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The 7 Best Dog Foods For Dry Skin & Coat Health

A frequently neglected element of a dog's health is the condition of its skin and fur. It is essential to schedule regular veterinarian appointments and to brush your dog often.

While both may go a long way toward keeping your dog healthy, their food is also essential. In the following evaluations, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will discuss the best dog foods for dry skin & coat health.

Dry skin may make a dog uncomfortable and itchy, and while we are not a replacement for veterinarian services, we have done our research and are pleased to provide this guidance as a resource to help your dog find relief.


Royal Canin Dog Food for Sensitive Skin

Royal Canin has created a meal with a focus on the health of a dog’s fur and skin, while it also contains other nutritious ingredients. This is a very healthy meal.

The ingredients are filled with fur-strengthening goodness and enhance the distribution of natural oils over your dog’s body. This meal contains omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen the skin barrier of your dog, resulting in reduced scratching. Additionally, the amino acids will make their fur shinier than before.

This diet also contains DHA, which is great for brain growth. The kibbles are designed to be tiny to aid with dental health, and the easily digested protein supports digestive support. With fifty years of research under their belt, it’s no surprise that Royal Canin has mastered this topic.

According to purchasers, this meal significantly decreases and, in most cases, eliminates scratching. Another advantage is that dogs appear to enjoy the flavor!

Royal Canin does recommend that you sometimes add or switch to wet food, which is the sole mark against this product since we would love it to be complete. Nevertheless, we believe that this is the most cost-effective dog food for dry skin and healthy coats.


  • Great for dry skin
  • Beneficial for oral and intestinal health
  • Dogs adore the flavor


  • Should occasionally be supplemented with moist food.


Natural Dry and Wet Dog Food by AvoDerm

You may not be shocked to learn that this dish contains a specific superfood, avocados, given the company’s name. This formula was created with young dogs in mind since it contains omega-3s from California. The best approach to ensure that a dog has a long and healthy life is to start them out on the appropriate diet.

This cuisine is nutritionally dense. This product produced by AvoDerm has no fillers. The recipe excludes significant fillers like wheat, maize, and soy, and it is also grain-free, so dogs with upset tummies should also enjoy this meal.

This meal is not only fantastic for puppies, but also for older dogs! You may start your dog on this diet with the assurance that they will never outgrow it, and they will also look great. This is one of the most effective dog meals for a lustrous coat.

The majority of dog owners who switched to this food to soothe their dog’s sensitive or dry skin have nothing but positive things to say. From reduced scratching to a shinier coat, this meal may either put your puppy on the path to excellent skin health or help your senior dog stop scratching for good.

Some purchasers have complained that this product only helps with scratching for a limited amount of time, while others have stated that it made the condition worse. These occurrences are uncommon, though.


  • Made with avocados from California
  • Excellent meal for starting pups
  • Appropriate for all ages


  • In certain circumstances aggravates skin inflammation.


The Hill’s Scientific Diet Dry Canine Food

This food was formulated for generally sensitive dogs. Hill’s has developed a mix that will leave your dog physically and mentally well.

This food’s probiotic content supports excellent digestive health. Small kibbles facilitate absorption and digestion. They are also rich in nutrients that maintain a healthy microbiota in your dog’s digestive tract.

Obviously, it is also excellent for skin health. The mixture contains vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids, which encourage hydrated skin and a thick, healthy fur coat.

People who converted their dogs to this diet claim significant improvements in terms of less scratching and more solid feces.

Other purchasers, however, have had the opposite response. Some canines are allergic to this meal, which might result in diarrhea and itchier skin.


  • Beneficial to the skin and stomach
  • No artificial colors


  • Some canines have an allergic response.


Dry Royal Canin Dog Food

By appearing twice on our list, Royal Canin demonstrates that it has a solid understanding of what it’s doing. This product is designed for smaller dogs, and although it is not marketed as food for dogs with skin difficulties, the recipe contains elements that are beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin.

This mixture contains two particular fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which can help your furry friend seem healthy and quit scratching. This meal is formulated for canines weighing between 9 and 22 pounds.

The kibble is tiny for dogs with smaller jaws, but its size also aids digestion, leading to optimal digestive health. In addition to promoting high energy levels, this meal contains L-carnitine.

According to purchasers, even the most finicky dogs appear to appreciate this food, as seen by their healthy, glossy coats.

Other consumers have complained that their pets experienced severe gastrointestinal difficulties after using this product.


  • Excellent for little dogs
  • L-carnitine maintains energy levels


  • Exclusively for little dogs
  • Makes some dogs unwell


Skin & Coat Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals is a family-owned company with the appropriate formula for your dog’s delicate skin. This meal is intended for your dog’s growth and is composed of lean proteins and high-quality amino acids. This not only encourages healthy skin but also lean muscles.

This dish contains important hypoallergenic components and is loaded with vitamins, superfoods, and antioxidants. Diamond Naturals made a special effort to develop a recipe that is not only beneficial for the skin and fur but also highly digestible and species-specific. This food has no fillers like maize, wheat, or soy, and it contains no artificial colors.

Buyers remark that this meal does not have the nicest odor, but if your dog enjoys it, you’re in good. The majority of those who convert to this diet claim that their dogs with serious skin problems experience alleviation. However, if your dog does not have skin concerns, you should not feed them this food, since it may cause them.


  • No fillers
  • Family-owned business
  • Highly absorbable


  • Smells terrible
  • Can result in skin problems in dogs without

Buyer's Guide

If your dog has dry or sensitive skin, its food can significantly improve its condition. You must know what to search for in order to succeed. While some recipes are intended specifically for dogs with dry or sensitive skin, you may find others that work just as well and are not necessarily geared toward this condition.

Lipid Acids

These are the ingredients you should look for when purchasing dog food to support healthy skin and hair. Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen natural oils, which is beneficial for the skin and fur of your dog.

Dependent upon you

While adjusting your dog’s food will improve its comfort and health, you must also groom them frequently! Regular brushings are beneficial for the distribution of natural oils, and baths maintain the mane glossy. Additionally, you must get a shampoo that will not dry up your dog’s skin.

Consult Your Vet

While we are pleased to provide this guidance, nothing can replace the expertise of your veterinarian. Before making any modifications to your dog’s food, you should first talk with them.


In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best dog foods for dry skin & coat health. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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