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The 4 Best Dog Dna Test Kits

You want to know everything there is to know about your dog, including exactly what breed he or she is. However, it is not always possible to identify based on appearance alone, which is why DNA testing are utilized.

These examinations may scan a number of genetic markers in your dog's DNA, revealing anything from their breed to any potential health problems they may have in the future. Simply take a sample (often a cheek swab) and mail it in, and the firm will promptly mail you the findings.

Obviously, not all DNA testing kits for dogs are created equal. Some provide far more detail than others, while some can supply more specific information. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) can assist you in deciding which are the best dog DNA test kits, so you may finally understand all the secrets your dog has been keeping.


Wisdom Panel Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit- Best Overall

Wisdom Panel 3.0 is your best chance for detailed findings if you want to understand as much as possible about your puppy’s ancestry.

Each test will expose your dog’s genetic breakdown back to the level of its great-grandparents, allowing you to verify how purebred (or mutt-like) your dog is. The technology identifies around 250 breeds, including practically all AKC-recognized breeds, so you should have a much better understanding of your dog’s ancestry upon completion.

However, not every breed is always listed individually. On your dog’s report, you may find one or two breeds, followed by a percentage labeled “other breeds.” This might be annoying, especially if you were interested in these other breeds.

The exam provides more information than just trivia about your dog. It may also check for things like as the gene responsible for harmful responses to prescribed medicines, potentially saving the life of your dog.

You will also receive a chart that compares your dog to other animals with a similar composition, allowing you to evaluate how your pet stands up against their relatives.

Even if it’s not perfect, the Wisdom Panel 3.0 is the greatest dog DNA test kit we’ve found thus far, which is why it tops this list.


  • Describes ancestry to the great-grandparent level
  • Detects over 250 breeds
  • Examines for gene mutations causing medication interactions
  • Contains a chart comparing your dog to other breeds.


  • Not every breed is always listed.

DNA My Dog DNA Test Kit- Best Value

Simply take a cheek swab from your dog, and the DNA My Dog kit will reveal what’s going on within their genetic code. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable solutions on the market, making it our pick for the most affordable dog DNA test kit.

The swab is simple to use, even with a nervous dog in your possession. Obtaining the sample should pose no difficulty.

You won’t have to wait long for your findings, since they will often provide you the information through email within two weeks. They will also mail you a certificate with your dog’s results, which you can frame if you are extremely pleased with his performance.

In addition to listing the breeds, the report will also indicate the proportion of each breed found in your dog. This allows you to anticipate possible health difficulties and other challenges that may be associated with having a certain breed (or a percentage of a certain breed, as the case may be).

You may include a photo of your dog with the sample, and doing so may improve the accuracy of the results. This does not exactly inspire confidence, but if you so want, you may skip the photo.

The DNA My Dog system is one of the most budget- and user-friendly options on the market if you’re searching for an economical approach to discover about your dog’s lineage.


  • Simple to use
  • Excellent value for the cost
  • Contains percentages for every breed.
  • Results are emailed shortly


  • Including an image may alter search engine results

Embark Detection Dog DNA Test Kit – Premium Choice

The Embark Detection Kit is one of the more expensive solutions available, but if learning as much as possible about your dog is vital to you, it may be the way to go.

The test evaluates over 200,000 genetic markers and provides one of the most comprehensive results available. This enables it to track your dog’s ancestry back to their great-grandparents, and it can even be used to locate your dog’s relatives if they are in the system.

This is one of the best dog DNA test kits since it can identify more than 350 breeds and over 190 possible health issues that might harm your dog.

The organization maintains contact with you throughout the procedure, including sending you an email as soon as they receive your findings. This keeps you informed so you don’t have to wonder if your exam was lost in the mail. Additionally, they will alert you as the exam moves through their system.

The majority of the health information they give includes caveats about not placing too much weight on the data they provide, rendering some of it quite meaningless. We appreciate that they’re probably required to cover their asses for legal reasons, but the information seems about as useful as what you could learn by Googling your dog’s breed.

You’re rare to find a test as comprehensive and accurate as the Embark Detection Kit, so if you’re ready to spend a considerable amount of money, you’ll learn more about your dog than you ever imagined.


  • Analyzes approximately 200,000 genetic markers
  • Can be used to locate your dog’s kin
  • Company is really accommodating
  • Over 350 breeds in system


  • On the expensive side
  • A portion of the health information seems unnecessary.

Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit

The Orivet Dog DNA Test is one of the finest ways to determine a mixed-breed dog’s ancestry if you’re inquisitive about its ancestry. It is specifically created for mixed breeds, so you will learn about each and every genetic component of your dog.

In addition to revealing which breeds run through your dog’s blood, it will also offer predictions about your dog’s future based on this information. They will speculate on everything, from your dog’s mature weight to its likely behavior as an adult.

The organization claims to return your findings within two to three weeks, but it frequently takes longer. In addition, you are required to take out a survey beforehand, which asks for a great deal of the information that you would anticipate the DNA testing to show, casting doubt on the entire operation.

Even if you acquire all the results you desire, only breeds that account for up to 12.5% of your dog’s DNA will be displayed. This implies that any breed that is present in your dog’s DNA in trace amounts will simply appear as “other” on the exam.

The Orivet Dog DNA Test is a wonderful alternative if you want a simple test that provides a substantial amount of information about your mutt. However, it is not the greatest model on the market, which is why it is at the bottom of this list.


  • Specifically made for mixed breeds
  • Predicts the weight and behavior of adults


  • It takes a long time to achieve success.
  • Uncertain how much information firm obtains from test
  • Only displays breeds that account for a maximum of 12.5% of your dog’s DNA.

Buying Guide

It may seem like a lot of fun to get a DNA testing kit for your dog, which is why many people don’t give it much thought. Nonetheless, purchasing the incorrect one might be a costly error, as they do not all provide the same information — much less the same level of precision.

In the following advice, we will outline the questions you should ask before to making a purchase in order to receive the kit that will work best for you and your dog.

What Kinds of Dog DNA Kits Exist?

There are two fundamental categories: ancestry kits and health screening devices.

Ancestry kits will reveal the many dog breeds that make up your dog’s bloodline. They are ideal for discovering your mutt’s ancestry or confirming that the purebred dog you paid top pay for is indeed purebred.

In contrast, health screeners examine your dog’s DNA to discover if they are at risk for specific disorders. There are some genetic markers or mutations that raise your dog’s risk of developing certain health problems. Knowing whether or not your dog possesses these markers can allow you to keep an eye out for problems before they arise.

Having the marker or mutation alone does not guarantee that your dog will get the related ailment; it only enhances the likelihood. Nonetheless, it might be useful since it offers you (and your veterinarian) an idea of what to watch for as they mature.

Certain DNA tests require blood samples, but these are often performed by veterinarians, so you need not worry about pricking your dog with a needle. However, cheek swab samples are just as trustworthy, so don’t feel like you’re losing out on anything.

Why Does My Dog Need a DNA Kit?

Dog DNA test kits are largely unnecessary, but they may be a lot of fun, especially ancestry kits. You’d be shocked at how many distinct breeds might be in your dog, and once you know what’s within, you’ll likely view your pet in a completely different perspective.

Health screenings can be more helpful, but they are not indispensable. They will give you a head start on recognizing some abnormalities, but they may not assist to avoid such issues, and you can likely obtain much of the same information by arranging frequent vet visits.

Using an ancestry kit, you can also determine what potential health concerns your dog may experience. Once you know your dog’s breed, you may be on the lookout for disorders that are more prevalent in particular types of dogs.

Before they would insure your dog, several pet insurance firms require DNA testing. This enables them to know precisely what they’re getting into, allowing them to personalize your coverage to your dog’s particular physical characteristics.

How Do They Function?

Almost every at-home test kit requires a cheek swab from your dog using a Q-tip or similar instrument. The sample is then placed in an envelope and sent to the firm for examination.

The business will then conduct testing on the sample. This procedure often takes a few weeks, and after the findings are complete, the organization will mail or email you a report.

Each firm has its own database with data on a specific number of breeds (the size of the database varies from company to company and is a key factor in determining which tests are better than others). Then, they may compare your dog’s DNA to those of other dogs they have listed.

Additionally, the report you receive will differ from test to test. Others will forecast the dog’s weight, health, and other aspects based on its DNA.

They’re Safe?

Yes, these kits are entirely secure. Again, you will just use a Q-tip to swab your dog’s cheek.

However, the data should not be used to infer too many definite conclusions. Do not take action based on their health report; for instance, these tests should not replace the advise of your veterinarian.

Why Does the Results Sheet for My Dog Show Unknown DNA?
Numerous tests are only precise to a limited extent. If fragments of a breed’s DNA fall below this level, the test will be unable to identify them. These breeds are typically grouped under “unknown.”

Different tests have distinct cutoffs. More accurate tests are more expensive, but they can detect the less obvious breeds inside your dog.

How do I know the results are trustworthy?

Unfortunately, the only genuine response we can provide is that you do not. Not really, in any case

However, you may assess their accuracy by comparing them to what you already know about your dog. For instance, if you have a little dog and the findings indicate that they have a significant amount of Mastiff DNA, you have every reason to dispute their veracity.

If, on the other hand, they generally correspond with what you already believe about your dog, then it is much more probable that they are reliable.

A problem that many owners face with a handful of these tests is that some of them require photos or other information about the dog beforehand. Instead than examining your dog’s DNA, many owners believe that the corporations are using this information to make predictions.

There is no evidence to support these views, nor can we demonstrate that they are false. If you are dubious about a particular exam, you should either choose one that doesn’t ask for information beforehand or accept that the tests are more of a novelty than anything else.


Our preferred DNA test is the Wisdom Panel 3.0, as it includes information on your dog’s great-grandparents as well as any genetic abnormalities that might be troublesome.

Consider DNA My Dog if you’re searching for an outstanding alternative that will help you save money. It produces findings rapidly and provides roughly the same level of information as tests that cost several times as much.

The DNA testing highlighted in the aforementioned evaluations might provide you with more information about your dog than you could have ever imagined. They are valuable for more than simply information; some may even save your dog’s life. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews and information will help you choose the best dog DNA test kits.

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