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The 12 Best Dog Deodorizing Sprays

Unless you have a pet that doesn't smell, you'll probably need some assistance in between baths to keep your canine companion smelling his best. Nothing is more aggravating than seeing your dog roll in the grass after a wash, wasting your cleaning efforts.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that will have your dog smelling fresh in no time with a few pumps of a spray bottle.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will look at reviews of the best dog deodorizing sprays. Continue reading to find the ideal one for you and your canine fur baby's demands.


Best Overall: Professional Pet Supplies Rejuvenating AromaCare Pet Argan Spray

 Aromacare PPP Rejuvenating Argan Coat Repair Spray

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  • Moroccan Argan Oil scent
  • Product Type: Spray Bottle
  • Light requirements: Puppies and dogs

Professional Pet Supplies Rejuvenating AromaCare Argan Pet Spray entered our list of the best overall dog deodorizing spray because it does more than just make your dog smell nice. This spray is great for your dog’s coat and helps with tangles if he has long hair.

The vitamin E and fatty acids assist to smooth your dog’s fur and renew fragile coats. It contains Moroccan oil, which has a nutty aroma with notes of vanilla, amber, and citrus. It’s also safe for pups.

It is not suitable for cats, so if you have one, you will need to get a different product.

The aroma is not overpowering and leaves behind a more natural scent rather than a perfume scent. It’s reasonably priced in a 1-count or 2-count bottle and is great for usage in between bathing.


  • Excellent for detangling and renewing coats.
  • Natural, unscented odor
  • Available in 1 or 2 count bottles.
  • Excellent for use in between bathing.
  • Puppies are not at risk.


  • Not suitable for cats.

Best Value: Fresh Snuggles Dog Freshening Spray by Oster

 Oster Professional 078477-145-002 Dog Cologne

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  • Baby powder scent
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Light requirements: All ages of dogs and pups

Oster Fresh Snuggles Dog Freshening Spray comes in a 6-ounce container, making it ideal for on-the-go use. It has a baby powder aroma and is alcohol-free, so it will not dry out your dog’s skin.

It’s ideal for dogs with delicate skin and will give your pup that “recently showered” scent. It’s ideal for in-between grooming appointments if your companion wants a short refresh. This product is produced in the United States, and you may also spray it on your dog’s bedding.

We should mention that some customers claim the perfume does not linger long, therefore you may need to apply it more frequently than recommended. It is also not recommended for usage with cats.

Given the low price and the fact that it is completely alcohol-free, we believe this is the greatest dog deodorizing spray for the money.


  • Completely alcohol-free
  • Excellent for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Can be sprayed on bedding.
  • Made in America


  • The fragrance may not endure long.
  • Not suitable for cats.

Premium Choice: TropiClean Baby Powder Dog & Cat Deodorizing Spray

 TropiClean Baby Powder Dog Perfume Spray Long Lasting

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  • Baby powder scent
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Light requirements: Dogs and cats aged 12 weeks and up

TropiClean Baby Powder Deodorizing Dog & Cat Spray targets odors and aids in their breakdown, leaving behind a pleasant baby powder scent.

It makes your dog’s coat shiny and silky, and it’s made with natural plant or mineral-based raw materials and components. It’s also safe for your kitty companion if they need a pick-me-up.

It is available in an 8-ounce bottle or a 1-gallon jug for a more premium option. TropiClean is a well-known, family-owned company committed to delivering safe and effective solutions.

One disadvantage is that the bottle may be difficult to pump for spraying, therefore you may need to use a different bottle. Some customers also complain that the aroma does not persist long enough.


  • aroma of baby powder
  • Makes coatings shiny and smooth.
  • Can be used on both dogs and cats.
  • It is available in an 8-ounce bottle or a 1-gallon jug.


  • The bottle may be difficult to use.
  • The fragrance may not endure long.

Best for Puppies: Skout’s Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Pet Deodorizer for Daily Use

 SKOUT'S HONOR: Probiotic Deodorizer With Avocado Oil Hydrates and Deodorizes Fur

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  • Floral, honeysuckle scent
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Light requirements: Puppies 8 weeks and older, adults, and seniors

Skout's Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Daily Use Pet Deodorizer might be the solution for you if you’re seeking for a safe product to use on your puppy.

The mild, 98.5 percent natural probiotic deodorizer technology freshens and moisturizes your pup’s skin while leaving a nice aroma behind. It is cruelty-free and PH-balanced for dogs, with omega-3 fatty acids for maximum hydration. It includes avocado oil and is devoid of parabens and sulfates.

This cream also inhibits hair loss and aids in the healing of hot areas caused by licking. While it is safe for puppies, your tiny bundle of joy must be at least 8 weeks old. It comes in a handy 8-ounce bottle.

Some people think the fragrance is too strong, therefore you should do a tiny test to establish how much to use at first.

While we adore this product for pups, Skout’s Honor will contribute a day’s worth of meals to an animal shelter in need for every bottle sold.


  • Gentle formulation
  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • Cruelty-free
  • Puppies are not at risk. Aged 8 weeks
  • Avocado oil and omega-3 fatty acids are present.


  • Some people may find the scent too overpowering.

Original Lavender & Mint Dog Spritzer & Conditioner by Buddy Wash

 Buddy Biscuits Splash Dog Deodorizer & Conditioner

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  • Lavender and mint scent
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Puppies, adults, elderly, and humans all have different light requirements.

Buddy Biscuits Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Spritzer & Conditioner is a soothing conditioner and spritzer that will leave your canine companion feeling fresh and clean. It is comprised of natural conditioner and plant extracts and has no harsh chemicals.

The pH-balanced product softens your dog’s coat while not drying out the skin. It is produced in the United States and is compatible with topical flea medicine.

If your dog stinks, you may use it as a leave-in conditioner or just in between bathing. You may buy either a 4-ounce or a 16-ounce bottle. If your dog doesn’t mind sharing, it’s also safe for people!

Many customers complain the aroma is strong and smells like chemicals. The formula is likewise inedible to cats.


  • There are no harsh chemicals.
  • Use in conjunction with topical flea medications.
  • Available in 4 or 16-ounce bottles.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients


  • Cats are not permitted.
  • Some people believe the perfume smells chemical.

Earthbath 3-in-1 Dog Deodorizing Vanilla Almond Spritz

earthbath Vanilla & Almond 3-in-1 Dog & Puppy Deodorizing Spritz

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  • Vanilla almond scent
  • Product Type: Spray
  • All canines beyond the age of six weeks are subject to light requirements.

3-in-1 Deodorizing Earthbath Vanilla Almond Spritz for Dogs is a cruelty-free deodorizing solution that contains meadowfoam seed oil and aloe vera to nourish your dog’s coat.

The recipe is mild enough for daily usage, and the chemicals are completely biodegradable. It’s also devoid of parabens and phosphates. With the use of oatmeal, vitamin E, and aloe vera, it will not leave an oily residue.

Avoid spraying in the eyes when applying, as this substance is toxic to people. It’s worth noting that the perfume may not be vanilla and almond, but rather baby powder. However, the majority of customers say the aroma is nice and light. It is available in an 8-ounce bottle.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of parabens and phosphates
  • Aloe vera, oats, and vitamin E are included.
  • Gentle formulation
  • Everyday usage is safe.


  • Humans are at risk if you spray in their eyes.
  • The scent may be similar to baby powder.

CHI Dog Deodorizing Spray

 CHI Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

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  • The smell is neutral.
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Puppies 8 weeks and older, as well as adult dogs, have light requirements.

The 8-ounce bottle of CHI Deodorizing Dog Spray may be used on wet or dry fur. This solution eliminates odors in your pet, is pH calibrated for dogs, and is paraben-free.

It’s designed to protect the hair cuticle, eliminating frizz. Your dog will have a smooth, silky coat and will smell clean and fresh. It comes in an 8-ounce container, and the aroma lasts a long time, so the product should last you a long time.

The perfume is described as cologne-like and may be too strong for certain people. If you have allergies, you should avoid this product since the aroma may induce them.


  • Paraben-free
  • The scent lasts for a long time.
  • Canine pH balance


  • The scent might be cologne.
  • Avoid if you or your pet suffer from allergies.

Ocean Breeze Dog Freshening Spray by Nature’s Miracle

 Nature's Miracle Freshening Spray for Dogs Clean Breeze Scent 8 Ounces

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  • Scent: Fresh Breeze
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Light requirements: Puppies, adults, and elderly

The 8-ounce bottle of Nature's Miracle Odor Control Ocean Breeze Dog Freshening Spray neutralizes odor at the source, offering long-term odor control.

This solution not only eliminates odor, but it also conditions, deodorizes, and freshens your dog’s coat. It is paraben and dye-free, and it is safe to use with flea and tick products.

The formula does not leave an oily or sticky residue. Nature’s Miracle is a well-known brand in the pet business, offering a wide range of items for pet owners’ everyday requirements.

The scent may be too strong for some and smell like perfume, and depending on your dog’s coat, it may leave an oily residue. You should test a tiny area on your dog before applying it to a full area to confirm that it is suitable for your dog’s skin. Before applying, keep the bottle 6 inches away from your dog’s coat.


  • Long-term odor control
  • Can be used in conjunction with flea and tick products.
  • Removes odors


  • It is possible that an oily residue will be left behind.
  • The smell might be overpowering.
  • It might smell like perfume.

Aromatherapy by Gerrard Larriett Animal Care Aromatherapy Lavender & Chamomile Freshening & Shining Spray For Pets

Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray For Pets

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  • Scent: Lavender
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Puppies, adults, and elderly have light requirements.

Let’s say your dog has itchy, dry skin and dislikes being groomed. In that circumstance, Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care is a good option. De-stress Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray For Pets might be just what you’re looking for.

It comes in an 8-ounce bottle and is appropriate for pups, adults, and elderly pets. The lavender and chamomile aromatherapy will help your dog relax while also giving a refreshing refreshment in between bathing.

The vitamin E oil, chamomile oil, aloe vera, and oats calm the skin and leave it with a clean, shining appearance. It is created in the United States of America and contains only safe components.

It is not safe for cats, but you can spray it on their bedding if necessary. If you’re hoping for a stronger aroma in a product, the lavender scent may not be to your liking.


  • It relieves dry, itchy skin.
  • Aromatherapy with lavender and chamomile to relax your dog
  • Made in America


  • Not for cats; only for use on cat bedding.
  • The scent may be too light.

How to Choose the Best Dog Deodorizing Sprays: A Buyer's Guide

You may still have questions after we’ve studied the top ten reviews for the best deodorizing sprays. Here are a few more tips to get you started.

Consider the Aroma

Let’s face it: even if your dog smells like something crawled out of the garbage, you probably don’t want to use a perfume that is excessively strong or unpleasant for you and your dog. If you don’t like perfume, you can choose to opt for a more natural aroma. Most products strive for a nice, unscented odor, however particular odors might be overbearing. If you have allergies, a subtle, natural smell is your best choice.

Lavender and chamomile are good alternatives for a more relaxing aroma for your dog. Orange is another non-overpowering aroma that works well to refresh your canine pal’s fur.

Investigate the Ingredients

If your dog has a skin allergy, be sure the product is free of colors, perfumes, parabens, and artificial smells. If your dog has a skin allergy, it’s advisable to contact with your veterinarian before purchasing any products.


Professional Pet Products AromaCare Rejuvenating Argan Pet Spray  rejuvenates and detangles coats while leaving behind a nice, nutty fragrance for the best overall dog deodorizing spray.

Oster Fresh Snuggles Dog Freshening Spray  is alcohol-free and ideal for dogs with skin allergies, all at an affordable price.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our evaluations of the best dog deodorizing sprays will assist you in selecting the finest solution for your pet. Hopefully, you’ll be able to say good-bye to those unpleasant scents in between grooming sessions. Best wishes!

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