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The 9 Best Dog Foods For Hypothyroidism In 2024

The thyroid gland of a dog is located in the neck and contains two lobes, one on each side of the trachea. The thyroid is responsible for controlling the body's metabolism.

Hyperthyroidism occurs in dogs with an overactive thyroid, resulting in an increased metabolic rate.

Hypothyroidism occurs in dogs with an underactive thyroid, and the metabolic rate slows. Dogs with hypothyroidism are prone to weight gain even without overeating, dull fur with hair loss, and lethargy.

While medication is often prescribed to assist in treating hypothyroidism, nutrition also plays a significant part in controlling your dog's quality of life.

The appropriate diet may provide your dog with the energy they require while also improving the appearance of their skin and fur. Natural meals with healthful nutrients are beneficial.

To assist, BestForPets has compiled our best dog foods for hypothyroidism. Browse these reviews to find the best one for your dog now.

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A Brief Overview of Our Top Picks

Image Product View on Amazon
1 Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food View on Amazon
2 Wellness CORE Grain-Free High-Protein Dry Dog Food Wellness CORE Grain-Free High-Protein Dry Dog Food View on Amazon
3 Halo Holistic Dog Food Halo Holistic Dog Food View on Amazon
4 AvoDerm Natural All Life Stages Dry & Wet Dog Food AvoDerm Natural All Life Stages Dry & Wet Dog Food View on Amazon
5 Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe View on Amazon
6 Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food View on Amazon
7 Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Canine Recipe Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Canine Recipe View on Amazon
8 Zignature Dry Dog Food Zignature Dry Dog Food View on Amazon
9 Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Hill's Prescription Diet w/d View on Amazon


1. Dry Dog Food Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 26%
  • Calories: 379/cup
  • Fat: 16%
  • First and foremost, salmon

Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food is the best option for dogs with hypothyroidism.

This premium dog food has been formulated specifically to provide optimal support for dogs with this condition.

Purina Pro Plan is packed with high-quality ingredients that promote digestive health and overall well-being.

The inclusion of live cultures of probiotics ensures smooth digestion, which is essential for dogs with hypothyroidism. These beneficial bacteria help maintain a healthy gut and support nutrient absorption.

One of the key features of Purina Pro Plan is its high protein content, sourced from real salmon. This protein-rich formula helps dogs with hypothyroidism maintain muscle mass and supports their energy levels.

The combination of tender, shredded, protein-packed pieces and crunchy kibble not only provides a delightful texture but also enhances palatability.

In addition to promoting a healthy digestive system, Purina Pro Plan is fortified with essential nutrients that benefit dogs with hypothyroidism.

The inclusion of omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and linoleic acid helps nourish the skin and coat from within. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with dull or damaged coats, as it promotes a healthy and lustrous appearance.

Please note that while salmon is the primary protein source in this dog food, it also contains chicken by-products and beef fat.

If your dog has allergies to poultry or beef, it is recommended to consult with your veterinarian before choosing this product. Additionally, proper storage in an airtight container is crucial to prevent the food from molding.

Choose Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food for an optimal balance of flavor, nutrition, and support for dogs with hypothyroidism. Your furry friend deserves the best, and Purina Pro Plan delivers on that promise.


Mixed in shredded, delicate chunks

Skin and coats are nourished

Live probiotics are included for digestive comfort


Poultry is present

Food should be kept in an airtight container

2. Dry Dog Food Wellness CORE

Wellness CORE Grain-Free High-Protein Dry Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 34%
  • Calories: 414/cup
  • Fat: 15%
  • First and foremost, whitefish

Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food is an excellent option for dogs, particularly those suffering from hypothyroidism.

This high-quality dog food is grain-free and packed with premium protein from responsibly sourced whitefish, herring, and salmon.

These protein sources naturally contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which promote healthy joints and mobility.

In addition to its high protein content, Wellness CORE is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These nutrients support the immune system and promote a healthy coat and skin.

Incorporating nutritious fruits and vegetables like apples, blueberries, spinach, and broccoli sets Wellness CORE apart. Without fillers, these natural ingredients provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

This dog food recipe is free from preservatives, soy, corn, or artificial colors. It also contains easily digestible carbohydrates that aid in weight management and promote lean body mass.

Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs.

It includes ingredients like flaxseed, salmon oil, and probiotics to support a healthy skin and digestive system. Additionally, taurine is included for a healthy heart.

Wellness is a trustworthy brand that prioritizes the use of premium, all-natural ingredients. Their dog food is produced in the United States, ensuring high-quality ingredients sourced with care.

Choose Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food for a complete and balanced diet that promotes your dog’s overall health. It’s a reliable option that meets the nutritional requirements of dogs, including those with hypothyroidism.


Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin

Ingredients that are nutritious

Simple to digest


Strong fish odor

Small dogs may find the kibble size too big

3. Holistic Dry Puppy Food Halo

Halo Holistic Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 28%
  • Calories: 421/cup
  • Fat: 18%
  • First, there is chicken.

Halo Holistic Dry Puppy Food is specifically formulated for canines up to one year old. This nutritious option supports their development and growth.

If your puppy has an underactive thyroid, Halo’s balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and wholesome proteins provides the essential nutrition they need.

Our formula is easily digested and complements the treatment recommended by your veterinarian.

With premium ingredients like cage-free chicken, Halo ensures optimal nutrition and digestive support.

We prioritize your puppy’s mental development with guaranteed DHA and maintain a healthy skin and coat with the perfect balance of omega fatty acids.

Our dry dog food, cooked in the United States, contains prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to promote overall digestive health.

We responsibly source our ingredients, using GAP-certified cage-free chicken raised without antibiotics and non-GMO components.

Choose Halo Holistic Dry Puppy Food for the well-being of your furry companion. We provide essential nutrients, premium ingredients, and a commitment to responsible sourcing. Your dog deserves only the best.


Nutritional balance

The first component is cage-free chicken meat

There are no artificial components


Kibble size has been reduced to smaller bits

The resealable bag does not usually entirely close

4. Canned Dog Food AvoDerm Turkey & Vegetable Stew

AvoDerm Natural All Life Stages Dry & Wet Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 8%
  • Calories: 338/can
  • Fat: 4.5%
  • First, there’s turkey broth.

Introduced is the grain-free AvoDerm Turkey & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food , which is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

This exceptional formulation contains the optimal proportions of protein and fat to promote your pet’s overall health.

Cranberries and blueberries, abundant in antioxidants that boost immune health, set this formulation apart.

Turkey broth, turkey, and turkey liver are the primary ingredients contributing to a healthy protein profile, promoting lean muscle mass.

Additionally, we have included avocado, a natural source of omega fatty acids, to promote healthy skin and coat.

Rest assured, our formula is free from corn, soy, and artificial colors, ensuring a nutritious meal for your beloved companion.

The inclusion of whole meats and authentic protein sources aids in digestion, while the delectable flavor will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Many dog owners have reported a reduction in their dogs’ itching after incorporating this food into their diet. However, it is important to note that some dogs experienced constipation when consuming this specific diet.

AvoDerm Turkey & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food combines premium ingredients with a focus on nutritional balance and immune support.

Our commitment to using only natural ingredients, without any by-products or artificial additives, ensures that you are providing your pet with the optimal nutrition they deserve.

Give your furry friend the complete health they need with AvoDerm.


Antioxidants are present

Many dogs enjoy the flavor

The primary components are turkey broth and turkey


Some dogs may have constipation

5. Limited Ingredient Diet Freeze-Dried Raw Dry Dog Food Instinct

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 24%
  • Calories: 447/cup
  • Fat: 21.5%
  • First, there’s lamb dinner.

The grain-free Instinct Limited Ingredient dog food is specially formulated for dogs with sensitivities.

It excludes allergens such as grains, dairy, eggs, poultry, beef, salmon, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, the primary protein source in this Limited Ingredient Diet is grass-fed lamb. This protein is easily digestible and provides your dog with all the essential amino acids they need to thrive.

This dry dog food stands out with its raw-coated kibble. Each piece of kibble is coated with freeze-dried raw for added nutrition and flavor. It offers a delicious and nutritious eating experience that dogs of all sizes will crave.

Instinct takes pride in harnessing the inherent power of ingredients. This dog food is made with real meat and whole foods, is rich in protein, and undergoes minimal processing.

Rest assured, it is prepared in the United States using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Regardless of whether your dog has sensitivities or not, Instinct is committed to producing dry and wet dog food from natural ingredients.

It can be compared to other leading brands such as Blue Buffalo, Rachel Ray, Hills Science Diet, Purina One, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Natural Balance, Wellness, Orijen, Royal Canin, Zignature, and Nutro.


Ingredients are kept to a minimum to facilitate digestion

For freshness, use a resealable bag

Aids in the health of the skin, coat, and immune system


Some dogs are put off by the freeze-dried uncooked taste

For the amount of food, this is an expensive option

6. Salmon & Whitefish Dry Dog Food by Whole Earth Farms

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 27%
  • Calories: 371/cup
  • Fat: 14%
  • First and foremost, salmon meal

Whole Earth Farms Salmon & Whitefish Dry Dog Food is a grain-free, high-quality protein formula that is free from additives.

This meal was expertly formulated by veterinarians to meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

With its salmon and whitefish protein, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids, it is particularly beneficial for dogs with hypothyroidism.

This delicious recipe incorporates a variety of vegetables, including sweet potatoes, carrots, and dried beet pulp, to provide antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

These components are easily digested and provide the necessary energy for dogs experiencing depletion due to hypothyroidism. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also included to promote joint health.

Please note that this food contains chicken, so it may not be suitable for dogs with poultry allergies. Some dogs have mentioned that the size of the kibble is too large for their preference.

Whole Earth Farms is a reputable brand committed to producing natural and nutritious dog food.

The Salmon and Whitefish Recipe is a grain-free option made with a blend of high-quality proteins and is free from corn, soy, and wheat.

It also features a Wholesome Harvest Blend that provides omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat, as well as antioxidants for a strong immune system.

Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and nutrition experts, this dry dog food includes glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints.

Additionally, the inclusion of field-grown vegetables adds fiber for good digestion, along with essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.

The Whole Earth Farms Salmon & Whitefish Dry Dog Food is available in a convenient 25-pound bag. It is suitable for adult dogs and is recommended for active dogs.

This grain-free formula offers a delicious and nutritious option for your furry companion.


Glucosamine and chondroitin are present

Delicious Harvest Vegetable mixture

Energy levels are maintained


Kibble size is large

This product contains chicken

7. Sierra Mountain Dry Dog Food, Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Canine Recipe

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 25%
  • Calories: 410/cup
  • Fat: 15%
  • First, there’s the lamb.

Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Dry Dog Food is a nutritionally balanced option that provides your dog with high-quality energy from lamb, sweet potatoes, and legumes.

This formula is especially beneficial for dogs with hypothyroidism because it contains superfruits and vegetables such as blueberries, raspberries, chicory root, and tomatoes.

These ingredients are packed with immune-supporting antioxidants and essential vitamins.

This dog food contains probiotics and prebiotics, which promote digestive health and aid in digestion.

With real lamb as the primary source of protein, this diet will help your dog maintain their weight and keep them satisfied for longer. The inclusion of omega fatty acids further contributes to a healthy and glossy coat.

Please note that the kibble size is large and intended for giant dog breeds, but Taste of the Wild offers other kibble sizes to accommodate various dog breeds.

Some dog owners have mentioned that the food has a strong and unpleasant odor.

Taste of the Wild is a reputable brand that takes pride in producing premium pet food. The Sierra Mountain variety features roasted lamb as the main ingredient and contains 25% protein to support healthy muscles and bones.

It provides essential vitamins and minerals from botanicals and is nutrient-dense. The omega fatty acids in this formula contribute to healthy skin and coat.

This dry dog food contains K9 Strain proprietary probiotics, antioxidants, and prebiotics to support healthy digestion, strengthen the immune system, and promote overall health and wellness.

Taste of the Wild is a family-owned business that manufactures its products in the United States using premium ingredients sourced from reputable domestic and international suppliers.


Probiotics and prebiotics for gastrointestinal health

Genuine fruits and veggies

The predominant protein source is lamb


Kibble size is large

A disagreeable odor

8. Dry Dog Food Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula

Zignature Dry Dog Food

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 31%
  • Calories: 382/cup
  • Fat: 14%
  • First, there’s the trout.

When it comes to managing your dog’s hypothyroidism, it is crucial to closely monitor their weight.

Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food is a highly nutritious option that can help ensure your dog receives the proper amount of food while maintaining a healthy weight.

This grain-free meal features trout and salmon as the primary sources of protein, providing essential omega fatty acids, vitamin B12, and phosphorus.

This food is excellent for dogs with dietary sensitivities or allergies, especially those allergic to chicken, as it is free from potential allergens.

However, it is important to note that some dogs may experience increased thirst after consuming this food.

Zignature’s commitment to quality is evident in this formula.

It is made with high-quality fish protein as the number one ingredient, which not only provides essential nutrients but also serves as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.

This limited-ingredient formula is also a great choice for a rotational diet, allowing you to provide variety in your dog’s meals while maintaining a consistent nutritional profile.

Additionally, Zignature offers a Small Bites Formula suitable for dogs of all sizes, from small to large breeds.

To further support your dog’s overall health, this dry dog food is fortified with probiotics, which can help promote a healthy gut.

In summary, Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food is a high-quality choice for dogs with hypothyroidism.

Its nutritious composition, featuring fish protein and beneficial ingredients, makes it a suitable option for dogs with dietary sensitivities or allergies.

Just keep in mind that some dogs may experience increased thirst after consuming this food. With its commitment to quality and inclusion of probiotics, Zignature aims to support your dog’s overall well-being.


Trout and salmon have a high protein content

Ingredients are few

There are no probable allergies


Dogs may become thirsty

9. Hill’s Prescription Diet with Dried Multi-Benefit Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet w/d

View on Amazon

  • Protein: 16.5%
  • Calories: 225/cup
  • Fat: 9.5%
  • The first component is whole wheat.

We recommend discussing Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Dry Dog Food with your veterinarian as an alternative diet for your dog with hypothyroidism.

If your dog is not responding well to other types of food, this formula may be a suitable alternative.

Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians formulated Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Dry Dog Food to address multiple conditions, including fiber management, weight management, glucose management, digestive issues, and urinary health.

It is designed to help dogs maintain healthy blood glucose levels and promote optimal digestion.

The primary ingredients in this formulation provide essential nutrition For dogs carrying extra weight. L-carnitine enhances lipid metabolism and helps preserve lean muscle mass.

The high fiber content in this food ensures that dogs feel satisfied and avoid hunger pangs.

Additionally, this formula is beneficial for urinary health, as it contains controlled levels of magnesium and sodium. The inclusion of antioxidants supports a strong immune system.

It is important to note that some dogs may be hesitant to eat this food due to its less appealing taste compared to other brands. However, many dogs who consume it seem to enjoy it.

Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Dry Dog Food is available in a chicken flavor and comes in a dry food format. It is specifically formulated for adult dogs and primarily used for weight management.

Always consult your veterinarian to determine if Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Dry Dog Food is the best choice for your dog.

Hill’s is a reputable brand recommended by veterinarians in the United States, so discussing it with your veterinarian can ensure that your dog’s specific nutritional needs are met.


Aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight in dogs

Keeps blood glucose levels normal

Fulfills hunger


A prescription is necessary

Some dogs dislike the flavor


Buyer's Manual

If you suspect your dog has hypothyroidism, it is crucial to schedule an appointment with their veterinarian promptly.

Food alone cannot cure thyroid problems, and it is important to consult your veterinarian before making any dietary changes for your dog.

Different medical conditions can have similar symptoms, and a blood test is the only reliable way to diagnose hypothyroidism.

Once you have a clear understanding of your dog’s condition, if they have one, you can begin managing it effectively.

sad dog

1. What is Hypothyroidism Exactly?

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck that produces the hormone thyroxine, which helps regulate the body’s metabolism and other functions.

When the thyroid fails to produce enough thyroxine, there is an insufficient amount in your dog’s body for proper functioning. This condition is known as hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism include:

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Lethargy
  • Dull hair coat
  • Excessive shedding
  • Cold intolerance
  • Thick or scaly skin
  • Hair loss
  • Increased skin pigmentation

2. Which Breeds Are Most Predisposed to Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism can affect any dog, but certain breeds appear to have a higher predisposition to this condition. These breeds include:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Irish Setter
  • Dachshund
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Cocker Spaniel

What to Look for in Hypothyroidism Food for Dogs

1. Animal Protein

Dogs require animal protein in their diet. Fish, chicken, and beef all provide essential amino acids that are necessary for your dog’s health.

Lean protein sources like chicken are suitable for dogs with hypothyroidism as they are less likely to contribute to weight gain.

Protein is easily digestible for dogs, so the higher the protein level in their meals, the easier it will be on their digestive system.

2. Beneficial Fats

The inclusion of good fats in your dog’s diet helps improve their energy levels, but the protein percentage in their meals should always be higher than the fat content.

Omega fatty acids, commonly found in fish, are excellent sources of beneficial fats. Flaxseed and canola oils are also popular sources of healthy fats. Avoid any fats that are unhealthy, such as lard.

3. Digestibility

A diet with animal protein from one or two sources, along with the inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics, indicates how easily digestible it will be for your dog.

The more easily digestible the food, the more nutritionally dense it is for your dog. Since weight control is important, you want to provide your dog with nutrient-rich food.

Dog Eating Food

4. Palatability

While all dogs prefer to eat food they enjoy, dogs with hypothyroidism may need extra encouragement to eat.

Even if the food tastes delicious, dogs may not always have a strong appetite and may require additional motivation to consume it.

It is important to provide high-quality, nutritious food that your dog loves, even if it means trying different options to find the right one.

5. Avoiding Certain Ingredients

Avoid giving hypothyroid pets artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Fillers have low nutritional value and can be challenging to digest for some dogs.

Foods containing grains and gluten might also be difficult for a dog’s digestive tract.

6. Manageability of Hypothyroidism

While there is no cure for hypothyroidism, it can be managed throughout your dog’s life. The most common treatment is synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Your dog will need to take medication daily to regulate their hormone levels and help them feel better.

Always consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s food.

If you suspect your dog has a health issue, obtaining a proper diagnosis and understanding how to manage the condition are essential for keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Dog eats a chicken

1. What foods are good for dogs with hypothyroidism?

Include asparagus, green beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, lettuce, mushrooms, and spinach in your pet’s diet.

These fresh vegetables may support thyroid function and should be given in moderate quantities.

2. What foods should dogs with hypothyroidism avoid?

The Brassica family of vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and turnips, contains goitrin, a substance that can naturally inhibit thyroid function.

For canines with hypothyroidism, it’s recommended to avoid these vegetables.

3. What foods make hypothyroidism worse?

Fats can potentially hinder the thyroid’s hormone production. To manage this, experts suggest avoiding fried foods and limiting fat consumption from sources like butter, mayonnaise, margarine, and fatty meat cuts.

4. What meat is best for hypothyroidism?

Red meat is a rich source of zinc, iron, and selenium, all crucial for normal thyroid function. It is also abundant in vitamin B12, deficiency of which has been associated with autoimmune thyroid disease.

5. Can a dog live a normal life with hypothyroidism?

Dogs with hypothyroidism, when treated with medication, can live normal, active lives. Although the disease is not curable, the prognosis is generally positive, and dogs respond well to treatment.

With proper medical management, dogs can have a normal life expectancy.

6. How does a dog feel with hypothyroidism?

Dogs with hypothyroidism may show signs of fatigue, weight gain, excessive shedding, a lethargic demeanor, and intolerance to cold temperatures.


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best dog foods for hypothyroidism, Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food offers exceptional value.

With its tender, meaty pieces and added active probiotics to support digestion, this food is an excellent choice for enticing your dog to eat while providing essential nutrients.

BestForPets hopes that our evaluations have guided you towards the optimal dog food options for managing hypothyroidism in your furry companion.

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Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates. Dr. Fletcher is a valuable part of the BestForPets team, where she contributes to their aim of providing pets and their owners with the finest possible treatment and services.

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