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The 12 Best Dog Foods For Boxers

It's no secret that nutrition is important for overall health and fitness. As dog owners, it is our job to give our four-legged friends the healthiest food we can find.

Boxers are medium-to large-breed dogs who are active, joyful, and dedicated. They, like many other purebreds, suffer from various inherited health issues. A well-balanced, nutritious diet tailored to their age, size, and activity level, together with regular veterinarian care, may help your boxer enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

There is no shortage of dog food alternatives in today's world, and finding the correct one may be a daunting task. Food is never one-size-fits-all, and you will need to consult with your veterinarian to determine what is best for your dog.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has eliminated the guesswork from your search by going right to the reviews. Here is a list of the best dog foods for boxers on the market today.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Boxer Dog Food

Do Boxers Require Special Food?

Boxers can consume the highest quality kibble acceptable for their age. They do have certain inherited health issues, which is why it is critical that they consume a high-quality diet that can help minimize the odds of acquiring these illnesses or lessen their impact. To establish the best food and overall dietary needs for your Boxer, consult with your veterinarian immediately.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, large breed dogs, such as Boxers, have shorter lifespan than their smaller counterparts. As a result, they are classified as seniors between the ages of 5 and 6.

Food Allergies/Sensitivities in Boxers

While dogs are most commonly allergic to environmental causes such as pollen, molds, dust mites, or flea bites, they can also suffer from food allergies or sensitivities, and Boxers are not immune. It is vital to distinguish between food allergies and food sensitivities.

Food allergies will provoke an immunological response, whereas sensitivities will not. Sensitivities are more gradual and are produced by a response to a dietary item. If your Boxer has food allergies or sensitivities, you must consult with your veterinarian to thoroughly evaluate the problem and develop a treatment and nutritional plan.

Food Allergy Symptoms

  • Scratching often
  • Skin problems
  • Disturbances in digestion
  • Ear or paw infections that persist
  • Swelling

The Most Common Dog Food Allergens

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Egg
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Barley
  • Oats

Before You Purchase

There are several factors to consider before deciding on the ideal food for your Boxer. As previously said, you should consult with your veterinarian before making this decision.

Examine the Ingredients

The ingredient list is critical in determining what your Boxer will consume. The ingredient list cannot inform you about the overall quality of the components, but it does offer a list of everything in the dish. This is especially crucial for dogs with unique dietary requirements or allergies.

It is critical to avoid meals that are high in fillers, artificial colors or flavors, by-products, or other potentially dangerous substances. A professional veterinarian will be able to advise you on what components to avoid and what to check for before making your purchase.

Examine the Label

The label will have all of the information you require to establish everything you need to know about a certain meal. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, labels can be difficult to read, time-consuming, and even deceptive.

The Food and Drug Administration requires dog food labels to include eight critical pieces of information about your dog’s food. Individual states may also have more specific labeling regulations.

The FDA revealed the following eight essential pieces of information:

  • Name of the product
  • The product’s net weight
  • Manufacturer’s name and address
  • Assurance of analysis
  • Ingredients list
  • Animal species targeted
  • Nutritional adequacy statement
  • Feeding recommendations

Purchase Age-Related Food

It is critical for your Boxer’s general health to ensure that they are fed not just high-quality but also age-appropriate food. Puppies, adult dogs, and seniors all have varied dietary demands, thus it is critical to offer a dog food targeted toward their age group so that they are fed a diet that fulfills their current nutritional needs.

Examine the Cost

In general, the greater the quality of the meal, the higher the price. Dog food may be fairly expensive, and larger dogs, such as Boxers, require more dog food at each meal than smaller breeds.

If you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to check into the various alternatives available to supply your dog with high-quality food at a reasonable price. This is another area where your veterinarian may be very helpful.

Choosing low-quality food because it is cheap is never a good idea since it can lead to health problems that are more expensive and/or have disastrous consequences.

Choose Your Favorite Food Type

Most dog owners give dry kibble because it is nutritionally balanced and the most convenient dog food source. Of course, different varieties of food are available, such as moist canned food, fresh food, and even freeze-dried kibbles.

Many canned and fresh food choices may be added as toppers to dry kibble to give your dog a more flexible diet. You’ll have to figure out what sort of food works best for you and your dog; the good news is that there are many of possibilities!


Nom Nom Beef Mash Dog Food is an excellent overall choice that provides your Boxer with high-quality food that satisfies all nutritional criteria at an affordable price.

Purina One True Instinct, on the other hand, is an excellent value for money, being the most affordable food on the list and providing your Boxer with all they need to flourish. Royal Canin Boxer is designed exclusively for the breed and, while a little pricy, is highly recommended by vets.

As you can see, there are many of meal alternatives for your Boxer, and the reviews speak for themselves. Remember to get guidance from your veterinarian on your Boxer’s food requirements.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide assist you in finding the best dog foods for boxers.


Best Value: Purina One True Instinct Real Turkey & Venison

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 4,040 kcal/kg, 365 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct is a low-cost dog food that might provide the most value for money if you are on a tight budget. It contains a superb protein, fat, and carbohydrate balance.

This meal contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to meet the dietary requirements of adult dogs. The omega 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and hair. Most dogs enjoy the taste of this food, and few pet owners have difficulty encouraging them to eat it.

Artificial colors and flavors are among the most dubious elements in dog food. Purina has experienced an above-average amount of recalls in the past, but they are open about the concerns causing the recall.


  • Lower cost
  • Omega 6 supplementation for skin and coat health
  • Excellent protein, fat, and carbohydrate balance


  • Purina has had multiple product recalls.
  • inferior to competitors in quality


Adult Dry Dog Food Royal Canin Boxer

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3891 kcal/kg, 335 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Royal Canin Boxer Adult Dog Food is specifically designed for the Boxer breed to provide the nourishment they require to flourish. The correct protein content and L-carnitine offer a basis for maintaining a healthy weight and muscular health. The additional taurine, EPA, DHA, and antioxidants provide all-around health support for your Boxer.

Royal Canin Boxer is our third choice because breed-specific feeds are not widely available yet are really useful. This option is a little more expensive than some of the others, but that is typical of high-quality meals.

For individuals who prefer canned food, Royal Canin also provides wet food for Boxers. It can also be mixed with dry food to offer some variety. Veterinarians recommend this as an excellent choice for any boxer owner. Aside from concerns about the high price, several owners had pets that did not like the taste.


  • Specifically designed for Boxers
  • Contains additional nutrition
  • Veterinarian-recommended brand


  • Expensive


Best for Puppies: Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food by Royal Canin

  • Lifestage: Puppy
  • Calories: 3763 kcal/kg, 361 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Royal Canin’s Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Food is also a top option for Boxer puppies. As you might expect, this meal is made particularly for children and is intended to suit all of their nutritional needs.

This is a fantastic choice for Boxer puppies aged 8 to 15 months and may be easily moved into the Royal Canin Boxer Adult diet.

For immunological and development support, this solution contains a combination of antioxidants, including vitamins C and E. The protein and L-carnitine levels assist them maintain a healthy weight and muscular support.

The high protein quality and additional prebiotics aid with digestive health. The kibble has even been carefully made for puppies to pick up and chew on.

Some customers claimed that their puppies did not respond to the food as well as they had hoped. This is a more expensive alternative that may not be suitable for individuals on a tight budget.


  • Specially designed for Boxer pups
  • Aids in growth and immunity
  • It is simple to convert into the adult version.


  • Expensive
  • Some puppies would not consume the food.


High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by Taste of the Wild

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3,719 kcal/kg, 422 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dog Food is an excellent choice for an adult Boxer’s balanced, nutritional diet. For individuals who do not want grain-free solutions, the firm also offers Ancient Grains. There are no grains, corn, wheat, artificial colors or tastes in High Prairie Grain-Free dry dog food.

This dog chow is less expensive than other rivals while yet being of good quality, using genuine meat as the first component. This diet also includes prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health, as well as taurine for heart and muscle function.

The most common criticism among dog owners is that certain more sedentary dogs tend to gain weight on this diet. It also has a lower level of omega 3 fatty acids than some other brands.


  • There are no grains, maize, wheat, artificial tastes, or colors.
  • The first component is real beef.
  • Taurine supplemented for muscle and heart health
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are abundant in this food.
  • Contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to the coat, eyes, and brain.


  • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency
  • Weight gain in inactive dogs is possible.


Best for Seniors: Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food Senior Formula

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3,400 kcal/kg, 347 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Diamond Naturals Senior Formula Dry Dog Food is specifically created for our beloved senior dogs, who may have different, more specialized nutritional demands as they age. This diet contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which provide the necessary joint support to keep seniors comfortable.

Diamond Naturals is manufactured in the United States by a family-owned firm that strives to employ high-quality ingredients, with genuine chicken being the main component in this senior recipe. The perfect protein and fat balance is designed for senior dogs to help them maintain a healthy weight.

This is an excellent option for older Boxer owners since it is free of corn, wheat, and artificial colors and tastes. Some reviewers reported that their dogs did not enjoy the meal. Any dog with a dietary allergy or intolerance to chicken should use a chicken-free formula.


  • Specifically designed for senior health
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin have been added for joint support.
  • There is no maize, wheat, or artificial flavors or colors.


  • Some dogs were not fond of the meal.


Best Wet Food: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali Dinner

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 1,046 kcal/kg, 370 kcal/can
  • Food Type: Wet Canned Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali Dinner High Protein Grain Free, Natural Wet Dog Food is an excellent option for Boxer owners who enjoy canned food or wish to incorporate it into their Boxer’s diet.

This meal is not only delicious for your dog, but it is also naturally grain and gluten-free, prepared from high-quality ingredients, and contains protein from a combination of wild salmon, venison, and halibut. It is also high in fruits and vegetables, as well as supplementary vitamins and minerals.

This product contains no byproducts, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives. It is designed to encourage healthy muscular growth and the busy lifestyle that Boxers require. Aside from the cost, numerous dog owners complained that it produced uncomfortable volumes of gas and had a strong odor.


  • It can be served as an entrée or blended with dry food.
  • Contains salmon, venison, and halibut.
  • There are no byproducts, maize, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives in this product.


  • Some dogs had gas as a result of this.
  • Expense
  • It has a fishy odor.


Best for Allergy Sufferers: Grain-Free PURE Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe from CANIDAE

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3,560 kcal/kg, 459 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Some Boxers have food allergies or sensitivities, therefore it’s crucial to know which meals are ideal for those who are sensitive or have food allergies. CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food is made with eight healthy components, the first of which is salmon.

The additional veggies give additional nourishment, while a combination of probiotics, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals boost their system and promote general wellness. This product has no fillers and contains no maize, wheat, soy, grain, or artificial ingredients.

This meal is a touch pricy, but it’s a wonderful option if you want a high-quality restricted ingredient dog chow. It does smell like fish, which is typical of salmon-derived dishes, but it might be offensive to some.


  • Excellent for allergy patients or those who have sensitivities.
  • Grain, soy, wheat, maize, and other fillers are not present.
  • Whole-food dish with few ingredients


  • It has a fishy odor.
  • Pricey


Adult Lamb & Barley Recipe from Wellness Complete Health

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3,655 kcal/kg or 417 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

The Complete eHealth Adult Lamb and Barley formula is an excellent alternative for Boxers and other adult dogs. Wellness is becoming increasingly popular in the premium pet food industry.

This cuisine is prepared without GMOs, meat by-products, fillers, or chemical preservatives and is designed to provide whole-body nutritious support.

This mixture contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine, which provide comprehensive health advantages. Wellness Complete claims that their cuisine is manufactured in the United States using only the best ingredients from across the world.

The most common issue in reviews was that this meal was not appealing to all dogs. If the lamb and barley recipe does not appeal to your dog’s taste buds, the good news is that this company offers a broad range of tastes and formulas.


  • GMOs, animal byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives are not used.
  • Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine are all present.
  • The first component is lamb.


  • Not suitable for all dogs.


Recipe for Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Northern Woodlands

  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Calories: 3,550 kcal/kg, 335 kcal/cup
  • Food Type: Dry Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Northern Woodlands Recipe is made of turkey, duck, and quail, with turkey serving as the main element. This dog chow is developed to be nutrient-dense and includes 30% high-quality protein. There are vitamins, minerals, and taurine added for further health advantages.

Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK Northern Woodlands, which is free of wheat, gluten, fillers, and artificial flavors or preservatives, is less expensive than some of its competitors but has a lesser overall quality.

Rachel Ray’s pet meals have caused some controversy in the past, but this is a well-rated food that many reviewers adore for their dogs.


  • There are no grains, gluten, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this product.
  • The first component is real turkey.
  • Reasonable cost


  • Not as good as other possibilities.

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