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The 9 Best Dog Foods To Prevent Lawn Burn

You invest time and money to keep your grass lush and healthy. You don't want to see unpleasant yellow or brown stains from dog pee. We cannot give up our dogs because we adore them. You may be wondering if you can have both a lovely lawn and a dog.

Based on customer feedback, we examined the possibilities and analyzed the dog diets available to decrease turf burn. Here are the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommendations for the best dog foods to prevent lawn burn, as well as some additional ideas.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Lawn Burn Prevention

Why does dog urine cause the grass to become yellow or brown?

When you glance out the window, you notice unattractive yellow grass circles surrounded by dark green grass. Your dog’s pee might be the source of the problem. Nitrogen is found in urine. While nitrogen is beneficial to lawns, too much of it can cause them to burn.

The nitrogen content in a dog’s urine can be affected by its nutrition, breed, and gender. A female dog may cause greater harm than a male dog. Larger dogs will produce more spots than little ones. The amount of nitrogen in your pets’ urine is also affected by their diet and water consumption.

How to Avoid Lawn Burns

There are three strategies to avoid urine spots. They include treating the grass, teaching the dog to urinate in a certain location, and altering the dog’s nutrition.

Changing your dog’s food may jeopardize his nutrition and is not always the best solution. However, adding water to your dog’s kibble may assist to minimize the nitrogen. Extreme dietary changes in your dog might result in bladder stones or put strain on its kidneys. If you decide to pursue this path, consult with your veterinarian.

If you don’t want to compromise your dog’s diet, you might train him to urinate in a certain area of the yard. You may make a special area of stone or soil for your dog to relieve himself. Other animals can still urinate on your grass if you do not have a fenced-in yard. The second alternative is to water the grass just after the dog pees. You may also experiment with reducing the quantity of fertilizer you apply to your grass.


According to our ratings, The Farmer’s Dog is the Best Overall pick for a high-quality food that will help avoid lawn burns. Add some water to Purina One Natural True Instinct with Real Turkey & Venison High Protein Dry Dog Food for pet owners on a budget. It will guarantee that your pet receives enough water.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables & Brown Rice Canned Dog Food is our top pick. We chose Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Formula Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Puppy Dry Food because pups require nutritious food to thrive.

Merrick Grain-Free Real Duck Dinner Canned Dog Food is our veterinarian’s recommended dog food for preventing grass burns.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide assist you in finding the best dog foods to prevent lawn burn.


Best Value: Natural Purina One True Instinct Dry Dog Food

  • Turkey, chicken meal, soy flour, beef fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, whole grain wheat are the main components.
  • 30.0% protein content
  • 17.0% fat content
  • 365 calories per cup

Purina One Natural True Instinct with Real Turkey and Venison High Protein Dog Food is the most economical dog food for grass burn. This mixture contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for your dog. It’s created with genuine turkey and venison to provide your dog the protein he needs for a strong heart and muscles.

The nourishing combination contains calcium to maintain healthy teeth and gums, as well as glucosamine for joint health. Its healthy skin and coat are supported by omega-6 fatty acids. To keep your pooch hydrated, mix some water with the kibble. The increased hydration may aid in the reduction of nitrogen in your dog’s pee.

The recipe is easily digested and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. The flavor has received mixed reviews from customers. They also mention taste inconsistency. Dogs would consume one bag but refuse to consume another.


  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Very easily digested
  • Real turkey is used.


  • Some dogs will not eat it.
  • The formula is incoherent.


Recipe for Blue Buffalo Homestyle Dog Food in Cans

  • Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, and peas are the main components.
  • 8.5% protein content
  • 5.5% fat content
  • 451 kilocalories per cup

Our final pick for dog food for grass burn was Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables and Brown Rice Canned Dog Food. The juicy and delicate chicken pieces provide a high-quality nutrition for your pooch. This moist and flavorful food is sure to please your dog.

The wet food is nutritionally full and balanced. This can be fed alone or combined with kibble for texture. Blue Buffalo makes use of high-quality ingredients such as chicken, sweet potatoes, and peas. However, some studies1 connect peas to cardiac problems in dogs.

Blue Buffalo recipes use products sourced from trustworthy sources in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Anything obtained from outside the United States is quality and safety assessed.

Customers complain about the product’s lack of consistency in the reviews. The flavor has also received mixed reviews. Fussy eaters will not consume it. Consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s food.


  • Ingredients of superior grade
  • Made with genuine chicken.
  • The ingredients have been quality checked.


  • Product inconsistency
  • Picky eaters will not eat it.



Best for Puppies: Puppy Food Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Formula

  • Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oats, and barley are the main components.
  • 27% protein content
  • 16% fat content
  • 398 kilocalories per cup

Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Formula Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Puppy Dry Food was our top option for pups while researching the best dog food for grass burns.

The puppy formula will give fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your developing puppy for a full and nutritious diet. Mix some water into your dog’s feed to keep him hydrated.

The deboned chicken is combined with vegetables, fruit, and grains to create a pleasant and healthy meal that most dogs like. It might not be the best option for finicky eaters.

Pet owners were dissatisfied with the little pieces of kibble, unless they owned a micro breed. Customer reviews worry about the scarcity of smaller food bags.


  • The first component is chicken.
  • Fruits and vegetables are included.
  • Most puppies find it tasty.


  • Expensive
  • Small kibble


Vet’s Choice: Canned Merrick Real Duck Dinner Food

  • Deboned duck, duck liver, turkey broth, dried egg product, natural taste are the main components.
  • 8.0% protein content
  • 7.0% fat content
  • 358 kilocalories per can

Following an examination of the top dog meals for grass burn, our veterinarian recommends Merrick Grain-Free genuine Duck Dinner Canned Dog food. This recipe’s high-quality components begin with deboned duck.

The meal is moist and flavorful, which will appeal to your pet’s taste buds. There are no peas, cereals, maize, potatoes, soy, or wheat in the components. 96% of the protein in the formula comes from animal sources.

The Merrick Duck Dinner contains no artificial additives, preservatives, colors, or tastes and is high in vitamins and minerals. The food’s ingredients are obtained from the United States, France, and, in certain cases, China.

The organization examines products before and during manufacturing to assure the quality and safety of all culinary components. They adhere to strict quality requirements. Some reviewers claim that their dog dislikes the flavor. Because it is a bit pricey, you may want to trial it before making a significant purchase.


  • Ingredients of superior grade
  • There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this product.
  • High safety requirements


  • It is expensive.
  • Some Chinese ingredients


Nutro Hearty Stew Canned Dog Food

  • Turkey, pork broth, chicken broth, chicken liver, sweet potatoes are the main components.
  • 10.0% protein content
  • 3.5% fat content
  • 361 kilocalories per can

Nutro Hearty Stew Turkey, Sweet Potato, and Green Bean Cuts in Gravy Canned Dog Food was one of our top selections for dog food for grass burn in our reviews. The first ingredient in the wet food is turkey.

There is no wheat, maize, soy, or poultry by-product meal in it. It will provide your pet a nutritional meal that contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The stew turkey recipe is created in the United States using high-quality ingredients. Nutro exclusively utilizes products from reputable suppliers and farms. The formula offers your dog with the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals he needs for a healthy diet.

Aside from finicky eaters, consumers claim that their dogs enjoy the taste and devour food. It may also cause gas in certain dogs.


  • There are no artificial colors or tastes.
  • There are no preservatives.
  • Made in the United States
  • Ingredients of superior grade


  • Can cause gas in dogs
  • Not suitable for finicky eaters.


Canidae Pure All Stages Canned Food with Few Ingredients

  • Lamb, lamb broth, turkey broth, turkey, and chicken are the main components.
  • 9.0% protein content
  • 8.0% fat content
  • 490 kilocalories per can

Canidae Pure All Stages Grain-Free Restricted Ingredient is ideal for puppies that require limited ingredients. Recipe for Lamb, Turkey, and Chicken Our recommendation for a restricted ingredient dog food for turf burns is canned dog food.

The primary component is lamb. It also contains high-quality proteins such as chicken and turkey, and it has only seven vital components for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The recipe contains no wheat, soy, grain, or maize.

The full and balanced feed is designed for dogs of all ages. Peas are a contentious ingredient1 that is included in the dish. Before giving your dog peas, consult with your veterinarian.

Some customers have complained about the food’s sticky consistency. They said they had to use two spoons to get it out of the can. They also notice that cleaning the dog bowl takes longer. Fortunately, the dogs don’t appear to mind—they seem to enjoy the flavor.


  • Dogs enjoy the flavor.
  • Suitable for all phases of life
  • Ingredients that are limited for sensitive stomachs


  • The consistency is sticky.
  • Ingredients under scrutiny


Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food from Honest Kitchen

  • Dehydrated turkey, organic oats, dehydrated potatoes, organic flaxseed, and dehydrated carrots are the main components.
  • 22% protein content
  • 15% fat content
  • 470 calories per cup

One of our top recommendations in our evaluation of dog meals for grass burns was The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Turkey Recipe Dehydrated Dog Food. The dishes include actual, healthy ingredients like organic oats, apples, and cabbage.

There are no byproducts, fillers, or preservatives in it. The human-grade food is certain to gratify your dog’s taste buds. It’s not only delectable, but it also gives your dog balanced nourishment that’s carefully crafted under tight quality control.

The food is available in grain-free and grain-inclusive formulations. Because the meal is dried, you may add as much water as you like to make it thick or soupy. If your dog isn’t a big drinker, make sure there’s enough of water in the diet.

The Honest Kitchen is one of the most expensive dog meals. The consistency of the food turns off several reviewers, and their dogs refuse to eat it.


  • Ingredients of human origin
  • Grain-free and grain-inclusive options are offered.
  • There are no preservatives.
  • Ingredients that are organic


  • High cost
  • Not suitable for finicky eaters.


The Sincere Kitchen Wet Dog Food in One Pot

  • Turkey, Turkey Bone Broth, Quinoa, Carrots, and Broccoli are the main components.
  • Minimum protein content: 8%
  • Minimum fat content: 4%
  • Calories per kilogram: 900

This stew, our third option, contains high-quality components that regrettably come at a considerable price. If you want some of the benefits without the cost, you may dilute your dog’s kibble with the stew as a meal topper.

The first component is turkey, which we enjoy, followed by turkey bone broth and quinoa, a healthful grain. Because it’s a stew, this food has a high moisture level of 82%, which should help your grass. Carrots and broccoli, the other key components, are popular with dogs.

One of the nicest things about this food is that it has the benefits of a fresh-frozen meal subscription service, but you have more control over your dog’s servings and how much you buy. The Honest Kitchen may be found at various pet retailers and on Chewy.


  • The first component is turkey.
  • 82% humidity is ideal for grass.
  • Quinoa is a nutritious grain.
  • More purchasing alternatives than most fresh-frozen foods


  • Expensive


Purina ONE Classic Healthy Ground

  • Lamb and chicken broth, lamb, chicken, liver, hog lungs, and saltwater fish are the main components.
  • Minimum protein content: 8%
  • 7% minimum fat content
  • Calories per kilogram: 1,157

This meal for pups is identical to the Purina ONE Lamb & Long Grained Rice recipe for humans. In contrast to the adult version, this diet incorporates ocean seafood as well as lamb, chicken, and pig.

The 78% moisture level should aid your grass, and despite having so many different meats, there isn’t an enormous quantity of protein.

Purina ONE Smartblend Classic puppy food is one of our favorites since it’s an all-natural meal designed for developing canines.

It costs more than dry kibble but is less expensive than fresh-frozen subscription programs. Because of the many proteins, including chicken, which is a common allergen, this isn’t a good choice if you fear your puppy has a food allergy.


  • A tasty combination of meats
  • All-natural
  • Puppy-specific formulation
  • Meal subscriptions are less costly.


  • Priced more than dry kibble
  • Contains a number of common food allergies

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