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The 7 Best Dog Foods For Shedding

It might be aggravating when your dog leaves a mound of hair on the couch or in its bed. Shedding is a normal process that cannot be totally avoided, but enhancing skin and coat quality can help prevent shedding. Shedding or moulting is most bothersome in the summer and fall months, although certain dogs, like the Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, shed all year.

Excessive shedding might, however, be caused by a medical issue. If your pet just started shedding a lot, especially if there are bald spots or other signs of skin disease or sickness, you should look into it.

Some of the probable suspicions include stress, skin issues, thyroid conditions, or allergies, and the process of elimination can be difficult. Fortunately, there are several feeds on the market that are specifically designed to address skin and coat issues that cause shedding. If your pet has real food allergies instead of just an intolerance to certain foods, he or she will likely need a special diet from your vet.

Whatever the cause, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is here to assist you through reviews of the best dog foods for shedding so you have the most up-to-date information.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Shedding Dog Food

Now that we’ve included our top ten evaluations of the best dog food for shedding, let’s go through what to look for.

Determine the Root Cause

As previously said, some dogs just shed more than others, and there is no need for concern. However, it is advisable to get your dog examined by a veterinarian to confirm that no medical conditions are causing the problem. Once that’s done, you may look for a dog diet that is specifically designed to reduce excessive shedding.


Knowing what’s in your dog’s food is critical for supplying the necessary nutrients to combat shedding. Look for dog food that contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower oil, vitamin A, and salmon are common sources. Biotin is another great ingredient for reducing shedding and fostering healthy skin and coats.

Slowly introduce new foods.

When you’ve found the best dog food to test, it’s critical to ease your dog into the new food. Otherwise, introducing fresh food to your dog right away would almost probably result in stomach distress. For the first three days, we recommend feeding 75% of the old diet and 25% of the new meal.

Then, for the next three days, combine 50% of the new food with 50% of the old food. Next, for 2 to 3 days, combine 75% of the new food with 25% of the old food. After that, your dog should be ready to consume only the new food.


Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice is the best overall dog food for shedding because it contains salmon, sunflower oil, and vitamin A to help with shedding. Crave High Protein White Fish & Salmon Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is made with white fish and other high-quality ingredients that reduce shedding and give the best value.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this guidance assists you in making the right selection of best dog foods for shedding for you and your canine companion’s requirements. If you find this advice useful, please share it with other dog owners so they, too, can give a dog diet that reduces shedding.


Best Overall: Adult Dry Dog Food Purina Pro Plan

  • 467 kilocalories per cup
  • 26% crude protein
  • 16% crude fat
  • 4% crude fiber

Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food has salmon as the major component. It includes sunflower oil and vitamin A, as well as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, and oatmeal for simple digestion. Because it is corn, wheat, and soy-free, it is ideal for dogs with corn allergies.

It not only aids in shedding, but it also includes prebiotics and probiotics, which are beneficial to digestive and immunological health.

It’s a touch pricy, but the high-quality ingredients make it worthwhile if you want a premium dog chow that reduces shedding while also boosting your canine child’s general health. It is also beneficial to dogs with sensitive stomachs.

It’s available in 5-pound, 16-pound, 30-pound, and 41-pound bags. With its high-quality, nutritious components and capacity to reduce shedding, we believe this product is the finest overall dog food for shedding.


  • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are present for healthy skin and coat.
  • Helps to minimize shedding
  • Free of maize, wheat, and soy.
  • Ingredients of superior grade
  • Various bag sizes


  • Expensive


Best Value: High Protein Dry Dog Food Crave

  • 422 calories per cup
  • 34% crude protein
  • 17% crude fat
  • 5% crude fiber

Crave High Protein White Fish & Salmon Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food might be an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a reasonable deal. Crave employs a grain-free mix with white fish as the major component, which offers your dog with 34% crude protein.

It has no byproducts, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, nor does it include maize, wheat, or soy. It does include a high number of proteins from legumes, which are still being studied for their role in heart disease.

The high-quality ingredients help maintain your dog’s coat lustrous and healthy, while also reducing shedding. It also delivers the nutrients your dog requires for good health. It will also provide energy to your dog, and most dogs enjoy the flavor.

Because the kibble is tiny, this food may not be ideal for big dogs, and chicken meal is mentioned as the second component. If your dog is allergic to chicken, you should avoid this meal.

This meal is less expensive than others in its class, and you can buy it in 4-pound, 12-pound, or 22-pound bags, making it the best dog food for shedding for the money.


  • The major component is white fish.
  • Free of maize, wheat, and soy.
  • There are no byproducts or chemical preservatives.
  • Affordable
  • Bags of various sizes


  • Pea and lentil proteins are abundant.
  • This product contains chicken meal.
  • Kibble size may be insufficient for huge dogs.


Best for Puppies: Dry Dog Food Purina Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin & Stomach

  • 428 kilocalories per cup
  • 28% crude protein
  • 18% crude fat
  • 3% crude fiber

If you have a puppy, Purina Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food is a fantastic choice. This formula is particularly created for pups in their first year of life. With lamb as the major component, it is 100% complete and balanced.

It contains oatmeal, which aids digestion, as well as prebiotics and probiotics, which improve digestibility. This recipe’s omega-6 fatty acids keep your pup’s skin and hair healthy during growth, while DHA from fish oil stimulates brain and eyesight development.

The kibble is small and may not be suitable for big puppies, and it is expensive. It is available in 4-pound, 16-pound, and 24-pound bags.


  • Complete and well-balanced
  • DHA and omega-6 fatty acids are present.
  • Oatmeal aids digestion.
  • There are three bag sizes available.


  • Expensive
  • Small kibble may not be appropriate for huge pups.


Hill’s Skin/Food Sensitivities Prescription Food for Dry Dogs

  • Calories: 3%
  • 354 kcal/cup crude protein
  • 1% crude fat
  • 4% crude fiber

Original Skin/Food Sensitivities Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Skin allergies and other skin and coat disorders are the focus of Dry Dog Food. It is specially prepared with vital fatty acids to nourish the skin and coat, reducing shedding.

This meal has earned the S+Ox Shield Seal of Confidence, indicating that it promotes urinary tract health. If your dog has stomach problems, this meal will assist.

Hill’s is a well-known brand in the dog food market, and the recipes are created by nutritionists and veterinarians to address specific health conditions. Unfortunately, this diet requires a prescription from your veterinarian and is costly.

This is a clinical diet for dogs who have food allergies as opposed to intolerances. Because the protein has been hydrolyzed, it cannot cause allergic responses, and there is a single supply of glucose to decrease these effects.


  • Food that has been clinically demonstrated to be useful in treating unpleasant food reactions
  • Contains fatty acids that promote skin and coat health.
  • Hill’s S+Ox shield Seal of Confidence for urinary health is included.
  • Skin and coat conditions are targeted.


  • Expensive
  • A prescription is required.


Dry Dog Food Merrick Grain Free with Real Meat + Sweet Potato

  • 379 calories per cup
  • 32% crude protein
  • 14% crude fat
  • 5% crude fiber

Merrick Grain Free with Actual Meat + Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food is a grain-free recipe that features real deboned salmon as the main component. It’s produced from natural whole foods and contains enough of omega fatty acids to help with skin and coat health, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint health.

It contains no maize, wheat, soy, or gluten and helps your dog maintain a healthy weight. The cuisine is made and prepared in the United States, and you may have fish, duck, lamb, chicken, Texas beef, or beef and bison.

It’s available in 4-pound, 10-pound, and 22-pound bags. It is worth noting that the bag is not resealable.


  • Made from full, natural ingredients
  • Omega fatty acids are present for healthy skin and coat.
  • No maize, wheat, soy, or gluten.
  • Made in America


  • Expensive
  • The bag cannot be resealed.


Adult Hill’s Science Sensitive Skin and Stomach Entree

  • 379 calories per can
  • 4% crude protein
  • Crude fat: 3%
  • 1% crude fiber

Sensitive Skin and Stomach Hill’s Science Diet The major components in Fish and Vegetable are chicken broth and salmon. Veterinarians prescribe it to help with skin and intestinal health.

This canned food may be used as a whole meal or as a topping to get dogs to eat dry kibble. It is also high in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, which assist to reduce excessive shedding by enhancing skin health.

It is made with natural ingredients and is grain-free. It contains natural fibers and vegetables to aid digestion and stool pickup.

This meal is one of the less expensive alternatives for specially-formulated dog food for healthy skin and hair, and it comes in a 12-pack of 12.8-ounce cans.


  • Omega 6 and vitamin E are included for healthy skin and coat.
  • Salmon flavoring
  • It is free of maize, wheat, and soy.


  • Due to the amount of cans required every day, this method may not be suitable for large breed dogs.
  • If your dog is allergic to chicken, this product contains it.


Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food Skin & Coat Formula

  • 408 calories per cup
  • 25% crude protein
  • 14% crude fat
  • 5% crude fiber

Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Formula All Life Stages Dry Dog Food contains a variety of healthful nutrients at a lower cost than the other dog foods on our list. Because it contains flaxseed, chia seed, and coconut, all of which maintain good skin and coats, this meal aids in shedding.

The major component is salmon, it’s manufactured in the United States, and the makers are family-owned and only utilize the finest ingredients from across the world.

To improve nutrition, this dish comprises a variety of fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, lentils, pumpkin, and papaya. The healthful elements in this nourishing superfood for your canine child are rounded out with prebiotics and probiotics.

Some customers claim that the meal caused their dogs to have diarrhea, therefore it’s critical to keep an eye on your dog after feeding to ensure no digestive issues emerge. It is available in 15 or 30-pound bags. A 30-pound bundle of two can also be purchased. It is also high in bean protein, which is a contentious protein source.


  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are found in flaxseed, chia seed, and coconut oil.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are present.
  • The major component is salmon.
  • Made in America
  • Affordable


  • Legume protein is abundant.
  • Some dogs may get diarrhea.

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