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The 8 Best Dog Foods For Poop Eaters

So your dog enjoys munching on lovely hot turds in the yard or stealing a steaming, clay-strewn pleasure from your cat's litter box—and you're worried. We comprehend. It's terrible to witness. While poop-eating is disgusting, it is also a normal behavior for certain dogs.

Granted, if the shift is abrupt, your dog may be attempting to get nutrients from previously eaten food. However, some otherwise healthy canines can't wait to get their hands on a log to gnaw on.

If you have a poop eater, you probably want to fix the problem. While certain diet regimens can help, we urge you to consult with a veterinarian to verify that you're getting to the bottom of the issue—just in case there's more to it.

Here are BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best dog foods for poop eaters. If diet-related, these may reduce your dog's tendency to eat feces. Let's get started.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Poop Eater Dog Food.

Why Do Dogs Consume Poop?

Our dogs eat excrement on occasion, as disgusting as it may sound to us. Some dogs want it, some try it here and then, and a few dogs refuse to eat it.

Support for the Stomach

We want to be clear that not all feces eaters are nutritionally deficient. They could locate it in a clump of cat poop—or even in their own. In many situations, however, a vitamin deficiency in the food prompts your dog to compensate for what they lack naturally.

Giving your dog a dog meal that is intended to aid whole digestion from mouth to stomach can assist to break the habit of eating excrement. But don’t hold your breath—especially if your dog has been eating feces.

Probiotics can often be beneficial, but prebiotics and readily digested substances are also beneficial.

Level of Activity

When it comes to dog food, exercise level is crucial. Recipes for more active dogs typically have higher calorie and carbohydrate content, which might lead to weight gain in less active dogs.

You may buy almost any regular adult formula if your dog is a reasonably active breed.


If your dog is on the verge of being overweight or underweight, you should purchase a formula to aid either side of the equation. Remember to portion the meals in accordance with the brand of dog food you purchase.

Stage of Life

Dog food is made to nourish certain age groups and stages of life. Some formulas are designed to cater to all life phases, which is ideal if you never want to alter the sort of dog food you buy.


Puppy food has more protein, DHA, and glucosamine to offer the nutrients needed for healthy development.


Adult dog food is designed to maintain existing health. It strives to offer the nutrients that adults require to maintain proper body bulk, muscle mass, skin pH, and fur texture.


Seniors’ bodies have past their peak and are now on the slide. It is critical to provide your senior with a formula that promotes bone, muscle, joint, and skin health.


A canine mom replaces her own nutrition while feeding a complete litter of puppies. Pregnant and lactating puppies benefit from recipes heavy in calcium, protein, and important vitamins and minerals.


If you have a finicky dog with extreme preferences, consistency is essential! Furthermore, there is substantial dispute about general health.

Kibble (Dry)

In recent years, dry kibble has become the gold standard for dog food, but is it being supplanted by newer brands? Dry kibble is great since it has a lengthy shelf life, cleans teeth, and meets general health criteria.


Although some people dislike wet dog food, it does have certain advantages. Wet dog food cans stimulate appetite, give more hydration, and create a tasty eating experience.


Fresh dog food is getting a lot of attention these days. Dogs enjoy it, but the recipes also increase flavor, stimulate hunger, and give healthful nutrients without the use of heat, which causes nutritional loss.


Freeze-dried food is often available as a single topper or in conjunction with dry kibble. When it comes to flavor, some dogs seem to enjoy it while others seem to dislike it, so be prepared to experiment! Rarely will you come across a dog meal that is totally freeze-dried.


Recipe type is associated with each dog food consistency.

Daily Nutrition

Everyday nutrition formulas are designed to meet the needs of the majority of healthy adult dogs, with a foundation of substantial nutrients precisely calibrated for digestion.

High protein content

High protein dishes are ideal for people who have a high level of exercise or metabolism.

Calorie Count

If your dog is gaining weight, a reduced calorie dog food will help them lose weight without depriving them of nourishment.

Ingredients in Short Supply

Some dogs are allergic to common elements in commercial dog meals. To deliver a better experience, limited ingredient diets eliminate some of these possible triggers.

Stomach Sensitive

Sensitive stomach recipes are ones that are designed to help your dog’s digestion. Many of these recipes have the elements required to counteract feces eating while also strengthening the stomach.


While it is uncommon, some dogs might develop grain allergies. Only a veterinarian can diagnose your dog’s condition, and you should not feed them grain-free unless instructed to do so by a specialist.


You can’t convince us otherwise: The Farmer’s Dog is still our favorite. It appeals to dogs of all ages by combining readily digested, gut-soothing nutrients that poop-eaters want.

If you want to save the most money, consider Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health. This dog food is really economical in our opinion, fitting most budgets. Furthermore, it focuses on gut health to make digestion easier.

Try Wellness CORE Digestive Health Dog if you have a poop-eating puppy. It improves your puppy’s performance by nourishing the intestines, promoting brain development, and promoting muscular growth. We think it’s a terrific combination of nutrients to keep your dog on track while also taking digestion seriously.

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food is recommended by our fantastic specialist veterinarians. Your dog will love the meaty, shredded morsels, and you will love the added benefits. Because it has a fiber, antioxidant, and gut health combination of nutrients, your poop-eating companion will most likely abandon that practice.

Which one drew your attention? Remember to always contact your veterinarian if you have any questions.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide assist you in finding the best dog foods for poop eaters.


Best Value: Dog Food Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health

  • Ingredients include chicken and rice flour.
  • 25.0% protein content
  • 16.0% fat content
  • 384 calories per cup/4,016 calories per bag

If you want your dog to poop yet want to save money, consider Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health. This kibble has a special combination of probiotics and nutrients that help to relax the digestive tract. Hear us out: we believe it is the greatest dog food for poop eaters for the money.

We must point you that this dog food contains a few more allergy risks for sensitive pups, such as soy, corn, and common proteins. However, it has a plethora of wonderful components, including chicken as the first ingredient, as well as readily digested ingredients to avoid an imbalance.

SmartBlend is used in this recipe to provide high-quality vitamins and fatty acids to the body. The oats, rice, and barley in this dish are inherently simple to digest. The use of fish oil soothes and softens the skin, while glucosamine gives further joint support.

There were also a lot of nutritious nutrients in here to help with skin and coat quality, which is especially important if your dog’s coat is dull, harsh, or brittle.


  • Skin and coat are soothed.
  • Most budgets can afford it.
  • The proprietary SmartBlend recipe is included.


  • It may not meet stricter dietary restrictions.


Amazing Grains Dog Food by ORIJEN

  • Chicken, turkey, and chicken liver are the main components.
  • 38.0% protein content
  • 18.0% fat content
  • Calories per cup: 490/3,920 per bag

Amazing Grains by ORIJEN Original is a touch more costly than others on the list, but it also has high-quality healthful components and a delicious taste. This dog chow is unique in that it comprises both fresh and raw meat that has been freeze-dried and packed. This increases the effectiveness of the nutrients.

For a full-fledged feast of meat, this high protein meal includes cage-free, free-run chickens, turkey, and wild-caught fish. According to the firm, each ingredient is frozen at its optimal freshness, and the first five components in every recipe are fresh and uncooked.

We were impressed by the clarity and high quality of these components. It includes DHA and EPA for further brain support and growth. However, because this meal is extremely heavy in calories and protein, it may induce weight gain in less active dogs.

These grains in the dish are easily digested for a smooth experience, including whole oats, flaxseed, quinoa seed, butternut squash, and pumpkin—hopefully alleviating your poopy issues. We liked everything we saw on the menu, and the quality ingredients look good—but you’ll have to pay for it.


  • Ingredients of high quality and digestibility
  • This product contains freeze-dried fresh and raw protein.
  • A fantastic dish for energetic dogs.


  • Expensive
  • Weight gain may occur in less active dogs.



Best for Puppies: CORE Digestive Puppy Food by Wellness

  • Ingredients include chicken with brown rice.
  • Protein percentage: 31.0%
  • 15.5% fat content
  • 398 calories per cup/3,558 calories per bag

We take puppy nutrition very seriously. If your child is a poop eater, we recommend Wellness CORE Digestive Health Puppy. This chow is designed to boost your puppy’s system with live probiotics and other easily digestible components.

Every developing puppy requires assistance with muscle, brain, and bone development. This recipe is designed to improve the health of puppies under the age of one year.

It contains DHA and EPA, which stimulate cognitive development. It also contains prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to keep your puppy’s digestive tract in good working order.

The first component is chicken, followed by chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oat groats, and turkey meal. It is high in protein from a variety of sources that are cultivated organically without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

When it comes to general nutrition, it may not completely satisfy your puppy’s need to eat a mound of feces, but it will efficiently fuel their developing bodies.


  • Tailored to satisfy the needs of growing puppies
  • Encourages cognitive growth
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes are used to promote gut health.


  • Only for pups


Vet’s Choice: High Protein Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

  • Chicken, whole grain wheat are the main components.
  • 26.0% protein content
  • 16.0% fat content
  • 387 calories per cup/4,038 calories per bag

If you ask our exceptional vets, they will tell you that Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food is the best option—and here’s why. It contains a plethora of prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and other elements that help to nourish the entire body.

Also, the texture of this dog food is fantastic, combining the tooth-cleaning power of dry kibble with meaty morsel shreds to stimulate hunger. It also has a high concentration of vitamin A and Omega 6 fatty acids, which help to maintain healthy skin and coat.

If your dog is a poop eater, a mix of probiotics and prebiotics combined with high fiber can keep his digestive tract working smoothly from the mouth to the intestines.

The first component is chicken, followed by rice, whole grain wheat, and poultry by-product meal. Though by-products are sometimes derided, they are a good source of glucosamine.

This dog food contains corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and other potentially irritating ingredients. As a result, we only suggest this brand for dogs who do not have these sensitivities.


  • Complete body support
  • Aroma stimulates appetite
  • Provides moist textures


  • Contains dubious ingredients



Best Grain-Free: Natural Healthy Digestion AvoDerm

  • Chicken, peas, potatoes, and avocado are the main components.
  • 28.0% protein content
  • 24.0% fat content
  • 357 calories per cup/3,308 calories per bag

We wish to emphasize that grain-free diets are not suitable for all dogs. So, if your dog is allergic to grains, give AvoDerm Natural Healthy Digestion a try.

It is a fantastic formula that incorporates everything your dog requires for a healthy digestive system. If you pick this sort of dog food, you should do it on the advice of your veterinarian.

The recipe’s best feature is that it is suitable for all life phases, thus it doesn’t matter how old your pup is. This formula focuses on the skin and coat by utilizing a glossy combination of avocado as a completely safe and ultra-beneficial ingredient.

This dish is intended for gluten-sensitive dogs and contains no corn, wheat, soy, or grains. Instead, it promotes chicken as the best protein source, with a combination of antioxidants that support the immune system.

This recipe includes peas as the third ingredient in the package. While there is still some controversy, pea-based dog diets have been connected to potential health issues, so consult your veterinarian before choosing a brand.


  • Gluten-intolerant dogs
  • Avocado is good for your skin and coat.
  • Formula for all phases of life


  • Grain-free is only for allergy patients.


Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food with Chicken & Rice

  • Chicken, chicken meal, and full grain brown rice are the main components.
  • 26.0% protein content
  • 16.0% fat content
  • Calories per cup: 421/3,708 per bag

Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice All Life Stages Formula is another excellent dog food for poop eaters. This dry kibble is high in substance and adapts to practically any dog’s demands, regardless of age or pregnant status. You should investigate whether you have a poop eater.

This dog chow has a lot of good stuff, like K9-specific probiotics that help with gastrointestinal health—perfect for pups who eat poop for nutritional reasons. There are also prebiotics that help in the digestion of live probiotics.

Because cage-free chicken is the first component, this kibble contains full protein. It supports muscular health, eyesight, bone growth and maintenance, and more for pups, adults, elderly, and pregnant women.

It also contains antioxidant-rich superfoods such as kale, blueberries, and coconut.

We adore this dish and believe you will as well. It may not fully eliminate the desire to eat feces, but it will improve your dog’s general gut health and give them with a nutritionally good daily meal.

There are no artificial flavors or fillers, which is a huge benefit for sensitive dogs.

The main disadvantage is that some dogs are allergic to common proteins such as chicken. If this is the case, you may need to switch up the protein source. But don’t be concerned! Diamond Naturals, which is made in the United States, includes a variety of recipes that do not use chicken.


  • Formula for all phases of life
  • K9-specific probiotics and prebiotics are included for gut health.
  • Whole protein and nutritious fruits and vegetables


  • Some dogs are allergic to chicken protein.


Advanced Health Healthy Digestion Dog Food by Iams

  • The main components are chicken and ground whole grain.
  • 25.0% protein content
  • 10.0% fat content
  • 380 calories per cup/ 3,646 calories per bag

Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion is a reasonably priced dry kibble that contains a variety of substances that may reduce your dog’s propensity to eat excrement. To address all aspects of canine health, it contains real farm-raised chicken, fiber, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Flaxseed is a great addition to aid with digestion. By-product meal adds a protein boost to the formula, and egg is included for optimal coat and skin health.

We looked through the components and found that, while there may be a few dubious additions for some dogs’ diets, it would be suitable for most healthy individuals.

We noticed that there is some artificial color and taste in this dog food, which might be triggering if you have a sensitive dog. Always make a quick check of the ingredients to verify they are suitable for your dog.

Finally, the quality wasn’t as outstanding as other rivals, but the recipe addresses gut health concerns to discourage dung eating. As a result, we believe it deserves an honorable mention.


  • Contains a smorgasbord of easily digestible components
  • focuses on intestinal health
  • Flaxseed is included for regulating.


  • It may cause allergies in sensitive pets.
  • Artificial substances are included.


True Blue Buffalo Solutions Delicious Belly Dog Food

  • Ingredients include chicken and chicken broth.
  • 7.5% protein content
  • 3.0% fat content
  • Calories per can: 373/1,053 total

If you’re seeking for wet dog food with beneficial ingredients that can ease your pet’s stomach, consider Blue Buffalo True Solutions Blissful Belly. It’s fragrant, tasty, and easy to digest. However, it is not suitable for all dogs because it is heavy in calories and can be costly in multi-dog households.

Like other Blue Buffalo recipes, it is devoid of artificial flavors and preservatives. It contains numerous beneficial vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics from items like as apples, carrots, oats, and brown rice. If your dog is allergic to wheat, maize, or soy, this food is not for him (though most dogs are not.)

Blue makes it a point to provide the best components for dogs. This cuisine, however, has a pasty consistency rather than bits of visible components. Some dogs may eat it without hesitation, but if you have a fussy or spoilt eater, they may object.

This dog chow may be used as a standalone diet or as a dry kibble topper—the option is yours. It gives an extra boost of hydration that your dog will appreciate.

However, we believe that combining this with another dry recipe will stretch it even farther. Fortunately, Blue sells True Solutions Blissful Belly dry dog food. Check it out and see if it works for you.


  • Moisture content is high.
  • Aromatic
  • Excellent primary components
  • There is a dry dog food option available.


  • It may be costly.
  • Pasty in texture

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