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The 10 Best Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors

Our pets should be as welcome in our residences as they are in our affections. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will demonstrate how straightforward this may be by evaluating the best dog doors for sliding glass doors that can be installed on sliding glass doors.

We recognize that the market for pet supplies is vast and that it can be difficult to know where to start, so we've done the legwork for you!

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PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door – Overall Winner

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog and Cat Door

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The PetSafe dog door is an excellent option for installing a dog door in a sliding glass door in a straightforward manner. This insert is inserted between the sliding door and the wall, allowing your pet simple access without having to replace the entire sliding door.

One of the best features of this product is that its dimensions are adjustable, and its installation is simple due to its sliding motion. It is also an excellent option for both homeowners and tenants because it can be removed without leaving a trace and does not require drilling.

The PetSafe dog door is made with high-quality PVC plastic panels that have UV inhibitors built in to ensure durability and longevity. The robust aluminum frame is designed to resist wear and tear, making it an excellent option for households with multiple active pets.

The tinted, flexible cover is appropriate for both domestic and outdoor use, making it suitable for storm, wood, PVC, and metal doors. You can also use the slide-in partition to restrict your pet’s access to the outdoors and keep stray animals from entering your residence.

Notably, the PetSafe dog door is designed for small canines and is suitable for animals weighing less than 15 pounds. When ordering the PetSafe dog door, it’s crucial to measure your door correctly to ensure that the flap opening is the right size for your pet. The flap opening is 5 ¼ in W x 8 1/8 in H, so double-check your measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend.

If you live in a place where winters are extremely cold, it’s essential to remember that the PetSafe dog door can only handle low temperatures and might not be the most suitable option for use in really cold situations.

It’s also important to note that attaching the dog door to your sliding door may render some locks on other doors inoperable, so you may need to find creative solutions to restore their functionality or presume no one will attempt to breach into your home.

Overall, the PetSafe dog door is a dependable and hassle-free option for pet owners seeking a straightforward installation process. Since 1998, PetSafe has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle innovations, so you can rely on their products’ quality and durability.

The PetSafe dog door is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to give their animal companions the freedom they deserve, thanks to its customizable size and variety of color options.


Excellent for renters


Comes in three distinct hues


Unsuitable for extreme cold

Will render unusable particular locks

Pet Patio Door by Ideal Pet Products – Best Price

Ideal Pet Modular ALUMINUM Pet Patio Door with Single Pane Glass

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The metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products is a fantastic option for pet owners looking for a simple and versatile solution.

This product is easy to install and remove and can be adjusted to fit entrances of various widths. Made from durable aluminum and clear tempered safety glass, this modular pet door is designed to fit in your sliding aluminum patio door.

Although the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products is an excellent solution, it’s essential to remember that this product is exclusive to aluminum sliding glass doors, which may limit its usability. The flap measures 10-1/2 by 15 inches and can accommodate pets weighing up to 90 pounds.

Additionally, the device includes a sliding insert that you can place at night to prevent nocturnal animals like raccoons and opossums from entering your home. Although the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products is the most affordable option for sliding glass doors, it does have a few limitations.

Although the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products is ideal for temperate climates, it’s important to remember that certain doors may not lock correctly after installation.

It’s worth noting that using the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products in extreme heat or cold may lead to a significant increase in your utility costs, so it’s crucial to use it in suitable environments.

It’s worth noting that the door flap on the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products occasionally gets stuck, but it’s a simple issue to fix.

One important thing to keep in mind is that if you require assistance with installation, the installation video and user manual included with the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products can be of great help.

The knowledgeable customer service representatives of Ideal Pet Products are also available seven days a week to assist you with any issues.

In summary, the metal pet patio door from Ideal Pet Products is a great choice for pet owners seeking an affordable and versatile dog door for sliding glass doors.

While it’s important to note thatthis product is exclusive to aluminum sliding glass doors and is only suitable for residents of temperate climates, its durable aluminum construction, clear tempered safety glass, and height-adjustable design make it a worthwhile investment for pet owners seeking a hassle-free installation process.

The included sliding insert also provides added security, preventing entry by nocturnal animals. Despite the occasional issue with the door flap becoming stuck, this product is the most cost-effective dog door for sliding glass doors.

If you encounter any problems during installation or use, the knowledgeable customer service representatives of Ideal Pet Products are available seven days a week to assist you.



Sliding insert excludes unwelcome animals

No tools needed


Not desirable in regions with harsh weather

Certain door locks will become inoperable

Only compatible with aluminum doors

Automated Sliding Glass Door for High-Tech Pet Products – The Best Option

Power Pet Electronic Dog Door - High Tech Pet Electronic Pet Doors - Fully Automatic Sliding e-Glass Electronic Dog Doors

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The Automatic Sliding Glass Door from High Tech Pet Products is a game-changer in the pet door industry, thanks to its pet collar sensor system that enables hands-free operation. With its automatic sliding mechanism, the door slides open and into the door enclosure when your furry companion approaches, and securely closes behind them.

This ingenious pet door is particularly useful for canines with incontinence issues and those who need to go outside frequently at night. It’s also a great option for pet owners who must be away from home for extended periods, as canines can come and go as they please.

The door is compatible with sliding patio door tracks and has a spring-loaded upper section for simple installation. When installing a pet door, it is important to have two people for safe and effective installation.

The door is made of durable aluminum and has dual panels that provide energy efficiency and insulation. The draft excluder and weather stripping guarantee that the door stays weatherproof and prevents cold air and water from entering the home. This movable pet door is suitable for canines of up to medium size, which includes Labradors and Retrievers.

Although the Automated Sliding Glass Door from High Tech Pet Products is a fantastic option for most medium-sized dogs, it’s essential to remember that it may not be suitable for larger breeds. The pet collar sensor system provides added security and peace of mind by ensuring that only your companion can open the door.

Another standout feature of High Tech Pet’s Automatic Sliding Glass Door is its four-way access control with dual-range controls, enabling pet owners to set the door to open in one direction, both directions, or remain closed. The door’s 2-and-a-quarter-inch adjustment range is ideal for patio doors measuring between 93-3/4 and 96 inches.

This motorized pet door can be powered by either AC or an optional battery, providing pet caretakers with a versatile option. The door’s weatherproofing, sensor functionality, and high-quality components make it a worthwhile investment for you and your furry companion despite its costly price tag.

In conclusion, High Tech Pet Products’ Automatic Sliding Glass Door is a game-changer in the pet door industry. With its pet collar sensor system and hands-free operation, it offers a convenient and secure solution for pets that must frequently enter and exit the home.

It is an excellent option for householders living in extreme climates due to its energy efficiency, weatherproofing, and insulation. It may not be optimal for larger breeds, but its four-way access control and adjustment range make it suitable for the vast majority of medium-sized canines.


Sensor driven


Simple installation



Dog Door with Vinyl Flap that Slides Open Endura

Endura Flap Pet Door for Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors | Weatherproof & Insulated Dog Door for Vinyl Sliders

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The vinyl sliding glass door from Endura Flap is a remarkable pet door that exemplifies their commitment to quality and innovation. Many homeowners have lauded its efficacy over the years, despite its price.

Measuring your door frame’s dimensions is a crucial step to take before purchasing. Installing the pet door is similar to that of a patio door and requires physical effort but is straightforward.

This product is designed particularly for sliding vinyl doors and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is compatible with vinyl siding and can withstand winds of up to 50 mph and temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

We would say that is very remarkable! The 15-year warranty for the companion door guarantees its durability and offers peace of mind to pet owners.

The pet door from Endura Flap for vinyl sliders is designed for maximum insulation and energy efficiency. The 12″ x 23″ tiny flap is suitable for creatures up to 34″ in height.

The durable and flexible cover remains functional in temperatures as low as -40 degrees, allowing your pet simple access to the outdoors.

The insulated pet door with LoE glass to reduce UV radiation and infrared light will increase the energy efficiency of your residence. The white vinyl frame complements the majority of interior design styles and is a fashionable addition to your home.

With its adjustable top and spring-loaded design, the pet door is simple to install and remove, assuring a quick and secure fit in the sliding glass door track. The weatherproof pet door can withstand winds of up to 50 miles per hour, ensuring year-round performance and protection from the elements.

For added security and peace of mind, the pet door is equipped with a 1/16-inch-thick sheet-steel-strength cover that locks securely when the pet door is not in use. The Endura Flap pet door is constructed to last and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Endura Flap vinyl sliding glass door is a premium pet door that provides superior insulation, energy efficiency, and durability. Its remarkable resistance to severe weather conditions and secure securing cover provide pet owners with additional peace of mind. This pet door is an excellent investment in your feline friend’s comfort and safety, despite its price.


Capable of withstanding severe weather

Aesthetically compatible

Multiple sizes

Reduces utility costs


Not the simplest to set up (but not too hard)

Door for Dogs with Whiskers and Window Panes

Whiskers and Windows Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows | Great for Cats

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Whiskers and Windows' pet door is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a solution that is both affordable and simple to install. Even though it may not offer the same level of weather protection as our top two Endura choices, it is still an excellent value.

Installation of this pet door is simple, as it is spring-loaded and slots securely into the doorway. The pet door is equipped with insulation to keep the elements out and reduce energy costs, though it may not be as robust as Endura doors.

While this pet door is a great option, it’s important to note that weather stripping needs to be purchased separately, which may add to the overall cost. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended to purchase weather stripping, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions.

While this pet door is a great option, it’s important to note that it only comes in specific sizes, so it’s crucial to confirm its compatibility with your doorway beforehand. However, it is adaptable enough to accommodate the majority of horizontal sliding windows, with a height adjustment range of up to 3 inches.

Whiskers and Windows’ pet door is constructed with a rust-resistant aluminum frame and a plastic pet door, ensuring its durability even with daily use. This pet door comes in both small and large sizes, making it ideal for cats and small dogs alike.

The four-way securing mechanism offers a variety of security options, including fully locked, in-only, out-only, and unlocked. This feature enables pet owners to control their companion’s outdoor access, ensuring their safety and security.

Whiskers andWindows’ product is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective and simple-to-install pet door. Despite the fact that it may not offer the same level of weather protection as other high-end pet doors, it still delivers dependable performance.

Its corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and four-way securing mechanism guarantee enduring durability and versatile security options. While this pet entrance is an excellent option, it’s important to note that weather stripping is not included, and it only comes in specific sizes.

Overall, Whiskers and Windows’ pet door provides pet owners with a cost-effective and dependable option.


Weather-resistant dog door

Simple installation


Only fits certain door sizes

Need to purchase additional product to maximize its use

For Sliding Door Patio Pacific Vinyl Dog Door

Patio Pacific Pet Door for Sash Windows | Adjustable Vertical Window Cat Door

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Sliding glass doors are a popular choice among pet owners for providing easy access to the outdoors. When it comes to sliding glass doors, French doors or French windows are the most popular type among pet owners.

It can be challenging to find a pet door that fits well with a sliding glass door that slides down insteadof to the side. The horizontal design of the Patio Pacific pet door makes it an ideal option for such doors.

Constructed with a spring-loaded system and aluminum housing, this pet door is designed to last. For the installation of a pet door to be successful, it is essential to have glass that is a minimum of one inch thick.

The metal sash is adjustable and can fit sliding glass doors with widths between 22 and 37 inches. The flap is thin, making it easy for even the smallest canines to pass through.

The Patio Pacific pet door for sash windows is a versatile and adjustable solution that fits most vertical sliding windows. Suitable for cats and small dogs, this window insert provides freedom and convenience for your furry friends without compromising your home’s comfort and security.

Measuring 5-1/8″ x 8-1/4″, the small flap is of a precise size and shape. Built with a sturdy aluminum frame and a lightweight, flexible tinted vinyl flap, this pet door is designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting performance. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure that the window pet door remains in top condition in all seasons.

The press-fit locking door cover gives you control over when your pet can enter or exit, ensuring your home stays safe and secure. Additionally, the pet door can be moved to the right side of the frame by unscrewing it and rotating it 180 degrees, allowing for maximum adaptability to your home’s layout.

The Patio Pacific pet door for sash windows provides convenience and independence for your pets while maintaining the comfort and security of your home. The lightweight flap is easy for small pets to use, and the minimal impact installation ensures your window remains in excellent condition.

The spring-loaded design allows for quick and simple installation and removal, making it an excellent choice for rentals or vacation homes. The pet door frame will fit correctly when the track has a minimum width of one inch.

In conclusion, the Patio Pacific pet door for sash windows is a versatile, adjustable, and durable pet door that fits most vertical sliding windows. It provides freedom and convenience for cats and small dogs without compromising your home’s comfort and security.

The sturdy aluminum frame and lightweight, flexible vinyl flap ensure lasting performance and weather resistance. The press-fit locking door cover enhances security and flexibility, and the minimal impact installation ensures your window remains in excellent condition.


The spring-loaded fastener eliminates the need for tools

If you want it installed by a professional, you can phone the vendor toll-free

The pet door is designed specifically for vertical sliders


This is primarily a cat door that installs in vertical sliding windows; hence, only small dogs can use it

Low E Armor Flex Pet Door For Sliding Doors

Armor Flex Air Tight Aluminum Frame Low-E Patio Pet Doors - High Tech Pet

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High Tech Pet has created an innovative and one-of-a-kind pet flap to resolve the shortcomings of conventional pet flaps.

The patent-protected Armor Flex pet flap consists of a series of composite slates that interlock to form a robust, tamper-resistant flap. This composite material can withstand wind, grime, and even projectiles.

The cover is protected by a sturdy metal frame with double-paned tempered glass. The pet door’s mounting hardware and fasteners are made of stainless steel and have a universal design, making it simple to install on any sliding glass door.

This pet door is not only functionally superior but also lends a touch of style to your French windows. With a large 8 by 17 inch flap, the Armor Flex is suitable for all varieties of canines.

The Armor Flex pet flap is designed to provide the most hermetic closure possible, ensuring that your home remains energy-efficient and comfortable.

It is suitable for use in any climate, as its double-paned, low-e glass provides a high level of insulation. The sturdy aluminum construction of the pet flap assures its longevity, while the universal latch makes it compatible with any patio door.

The Armor Flex pet flap by High Tech Pet is an excellent purchase for pet owners who value both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their pet doors.


The flexible flap is composed of interlocking composite slats that are airtight

These horizontal slats are resistant to dirt, bullets, and the elements

It has a manually slidable, tamper-proof cover


This is primarily a cat door that installs in vertical sliding windows; hence, only small dogs can use it

Ceesc Pet Door With Cat And Dog Flap For Sliding Doors

CEESC Large Cat Door (Outer Size 11

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The CEESC dog door is an excellent option for pet owners with sliding doors, but its weight limit of 27.54 pounds restricts it to cats and small dog breeds.

The pet door features a 4-way switch configuration that enables simple control of your pet’s entry and exit. You can choose from four modes: out only, in only, both in and out, and fully locked.

The outer dimensions of the door are 9.8″ x 11″ x 0.94″ (W x H x D), the inner dimensions are 7.9″ x 8.7″ (W x H), and the cut-out dimensions are 8.3″ x 9.5″ (W x H), making it suitable for mounting on glass doors or windows.

The transparent opening ensures that your companion can see through the door, and the exterior rain seal ensures that the enclosure is watertight. The brush section eliminates the door’s closing disturbance.

The durable and weather-resistant ABS material used to construct the CEESC dog door assures its longevity. It is simple to install and includes comprehensive instructions, allowing for mounting on windows, metal doors, and glass.

The surface is durable and sleek, ensuring long-lasting performance. The CEESC dog door is an excellent purchase for pet caretakers seeking a cost-effective and functional pet door for cats and smaller dog breeds.


It has 4-way locks with red and green markings

The doggie door aperture measures 8.7 x 7.4 inches

It has a brush to reduce noise and friction


This is a cut-out door, so while it may be mounted securely on sliding glass doors, you will need to cut through the glass and reinforce the door with plywood or plexiglass

Ideal Pets Sliding Glass Door with Aluminum Sash

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door, Adjustable to Fit Window Widths from 33

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When it comes to gaining access to the outdoors, pet owners frequently opt for sliding glass doors and windows.

It’s worth noting that sliding glass doors slide horizontally while sliding glass windows slide vertically, making sashes more suitable for window frames than door frames.

Ideal Pet Products has designed a high-quality, long-lasting aluminum pet door that is simple to install in the majority of aluminum sash window styles.

The pet door’s white finish matches the window casing, and it’s available in five sizes, including ‘small dog’ and ‘large cat.’ The vinyl flap is transparent, allowing your companion to see through the aperture, and it is non-toxic for added safety.

The included animal lock-out slide allows you to secure the flap on days when you don’t want your companion to go out in the downpour and track mud inside.

The flap dimension of 10-1/2″ x 15″ is ideal for dogs weighing between 36 and 90 pounds. The minimum height requirement for sash windows is a crucial safety standard of 15.0625 inches.

In addition to keeping your pets safe, the pet door prevents strays and feral rodents from entering. If your pet needs to access a window, you may want to install a durable metal pet door in a sturdy sliding window. It is durable, impermeable, and simple to implement.

Ideal Pet Products also has knowledgeable customer service representatives based in the United States who are available seven days a week to assist you with any questions or concerns.


It has separate size charts for cats and dogs to facilitate fitting

The horizontal layout is suitable for sliding vertical glass

The extra-large dog flap measures 10.5″ by 15″


This flap is only effective on vertically sliding glass, making it more suitable for windows than doors

Storm Sliding Glass Dog Door by Mavricflex


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Sliding dog entrances are a convenient way to provide simple access to the outdoors for your furry companion. Pre-attached doors are the most convenient option for installation.

MAVRICFLEX is a reliable brand for dog doors, especially if you’re starting from scratch. The MAVRICFLEX dog door’s size, which is appropriate for large canines, is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

The magnetic fastener on the door allows for secure opening and closing, while the brush that encircles the flap frame eliminates any disturbance or friction. In addition to being weatherproof and sealed, the door is suitable for storm doors.

MAVRICFLEX dog doors include a manual lock for added security to keep your pet safe and secure when necessary. The flap is lightweight and simple for canines of all sizes to traverse, making it an ideal option for all dog breeds.

UV-resistant compounds are used to treat MAVRICFLEX dog doors, making them durable and long-lasting. The version designed for sliding doors includes all mounting hardware and a robust plastic frame.

It’s worth noting that the installation of these doors can be a challenging and laborious task that requires powerful instruments.

Nonetheless, the outcome is a dog door that is both functional and fashionable, allowing your furry companion to come and go as they please.

These dog doors are constructed from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds in weight.

With a gate and lockable closure, these doors are an excellent investment for any dog owner seeking to give their companion more freedom and independence.


It is designed for a storm door, but can be modified into a sliding door

The dog flap is 16.7 by 11.6 inches

It is kept silent and secure by a magnet and a brush


This flap attaches directly to the glass, so you will need glass-cutting equipment and a backing board to install it

How to Find and Buy the Best Sliding-Glass Dog Door

As a pet owner, it is important to understand that purchasing a dog door for your sliding glass door involves more than just facilitating your dog’s mobility.

When purchasing a dog door for your sliding glass door, it is vital to consider insulation, installation, and the possibility of nocturnal vermin if you care about your pet’s safety and well-being.

Will there be room for your dog?

It’s one thing to know that your dog will fit through the dog door; it’s quite another to ensure that the door is properly sized so that your best pet doesn’t sustain strange injuries.

It is essential to follow these measures to ensure a precise fit when installing a dog door. Measuring the diameter of the opening accurately is essential when installing a dog door. This will help you determine the appropriate measurement for your feline companion.

It’s important to ensure that your dog can cross the threshold without harming its midsection when installing a dog door. This will ensure that they can access and exit the home without difficulty or inconvenience.

When setting up a dog door, it’s crucial to leave at least a 1-inch space between your dog’s back and the top of the aperture to ensure safety. This will prevent any potential injuries to your companion and guarantee their safety and comfort. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your dog’s door is a flawless fit.

Will the door close?

Certain doorways are so adaptable that they can fit into any space. Based on our research, doors that come in specific sizes tend to be more effective in protecting against severe weather and reducing energy costs compared to those that are more adaptable.


It is crucial to do your research or confirm the door’s return policy if you are concerned about compatibility with the latches on your sliding glass door. If this is a must-have, it is crucial to do your research or check the door’s return policy.


It’s a good idea to research warranties before making a purchase, especially if you plan to keep the item for a long time. It is essential to comprehend how to fulfill warranties, their duration, and their existence, as companies administer them differently.


Proper installation is crucial to ensure your dog door is both secure and functional, whether through following instructions or seeking professional assistance. It is essential to ensure that the door is installed properly to avoid any potential safety risks for your companion.

Long-lasting Sturdiness

When purchasing a dog door for a sliding glass door, it is essential to consider the product’s durability. Especially if you have an active or large dog, you should ensure that the door can withstand normal wear and strain. Look for dog doors made with sturdy materials such as aluminum or reinforced glass to ensure they last.


1. What are the most important factors to consider when selecting a dog door for a sliding glass door?

When choosing a dog door for a sliding glass door, it is crucial to consider the size of your pet, security features, and weather resistance.

2. How do I measure my dog to ensure I purchase the right size dog door?

Measuring your dog’s height and width is crucial to ensure you purchase the right size dog door, with an opening at least 2 inches taller than their shoulder height and 2 inches wider than their body size.

3. Which dog door material is the most durable for sliding glass doors?

Aluminum is the most durable material for dog doors as it is resistant to weather and won’t corrode or rust. Aluminum is the most durable material for dog doors, but vinyl and plastic are also commonly used, although they may not be as long-lasting.

4. Can I install a dog door on my own or do I need a professional?

While it’s possible to install a dog door yourself, it’s advisable to enlist the assistance of a professional to avoid damaging your sliding glass door and ensure proper installation.

5. Are there any options for locking the dog door at night or when I’m away from home?

Some dog doors have built-in locking mechanisms or security features like sliding panels or keyed locks to keep your pet and home safe. It is recommended to choose a door with added security features to prevent intruders from entering your home.


A dog door is a welcome addition to any home because it provides independence for both you and your pet (you won’t have to summon your pet every time it needs to go outside). Training them to enter and exit is difficult, but ultimately worthwhile.

Have you found your fave among the testimonials? Which of our recommendations do you find more remarkable, PetSafe's top pick or Ideal Pet Products' budget recommendation? Are High-Tech Pet' products too amazing to overlook? We are happy to serve as a resource for you and your companion regardless of your decision!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our readers for visiting our website to research and read about the best dog doors for sliding glass doors. We trust that these evaluations provide you with information and insight that you would not have had otherwise when purchasing a dog door.

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