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The 10 Best Dog Dryers

Dogs like racing around the house after a wash, rubbing their wet fur all over your carpeting and furnishings!

Towel drying them after a bath isn't always the simplest process, therefore many dog owners opt for a dog blow dryer.

Blowing dry your dog's fur after it has been wet prevents moisture from spreading throughout your home. Because it penetrates the dog's undercoat, it also lowers shedding.

Dog dryers will even keep their coats looking their best by keeping them fluffy! Self-grooming is less expensive than going to a professional, but it can also be more difficult.

Having the proper tools facilitates the entire procedure. While there are many alternatives on the market, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best dog dryers reviews to assist you in deciding which dog dryer is best for you and your pooch.


Best Overall: High-Velocity Dog & Cat Dryer by Flying Pig Grooming

  • Material: plastic and steel
  • Purple, green, and pink

Following extensive investigation, we have determined that the Flying Pig High-VelocityDryer is our overall top dog dryer. This dryer has a four-horsepower engine and may save drying time by up to 60%. It sports a steel casing for added durability and a 10-foot plastic hose for convenient movement.

The air velocity of the dryer is 240 cubic feet per minute, with an airspeed of 2,800 feet per minute. The Flying Pig dryer is a floor device that comes in three distinct colors and is appropriate for all fur kinds.

The only disadvantage of this dryer is that it is more expensive than some of the other dryers on our list.


  • Powerful
  • 10 ft. hose
  • Various speeds
  • There are three colors available.
  • It is effective on all sorts of fur.


  • Expensive

Best Value: Dog Grooming Dryer Shelandy

  • Material Plastic
  • Blue and pink colors

Many of the dryers on the market are pricey, but there are some less expensive ones that perform just as well as the more expensive models. The Shelandy Dog Grooming Dryer is one of the most affordable dog dryers on the market. It is inexpensive yet effective, with a power output of 2,400 watts and 3.2 horsepower. This dryer has adjustable speed and heat settings, which is ideal for dogs that are afraid of dryers.

The Shelandy drier also has four different nozzles to select from, so it can be used on dogs of all sizes and is silent owing to updated technology. Although the plastic frame is lightweight, it is not as sturdy as metal frames. Because the hose is quite short, you may have to move it around more frequently when drying.


  • Variable speed
  • There are two heat settings.
  • Quiet
  • There are four nozzle sizes.
  • Affordable


  • Construction in plastic
  • Hose is too short.

Best for Puppies: Dog and Cat Grooming Dryer by Go Pet Club

  • Material Plastic
  • Colors Black

If you have puppies in the house, we discovered that this tiny floor unit from Go Pet Club is the ideal dryer. There are two speed settings and two temperature settings. The airspeed is slower, approximately 25 meters per second, but it is still powerful enough to dry dogs well. We enjoy how light and simple this dryer is to operate, especially because young pups can’t stay still for long! Even better, if your dog is sensitive to heat, there is a no-heat option.

While this dryer works well, the hose is quite short, and the temperature can become very hot if you are not cautious.


  • There are two speeds.
  • Temperature regulation
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use


  • Hose is too short.
  • It may become too hot.
  • Not as potent

Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand Is Free

  • Material Plastic
  • Colors Yellow

The engine of the Free Paws Pet Dryer ranges from 400 to 3,000 watts. The bright yellow hue stands out, and the adjustable arms allow for hands-free grooming. The unit’s base is on wheels, making it easy to move about, and it tilts 120 degrees either up or down to make the drying process as smooth as possible.

There are two heat and speed options on this dryer. It may become rather hot, thus it is better suited to bigger dogs than than little breeds. One thing we don’t like about the dryer is how loud it is, which may be an issue for some of the more fearful dogs out there.


  • There are two speeds.
  • There are two heat settings.
  • Hands-free operation


  • Not suitable for tiny breeds
  • Loud
  • Heavy

Air Force Quick Draw Pet Dryer by MetroVac

  • Material Steel
  • Colors Orange

MetroVac Air Force Quick Draw Pet Dryers are available in two sizes: tiny and regular. This is a fantastic feature since you can buy according on the size of your dog. This dryer features a portable design that makes it easy to transport. With an airflow of 18,000 feet per minute, it is quite strong despite its small size.

It is one of the most durable alternatives on the list due to its all-steel structure. It also has a shoulder strap and a wall hook, allowing you to transport it wherever you desire. We did notice that the hose was fragile, and the machine itself is noisy and consumes a lot of electricity.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Accessories are included.
  • Steel framework


  • Not really potent.
  • Loud
  • Excessive energy use

Dog Dryer B-Air Fido Max 1

  • Material Plastic
  • Colors Blue

The B-Air Fido Max 1 is a low-cost, user-friendly dog dryer. It is intended to attach into cages and comes with three long hoses to allow you to dry numerous dogs at the same time. It’s really noisy and won’t adequately dry your dog unless they roam around in the cage. However, there is a timer, so it will turn off whenever you want it to. This dryer is not as powerful or long-lasting as some other alternatives, and it is also noisy and heavy, so many dogs dislike it.


  • There are three speeds.
  • Timer


  • Ineffective
  • Dogs must move in order to dry.
  • Loud
  • Heavy

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Best Dog Dryer

There are several dog hair dryer alternatives available, and we want you to be able to make an informed decision regarding your purchase. Here are some points to consider while purchasing a dog dryer:


The majority of the choices on this list have several speed levels. Remember that speed and heat are not the same thing. Instead, speed relates to how quickly the air exits the machine. Some pet owners may get away with only one speed, while others with thicker coats may require something with many settings to thoroughly dry their cat’s coat.


Another key element to consider when purchasing a dog dryer is the temperature. You should be aware that some dogs are more tolerant of heat than others. You don’t want the temperature to become too high, or else you risk making your dog uncomfortable or perhaps burning their sensitive skin. Try to get something with numerous heat settings or even a no-heat setting if at all feasible.


Using a dog drier should make grooming simpler, not more difficult. Consider how a portable dryer will do in comparison to a floor type. Do you want something that moves or something that remains put? All of these factors must be considered based on your requirements and how your dog behaves to a dryer.


Accessories have an important role in grooming. Some nozzle attachments may be required to dry your dog’s fur. Others can get by with a simple hose. Before purchasing a dryer, consider the attachments you will require.

How to Introduce a Dryer to Your Dog

The purchase of a dryer is merely the first step in the grooming procedure. Your dog may have been to a professional groomer several times and is used to a drying machine, but some dogs do not react as well. This is where knowing a few grooming suggestions comes in handy:

  • Allow your dog to grow acquainted with the dryer before turning it on. Allow them to smell, lick, and even paw at it to ensure they have nothing to be scared of.
  • While your dog is in the room, set the dryer to the lowest setting without actually using it on them. You may gradually increase the volume until they grow acclimated to it. Your dog may need some time to acclimate to this.
  • If you bring the dryer closer to your dog and they grow terrified, turn it off immediately. You can try again later, but you don’t want to shock them.
  • Allow them to get acclimated to the cold air initially. Once they’ve been used, you may begin to increase the heat settings and observe where they’re most comfortable. Never allow the temperature to rise to the point where they become uncomfortable.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these reviews of the best dog dryers have helped you decide which dog dryer is right for you. The Flying Pig dryer is our overall favorite.

However, there are many additional alternatives we enjoy, such as the Shelandy Drier and the Go Pet Club dryer.

Each of the goods on this list is of high quality and would be a good purchase for any pet owner who does their own grooming.

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