum or dust. Furthermore, because most furniture-style dog crates are made of wood or wood composite, cleaning up after your dog has an accident can be difficult.

Bedding: Because most furniture-style dog crates are hard on the bottom, make sure you can fit in removable and washable bedding for your dog.

Finally, your decorative dog crate may have a few inherent disadvantages, such as ease of set-up and take-down. (And some assemblies can be difficult!) These crates are intended to be used as furniture in your home, so once they’re in place, they’ll most likely need to be anchored. Similarly, unlike wire crates that can be fitted with an adjustable insert, these containment systems do not have sizing flexibility. Take your time measuring to ensure your dog has enough space to be comfortable inside.

Because these multi-purpose items are essentially furniture, they can cost hundreds of dollars or more, so consider a decorative dog crate an investment for both your pet and your home.

Dog Crate Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

What stores sell dog crate furniture?

Several pet stores, both physical and online, sell dog crate furniture that can be assembled and used to complement your decor while keeping your dog safe. 

When shopping on online marketplaces, the selection and size options are much greater. 

Just make sure to properly measure your dog and choose the appropriate size crate. 

It’s also a good idea to read through any shipping and return policies before making a purchase.

How big of a dog crate should I get for my dog?

In a crate, your dog should have enough space to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. 

When looking for dog crate furniture, measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail and from the floor to the top of their head to determine the length and height you’ll require. 

Then add 4-5 inches to ensure your dog has enough room to fit comfortably in the crate.

How long can a dog be confined?

Adult dogs should not be crated for more than 6-        8 hours at a time, and they should get plenty of exercise and attention when they are not in the crate. 

Because puppies require bathroom breaks every few hours, they can only be crated for 2-3 hours at a time. 

If you will be gone for longer than those times, consider hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker to let your dog out of the crate for a few hours during the day

Is it necessary to crate my dog at night?

If your dog isn’t housebroken or likes to chew or scavenge, putting him in a crate at night while you sleep is a good idea. 

Making a positive association with your dog’s crate will help him feel more at ease and content in it. 

Because it can serve as a bedside table, dog crate furniture is an excellent choice for overnight crating. 

This keeps your dog close to you at night while also adding a useful piece of furniture to your room.


We are grateful that you have made it this far in the reading, and we appreciate your time. This information, according to BestForPets (bestforpets.org), can help you find the best dog furniture kennels for your companion animal.

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