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The 10 Best Dog Foods With Probiotics

Choosing a new dog food can be difficult due to the abundance of available brands, pet food recalls, and horror stories about pet maladies. In addition, opinions regarding the ideal pet food differ, and the addition of new constituents such as free-range and organic feed only adds to the confusion.

As proprietors of numerous canines with a voracious appetite and a penchant for trying new foods, we've evaluated a variety of dog food options over time.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has meticulously selected and reviewed the best dog food with probiotics brands available in order to simplify the selection process. Our exhaustive guide to purchasing probiotic dog food delves into the constituents used in your dog's food, including a review of particle size, granules, and protein content.

Read on for our expert analysis of each brand to assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a probiotic dog food for your furry companion.

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Dry Nulo Grain-Free Dog Food


Nulo Grain Free Dry Dog Food is the finest overall dog food with probiotics, in our opinion. This product has no corn, wheat, soy, or other fillers, and is 84% protein from animal sources such as salmon and turkey. It supports weight loss, lean muscle building, and energy levels. The smaller size of the kibble encourages healthier chewing habits.

This food’s sole drawback is that some dogs dislike grain-free diets. All four of our canine companions appreciated this meal.


  • No wheat, corn, or soy
  • 84% of animal protein
  • Smaller kibble size


  • Some dogs don’t enjoy it

Natural Raw Dry Dog Food by Instinct


The Instinct Raw Boost Dry Dog Food with Probiotics is our premium dry dog food. This cuisine is slightly more costly than many of the other items on this list, but its primary ingredient is freeze-dried raw chicken.

This meal is grain-free and made with high-quality ingredients that support healthy skin and a glossy coat. This brand employs exclusively cage-free, free-range hens and is proudly created in the United States.

Several of our dogs appreciated this food enough to justify the expensive price, but the quality seems to have declined over the past several years, and the meal has fewer and fewer raw chicken chunks and some of our dogs who normally enjoy it will sometimes refuse to eat it.


  • Freeze-dried raw chicken bits
  • Grain-free
  • Made in America
  • Coop-free poultry


  • Expensive
  • Changing the recipe

Diamond Naturals 418439 Canine Nutrition


The probiotic Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food has 100 percent beef protein and grains. This item contains no maize, wheat, or soy. It is fortified with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and contains numerous superfoods to boost the antioxidant capabilities of the meal.

While evaluating this brand, we discovered that it frequently gave our pets flatulence. Some of our dogs did not enjoy this food, and even those that do occasionally refuse to consume it.

Additionally, we have observed various variations among the bags we purchase. Occasionally, the meal is lighter in color and has a different aroma, leading us to assume that the quality control may be improved.


  • Beef protein
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Supplemented with superfoods


  • This can lead to gas
  • Some dogs don’t enjoy it
  • Inconsistent quality

Taste of the Wild Protein Dog Food


Grain-free, Taste of the Wild High Protein Premium Dry Dog Food can aid with weight loss and lean muscle development. This company offers unique delicacies like as roasted bison, venison, alligator, and deep-sea seafood for your pet to sample. Real beef is the primary ingredient, and the remaining components are all of the premium grades.

The issue we encountered with this brand is that the protein content is excessive for many dogs. This meal is ideal for overweight dogs whose weight you would like to reduce. The FDA has also said that diets heavy in peas, such as this one, can cause dogs to develop chronic heart disease.


  • Real meat is the primary component.
  • The menu featured roasted bison and venison.
  • Grain-free


  • FDA caution

Wellness Core Dog Food


The primary ingredients of Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food are delectable turkey and chicken. No poultry byproducts are present, and all components are natural.

During our use of this brand, we observed a few things. Due to its high fat and carbohydrate content, it cannot be utilized for weight control. The tiny kibble size poses a choking hazard, particularly for fast eaters. In addition, there are many natural food fillers that lack nutritious value, and the bag is difficult to shut.


  • Premium poultry and turkey
  • Grain-free
  • No poultry by-products
  • Organic ingredients


  • Small kibble size can induce choking
  • The bag doesn’t seal well
  • Numerous fillings

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food


On this list, only the Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dog Food brand adheres to human food requirements. According to Honest Kitchen, this is the only dog food prepared to human food standards, and it is created in small batches and dried in an ordinary oven with little processing.

The second and third components in this brand are potatoes and peas, neither of which are particularly healthy for dogs. Additionally, the small kibbles are exceedingly rough and resemble tiny pebbles, which we did not appreciate. If your pet lacks teeth or has difficulty chewing, this brand is not appropriate.


  • Human grade
  • Minimum processing


  • Potatoes and peas are the second and third ingredients, respectively.
  • Extremely hard kibble

Castor & Pollux Dog Food Organix


The first component of Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food is free-range chicken. This product is certified organic and grain-free. It contains prebiotic fiber to aid with digestion and pesticide-free, organic preservatives.

We did not appreciate the exorbitant price of these little packages of dog chow. The free-range chickens and organic components significantly increase the price, and two of our dogs did not enjoy the food. Numerous peas are also known to be detrimental to your dog’s heart health.


  • Free-range poultry is the primary component.
  • Prebiotic material
  • Organic


  • Expensive
  • Peas

Lucy Pet Dry Food for Dogs


The Lucy Pet Dry Dog Food is the final brand of dog food on our list that contains probiotics. This brand’s primary component is Alaskan salmon, which imparts the dish with an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Also included is prebiotic fiber, which aids your pet’s digestive tract.

We did not appreciate that this cuisine was so pricey and that peas were at the top of the ingredient list. This meal was rejected by three of our dogs, an uncommon occurrence in our home.


  • Salmon
  • Omega-3
  • Prebiotic material


  • Some dogs don’t enjoy it
  • Peas
  • Expensive

Buyer's Guide


The finest dog food contains probiotics to improve the dog’s digestive system, enhance nutrient assimilation, and prevent constipation by promoting bowel movement.

Antibiotic caution

Canine probiotics are unique from those for humans and cats since they are species-specific. To ensure the safety and efficacy of probiotics for canines, it is essential to use the correct formulations and avoid substituting them with other varieties.

Complete nutrition

When feeding your dog the same food daily, ensure it is well-balanced and nutritionally sufficient. When purchasing dog food, it is essential to examine the flesh, additives, and preservatives to ensure that it meets your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Lean flesh

The quality of your dog’s food can be guaranteed by using whole or labeled meat as the first ingredient. For high-quality nutrition for your dog, it’s important to select dog food that includes specific meat forms like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, lamb, etc., while avoiding meals with chicken by-products or meat by-products.


Choosing dog food with high-quality additives such as rice, barley, and whole grains and limiting processed foods, wheat, and maize are essential for maintaining high-quality food for your dog.


It’s important for dog owners to know that studies have identified a potential link between the consumption of peas, a prevalent ingredient in grain-free dog food, and canine cardiac disease. It is recommended that canines limit their consumption of peas to maintain optimal health.


When it comes to preservatives, natural alternatives such as tocopherols and ascorbate are preferable to artificial alternatives such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin for canines. Although it may be difficult to remember these preservative names, the health of your dog justifies the effort.

Life phases

When searching for dog food, you may encounter labels like “senior,” “diet,” or “for large dogs,” but the FDA recognizes only two types: puppy food and adult dog food. Unregulated labels are solely intended for promotional use.


Grain-free dog food’s growing popularity doesn’t guarantee it’s the best choice. For optimal health, it’s essential to provide canines with carbohydrates, as excessive protein in many grain-free diets can harm their wellbeing.

In addition, the Food and Drug Administration has discovered a link between the peas used in this type of food and cardiac problems in canines; therefore, it is important to carefully consider the ingredients in your dog’s food.


Kibbles are the small, crunchy dog food morsels that appear in a variety of sizes. When feeding large canines, it is necessary to consider the size of the kibbles in order to prevent choking, as smaller kibbles can be dangerous if consumed too rapidly.

To ensure your dog’s safety, it is essential to choose kibbles that are proportionate to their size. It is essential to choose kibbles that are sized and textured appropriately for small canines, as they may have difficulty consuming large or tough kibbles.


1. What is the role of probiotics in canine health, and why do they matter?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that reside in a dog’s intestines and promote digestive health. In addition, they can strengthen the immune system and promote overall health.

2. What are the finest probiotic dog foods?

Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, and Purina Pro Plan are among the finest probiotic-containing dog foods. These manufacturers provide a variety of options for various strains and dietary requirements.

3. How can I determine if the food my dog eats contains probiotics?

Check the ingredients label for probiotics such as lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and enterococcus. Some brands may also include probiotics in their packaging claims.

4. Can sensitive stomachs of canines benefit from probiotics in their food?

Yes, probiotics in dog food are beneficial for canines with sensitive stomachs. Probiotics can help regulate digestion and reduce inflammation in the intestines, thereby alleviating digestive distress symptoms.

5. Are there any adverse effects associated with administering my dog probiotics?

While probiotics are generally harmless for canines, some dogs may experience moderate digestive upset when probiotics are first introduced to their diet. Before making significant adjustments to your dog’s diet, including the addition of probiotics, it is always best to consult your veterinarian.

In addition, it is crucial to adhere to the dietary instructions and not exceed the recommended dosage of probiotics, as doing so could result in more severe digestive issues.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you’ve enjoyed the best dog foods with probiotics reviews and buyer’s guide. Nulo Grain Free Dry Dog Food  is our top pick because it is filled with high-quality ingredients and has over 80% protein.

Hopefully, you are now closer to selecting a new probiotic dog food brand for your pet. We want you to feel secure in your decision and hope we’ve been of assistance. Please share these probiotic dog meals on Twitter and Facebook.

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