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The 7 Best Dog Foods For Blue Heelers

If you own a Blue Heeler, you know how clever, lively, and active these dogs are. Because of their high activity level, you should feed your Blue Heeler the highest quality dog food available. Protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from grains and vegetables are required by these energetic dogs.

However, with so many different recipes and brands of dog food on the market, it can be difficult to decide which food is ideal for your Blue Heeler.

To assist you, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best dog foods for blue heelers. Continue reading to discover more about the suggested foods.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Blue Heeler Dog Food

Your Heeler’s Food Requirements

All dogs have comparable dietary requirements, however breed variances might make certain diets superior than others. Blue Heelers require a diet rich in high-quality proteins, lipids, and carbs to thrive. They also require an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Protein is best when it originates from animal sources rather than plant stuff, therefore dog meals heavy in pea or potato protein are less healthful than those high in meat protein.

Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, berries, spinach, and carrots provide more vitamins and minerals than pills. Looking for dog chow made with a range of natural components is a good place to start.

The precise proportion of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates changes as your dog ages. Younger dogs require more protein and fat, but elderly dogs require less, particularly fat. Puppy and senior formulae are created to meet such requirements.

Heelers are more prone to joint and bone issues. Some minerals, such as calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin, are beneficial to joint and bone health. Look for meals that have them included, especially as your dog gets older.

Food: Wet vs. Dry

When it comes to dog food, one of the most important options is whether to go with wet or dry. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Dry food is higher in nutritional density and contains less water.

While this might help your dog enjoy a nutritious meal, some dogs struggle to remain hydrated when fed dry food. Texture also makes a significant influence.

Some dogs prefer wet diets and have difficulty eating solid foods, especially as they age. Wet meals, such as stews, chunks, and pates, may come in a range of textures.

Is Grain-Free Food Safe for Dogs?

Grain-free foods have grown in popularity in recent years, but the results have been mixed. Many grains, such as maize, soy, and processed wheat, are clearly devoid of nutritious value.

Grains are also a common allergy and irritant for sensitive stomachs, so a grain-free diet may be preferable for certain puppies. However, there is emerging evidence that whole grains are beneficial to dogs and may help them avoid some health issues.

Many grain-free dishes do not include more meat; instead, grains are replaced with inexpensive vegetables such as potatoes. A new FDA research looked at grain-free meals in dogs and found that they are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. A grain-free diet is less important than a balanced, nutritious diet in general.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes these evaluations assist you in finding the best dog foods for Blue Heelers. As you can see, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for dog food. The best overall food is Blue Buffalo Life Protection, but the best value choice is American Journey Active Life Formula. Nom Nom’s Turkey Fare is an excellent option if you want a high-quality meal. Puppies thrive on puppy-formulated foods such as Wellness Complete Health Puppy.


Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Life Insurance

  • The first five components are as follows: chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.
  • Type of food: dry
  • Adult life stage

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection food is suitable for practically every dog, including Blue Heelers. We found this food to be the best overall choice for blue heeler dog food because of its high-quality ingredients and balanced nutrition.

This kibble’s contents include actual meats and animal products, as well as a variety of nutritious grains that offer minerals and flavorful veggies. LifeSource Bits, a unique nutritional combination that completes your dog’s balanced diet, provide additional nourishment.

Although this is an all-around healthy dish, be mindful that it contains some plant protein, namely pea protein. It also contains numerous whole grains, which are typically nutritious, although some dogs may benefit from a grain-free diet.


  • Meaty proteins are abundant.
  • Ingredients of high quality
  • Contains a high concentration of fatty acids and chelated minerals.


  • Grain-free diets are not recommended.
  • There is some plant-based protein included.


Best Puppy Food: Puppy Wellness Complete Health

  • The first five components are as follows: chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal, ground barley, and peas.
  • Type of food: dry
  • Puppy period of life

A puppy-formulated diet will benefit your Heeler till he or she is roughly a year old. Puppy-formulated diets provide more vitamins as well as more fat and protein to aid in their growth.

We adore Wellness Complete Health Puppy because it’s loaded with natural vitamin sources including spinach, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.

Vitamins are more easily absorbed when they are found in fresh food rather than added later, so having so many natural components is a positive indicator.

This dog food has a lot of protein and fat, largely from chicken, so your puppy will be full all day. It does include a little amount of plant-based protein in the form of peas.

The dish also contains a little bit of garlic. Garlic is controversial since it can induce stomach upset in high amounts but may be helpful in low doses.


  • A good source of protein.
  • Puppy food that has been specially developed.
  • Has nutritious vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.


  • Contains garlic
  • Pea protein is included.


Senior Victor Purpose Dog Food

  • Beef meal, full grain brown rice, whole grain millet, grain sorghum, and chicken fat are the first five components.
  • Type of food: dry
  • Senior citizens

Your Heeler, being a medium-sized dog, would most likely approach his senior years around the age of 10. Your dog’s metabolism will slow as he ages, and he will require more of specific vitamins that help avoid typical aging disorders like arthritis. Senior dog diets can keep your dog happy and healthy even as his fur grays.

Victor Purpose Senior Dog Food is an excellent choice since it is carefully created for seniors, with a fat and protein balance that will benefit your dog as he matures. The majority of this comes from chicken, although there is also some plant protein.

It also includes glucosamine and chondroitin, two compounds that promote joint health. This is especially beneficial for Heelers, who are prone to joint issues as they age.

However, this is not the ideal meal for every dog. Some senior dogs may have difficulty digesting dry food or grains as they age, necessitating a more specialized diet.


  • Seniors-specific formulation
  • fat and protein content that is balanced
  • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health


  • Contains grains that may cause intestinal problems.
  • Some seniors struggle to eat kibble
  • Several plant proteins


Grain-Free Adult Dry Food Taste of the Wild High Prairie

  • The first five components are: Water buffalo, lamb, chicken, sweet potatoes, and peas
  • Type of food: dry/grain-free
  • Adult life stage

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Food allows your dog to eat something different from the majority of the selections on this list. This dog food has a broad variety of proteins that give the dish taste and nutrition, including water buffalo as the first component and many additional animal sources such as lamb, chicken, bison, venison, and cattle.

This diversity applies to plant stuff as well. This cuisine does not contain grains, but it is high in other plants that provide vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. This meal contains fatty acids, chelated minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics, all of which benefit your dog’s health.

Potatoes and peas are the major plant fillers that replace grains; both offer some less-usable protein, but they nevertheless perform well to supplement a meat-based diet. Although this version is fine for most dogs, if your dog is allergic to a range of plant and protein elements, this is a less desirable diet.


  • Base of high-quality animal protein
  • Grainless carbohydrates, fresh fruits and veggies
  • Fatty acids, chelated minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics are all beneficial to health.


  • Allergy-prone canines may be limited by a wide range of substances.
  • Plant protein derived from potatoes and peas


Original Grain-Free Real Chicken Recipe Natural Wet Canned Dog Food by Instinct

  • The first five components are as follows: chicken, turkey, chicken broth, chicken liver, and ground flaxseed.
  • Food Type: Canned/grain-free
  • Adult life stage

Some puppies require something more substantial than kibble. Whether it’s the low moisture level or the texture of dry food that puts your dog off, canned food, despite the harsher odor, can be a terrific option.

The Instinct Original Grain-Free Real Chicken dish is produced with cage-free chicken and real turkey as the major ingredients—95% it’s meat, 5% vegetables and vitamins, and 0% grain.

The grain-free recipe is ideal for dogs who have sensitive stomachs, and the smooth pate texture is ideal for dogs who have dental concerns.

It omits popular fillers like peas and potatoes, instead focusing on meat and a few veggies like pumpkin, cranberries, and broccoli. One disadvantage of this option is that it is only available in tiny packs of six cans.


  • 95% of all beef products
  • Omega fatty acids are included.
  • Smooth, palatable texture


  • stronger odor
  • Case with a smaller size


Purpose Nutra Pro Active Dog Formula by Victor

  • The first five components are as follows: chicken meal, blood meal, whole grain millet, chicken fat, and yeast culture.
  • Type of food: dry
  • Puppy and Adult life stages

If your Heeler is a work hard/play hard kind of dog, you’ll want to get an active-dog specific food like Victor Purpose Nutra Pro Active Dog Formula. Active formulas have a higher level of protein than most dog foods, supporting your dog’s lean muscles and giving them energy that will last all day.

It’s high in protein—in fact, it’s 92% beef product. It contains some whole grains, but it is lighter on fruits and vegetables, with tomato and carrot powders serving as the major veggies.

If you opt to feed this formula to your dog, keep a close eye on him because it’s easy to overfeed him on a protein and fat-heavy dog food like this. This food isn’t ideal for less active dogs, so you’ll have to watch carefully to avoid obesity.


  • Excellent for all phases of life
  • There will be no maize, wheat, or soy.
  • 92% protein from meat


  • Fruits and vegetables are scarce.
  • It is simple to overfeed.
  • Not suitable for less energetic canines.

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