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The 12 Best Dog Dematting Tools

Even informed pet owners may find it difficult to find anything related to pets these days. When looking for a necessary item, such as a de-matting tool, you may discover that it is preferable to seek assistance.

We have a few tangled-up dogs in our family, so we frequently test and review these gadgets for our personal benefit. We feel that by examining various products and comparing them, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) can help you get closer to picking the best dog dematting tools.

We've also included a buyer's guide for dog de-matting tools, in which we examine how these gadgets function in detail so you can shop with confidence. Please keep reading for our in-depth assessments of each brand of dog de-matting equipment, in which we evaluate type, safety, blades, and durability to help you make an informed decision.



Our pick for the finest overall dog de-matting tool is the RUBOLD RUB001 Dematting Tool. This tool has a two-sided head with rounded blades. The rounded blades are gentle on your pet’s skin and will not poke or scratch.

On one side of the extra-wide head, there are 90 wider-spaced teeth for removing heavier knots and tangles. The second side has seventeen teeth that are positioned closer together for faster thinning and de-shedding.

We were delighted with how quickly this tool removes hair and eliminates knots when reviewing it.

Because there are blades on the inside of the rounded edges, this instrument can do more than just comb. However, we discovered that if we were negligent or moved too rapidly, we would pull our dog’s hair.


  • Blades that are rounded
  • Extra-wide
  • 2 perspectives


  • Can cause hair loss


Pet Republic

Our pick for the best value dog de-matting tool is the Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool. Aside from the low price, we have various reasons to feel that this is the greatest dog de-matting equipment for the money.

It has a two-sided head with teeth that are spaced differently on each side. The rounded edges of the blades will neither scratch or hurt your pet.

The one side contains twelve teeth for larger tangles and mats, while the other side has twenty-three blades for faster grooming. In addition, 15% of all earnings are donated to the Animal Rescue Society by Pet Republique.

This de-matting tool is identical to our top pick and works almost as well. The blades are a touch closer together, which did seem to tug our dog’s hair more frequently than the other tool. Despite this, we believe this is the greatest money-saving dematting tool on the market today.


  • Low price
  • Head has two sides.
  • 15% of revenues will be donated to the Animal Rescue Society.
  • Rounded corners


  • Yanks hair


FBA TP111R GoPets

The GoPets FBA TP111R Dematting Comb is our top pick for dog de-matting. Our comb is more expensive than many of the others on this list, but you can anticipate a high-quality, long-lasting de-matting tool when you buy one.

The head of this comb is two-sided, with twelve blades on one side and twenty-three blades on the other. The big handle is covered with a gel that is extremely pleasant and makes extended grooming sessions much more fun.

The disadvantage of this instrument is that it is quite expensive. It’s also a touch narrower than our top two picks, which might increase the amount of time you spend grooming.

Because the blades are closer together in the smaller head, greater care must be used to avoid tugging your pet’s hair if it becomes tangled between the blades.


  • Gel-infused handle
  • Head has two sides.
  • Rounded corners


  • High-cost
  • Narrow


Safari Model W6116

We tested the Safari W6116 De-Matting Comb, which is a smaller-sized de-matting comb. This tool has nine incredibly sharp blades that can easily tear apart a bonded portion. The ergonomic handle makes it simple to maneuver the comb over your pet’s contours.

While reviewing this product, we discovered three things. To begin, it is used to remove a mat rather than grooming the entire dog, unless it is a tiny dog or a cat. It is insufficient for a wide region.

Second, using it left-handed necessitates manually changing the blades. We were unable to change the blades because an incredibly tight bolt had to be removed.

The third thing to remember is that the blades are similar to little knives. It’s possible to be cut while cleaning this equipment, and you don’t want to leave it laying about.


  • Really sharp
  • Blades made of stainless steel
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Small
  • It’s difficult to adjust to using your left hand.


P-9292 FURminator

One of the more popular brands of dog de-matting equipment on this list is the FURminator P-92922 Adjustable Dematting tool. This type has changeable blades to suit hair of any length.

The ergonomic handle provides for a solid grip and prevents hand cramping during lengthy grooming sessions. Overall, the tool is really robust, and the blades are sharp yet rounded, so they won’t pinch or scrape your pet.

While reviewing it, we found the adjustable blades to be useful in ensuring the right length, although they frequently grabbed and pulled the hair while we were working, necessitating a lot of concentration to avoid our pets from becoming angry.

It’s also rather narrow, so if you have a large dog, you’ll be spending a lot of time grooming with this tool.


  • Adjustable
  • Handle that is well-designed
  • Rounded corners
  • Durable


  • Narrow
  • Yanks hair


Pet Petting

A larger-sized de-matting tool is the Pat Your Pet Dematting Comb. It has a two-sided head with nine widely spaced teeth on one side and seventeen teeth on the other.

It has an ergonomic anti-slip grip handle that gives you better control when grooming your pet. It also includes a free dog tag to assist avoid your pet’s loss.

We loved their tool’s broad teeth and greater size, but we thought the blades were too dull to remove matted hair. If you have a tiny dog, this comb may be too large to go into your pet’s little places.


  • Head has two sides.
  • Anti-slip ergonomic grip
  • Included is a dog tag.


  • Dull
  • Large for tiny dogs


Pet Poodle

The Poodle Pet Dog Dematting Tool has two rows of spherical metal bristles and is four inches broad.

Although the bristles are firm and will not flex like soft bristles, the round tip keeps the comb from harming your pet’s skin. We found the brush to be quite sturdy and have no doubt that it will last for many years.

We didn’t enjoy this comb since it isn’t ideal for thick hair or dogs with a densely matted undercoat. Although this comb may break up certain knots, it cannot cut through deep mats or thin the coat.


  • Bristles that are rounded
  • There are two rows.
  • Durable
  • A comfortable grip


  • Not suitable for thick coatings
  • Will not trim or cut


LittlePals W6216

The LilPals W6216 NCL00 Dog De-Matting Comb has serrated edged stainless steel blades that are ideal for de-matting and grooming tiny dogs and cats.

The little blades allow you to work your way carefully into deep knots to gently break them apart without damaging your pet. If you are left-handed, the blades are reversible, and this feature also lets you to replace worn-out or damaged blades.

After examining this comb, we believe it is most likely too tiny for the majority of individuals. It’s highly sharp and works well with tiny knots, but it requires a certain technique that’s difficult to master, especially without instructions.

Its modest size limits its utility to certain places and small pets. Even little grooming tasks take a long time and demand a lot of patience. Another issue with this sort of comb is that we frequently cut ourselves on it.


  • Serrated stainless steel blades
  • Reversible for left-handed operation


  • Only suitable for tiny dogs
  • Slow
  • The learning curve
  • It is simple to cut oneself.


Pamper Your Pets

The third dog de-matting equipment on our list is the Paws Pamper Dematting Comb. This de-matter is identical to the previous type, except it has bigger blades. This variant features twelve rust-free stainless steel teeth.

Each blade features softened edges and a handy location to rest your thumb while working. The handle is made of tough plastic.

The disadvantage is that the blades are quite dull and just served to tug our pet’s hair, and the narrow grip caused our hands to cramp out soon when grooming our dogs.

We appreciated that it was somewhat larger than some of the other brands in this design, but it poked and pulled too much for us to suggest it.


  • Blades made of stainless steel
  • Bigger blades
  • Thumb resting


  • Dull
  • Handle is slim.
  • Pet pokes


We hope you found our dog de-matting tools reviews and buyer’s guide helpful. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) stand by our decision to go with the best dog dematting tools. The RUBOLD RUB001 is exceptionally broad with rounded blades and might help you groom your pet faster.

Our pick for the best value dog de-matting tool is the Pet Republique Dog Dematting Tool, which is an undercoat rake with two heads for a more flexible de-matting tool. This company also gives a portion of its income to the Animal Rescue Society. 

Buyer's Guide

Let’s have a look at the two most common de-matting tools for your pet.

Rake the Undercoat

Rakes are also known as undercoat rakes, and they look like shaving razors with metal bristles or rounded blades in place of the blades.

This tool delves into the undercoat to break up knots and mats, but if used vigorously, it might yank your dog’s hair out.

It allows you to press down strongly, which might be useful in some instances, but it is easy to press too hard and scratch your pet with the metal bristles.

Comb for Undercoat

A little handled comb with a handle is what an undercoat comb looks like. This style of comb’s teeth are narrow, sharp blades. Serrated edges of these blades allow you to cut around thick matting and tangles.

These tools can be quite useful for removing knots and matting, but they are also very sharp, and it is very possible to harm yourself or your pet with them.


Blades are used in both types of de-matting equipment, and there are a few things to consider regarding the blades.


Sharper blades will make breaking up a dense mat simpler, but they will also make your tool extremely harmful to you and your pet.


The form of the blade is critical to the use of a tool. If it’s an undercoat rake, it should have rounded blades that won’t scrape your pet’s skin as it glides over it. On this sort of tool, the sharp section of the blade is on the inside.

The blades of undercoat combs are flat and sharp. Curved or serrated blades can be used to cut through thick fur.


The blade length on any type of dog de-matting tool determines how deep the tool can operate. Long-haired dogs and those with dense furs, such as huskies, will require a tool with longer blades.


The handle may not appear to be important, but after a few hours of grooming your pet, you will enjoy a comfortable grip that will not slip and will not cause your hand to cramp. We usually recommend inspecting the handle before purchase to ensure that it will work for you.

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Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates. Dr. Fletcher is a valuable part of the BestForPets team, where she contributes to their aim of providing pets and their owners with the finest possible treatment and services.

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